Opinion – Arsenal really are in a crisis of sorts

You are right Holding, Arsenal are not in crisis yet but they soon will be.

Many Arsenal players have been coming out to contribute their own opinion on the mini crisis in the Arsenal camp at the moment. Some have been blunt about what they feel; others have been diplomatic about it. One thing that is sure to everybody concerned however is that Arsenal is not in the best sort of form at this particular period in time.

Just yesterday, Rob Holding spoke to Sky Sports on what he feels the problems at Arsenal are, and this is what he has to say “We just need to string a couple of wins together and I think that will lift the confidence again and hopefully set us off on a run,”

“We just need to stay calm and stay positive. We’re sixth, we’re not a million miles off it…We’re going into a busy Christmas period now where there’s going to be three Premier League games a week..

“We’re eight points off the top four but if we have three wins in a week we’re back up within touching distance, so it’s not crisis point by any stretch of the imagination. We need to keep calm, keep positive and keep working on what we need to improve on.”

Rob Holding is one player I respect a lot in Arsenal; he is a professional in all aspects. He has gone about his sport career void of controversies and has come on to do a good job, whenever he is been called upon. He should know what is happening in the club at the moment but saying we are not in crisis yet, is something I won’t agree with. We may not be in a full blown crisis yet, but we are surely in a mini crisis and that is just the real truth.

Fine, every team goes through patches of difficult spells once in a while, but when the spell lasts longer than it should, and then questions need to be asked. We need to ask why things don’t seem to be going smoothly at the moment! Unfortunately, a lot of people have asked this question without positive responses.

Stringing a couple of wins together will go a long way in helping the confidence of the players and the club, but it won’t hide the fact that Arsenal are in crisis and need to sort themselves out fast! We went on a 22 games unbeaten last season but was that enough to get into the Champions league? No, it wasn’t.

I doff my hat to you Holding but Arsenal is in mini crisis and if something is not done to check it, then we may as well get into a full blown crisis mate.

Sylvester Kwentua


      1. How?
        You actually don’t think we will win. They are 2nd from bottom
        It’s not impossible to lose but it’s still highly unlikely

        I think you WANT us to lose

  1. The club has deteriorated quite badly from about 2011 onwards, and our future prospects look pretty bleak as well.

    We only have one genuine world class player in Aubameyang, who’s contract is running down. Lacazette’s contract is almost down it’s final year as well. Tierney, Pepe, Martinelli, and possibly Leno are the only ones I can see that may become world class.

    It’s tough to assess just how bad our squad is, given how poorly Wenger was, and Emery is performing, but I would argue it’s the worst Arsenal squad I’ve ever seen. Worst Arsenal squad in more than 30 years?

    1. And your experience as a professional coach and top football manager which qualifies you to make these judgments, are what exactly?

      1. C’mon Mikey, it’s his personal opinion, and one which many of us on here agree with to a certain extent. One does not need qualifications to have an opinion. Perhaps you should share your opinion on the current state of affairs regarding our club.

      2. @Mikey

        So by your own logic, you can ONLY have an opinion and something you are qualified for. So what gives the right to write on here? Are you a published author?

      3. His comments are just as valid as yours or anyone’s on this site, none of whom are a professional coach and top football manager.

        Your sanctimonious comment says more about you than anything else and is definitely not welcomed on here.

        Consider this a friendly warning

        1. Well said Admin. Typical troll comment.

          And on the other matter we were disagreeing on about bullying. I feel it’s just that we have different views on this on what should be considered acceptable, and about context as well.

    2. U r talking absolute rubbish my friend,don’t know why r very economical with the truth,in 203/14 we had a crack @ the title ,we had a very long lead @ the table even till December before long term injury to first gnabry who was an emerging force then, later Ramsey,arteta ,jack and rosicky which affected our team,and later made us to lose ground,we won the fa cup @ the end of the season, we repeated the fa cup feat the next season(2014/15) finishing 3rd in the league, we finished 2nd the next season(2015/16)that is no where close to a team that is detoriating,the events of Wenger’s last 2 seasons was more of distractions than ability,the ozil and Sanchez contract issues which to a big extent affected the team,some fans who thought finishing 2nd and 3td and being eliminated by the likes of barca and Bayern in the champions league were failures, who made the environment 2 toxic for both players and coaches, abuse on Wenger and his players rose to boiling point I don’t think any coach could have succeeded with such toxic atmosphere! Saying the team detoriated since 2011 is just blatant lies!

      1. You surely mean mistaken as opposed to blatant lies? On here when we disagree we debate, we do not call each other liars based on their viewpoint. Just a friendly heads up.

        1. There is nothing wrong in calling some one a liar as far as u can prove it, what I found out in this forum is that any post or comment to defame Wenger is allowed buh when some one try to correct it then the person is thinking backwards,we finished 4th in 2013/24,3rd in 2014/15 and 2nd in 2015/16 how is that decline, and we 3 fa cups in that period ,how will u can that detoriating, if emery should finish 4th,3rd and 2nf in the next 3 years,u can never say we r detoriating,u can as well be the judge

  2. I usually get excited after the intl break because of the fact that I m gonna watch arsenal play some nice football… I can’t say the same this days.

    Well, wishing we defeat Southampton.

    If we draw or lose, then Emery should just quietly resign

  3. Compared to the way Chelsea and Leicester are playing and the way Arsenal are playing, I see no hope in Arsenal making the top 4. Our only hope to play CL is by winning the EUL. Also, we should focus on our strengths and Emery must play attacking football. Auba and Laca not willing to extend their contracts is worrisome. But I am glad Mickey Mouse has gone to the Spuds otherwise he would have destroyed us like Man U. He has worse man management skills than UE. Also, he has said so many bad things about Arsenal and La Prof. It would be doubly satisfying when we beat them at their own backyard with Mickey Mouse putting on a grumpy and grim face and Arsenal celebrating. But whatever be the matter with UE, we should back our team when they pull on the Arsenal shirt.

  4. I have to agree with you ThirdMan.From what I’ve seen this season,it’s difficult to see how we can string a few wins together, what with the justifiable doubts concerning the Manager’s decision making in terms of tactics and selection.I wish I could feel more optimistic,but the dearth of real quality in the squad is a matter of real concern.

  5. We have got good players but Emery is playing them out of position. Torreira is a good DM, Ozil is a perfect no.10, Pepe is good at RW, and it is high time UE realizes all this. We have to put in a string of victories to get anywhere near the top 4. We should be also wary of Man U and Sheff U because they are also playing well. No game is easy in the PL.

  6. Realists will surely agree that players currently at the club are almost BOUND to parrot the party line. How COULD Holding come out and say we are in crisis! Of course he could not. It would be seen as disloyal. Fot the REAL TRUTH, listen to the overwhelming body of fans who can state that truth on fans sites and phone ins, without fear of losing their job. This is just obvious. It is being naive to expect otherwise where players are concerned; at least in a public statment intended for ALL EARS. But there are leaks to agents and ways to say what they REALLY think without being hauled over the coals by management. We know that happens too. Auba for example. Players will ALWAYS put themselves first. Fans put the club first. That is why fans are, COLLECTIVELY, far more important than any one player!

    1. We finished 4_3rd and 2nd consecutively @ a point in the last 10years that doesn’t look like a team in crisis,we won 3 fa cups in 4 years ,that also doesn’t look like a team I’m crises 2

      1. When we finished 4th in 2013–14 we had 79 points, the next year we finished 3rd on 75 points, then second on 71 points. In 2016–17 we actually did slightly better than and got back up to 75 points but that did us no good at all as we finished fifth. Then we finished 6th with 63 points and last season 5th with 70 points. By any metric that is a decline, from 2013-14 on 79 points to 83 two years ago and 70 last year. He who gets the most points wins, he who does not loses that is a fact and so is the decline.

  7. That is completely baseless man, Liverpool finished 2nd last season @ 90 points , if they win the league this season @ 80 points will u say they r detoriating? If we finish 4th this season and make the champions league with less points than last seaon wil u say we did better last season than this season?the argument lacks merit for real!there is no justification to say that a team that finished 4th ,3rd and 2nd consecutively with cup trophies is detoriating,

    1. I really do not know any better metric to use than points if that is a steady decline over a decade. League positions can easily change and that is not a true reflection of decline because simply if you are losing points season after season eventually you will not finish in an elevated position. You can finish 2nd 3rd or whatever on less or more points but eventually, those lack of points will affect your league position and that is proven in Arsenals case by missing the champions league so many seasons running.

      1. U only use league placing to judge a team and not corresponding points,anything less is hypocritical,Wenger won hge league 3 times as arsenal manager,u can’t call the other times he finished the league on higher points than the points that gave him the title as more successful, I have given u a whole lot of narrations which is very simple to understand if u fomt have a biased mind,what counts is league placing and not corresponding points,another commonly used lines here is we v bn bad defensively for a decade,some times I laugh over those bads because its a very lazy sentence,all they do here is copy and paste,the s very bad,many times in the last decade we were 2nd or 3rd least conceding teams in the league,don’t know what people gain in making lazy statements,at a time we had Clichy,sagna ,mert and kos as our first choice defensive 4, at a point in the last decade mert/kos combo was the best in the league,we played over 60 matches when both started and finished a match without losing,

        1. I edited your comment to remove inappropriate words and replaced them with the words bad and bads. Please keep your point of view clean, it is one of the few rules we enforce. I am sure you understand.

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