Opinion – Arsenal should not consider swapping Lemar for Lacazette

Thomas Lemar for Lacazette? No thanks! by Lagos Gooner

Arsenal being asked to agree to swap Lacazette for Thomas Lemar, is one transfer rumour I am not comfortable with. According to The Metro, Atletico Madrid has given Arsenal the condition of including Laca in a swap deal with them, if Arsenal wants Thomas Lemar. Why would Atletico even suggest such a thing?

Alex Lacazette is a player with enormous talents. He has goals in him, he has the pace in him and he has dribbling skills. For the past two seasons or so that he has been in Arsenal, he has performed more than average. The arrival of Aubameyang has reduced his importance in the team but that has not reduced his impact. Lacazette has scored beautiful goals for us and I don’t think Arsenal should think of letting him go, unless for a huge amount of money. Even if we are to swap him for another player, I am sorry, it can’t be Lemar.

Thomas Lemar was not really on fire while at Monaco; according to Statbunker, Lemar played 113 times for Monaco, scoring 19 goals, with 25 assists. He spent three years at Monaco before being snapped up by Atletico Madrid in 2018. He is known for his versatility, being able to play on both wings and through the centre. Features of his game include dribbling and passing ability. However, ever since his move to the Spanish capital, his game seems to have dwindled. He has found it difficult adjusting to life in Spain and it won’t surprise anybody that Atletico Madrid wants him out. However asking Arsenal to agree a swap should not be the way to go.

Lacazette may not be having good times at the moment but I will prefer we keep him in the team instead of letting him go. On a good day, Laca can light up the pitch. He is going through a difficult spell at the moment but he will come out fine finally. We have midfielders and players who can play from the wings, looking to add Lemar to the list, should not be our priority at the moment. We should seriously be looking at adding to our defence and not to the midfield. Even if we need a midfielder, we definitely should not be going for Thomas Lemar, who in my opinion, may not have anything else apart from his pace, to the team. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. OT.. It’s the Lord’s Birthday today – no, not Jon Fox – Lord Bendtner!! 32!

    I can’t see this happening. Why would we go back for Lemar? Plus, it has come from the metro! And it is that crazy time of year, when you don’t know what to believe… Kev/Eddie, where are you guys?

  2. Agreed. Lemar has failed spectacularly at Atletico, so his £60m valuation has plummeted, and will continue to plummet. Atletico Madrid are in no position to ask high fee for him.

    Keep Auba and Laca until summer. Then we will look to sell them and get their replacements.

    We need goals from our wingers and midfielders as well! Bruno Fernandes would be a fantastic replacement for Özil, who is not very efficient in terms of scoring..

  3. Lemar is too slow to be a winger

    Only get him if his price tag is below 25 M and if Arteta plans to use it as a central midfielder

  4. Laca is irreplacable. His goals, assists and work rate are phenomenal and he is only going through a rough patch. Anyway we have enough in the midfield and forward line and the point now is to get a top defender and DM.

  5. i would swap him for partey+ cash. Lacazette is a very good 9 so he is very much worth than lemar.And why should we go for lemar,we have players to play on both wings,we have CMs and an AM and players who can play as an AM.We should try to get a DM

    1. Kinda wise rational thought!
      Endure the swap with Partey plus cash is a very saucy biz..

      Include Partey’ then let’s talk business.

    2. Like I said in an earlier thread:
      Partey has a contract until mid 2023. And Atletico don’t want to sell. So stop smoking whatever you’re smoking as we’re not getting him and neither are better clubs than us.

  6. When we wanted to buy him for 90m he snubbed is and went to athletico and now that things are not going well he wants to come back to us. I say no. We don’t need him right now. We need defenders and DMs. Bye Felicia.

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