Opinion – Arsenal will make at least two signings this month

With one deal almost done a second one is a very strong possibility.

It looks certain that Pablo Mari will be confirmed as an Arsenal player within the next 24 hours and with five days until the transfer window closes I believe it is very likely that there will be at least one more signing.

It is normal within any transfer window that tens of players get linked with a club of Arsenal’s stature. Some rumours are ridiculous, we all know this but some are persistent and depending on the source, are credible.

For example, if the Daily Star comes out and says that Arsenal is going to sign Gareth Bale, then we can all agree it is rubbish. However, if David Ornstein of the Athletic comes out and says that Arsenal is close to an agreement with Lewis Dunk, then you can feel more confident in that particular piece of speculation.

I cannot say hand on heart that I know of any specific player that is Arsenal bound but there are a few that I have some confidence in, for example, Layvin Kurzawa and Mykola Matviyenko seem very possible and as an outsider, Thomas Lemar.

Now, that does not mean any of them will end up at the Emirates and neither does it mean that an outrageous signing will not happen but based on probability I would suggest that at least one more signing, in addition to Mari, will happen by the end of this month.

It all depends on one’s belief in particular sources I suppose.


  1. I’m just interested in Matviyenko, because Arteta has seen how Matviyenko played himself

    About Kurzawa and Lemar, I think our scouts just saw them play for several months. Our scouts should have spent longer time in evaluating their targets and they should have done more research on the fan forums

    1. Would you really believe anything said on fan forums, GAI? Do you believe a potentil buyer would base a final decision on such inputs? Must admit, I would be surprised.

    2. I’m pretty sure Mikel Arteta does just that. Before he scouts anyone he will get his assistants and scouts to run through the Fans Forums and check to see if there is any players his WORLDWIDE NETWORK OF SCOUTS has missed.
      And I’ve no doubt he bought Mari to play as a right CB so can be an inverted CB.

      1. Clearly they would, with the insightful, nuanced and carefully considered opinions spouted in these comments sections over the years, they’d be crazy not too!:D

        1. Im not sure they use fan sites for player ideas but they certainly have people in the clubs who gauge opinion off fan sites for certain things.

    1. He is good,i watched a video of his,he seems very comfortable with the ball.
      Can dribble,shoot and has pace so bonuses.And his height wont be a problem i hope because this guy knows how to use his body.

      Would be a very good signing….


  2. Come Brexit hour(approx) we will know all, or nothing. I am prepared to wait til then, rather than have to suffer these endless and almost all false rumours that so bore and irritate me and other Gooners too. I think Mari is 90% over the line though, and if that means ,as I hope and pray, that we have seen the last of either Mustafi or Sokratis, then its champange opening time! If I never see either of those two chumps ever again in our shirt it will still be too soon. You can add Luiz to that list, with pleasure!

  3. Kurzawa is a Juve player! We have no LB nor RB back ups, just as we started. We couldn’t put 4M.to lock him up , negociating loan as CB we got

    1. Thank God, we don’t need him. He is 3rd choice at PSG so why would our fans want him is beyond me. We are well covered for LB. We have Tierney and Kola. How much back do you need. 4 players as backup for each position. We should look for a good RB to be honest and have bellerin as his backup. AMN is not a defender n Bellerin is not good at defending either.

  4. If Mari is fixed up I cannot see us pursuing another left sided CB in Matvienko although he would be my first pick of all the players we have been linked to.He looks a top quality player who is versatile and quick.

    1. But he is small and soon you will see a lot of fans complaining about it. We have Saliba coming in next season so we need to buy sensible. Don’t want to end up with too many CBs n no quality. I think for next season we will have Saliba, holding, sokaritus n probably Mari. Luiz and mustafi will be moved on. N before anyone jumps on me about Marv I don’t think that kid is going to make it at Arsenal because he has been with us for some time now and during that time the different managers we have had did not give him that many chances to play n he has been loaned out to a 2nd tier Germany club. So I don’t think apart from fans, the club management think that highly of him. I am afraid he will end up like belik.

  5. If Mari is as good as signed up and we buy Lewis Dunk (according to Ornstein) that will do me for the season. We can then say goodbye to Sokratis and the error prone Mustafi.

    1. We will not sign two expensive permanent CBs, we a Saliba coming in next season and he will be played when fit because the amount of money we have spent on such a young player. If Mari works then I think we will buy him in summer n won’t buy anyone else. If he fails on his loan only them we will go for another defender. We have holding in wings as well. So no point of buying so many CBs. We just need one good CB like VD, Varane or Kompany type who can hold one end and young players like Saliba n holding can learn from him n form a good partnership with him. I wish we get rid of luiz, sokaritus n mustafi next season.

  6. Kurzuwa is overrated. I hope Arsenal don’t sign him. And also how many Cb do you actually want. We will only make one signing and that is Mari.

  7. It has been 15 years since Patrick Vieira left to don black and white stripes of the Italian giants in Turin…when will we this flippin club learn that defense wins trophies and titles?! For fox sake, can we at least try to bring in quality defenders? NOPE, we haven’t even attempted to replace the likes of Koscielny– Gooner till I die…in the mean while, Il’l keep watching YouTube clips of last few years at Highbury. SMFH .

    1. 👍 Jason, Viera was never replaced with a similar styled player (in all honesty they don’t grow on trees) and similarly Gilberto Silva, who was integral to Viera’s success at Arsenal.
      Arsenal was overpowered in midfield in the seasons following their departures, but even smaller clubs, let alone the top clubs.

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