Opinion: Arsenal were the real winners on deadline day

The transfer deadline day has passed. As it is almost every time, several teams had to rush through some deals, and Arsenal was not left out.

The Gunners sealed the deal for Thomas Partey finally after chasing him all summer.

The Ghanaian midfielder had to forget about loyalty to deposit his release clause in the La Liga headquarters for the move to happen.

He is now an Arsenal player, finally!

There were other transfers like Edinson Cavani and Alex Telles joining Manchester United, but I reckon that Arsenal were the real winners yesterday.

This is because the Gunners signed a player that is essentially the final piece of the jigsaw for them.

Partey is the type of player that this rejuvenated Arsenal team needs at the moment and they went and got him.

Apart from signing Partey, the Gunners were also able to offload the likes of Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira.

These are two players who were unwanted at the club and haven’t made a contribution to the team this season.

So Arsenal has less unwanted players and most of the players that they actually need heading back into the season.

Arsenal has been a better team since we made Mikel Arteta our manager and it was only right that we backed the Spaniard in this transfer window.

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  1. I dont know who were the winners in this window but i do know, Everton, Villa, Spurs, Chelsea and us have had great windows. There are some really good teams battling it out for the top four.

  2. OT.where is Ozil article 👍,after he released a statement offering to pay gunnersaurus full salary afterwards the club spokesperson released a statement saying gunnersaurus we be back at the stadium once fans are back.And the chaos it has caused online is just mind-blowing.Ozil had problems with Emery,Eddu and now Arteta.The club politics and the Ozil PR stunts doesn’t help either,now we have pro Ozil and anti Ozil fans just like the Wenger days.If he’s not registered for this season squad as suspected it will end in premium tears.

      1. Now that Arsenal has signed Thomas Partey investigation is showing what a humble and outstanding human being he is. He felt he owed Atletico Madrid for where he is, so he did not force the move by asking for a transfer. The reason he was able to leave was that Arsenal activated his buy out clause.
        We are now learning (like a lot of professional sports people) how he sponsors a fourth level football club, sponsors young Ghanian footballers to pursue careers overseas etc modestly without fanfare.
        Compare this to the PR machine surrounding Mezil Ozil, where every commendable action is instantly communicated via social media.

  3. Almost every top 10 team has strengthened their squad one way or the other.

    I think our squad has a little bit of balance now.
    With the attack covered with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketiah.

    Wings covered with Saka, Pepe, Martinelli, Willian, Nelson.

    Midfield covered with Partey, Ceballos, Elneny, Xhaka.

    Defense covered with Gabriel, Luiz, Holding, Mari

    I think we have a good shot at top 4 with this near perfect balanced squad.

    1. Top 4 is a stretch but doable….. Arteta now needs to be bold like leeds and Aston villa against the big boys.. No more excuses for boring football

  4. We all know that off the pitch Ozil is a sweet and generous man and we all love and admire him for that, sometimes I think, it is because of his kind and generous heart that is why the Universe blessed him with such a luxurious career and salary given to him by Arsenal.

    But the major problem most Arsenal fans have with him is his on pitch character and productivity which is very poor and detrimental to our beloved club, we know him as a football player first before a humanitarian, so he should have tried to perform well on the pitch when he had the chance.

    I remember the game against Chelsea, last year, at Stamford bridge. Luiz was sent off. Arteta made a tactical change, taking off Ozil and immediately our tempo was increased and we ended that match with 1 point. So you see where the problem lies. Ozil’s energy is too low and drops the team’s morale.

    I just can not wait for 2021 when his contract with us expires so we can rest with the annoying Ozil debate.

    1. “ut the major problem most Arsenal fans have with him i”
      That of course is your opinion and not most

      A”Arteta made a tactical change, taking off Ozil and immediately our tempo was increased and we ended that match with 1 point. So you see where the problem liesrsenal fans.”

      So Artera making a tactical change or Chelsea did not react or Chelsea players took their foot off the pedal because Arsenal was playing with 10 men or the new player replacing Ozil made a difference with or without him or a change in the formation or Chelsea coach was a dudu head or Arsenal players put in more effort because they were down one men and so forth and so forth. I can write a book with the reasons Arsenal won the game without even mentioning Ozil.

    2. I userly wonder when will you British gays learn how football is played,just look at the clubs in the la laliga they all have an engine in their m f the likes of Messi,so we have Ozil our engine he plays fantastic football

      1. @Huss, why is it a surprise to you?? It’s simple they can not differentiate between rugby and football. They prefer less skilled and less talented players with great running stamina to more talented/skilled players. The style of play does not bother them as long as they achieve the result. It’s just not in their DNA to play or admire beautiful football with talented ball playing players. They like rough Tony pulis type football.

        1. Mohsan, we don’t like players who are “revolving doors” in defense.
          The Dutch Approach – total footballers to play total football.

      2. An “engine” that runs on 6 cylinders instead of eight and is badly in need of a valve grind and decoke, and general overhaul.

    3. Very well said, S.J. I really cannot wait for him to go and all his bandwagons should can equally follow him.

  5. Ozil is a politician with an aim to destabilise the club. Am just waiting for him to leave next June.

    He’s already burnt his bridges with the club

    1. Don’t think it’s fair to claim that he aims to destablise the club.

      The modern game relies more on attacking players to regain possession. He’s just not rated by managers who want that

  6. We could be the winners on deadline day but I think Everton are the winners of this transfer window, James, Allen and Doucoure are square pegs in square holes and all three excellent stars for less than 70m but we could have edged them if we had added Aoure to Partey yesterday

  7. I Think de other signings too were crucial as our under -23 and 18 were underperfoming due to promoted and loaned out players so good luck to them.

  8. There are some teams who had the same or better window as us.

    I just hope we can improve over last year and get back into Champions League.

    Only time will tell

  9. On the deadline day Yes!
    Overall, no, we were not!

    We missed many good options, James – Everton? Grealish?

    I don’t know why our main focus was on Aouar while we had an option to fight for those players.

    1. More likely Doucoure and Aarons, than Grealish, because of the cost to pry him from Aston Villa.

    2. Graelish was pegged at 80mil.. Reason why even Man utd dropped out..
      James was a gamble with his inconsistencies. Ancelloti seems to be the only coach he can play for.
      Hindsight plays tricks with us sometimes.

  10. I think Arsenal should resign Wilshere on some performance based contract ……its good pr against Ozil and it does improve their non import numbers…..

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