Opinion – Arsenal should not buy anyone this summer or next January

It would be nice if there was enough money for Arsenal to go out and spend £300 million and buy three to four world-class players but the reality is that is never going to happen.

The main reason is simple, Arsenal is a self-sustaining club, there is not going to be any huge cash injections from the owner.

Now, the chances of Arsenal making the champions league next season are slim and even if they did, the chances of winning the competition or progressing far are also slim, even with the acquisition of a couple of top players.

For that to change the club will have to make some very hard choices.

What Arsenal really needs to do is to build up their bank balance and the only way to do that is by not spending any money.

Chelsea showed that is the way to go, they lost Eden Hazard and spent no money for two transfer windows, they brought in youngsters to fill the gaps and they now sit fourth in the standings. Now they are splashing the cash in the midst of a pandemic.

Tottenham previously did it and reached the champions league final. Yes, it has unravelled for them because of Covid 19 but they have spent significant money anyway in buying the likes of Tanguy Ndombele, Steven Bergwijn and Giovani Le Celso.

Arsenal could and in my opinion should replicate what our two biggest London rivals have done.

Sell two or three players that will realise a decent amount of money, bank that money, bring in some youngsters like Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka, Reiss Nelson and then in a couple of years go on a spending spree.

Because the way we are doing it right now is simply not working.

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  1. What an article!! I don’t agree with you
    We need two or three quality players, especially in that midfield. Sign Partey, loan Coutinho.
    Sell Ozil, Xhaka, elneny, bring back Smith Rowe
    Am more concerned about our midfield than the back, we have improved in the back since Arteta took charge

  2. I would love to see a focus on youth, but we will need to retain or bring in some experience to compliment it

    Any incomings will need to be financed from the squad in Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Kolasanic, Mustafi, Sokratis, Elneny Ozil theres a good amount of funds that can be generated and wages that can be freed up.

    If we are clever, each sale can really improved the squad, I.e. Lacazette, promote Nketiah spend the money on midfield

    Or Sell Kolasanic, bring in Kurzawa on a free, spend the money on midfield

    Sell Mkhitayrian, save on wages, promote Smith-Rowe and move Saka forward

    It will be a combination of youth being promoted, purchases generated from sales and free transfers.

    Arteta and our youth prospects will put the club on the front foot

  3. Chelsea had Pulisic from dortmund joining when lost Hazard. Kept same team adding 3 youngsters.

    They struggling for that and not guaranteed to finish in top 5 at all.

    Spurs brought Son, Sissoko and Ericksen or Ndombele over the years, making 1 or two addition each time but very accurate, strenghen team always as they done last window again. Building a strong, solid team.

    Chelsea need to strenghen team and already locked Werner and forgot who and are on Ben chiwell to complete team…

    We need 2 additions to do so as well, same for years, a Top CB and beast as DM. Koulibaly & Partey still available.
    Can’t compete for title without.

    But we mainly need a coach, Arteta is an assistant, experimenting, never picked a team or tactic before, and precisly what kills us all season long!

    Bellerin Mustafi Mari Tierny
    ……… Niles Luiz……..
    Nelson..,..,…………………. Saka…..
    ……………..Auba Martinelli……….

    Niles & Nelson would help Bellerin in defense. Going forward,combining & super fast, very difficult to defend.

    On other wing as well knowing Martinelli will help and play wide sometime when combining with Auba. This wing is flying as well and nightmare to cop with.

    I think combining Martinelli & Auba can be explosive and damaging for opponent.

    But, we know Arteta will pick Xhaka, Pepe, Ozil, Torreira, Ozil for same draw list or fortunate win…

    1. For the past four years, due to lack of funds, Arsenal has brought in players who are just marginal improvement of the existing ones and the standard has been the same. Players such as Socrates, Mustafi, Laca. Mikhi. Luiz, Tierney, have have had little impact and thus has club has remain in the same position.
      Arsenal strength has always been team work and the understanding among the players developed from the youth academy just like Baca. Hence all they need is 2 or 3 special players to strengthen and fill in the gabs where they are unable to develop one.
      The right approached is to build the team from the academy and buy only special players who will impart on the general performance of the team and not to do desperate purchases. At the moment the team is without a clear leader in Defence, midfield and a schemer. There are prospects within the present youth and the academy t who can be groomed and given the opportunity to progress instead of buying an average one to fill the gab and deny the chance for the youth to progress, because of pressure from the supporters.
      My take is Arsenal should use the next two years to build the team with the youths they have now. Keep them together and they will produce the magic sooner than expected.

  4. It would not be a surprise if we dont spend money for a long while yet. This club has been a disaster zone for the last 6 to 8 years. Badly run, badly managed and rotten to the core.

    1. Reggie, please refer to my post to the Werner to Chelsea article, in support of your summation.
      Where has the money gone, apart from Mezut Ozil?

  5. Off topic
    – Our youth system is too concentrated on forward play, it’s all about passing and having the ball. Not enough rigorous work done tactically with and without the ball, or one on one grooming. It seems like it’s mostly forwards that are close to breaking through, it’s been that way for a long time. We done well enough with fullbacks coming through but they were like another forward. Something has to change there, CB’s CDM’s, CM, the spine, there needs to be more effort in bringing them through all along it.

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