Opinion: Arsenal youngster faces an uphill task breaking back into the first team

Arsenal’s team has been developing very fast and it seems that Mikel Arteta already has the players that he trusts to play for him.

The Spaniard has achieved success at the Emirates so far and he has been given even more control over the club.

As a player, you will want to be a part of your manager’s plan from the start of the season.

You will go to preseason striving to prove that you can be a part of the team in the coming campaign.

However, if you miss preseason for your team, it can be very tough for you to get back into the team and that might be the case for Gabriel Martinelli.

The Brazilian burst on to the scene last season despite signing as an unknown player in the summer.

He scored 10 goals in 26 games for the Gunners before the season was halted because of coronavirus.

He didn’t play for the club during Project restart before it emerged that he had suffered a long-term injury.

The injury is so severe that he is expected to be out until at least the end of this year or even until the early part of the new year.

Arsenal has moved on from him and the Gunners have achieved success without his input.

Will he be able to force his way into this team when he is back? 

Arteta has shown the willingness to give chances to players who impress him, but I still think that Martinelli has his work cut out for him when he returns.

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  1. Its obvious that he will take time to get up to speed after such a serious injury. In Arteta, he has got a coach who will very likely help him reach his maximum potential. Some opinions here say that Arteta doesnt play him because he is a signing by Emery, but I think Arteta rates him. Gabriel has the attributes to be an effective left inside forward or even a CF in Arteta’s system and he can become a faster, more lethal version of Laca in about 2-3 years if developed properly. Peace out.

  2. It will be difficult for him to gain full fitness but once he does, he is a better player than Nketiah and he finishes slightly better than Lacazette at this his early age.
    I remember the Lacazette miss against Liverpool and I wished it was a fit Martinelli that had those golden opportunity.

    I trust in Arteta to make the right decision and if he works hard in training I am sure he will have game time, cause there are a lot of games to be played

    1. Yes, and the Liverpool goal keeper was supposed to just get out of the way, rather than do what he is paid to do and make a great save?

      1. Ozziegunner anytime anyone talks about Lacazette you always seem to take it ‘personal’, the truth is Lacazette cost us the match against Liverpool, Even Nketiah would have scored at least one of those goals, it has nothing to do with the goalkeeper it’s all on Lacazette poor finish, Lacazette has always been an average player.

    2. Falorin Balogun is also a better player than Nketiah but Artetta has made his mind up that seniority plays a factor in his team selection, even to the point where he is prepared to lose such a bright prospect as Balogun.
      Case in point the 19 year old young center back Arsenal recently paid 27 million pounds for has to go out on loan to allow room for David Luiz. Given these observations I’m pretty sure that is probably the reason for Guendouzi being left out of the squad since his childish mistake at end of the game against Brighton “last season” What he did pales in comparison to Xhaka’s behavior towards his own fans and he was very quickly forgiven and welcomed back to the team, different manager I know, but a template seems to have been set by Artetta, and it doesn’t bode well for a young player coming from the academy. They will get bit part crumbs but not regular first team

  3. If he doesnt play him there will other teams who will snatch him so fast arteta will be the loser here

  4. Martinelli plays well, faster, dribbler, finisher. To me he’s a top player just b’se for now he has to work en regain his fitness and form otherwise…

  5. Apparently everyone will get chance to impress, we are competing on four fronts, injuries and suspensions are inevitable, we still have some players playing out of position. An injured player like him may not be ready until later part of the season.
    I love how MA is treating our young stars, irrespective of current form, all of them aren’t getting consistent run of games. This will help them grow naturally without much pressure.
    This is evident in Saliba, Saka, Willock Nketia. Had Arsene done same with Wilshire, Ramsey, probably they could have turn out a better player but I guess he had not enough backing with Gazidis prodigal spending, he was forced to used the kid, putting them under huge presure

  6. The kid is miles better than Nketiah…once he is fit, Nketiah minutes will cease.
    Other youngsters whose time is running out, despite the hype..Reiss and willock..at their age, if they were special, they would be regulars

    1. Just like Gnabry was at 19? And Reine-Adelaide? And Malen? All perfectly formed PL players by the age of 20…

  7. Martinelli is the best among all the young players we have but my concern is that even before his injury, Arteta did not really trust him that much. It seems he prefers the likes of Saka, Nketiah, Joa willock and others to him because they were having more game time than him.

  8. Martinelli is a prodigious talent who will not be under any pressure to accelerate his rehabilitation .The suggestion that Arsenal has been “successful” without him is not relevant to his recovery, nor should it be.At this stage of his career, a year lost is not hugely damaging which it could be further down the road.Providing he recovers fully, I have no doubt Martinelli will hit the heights with Arsenal.

  9. Arteta want a quick fix to the problems at Arsenal. He prefers old horses. It’s not Martinelli alone. Players like Seliba, Gouendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Nelson and Willock, will have a mountain to climb in order to prove to Arteta that they deserve to play in first team. I’m still saying Arteta is gonna destroy Arsenal

    1. TG yes, we know you are saying this tripe(about your final sentence)! And that is why virtually no one on this site takes anything you ever say seriously! When you are so wildly out of step with virtually all other fans and without a shred of evidence, save your own spiteful personal agenda , to back up your extraordinary claim, then you will find your view increasingly derided as nonsense. I say it is indeed utter nonsense!

      I do not even need to point out two trophies in 9 months and a complete overhaul for the better in team shape, discipline, workrate and imported talent. Plus massively improving many players he inherited. Virtually all, save only YOU, already know those truths!

      1. I agree with you Jon, this Top gunner guy is so far from the mark its like talking to my 10 year old grandson.

        Its pointless to comment on anything he says, hes a tool. He thinks UE should still be in charge while we try to win the championship, because thats where we would be.
        I really wish i could express my views in the exact wording i want, it would be 100% more colourful than a rainbow, marks my words!

        1. VAL, Good to hear from one of the overwhelming majority fans who both have and USE their brain . Occasionally on this site you have to wonder if the other tiny minority, including the like of TG, actually HAVE a brain at all.

          Anatomically, you know they must have one but you are bound to wonder what it does inside their head, as any intelligence a normal brain has is completely absent. I call it being lazy minded and I cannot stand lazy folk, as they let themselves down in all walks of life.
          We are on this planet for such a short time and it is the duty of each and every one of us to do something worthwhile, within our capabilities, in the short time we all have as living beings. This always means USING our brain.

    2. Top Gunner
      Those older players have their uses. Experience helps and there are a lot of youngsters coming through who can benefit from those older heads
      Sometimes that quick fix is necessary to push the team forward but hopefully not too often

      As for your last remark, that is like a red rag to a bull for me. From a rag bag of disillusioned players to an FA Cup win which brings with it a place in Europe and you are convinced Arteta will destroy Arsenal ? Arteta has been credited with persuading Auba to stay and probably had an influence on being able to attract the likes of Partey. I’d love to have your insight on how and why you think he will destroy Arsenal

    3. Yup. I agree with you on your final sentence. Arteta will destroy the recent vanquished form of Arsenal and the club will take rebirth like a Phoenix, rising through its ashes to become the Arsenal we all want it to be!

    4. And you’ll probably be the first to moan if Arteta plays all the young uns and lose to Man City. So The 23 yo Gabriel is an old horse together with 18yo Saka plus 20yo Nketiah? These boys are doing something right in training and getting minutes. Arteta has a certain way he wants to play as all good managers should, and he has the right to pick players that fit into his system or change things up if he feels it is necessary. Don’t be biased because your favourite players are not seeing game time. If they were good enough, then they’ll be in the team. I don’t care if he plays some 38yo or 16 yo as long as we’re getting the results.

    Martinelli, because of both his youth, TALENT and his warrior attitude is in a far better position to reclaim a regular spot – which I have little REAL doubt that he WILL do, when the time is right for him – than perhaps a less determined and older player might have.

    I have a name in mind who fits THAT description( to put it mildly!) and I wonder if any Gooner can NOT guess HIS name!

  11. Martinelli is a high level player. Once fully fit he will naturally be at a high level and get into the matchday squads. Quality players are at another level and it shows. Sadly some of the best players succumb to injury. Jack Wilshire did succumb. Many others too…here at Arsenal, Abou Diaby, Eduardo. But barring injury Martinelli is destined for stardom, so don’t worry he was born with the ability for hard work and vision.

  12. I highly doubt he will have any issues getting into matchday squads once he is fit.
    He’s miles ahead of players like Nketiah, Nelson, Willock and ESR imo.
    Its very debatable how he compares with Saka.
    Both are probably the best 2 attacking young players we have at the club.
    To me Martinelli, has all the ingredients, age, hunger, drive, passion, technical ability, pace and power, hes can shoot and head the ball.
    I’m not putting any pressure n the young lad here because i highly doubt he would read the rumblings of an old fool like me but he can go on and have a career at the top just like Ronaldo.
    Hopefully his body don’t let all this potential fail to come to fruition.

  13. This is pretty negative. It was one injury, on the training pitch. So his body didn’t just give out. He’s very young and can easily come back from this. We’ll see him March at the earliest most likely, and he’ll play a decent part of the end to the season, and then next season will be his time to shine. He’s arguably our most talented youngster with only Saka having the same level of potential.

  14. I am.not saying MA is right or worng but let’s be staright MA has made his mind up and clearly has his favourites. Why the hell would you buy William when you have £70mil Pepe, why play Nkeitiah when the other youngster was performing much better when he was fit (Martenelli) and why not give chance to Saliba at all where as give chances to Gariel M when he has came from same league. MA has this reluctance to play Nelson, Willock and Nkeitiah for some weird reason even though none of them are of big club level and do not posses the skill/ability either. I think he is trying to prove what he did with Rahem sterling was not a fluke. Some how a thought also creeps into my mind that maybe MA does not want UE signings at club.

    1. I am trying to stay positive but this bothers me to..The matinelli one before injury is the most baffling on for me..

    2. Squat depth and versatility @Moshan. Did u watch when pepe came on in the last game and Willian shifted centrally? The combination plays were pretty neat. Sometimes I wonder if people just have an opinion and then manipulate the truth to fit the opinion. Willock had so much game time without doing anything productive last season. Nketiah had a run of games at Lacazette’s expense last season, and still shares the CF role with him. Nelson is just about poor luck. He’s probably not doing enough to displace Pepe and Willian on the right, and you just can’t bench Auba. With the run of games coming, I believe we’ll see more players get minutes to impress. Gabriel got his and took them with both hands, same as Saka.

    3. Mohsan, as for your final sentence that would hardly be surprising, would it! Which manager of any top club would not wish his own choice of players in ASAP?

      Different manager, different methods, different shape but SAME players then? THAT makes no real sense at all!

  15. I can’t wait Martinelli playing again he is a fantastic players the way he play is very aggressive his future is bright I hope injurie will not cost him his career

  16. Martinelli will come back stronger and better. He has the pure talent, is hard working and determined to make it to the top. He is way better than Willock, Nelson and Nketiah and hopefully he returns soon and has no further niggling injuries. An attack comprising of Auba, Saka, Pepe and Martinelli is mind boggling. Here’s to an early return!

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