Opinion – Arsenal should not trust Mustafi and instead sign a new defender

Shkodran Mustafi is too much of a liability to trust

It was a surprise, albeit not a delightful one when I saw Shkodran Mustafi starting for Arsenal against Chelsea, however, I can understand Mikel Arteta’s decision to field the German.

Arteta’s hands are tied having been told that he can’t spend enough to strengthen his team this month.

Arsenal plans to make more signings in the summer but they still want to end this campaign in the top four, I believe without a few new signings Arsenal should just forget about that top four.

Shkodran Mustafi is set to play even more games as David Luiz serves a three-match suspension and I’m afraid of what will happen.

He was solely responsible for Luiz’s sending off as the Brazilian was trying to save the team from the German’s howler.

I believe that signing a new defender this month is the best thing for Arsenal to do, and that is because Mustafi has shown time and again that he is not up to scratch and shouldn’t be playing at this level.

Every time that Mustafi pulls on an Arsenal shirt he shows just why he shouldn’t be playing for them, he is either making errors leading to goals, scoring an own goal or conceding a penalty.

Arteta has done well and I expect even better performances from his team, but I believe error-prone Mustafi will keep undoing whatever they try to achieve as a team, signing a new defender would be a far better decision.

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  1. AUBA_14 says:

    Obviously. But still he’s a good backup defender.

    Question: who should be dropped when Auba comes back with Martinelli keeping his place? The media are saying Pepe but I disagree.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Better replace Pepe with Aubameyang, because Aubameyang will go to the byline and cross more often than Pepe

      Arsenal should keep Lacazette and Martinelli, because we need their high pressing

    2. Shakir says:

      auba is a very good striker but his hold up play and one touch football(link up play)is not very good but he is a superb finisher and i think he can press much faster and cleverer than laca but he struggles when there is no service meanwhile laca drops into the midfield to continue play(The chelsea game for example when ozil drifted wide,it created big space on the left lank and middle and laca was the one dropping to help the attack but was unfortunately well marked by christensen)

      Martineeli is young and energetic even MA is surprised by his energy levels.He is a great finsher and a has superb instinct,his skills are cool but his inexperience can be seen in his dribbles,touches,passes and sometimes in the runs.Obviously he will learn with time and should be kept on playing.

      Pepe lost possession 21 times and all his attempted 7 crosses failed in the chelsea game(via sofascore){I can Imagine if this happened with ozil how much stick he will get in this site }.I know he is still adapting but martinelli has well adapted and pepe has experience as well.He has shown glimpses and that man utd,westham,vitoria(H) games,he was fantastic.And he is a natural winger and we saw the impact what happens when players in their natural positions in the chelsea game with hector so i cant see why he would be dropped.And i hope MA will bring the best out of him on a more consistent basis.

      The only player i can see being dropped logically is laca but if he picks up his form in the bournemouth game,MA will get a selection dilemma.

      1. Shakir says:

        And got some news while ago which some on this site will not like,
        Pepe has praised “MA” and “OZIL”.

        1. Benjamin says:

          “We support one another on the pitch and as an attacking player it’s always great to have someone like Mesut Ozil feeding passes into you so it’s enjoyable.” Pepe

          I think this is what you mean.😀

    3. Calvin says:

      Drop Ozil and move Laca in behind Auba or even Pepe in to the middle.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Mustafi definitely has to be replaced, but Arsenal shouldn’t get another version of him in a panic buy

    Arteta likes Matviyenko because he has seen the guy play well against Man City. But Matviyenko has to play with a towering CB, because he seems to be too short to be an EPL CB

    The problem is Arsenal don’t have a big CB like Van Dijk to accompany small CB like Umtiti and Matviyenko. I hope Arsenal have other options

  3. Sue says:

    OT..Just saw an article – “A year ago Wolves beat Liverpool at Molineux, here’s how they can do it again”…..talk about raise my hopes, just to be dashed later!!
    Oh what the hell, Come on Wolves!!! 🤞

  4. jon fox says:

    A totally different and welcome full of sense article about Mustakefi, than the last puerile one, a few hours ago, from daft Sylvester, who thought we should forgive him and keep him in the team, as he is now “ready” having apologised to his teammates for his latest in a huge long line of regular harmful errors. I know, I know. Me too!

  5. Japheth says:

    Our boy has done pretty well so I think one player to give way is Pepe he has not done much for this team at all so should go to the bench .then for our leaking defense Mustafa should be drop then holding should come in place of him while we wait for the outcome of our transfer activity .

  6. Stewart Macintosh says:

    yes he needs to be replaced but we can’t panic with something dumb. nothing is better than stupid

  7. gerry burke says:

    mustafawee should be drummed out of the emirates, i believe our old friend igor stepanovs was way ahead of this clown. he has too many brain farts for my liking.he is so bad that i would welcome tom fox into our defense right now, surely tom would make better decisions !. so over to you jon fox, prepare your tom for some action,you never do know, stranger things have happened.wouldnt be the first time a pussy ended up playing for the gunners.we have one who wears 10 at present !, lol.

  8. John says:

    Mustafi is an Arsenal player….and until he leaves he needs our support…

    It’s bad now but just imagine if we had lost the ManU game….his confidence is low bottom…..until we sell him or he goes away we need to boost his energy with support ……sing his name and hope his performance helps us win….hopefully Arteta and his team of coaches are working with him…we are thin in every position and so everyone needs to chip in including supporters …..

  9. Bonzo says:

    Everybody makes mistakes. Some more than others. The biggest mistake is ball possession above all else , where the ball is continuously being passed back. Arsenal will pass the ball back all the way from inside the opposition box. Why is this a “mode” of playing, knowing that the defense is weak.
    Playing out of the back —. It is fine when you have confidence that the defense is strong… With the opposition having a few “vultures” waiting to pounce on the ball when playing out from the back, It would be prudent to lob the ball forward. No , not with arsenal… therein lies the issue.
    If you know that you have a lethal strike force, then why keep the ball in defense when the ball should be sent as quickly as possible to the “lethal strike force….My 10 cents worth.

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