Opinion – Arsenal right to be concerned with Aubameyang’s relationship with “friend”

Arsenal reportedly unhappy with Aubameyang personal relationship with toxic Youtuber.

Let me give you a scenario. Your team captain associates with someone that repeatedly swears and insults your teammates, sometimes in very vile terms.

That captain has to share a dressing room with players that his “friend” publically insults to as many as half a million viewers. Many attend games in that stadium and influenced by that vitriol then abuse the manager, board and club.

Well, in my opinion, that is actually happening right now with our own captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

He has a relationship with the AFTV Youtuber Troopz, a person that delights in telling Auba’s teammates to F off and unleashing a string of expletives. Yup, this is actually happening.

I do watch the occasional AFTV video but purely to see the rabid meltdowns, not for no other reason. They are utterly negative, they lead the chorus of Wenger out, they offer almost no balance, it is literally pure hatred towards Arsenal’s own players, managers and club.

Don’t believe me? watch this

After the Leicester game, Troopz rated Auba with a 4 and he uses that as an excuse that he is not biased towards the captain. Yet, did any of you hear any insults from him towards Auba? Of course you did not but he sure does get personal with other Arsenal players.

This is a new dawn, there is alternative new media and AFTV have been pioneers in that but their whole business model is built on being negative towards Arsenal.

They have made a very good living from swearing and insulting Arsenal players, think about that.

Aubameyang has a responsibility to his employees, people that pay him a huge amount of money and yet he thinks it’s just fine to hang out with a man that abuses his boss, teammates and club that pays him.

Of course, AFTV and Troopz are entitled to their opinions but there is no need for the vile abuse they hand out. We do not do it on here and we would not condone it.

If you do not have the intelligence to rip your team to shreds without abusing them then expect a response from those Arsenal fans that do not appreciate the abuse you spew.

This is not about freedom of speech or anything like that, it is about our own captain thinking it is just fine to be friends with a man that attacks his own teammates. How the hell is that going to unite the dressing room? How is that going to lift morale?

I am no fan of AFTV, I admit that but there is room for them. However, if they carry on as they are then they will continue to be rightfully criticised and there will continue to be fights at the Emirates from decent Arsenal fans that have had enough with their toxic money-making activities insulting the players and club day after day.

Arsenal fans confront AFTV

For my fellow Arsenal fans that will defend Troopz and AFTV, think about this. It could easily be your favourite player they go after next. I mean, Iwobi, Mustafi, Xhaka etc. Who next? And trust me on this, when they do start on your favourite player it will spread and have a negative effect.

It is obviously not the fault of Troopz, DT, AFTV etc that Arsenal is playing rubbish but they have a huge reach and they do influence a lot of fans in a negative way. If you think that is a good thing then I am lost for words.

Auba is free to be friends with who he wishes and Arsenal fans are free to call him out on those friends. It works both ways. Be friends with someone that attacks Arsenal players then expect decent Arsenal fans to react.

I have no time for Mesut Ozil but I would never ever swear at him, give him the middle finger and generally abuse him on a personal level. I rip his contribution and attitude to pieces, my fellow Gooners on here defend him just as strongly but we do it with respect and put coherent arguments forward.

If we did not then you can be certain others would post comments calling us out for being abusive, yet it’s ok for Auba to be friends with someone that does it almost daily and earns money from it. I mean, really?

Now, I will be balanced. here is Troopz response to the allegations

The thing is this, the article was written originally by David Ornstein. He is highly respected by most Arsenal fans, when he speaks most of us listen, he has no reputation for lying.

I have no doubts in my mind that Ornstein has reported the truth. Up to others to decide for themselves. I have made my mind up.


  1. “Football friend” just makes me think of The Inbetweeners!!
    Well, he’s responded on Instagram, saying he talks to who he wants, whenever he wants.

    Omg it’s one thing after another right now…

  2. All Gunners have no other choice but to build good relationship with Arsenal fan media, be it AFTV or Just Arsenal

    If a very popular Gunner chooses not to do it, as what Xhaka did, he will be the target of the fans’ wrath

    Aubameyang surely doesn’t want to end up like Icardi at Inter Milan. He has bad relationship with Dortmund fans already and he will want to avoid that problem here

  3. I read that Aubameyang liked comments stating that Emery should be sacked, and Xhaka be sold. I don’t think that’s right for any team player, and come to think of it, he’s the captain, that’ll just amount to sowing seeds of discord in the dressing room.
    I do want Emery gone, and I won’t mind Xhaka leaving either, but as the club’s captain, Auba shouldn’t be vocal about him not wanting them around in my opinion. And associating with that Troopz guy wouldn’t go down well with the teammates his “friend” berates on his show.

  4. I blame Emery for making Auba captain. I blame Emery for not shutting down arsenal fans tv first. I blame Emery for having a stupid first name. There! I blame the guy who invented social media, i blame the person who invented the first computer. What a state this world is in.

  5. You guys leave you own players and coach bashing here but AFTV is the problem. Can we apply the same standard here.

    1. We do, we do not allow swearing on here, we do not allow personal abuse. If you read the article you would have realised that. HUGE difference.

  6. Some fans even think AFTV is somehow officially linked to Arsenal Football Club which of course it isn’t and in fact stopped AFTV from using ‘Arsenal’ in their YouTube channel name.

  7. Here we go again..

    More discontent amongst Arsenal FC and the fans! If it’s not one thing it’s another and right now we could just do with some time to let the dust settle!

    I do agree to an extent that AFTV seems to publish more of the bad stuff but let’s face it, there’s not much good to talk about!

    Aubameyang would do well though to consider the implications of his actions in these precarious times!!

    1. Ken, responses to some comments may end up at the bottom and not where you intend them, this is because of the responsive nature of the website design, in better words too many responses to a single comment get skewed on mobiles, tablets etc so we set the number to 5. Everything over 5 goes to the bottom of the comments section, They do not disappear. We are working to resolve this issue.

  8. One disappointing thing about the article was the attachment of a video clip of supporters fighting with Robbie Lyle, which pre-dated the appointment of Emery.
    Team harmony must be disrupted if individual players publicly criticize their coach or fellow players, as Aubameyang is reported to have done. He himself is not perfect in his performances.

  9. The negativity surrounding the club is such that it makes small problem turn into bigger ones.I became an arsenal fan recently but i really uderstand the ‘class’ this club has and have had.So i believe this matter should be solved internally…

  10. The fans starting to turn uglier and getting more personal, it coincides with the dawn of AFTV. 2012, straight away I noticed how uneven the headliners were on that channel, it was all anti bs with one guy mostly speaking in favor. This was not the pulse of AFC fanbase, the fans at the game (back then) were about 90/10 in the other direction, probably higher. Online wasn’t even supposed to be so much anti in one way, but somehow this channel threw that up in the air. Hugely biased, for one simple reason – which vids get the most traffic, most watches, what will bring in the money ..most quickest. This is an ugly route for any fan to take, you couldn’t call them a fan if this is the way they work, or a supporter, it’s a means to an end. AFTV critics, AFTV disharmony, AFTV anger, AFTV tirade, more adept names than what was Arsenal fan tv.

    The club stripped them of the name because the club knows what type of influence they brought with them right from the beginning. Auba missed all that, but if you ask me Auba knows what he’s doing, he’s getting on their good side, pandering. If Auba can get them to put more supportive stuff out there, that would be a good thing for a captain to do. Big Tone wouldn’t have let these chubby activists get off so lightly, different story with Adams I’d imagine, and Keown, Parlour etc, fight fight fight …oooh, that was quick.

    I read a piece from a Liv website and he tried to imagine the same scenario over at that place. Henderson he imagined being treated the way Xhaka was, then Henderson cupping ears and so forth. He imagined then, how would it look if VVD, acted how Auba has acted, he couldn’t stretch his imagination because he said you’d never get that at Liv with the fans and players and making it all personal and fans causing manager changes in the team. I didn’t read it all, but maybe one of you guys can see if you find it. This is how you know we’re different to other teams, and we’ve been different since 2012 rolling downhill from that point. Klopp finished 8th when he came into the first season, he had a negative effect. I imagine our fans again would’ve been very different to those fans, and it could’ve had a negative effect onwards, some people imagine that Klopp could’ve arrived here and done the same for us, bounced back from 8th, are you sure about that?

    If anyone from AFTV is not happy with something I’ve said, look, free publicity, and if you’re gonna dish it out so often then you need to keep your chin close to your chest.

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