Opinion: Arteta can be trusted to make the right decisions in the transfer market

The sacking of Raul Sanllehi has given Mikel Arteta more control over future Arsenal transfers, it has been reported.

The Spaniard has proven to be a hit in the short time that he has been the club’s manager, and he deserves all the backing that he can get.

He signed Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares shortly after he was named the club’s manager, and the performances of both players haven’t been bad and they probably show that he knows the type of player that he wants.

Ahead of the new season, he has secured the signature of Premier League winner, Willian, and I hope that the Brazilian lives up to the expectations.

His other signings remain a secret as this is his first summer transfer window as a senior manager and fingers are crossed how he will operate before the new season commences.

We expect to see our team compete for the top four among other trophies next season and the current group of players that we have hardly inspires confidence in that regard.

In axing Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi from his first team, Arteta proved that he isn’t afraid to make the big decisions and I hope that he takes that approach to the transfer market.

There are several players in the current Arsenal team that need to be sold and I hope that Arteta will sell them and sign better replacements.

The bottom line for me is that I trust Arteta to get it right.

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  1. Personally if you are coaching a team. You have a vision and know what you want and need better than anyone. I dont ubderstand how someone else can have the ultimate say on who is in your squad. It makes no sense kind of glad to see arteta get more say in his team. Everyone else should be there to provide Intel and get deals done.

    If arteta says he needs a DM there needs to be a team that looks at DMs and shows him here rhese are the options it will cost this amount meanimg you have this left of your budget. Its quite simple really.

    1. Spot on! Exactly why things turned bad very quickly under Emery. The club bought players he didn’t want. Not to say that Emery didn’t perform badly in his second season, because he did, but when a director(s) and a manager aren’t on the same page, then it’ll only end one way.

      In only half a season, Arteta has not only identified our weak areas, but he’s been doing something about it. Something we haven’t seen at Arsenal for well over a decade! I trust him in the transfer market.

      1. Shortboygooner, TMJW, et al, I concur completely with your assessments; anything else is a recipe for disaster.

      2. partially true….

        however new players need time

        pressure from the fans coincide with the period when the players were suffering from poor form

        fans have forgotten that Emery won praises when we were on a winning streak at the start of the season

      3. While your observations about Emery are correct, it must be noted that Emery had Top 3 finish firmly in grasp. And he inexplicable messed up with his team selections and failed at motivating the players. If he had secured top 3 or 4, he would have surely had more authority and say in the following season. Prioritizing EL at that stage was extremely stupid of him.

  2. “I’m reliably informed that Gabriel Magalhaes, Thomas Partey and Dani Ceballos are “almost certainly” joining Willian at Arsenal before the end of the transfer window. Potentially one more incoming too.
    You’d have to say that’s an excellent window if they can pull it off. #AFC”

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t keep torturing myself by looking on twitter for the latest AFC transfer news, but when you see something like this 👆 it makes it all worthwhile! Haha!!

    1. YES Sue but we still have to sell the players Arteta does not want and I am glad he has been given a bit more of the reins now GEE UP

    2. It would be great if it does happen Sue but I have given up on believing news feeds and Twitter as I am still waiting for the Higuain and Benzema signings that were certain to happen during past windows.I remember the Benzema is on a plane picture.😊

      1. 😂 I remember that too!!
        There are a couple of sites I have faith in… more so than what you come across on NN!
        49 days left… keep everything crossed!

    3. Sue, after spending too much time on “gooner news”, I am trying to just stick to Arsenal announcements, because I have been crushed by disappointment so much in the past. 😩

    4. Haha Sue. The torture never ends where Arsenal is concerned. I hope this is true as well more than anything.

  3. Sue, sorry to upset you ,but I am reliably informed that Ceballos will not be returning to Arsenal.As for the other two I have no insider information but I cannot believe we would commit to these deals unless we were certain of unloading certain players such as Torreria and Guendouzi and hopefully 2/3 others..As for Arteta, I am satisfied we are now in good hands, and perhaps significantly since he left Man City their performances have been for them up and down.In this connection I was amazed at the side which started against Lyon and the system deployed by Guardiola.Perhaps Arteta had more input at City than some well known punters thought.

    1. And sky are reporting this afternoon that Arsenal are in talks with Real about Ceballos staying for another season .

    2. Be a case of watch this space then, Grandad, with regards to Ceballos! 🤞

      Maybe Pep could come to us as Arteta’s assistant 😜

  4. It sounds as if there are clubs that definitely want Guendouzi, Torreira, Lacazette and Chambers. Sale of those players could help fill the coffers. Maybe Gabriel, Ceballos and Partey really are possibilities. And personally, I’d take a chance on Coutinho on loan: he’s scarily undependable, but also scarily good.

    With all those players, am I crazy to think we could possibly be challenging the top four by the end of the year?

    As for Arteta as a talent-spotter, I’m optimistic, but we don’t have enough information to judge yet. He knows what he wants, and he’s good at getting the best out of players, but we need to see more before we can declare confidence in his judgment.

    1. Weird isn’t it?
      I thought we didn’t have anyone worth anything, apart from Aubamayang!!

      I’m with MA all the way, as it seems most are on here, so let’s all just remeber this when the Community Shiled squad is announced – IN Mikel we trust!!!

  5. I don’t care how they get players signed as long the players are good and impactful.

    Willian, Gabriel, Partey, Ceballos, Aubameyang. If this players sign for us then it will be a perfect window.

    We will have the Attack and wings sorted out with Aubameyang, Willian, Pepe, Martinelli, Saka.

    Central midfield will be sorted out with Partey, Ceballos, Xhaka.

    Central defense will be sorted out with Saliba, Gabriel, Mari, Luiz.

    Hope we get all the signings done

    1. S. J, agree. Unfortunately Arsenal have apparently upset Real Madrid by trying not to pay a loan fee (important because it covers insurance against injury) and offering to pay only his wages. If he is not available, then an alternative such as Dominick Szoboszlai from Salzburg would be a good well priced replacement.
      As for Thomas Partey, Arsenal may stuff it up, because they refuse to meet the €50 million buy out.

  6. Let’s wait and see if he can make good signings. Signing Willian has a big question mark. The team will have to pay him for sitting on the bench

      1. Dan, I agee with Willan; however with regard to Mari and Soares, it is a bit early to say given their times at Arsenal have been injury impacted. lme is correct in that they at least address positions in need of strengthening and hopefully next season they will repay Arteta’s faith in them.

  7. I wish all of us can start having confidence in our team. Judging by what we have seen so far any observer can realise that Arteta has the potential to turn our team into champions. We only need to give him time to build up the team. If Arteta managed to win FA with the team he had no one should doubt that with good players he can even win EPL trophy. Let’s continue to give our team optimum support and see what happens.

      1. Unfortunately, although a fantastic result, winning a knock out cup competition is different to the long drag of consistency to win the League.
        The deficiencies in positions, such as DM, box to box CAM and CB are obvious, as is the imbalance in the squad and lack of depth, as well as the need to transfer out players to provide funds and free up wages. . If the Board and senior executive support Mikel Arteta to address these deficiencies we can be optimistic moving forward.

  8. Buy=cebalos,partly,gabriel,coutinho

    We good to go

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