Opinion – Arsenal should certainly not bring Mkhitaryan back..

A response to Arsenal keeping Henrikh Mkhitaryan next season by Lagos Gooner

Just recently, I read an article on justarsenal.com. The article was short and simple and straight to the point! But I’m afraid I disagreed with the contents.

In the article, “Henrikh Mkhitaryan remains a top talent that could still do a job for Arsenal”. The writer tried convincing fans on why he feels Henrikh can still do a good job for us. Well, he is very much entitled to his opinion but as far I am concerned, Henrikh has no business coming back to Arsenal after his loan spell with AS Roma. If Roma are not prepared to meet Arsenal’s £20 million valuation for the 31-year-old, whose Emirates contract expires next year, then Arsenal should either reduce their asking price or find another club willing to buy him.

Henrikh was brought to Arsenal in a swap deal between Arsenal and Manchester United and involving Sanchez. However, his impact at Arsenal was never really felt, even when he played under Wenger. He is a player with a lot of skills and ball winning abilities, but he never really made it playing in the premiership, and that was why he was sent on loan. If he could not make it in the premiership under two big clubs, what gives us the assurance that he will make an impact if he is allowed to return? Even at Roma, he has not featured up to ten times for them yet.

Henrikh once claimed in the past that Arsenal made him promises at the beginning of this season but after just two weeks those promises weren’t kept and so when his agent called him to propose the idea of joining Roma, he didn’t think twice. He claimed he didn’t even discuss finances because he wasn’t fitting so well into English football so he thought a change would be good.

From his own words, it is obvious he felt leaving Arsenal was good for his career; so why would someone suggest we bring back a player who felt disappointed by Arsenal not keeping to the promises they made to him?

With Nelson, Pepe, Saka and Martinelli playing well, I don’t think there will be any space for Henrikh in Arsenal. The best thing is for Arsenal to reduce their asking price and allow Mkhitaryan leave to a club where he feels happy. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I disagree. Hendrik was never given the proper opportunity to showcase his talents at Arsenal. Above all, he spent most of his time under Emery and the whole atmosphere was toxic and negative. Not only Miki but no one performed well under Emery consistently. Also Miki has not done badly at Roma but his asking price is high for them and that is the reason they are not signing him. We should give Miki another chance and with a different Coach, the changed circumstances and the more positive atmosphere, I am certain Miki will shine. His ball playing ability are something Arsenal are missing and he will be an added asset to MA. Also with his better training methods and tactics, I am sure MA will improve Hendrik.

  2. I don’t know. He is on massive wages. To justify them, he’s got to be on Auba/Martinelli level. I don’t think he’s THAT good. They should have let him go for 8,5 million. They’ll never get a better offer for him. The Arsenal board is a really a collection of dumb-dumbs.

  3. gunnerforlife I agree, he has ability to change games specially as a sub his work rate and energy is exactly what we need to change stagnant games around

    i don’t know how the fans turned on him he was injured on and off but when his fit his deadly and as i have said it before he links up really well with strikers specially Auba

    if his worth 20M if you break that up in 3 years that’s around 130’000pw that leaves 70K a week for salary i think that’s a great bargain don’t you

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