Opinion: Arsenal should have made a move for Thiago Alcantara, it is not rocket science

Liverpool has reportedly reached an agreement with Bayern Munich over the signature of Thiago Alcantara, according to the BBC.

This signing makes the Premier League champions a stronger side. As an Arsenal fan, that shouldn’t bother me, but it does because I cannot understand why we didn’t make a move for him.

Reports have linked us with a move for the likes of Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar this summer, yet we passed up the chance to sign a player of Thiago’s quality for a lesser fee, I cannot understand that.

The Spaniard has been one of the most successful midfielders in the modern game; he has won two La Liga titles, seven Bundesliga, two Champions Leagues, two FIFA Club World Cup, among other trophies.

He will have added so much experience and expertise to this Arsenal team, yet we let him go to a rival for whatever reason.

Aouar and Partey are good players, but neither of them will have had the impact that Thiago would have had on our team if he had joined us.

Missing out on Thiago is just the latest in a list of missed targets and I hope that it doesn’t happen again, because who has the best players usually wins.

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  1. Great player but I honestly
    don’t view this as a “transfer
    miss” for AFC. I personally dont
    see why other than perhaps a
    friendship with Arteta that TA
    would remotely consider a move
    to Arsenal at this point in his
    illustrious career. The man has won
    EVERYTHING you can possibly
    fathom at both club and country,
    why would he spend the last
    years of his career at a rebuilding
    Arsenal and the Europa League?

    Liverpool is a perfect landing spot
    and I wish him well in the EPL
    (Except when he plays AFC)

  2. Yes he would’ve been a good buy. I believe Arteta would like to limited the amount of older players in the squad, I think we have a good balance at the moment. We do need to improve on the quality in midfield but with someone who slightly younger. I know we have Aubameyang 🎉, Willian and Lava up front but we have younger players that can give them a break now and again.
    Aouar and Partey are younger and I think we’ll get one if not both of them.

  3. I think Bayern are pretty good at off loading players at the right time, look at Schweinsteiger. I’ve got faith in Arteta

  4. Not for me, he’s 30 next year and he’s coming to a new unbelievably fast and physical league! Oh and apparently he’s the best midfielder in the world, I don’t know what world sky sports are talking about, but for 5 million a year and being the best in the world surely a host of clubs would have been all over that ? KDB is the best midfielder in the world in my eyes! Anyway we need younger options in midfield, Aouar and Partey come on Arsenal make it happen 👊🔴⚪

  5. We need to sell some of our overseas players to make room for more overseas players as we’re at quota. Until Kolasinac, Mustafi, Socrates, Guendouzi, Lacazette or Torreira move on, it’s difficult to just go and buy whomever you wish, regardless of budget constraints.

  6. Nope, i dont think it will be classes as a miss for us.
    I do believe that MA made an enquiry after the UCL final but i think the fee + wages were a massive turn off for us for a 29, close to 30 year old.
    For me I’d take this Ragnar Ragnarsson guy along with Partey this window and be happy with that, MA knows how to coach a team, we’ll do well if those are the last ones in for us this window

  7. Arsenal cannot be signing every player that is available on the market to sign him.

    As the club could sign some and miss out on others to sign them. And Alcantara happens to be one of the lots who Arsenal did not even bother themselves to take a look at him this summer window.

    Because they don’t consider him as one of the players who has the top quality football playing skills capacity in him that they are looking out for to sign this summer to improve on their team’s ability and capability to win the PL title this season.

  8. Seriously tired of these “what if”, ” we should have”, “will we regret” kinda of articles. Most are always speculation and/or fantasy. Thiago was never a target, yes he was available but MA never had him on his radar. So i see no reason to be sour over something that never was in our plans. Yes Pool has strengthened _ good for them., but we are doing our own thing and in our own way. Before we can even think of new recruitments we need to create room. The other teams are focused on their busniess whilst some gooners are focused on what others around them are doing. Lets trust the process. The focus is on Aourar and Partey., they are slightly younger and fit the gaffers plan….#COYG

    1. 100% agree with you Mykel about these articles “what if”,”we should have”,”will be regret” it is all about personal fantasies and looking with regrets about the past.We should be realistic and accept the decisions made by MA;he knows what it is the best for the future of the Club.At the end of the season will be judging him.

  9. In my opinion , thiago will slow down Liverpool’s rapid transition in attack. He is not xabi alonso. Fabinho also can dictate from deep only faster . I believe it was just a case of being prepared if the Dutchman ,wilnaldum, leaves. Liverpool’s pressing game is based on Henderson, fabinho and wilnaldum playing like a pack of wolves. Thiago will only slow that press down.. My opinion though. But.. Thiago is quality. Welcome to hell for the legs. The premier league is a physically punishing league. Hope he can cope with the relentless pace.

  10. Why on earth would he want to come to Arsenal. He would have to be in it for the money if he did because we aint winning no CL or league.

          1. Haha Sue he’s got a stay of execution there 😜😂 Southampton away next, could the Totts be… played 2 lost 2 in the opening 2? I’d bet on it 😂😂

            1. Have to keep everything crossed they bow out next Thursday 😉
              The Saints have been crap..played 2, lost 2.. 3rd time lucky?! 😜

                1. So unlucky Sue they just lost their heads in the closing stages.. maybe they just couldn’t believe they were gonna knock out a small premier League club it happens 😜

                2. Arsenal is only interested in old players. Chelsea signed Ziyach, Harvez, and Wanner. All these players are below 25yrs. Are we in a quick fix formula? Total lack of vision, if we had to sign Alcantara

              1. I wonder who they play next week Sue Fc Baku ? 😂😂 You can see Mourinho being sacked before Christmas he’s already whining about a striker 😜 haha oh yes I’m going for 2-1 Southampton Danny Ings to get on the scoresheet 😄

                1. Shkendija from Macedonia apparently… jammy sods!!
                  Wouldn’t surprise me, Kev.. he’s running out of ideas, fast!
                  Would love Ings to score as Maureen wanted him!

                  1. Sue that will be hard for them might take a penalty shootout to overcome the Macedonian post men 😄 yeah I 100% agree Sue his management skills belong in the mid 2000,s after he’s sacked there’s no where for him to go apart from the Portugal national team or some team in China or middle East 😂😂 it’s written in stone that he’ll score Sue have faith 😉

  11. Can’t argue with that…Thiago Alcantara is a classy player, but I would take Houssem Aouar at 22 years old. In three years he will have plenty of value. If we do get Aouar (or Thiago for that matter) we may well challenge at the top of the EPL.

  12. He is, without doubt, one of the most creative midfielders I have seen during the past five years.He will, unfortunately for us, bring a new dimension to the Liverpool side with his ability to control the ball and retain possession in tight areas.I don’t know what signing on fees and wages are involved but having brought in a 33 year old in Willian I can understand a reluctance to sign another player who will have little in the way of a resale value.

  13. A better question is he did not sign him instead of Willian. We have plenty of youngsters plus 73 mill who can play upfront or on the wing and Alcantara could have been a good mentor for them.

        1. Eww that face – every time I see it, I just want to hit it!!
          You’re right, it would destroy them, probably would me too 🤣🤣🤣

  14. Sorry admin I wonder how you first assessed their impact when they actually play for three different teams and as far as I know or rather seen they have been phenomenal. If and when we get to sign them and Liverpool get Thiago maybe your words may come to pass but what am certain about is we’ll be stronger if we sign them.

  15. MA is trying his best to get a numbe rof experienced players to play with thr many younge rplayers fast coming through. He now has enough 30= year olds Thiago soon hits 30 and will have no resale value. The clubis at long last – and a decade overdue- attempting to run both the team AND the finances professionally, after the disaster of GAZIDIS, WHO HAS BEEN LARGELY TO BLAME FOR OUR WASTING COUNTLESS MILLIONS OF POUNDS.


  16. So you would reject kdb because he’s 29? Auba is 31 & Willian and Luiz both joined at 32, so Thiago for that price would have been a bargain

  17. For just 20M, he has agreed to join LFC!!!! And here we are, fawning over Partey for 5OM. This was our fastest route back to playing the beautiful game, regardless of age.

    1. Two totally diferent players. Liverpool can have Thiago. Partey will improve Arsenal, more than Thiago will improve LFC.

      1. No other player – not even KDB of City – is capable of dominating games like Thiago. Besides, he knows the Arteta/Guardiola system inside out.

  18. With the capture of Thiago, Liverpool are 100% taking the title. JUST GO AND BET YOUR ENTIRE FORTUNE ON IT.

    So you can just imagine his impact for us if he were to sign; we would be finishing not lower than 3rd.

  19. All honesty, he just came off winning UCL. He’s a UCL player. Cannot fathom why he’d want to come here when Liverpool are after him. Our main targets this transfer window was re-signing Auba, getting a defender, ridding of deadwood, and getting more advance midfielders that can feed balls to our attackers. If Arteta wants Aouar and/or Partey then I trust he knows what he wants. He knows Thiago was available and didn’t go for him so I trust his reasoning and the process.

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