Opinion: Arsenal’s current goal drought is relegation form

Arsenal is currently struggling for form in front of goal after their season started with a 3-0 win over Fulham.

This season is one campaign that they were supposed to get back inside the top four, the very least of their expected achievements and they did start the campaign on a bright note.

The Gunners have, however, been struggling in front of goal for their last four league matches.

Specifically, their last four league games have yielded just one goal, and it came from the penalty spot against Manchester United.

With the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette leading the line, we should be scoring goals.

It is ok for teams to go through dry periods in front of the goal, but that is also one of the reasons why teams get relegated.

The teams who win championships or finish at the top end of championship tables are those that score goals.

With a record of no goals from open play in four matches, we are heading for a relegation battle guys.

I don’t know what Mikel Arteta will do after the international break, even if it will take playing Aubameyang as a centre forward, but we have to get back to scoring goals else we will continue to fall down the league table. 

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  1. I saw a stat today
    Shots on target this season
    Auba -11
    Harry slab head Maguire -12
    Something isn’t working upto that’s for sure

    1. Agree, that is because we chose over paid utter useless players – Laca, Willian, Pepe (over Zaha). Ozil (collecting wages for nothing before and after being sidelined), Kolasinac, Xhaka. These 6 players have held the club behind, blocked the entry of 6 really good players. Even young Iwobi had better performances in an AFC jersey than Willian, and Mikel is responsible for this, the balance are Wenger’s little boys (so we cannot criticize them) . Unai never wanted Pepe. Mikel wanted Aaour, but was given Partey (a great transfer no doubt) but creativity was an issue with or without Ozil.
      The bottom line is that the coach should be provided with the players of his choice – Unai failed, Mikel has lost a couple of games.
      Mikel won crucial games after dropping Ozil, this season hope he drops Willian and Laca and see the results spiral us up the table. Good by benching Xhaka, one problem resolved, next Laca and Willian out. This season should be the last for Laca, Kola, Xhaka and hopefully Willian.

    1. Jon stop insulting peoples articles.. Agree to disagree.. Makes you sound angry. Are you in quarantine?. This too shall past

    2. @Jon. You are always criticizing articles by others how about you put one out and let’s see your writting skills but then probably we know what you will write, baseless and away from logic fantasy cucu land stories. Sorry my mistake for giving you this idea..damn, spare us from the misery.

  2. MA should consider playing Auba in ST position, give the opportunity to someone else in LW and give more space for Pepe as he is doing in EL

    Stop playing Willian and Laca .. they had their chances and we should play our best right now if we are targeting top 4!

  3. Arteta can’t put right team on pitch, we have the team to win EPL, but no manager to put right team on pitch!..

    Guessing and experimenting as a coach…

    1. that’s the point mate , we don’t have the players to win the EPL
      don’t understand where that is coming from

  4. Arteta is under the microscope. Under Unai Emery there was confusion around the team and the way they play. Under Arteta everything is so controlled that creativity is crushed. Arteta is trying to be Pep clone and that will not work here. Also Arteta’s man-management does not look good. The way he managed Guendouzi, Saliba, Torreira, Socratis and Ozil is, for me, hard to make sense of. The next few weeks will show if Arteta is inexperienced and out of his depth. Without even thinking about relegation the way we are playing is totally unimaginative and sterile. Arteta does not seem to have the right ideas on how Arsenal should play.

  5. Need to go back to the 4231
    Saka Ceba Pepe
    Part Elne
    Tier Gabs Hold Bell

    league cup Europa league
    Nels Willock Will
    Xhaka Ceba
    Sead Luiz Must AMN


  6. Ppl have such short memory and I can’t believe the stubborn support for MA where ppl don’t want anyone to say anything about him. Even under UE we had some fantastic results and he started his second season in similar fashion to MA. If he was not right for the club then how is MA right?? After all we are seeing same disjointed, borring football and to top it all similar results. We are in start of season and already lost 4 games…that’s half the game we have played where is the improvement??? Even if you MA supporters say we played against Liverpool and Mancity away I can still accept the argument but we have lost home to Villa and Lescter, how do you justify that? Also if we still lost to Man city and Liverpool away then where is improvement MA supporters are talking about.

    1. Agreed…
      And MA have much better 2-3 additions…
      In fact Emery lost Ramsey also..
      I don’t understand when people talk about performance under Emery is his fault but performance under MA is players fault…
      There has to be uniformity..

    2. Mohsan it’s not like that, MA is a great coach in his learning process and he taking care of an “injured team” he did some great job in short time. Our expectations are not high but realistic, like I’m not thinking of winning the PL when my rivals are in a better position.
      But we are looking for a better plays, better team and better players selections. Trust me, I understand that and I’m happy with winning all the cups we are in! Qualifying to PL and next season we will be better.

      MA is making many mistakes and he keeps repeating them again and again, insisting on the same players while he can tries others and he can still play them in the second half! I’m talking about Willian and Laca for now.

    3. How right you are! I can’t find fault to what you have said. I don’t hide my admiration of Unay even though it didn’t work well with us. And I believe he is avbetter coach than Mikel. Still it’s our duty to give full support to Mikel.

      If Unay was not right for the club why is Mikel? Such a fantastic question and in my opinion no one is qualified to answer that question except Mikel himself. Let’s wait until the end of the season to see what his answer will be.

  7. I dont understand why we do not have willock and nketiah up front. Lacca seems to have lost the plot and aubu need help. the fix up front seems obvious

  8. Remember, Southampton went from 9-0 loss at home to top of the premier League in just over a year, and the same guy is still in charge of them. Do you make excuses for him, saying he’s “more experienced” etc etc?

  9. Leeds vs Arsenal in the next PL match that Arsenal will play after this current international break. And us Gooners will see if Mikel Arteta can possibly manage the Gunners this to a four-place table finish or not.

    For, if Arsenal lost that match or play to a draw in it instead of them to win the match outrightly could further worsen Arsenal position in table that’s looking to be precarious after their recent home loses to Leicester and Aston Villa.

    Two matches which Arsenal should have collected six maximum points from the games to go to 18 points and joint leaders on the table at the end of proceedings at week 8 in the PL. This is the beautiful thing that Arsenal has on offer but failed to grabs it. The Gunners apparently have failed woefully to seize these two golden opportunities that flew past their faces this season by failing to grab those six points due to their very averaged game playing performance against Leicester and Villa to thus hindered themselves from starting to mount a title challenge this season. Why that failings by the Gunners?

    These 2 home games failings is totally unacceptable. Therefore, a repeat of such failings in the PL by the Gunners this season should totally be abhorred by them from happening to Arsenal again throughout this season henceforth with.

  10. Arteta needs to fix up or he will start losing the fans.
    I support him but that does not mean I have blind faith towards him. When he gets good results I will praise him but poor results like Vill and Leicester at home is not breeding confidence in me. Home games are supposed to be 3 points or a draw at least. But losing all 6 points against the likes of Leicester and Villa at home is very alarming for me.

    1. Exactly. He’s not above criticism, and criticism or critiques dosent mean fans dont support him. But we need to see adequate responses to these awful displays. I havent been entertained from a league game by us since opening day.

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