Opinion – Arsenal’s win over Newcastle has filled me with optimism

Why am I so happy today? Is it because I am still basking in the euphoria of Arsenal’s win against Newcastle? Is it because we have not won by a lot of goals in recent times? Or is just because finally, Arteta is starting to make the players play well? I can’t seem to place what it is about Arsenal that is making me excited, but I am surely so happy.

I remember I wrote an article here about how Arsenal was going to beat Newcastle by 4 goals to 1, and a lot of comments under my post were comments that questioned my strong believe in the team winning by such a wide margin. In that same article, I also predicted that Lacazette was going to score a goal in that match; well, that one too came to pass. What am I trying to say here? Simple; I am a prophet of football!

Newcastle has been thoroughly beaten and we need to move on. We need to prepare for our next game in the premiership, which is the game against Everton at the Emirates. Before Everton, we have a Europa league game against Olympiacos. In the game against Olympiacos, I believe we will still present a strong team that will be too hot for the Greek club to handle. We are playing away in their homeland, but that won’t save them from getting whipped. I believe we are going to win the Europa league this season and qualify for the Champions league.

Now, let me talk about playing Everton. Our record against Everton is a very impressive record. We have beaten them several times in the past, scoring more than two goals. In October 2017, we beat them by 5 goals to 2, in their own ground. In February 2018, they were beaten 5 goals to 1 at the Emirates. In May 2017 we beat them by 3 goals to 1, and who can forget the 6 goals to 1 thrashing Everton was handed by Arsenal in August 2009 in front of Everton’s home fans? See, we have had it easy playing Everton, even when they had very good coaches. Ancelloti is their manager and in all fairness to him, he has done a good job but even he won’t be surprised if his team were to lose to Arsenal, because we have a way of beating Everton, whenever they meet. We are beating Everton this weekend and we are going to do it the way we did it against Newcastle.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I never expected us to score 4 goals, so hats off to you, Sylvester 👍
    Yes, if I remember rightly we’ve taken more points off Everton than any other team… I am a little nervous though.. Ancelotti has improved them, no doubt… I mean even Calvert-Lewin has been banging them in 😳…. not sure if we’ll see Theo, as he went off injured… but can you imagine if Iwobi scores the winner? I’d more than likely be sat in the clock end crying hahaha!!
    I’m not as confident as you just yet, Sylvester… although if we play like we did in the 2nd half, we’re in for a treat COYG

  2. Before the Everton game, the EUL game in Greece is also important. Probably Arteta will start with Laca, Willock, Torreira, Mari, Holding, Martinez, Kola and Soares(if fit). This is still a strong team and can win in Greece. For the Everton game, we can come back to our starting XI that played against Newcastle, although I am a bit cautious here, because Ancelotti has improved Everton so it wont be as easy as Newcastle. But still I would go with a Arsenal win(2-0). Up the Gunners!

  3. I just hope our 1st half performance was due to the fact that it was our 1st game after a 2 weeks break,we all know training and games intensity are different , it was always going to take us some time to get our rythm & intensity back.

  4. To be quite honest we didnt play bad in the first half but it was not good either.We did create chances and raised the intensity towards the end of it.

    And about the europa league,we have to field a strong team because we cant lose our momentum.

  5. A better win over utd filled me with more optimism than the win over a poor Newcastle all day. So a little bit of realism from me and while i expect a good run now, i dont trust this bunch yet at all. So its a wait and see situation from me. A win over Newcastle at home is good and it should boost confidence but the win over utd didn’t really push us on like it should. There are players in this team i dont trust but they have/had ability to take us up, will they? Is the 64mil dollar question.

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