Opinion – Arteta is wrong, there is no place for Mesut Ozil in this Arsenal team

Mikel Arteta is a manager that will always back his players no matter the circumstances, he has proven that.

This Spaniard is one of the best man-managers around and this explains why he has been able to turn Arsenal’s season around despite having to work with the same players as Unai Emery.

One player that has, however, been missing from Arsenal’s starting Xi since the restart has been Mesut Ozil.

The German was given a second chance when Arteta became our manager prior to the suspension of football across the globe.

He has since struggled to get back in the team and it appears as if his Arsenal career is finally over.

However, Mikel Arteta just recently revealed that the midfielder, just like every member of his team, still has a role to play in the side (Mail), but I think that he is wrong.

There is a saying that goes “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” and that applies to Arsenal in the context of Mesut Ozil.

This Arsenal team has been doing just fine without the input of the German so far, and we look to be heading for our goal by the end of this season.

I think that this team doesn’t need Ozil and the unnecessary attention that he brings to the team, and we would be better for it if Arteta keeps him out of the team for the rest of his current deal.
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  1. I think he has to say that. He couldn’t say he wants Ozil out as it would cause problems behind the scenes. Ozil will continue to pick up his wages for the next year and then be off.

    1. Leave Ozil alone, when fully recovered, kit is upon tac tic chosen.

      Useless to play him with no security behind him. He needs freedom to focus delivering passes, not if forced to defend all game long…

      1. WHAT HE REALLY NEEDS IS A COMFY ARMCHAIR WITH A CUSHION SO THAT HE DOESN’T STRAIN HIS(FALSELY) ACHING BACK YET AGAIN WHEN HE CAN’T FACE ACTUALLY RUNNING, LIKE HONEST PLAYERS HAVE TO DO. I am sure you know what honest players are; they are the ones who turn up for work and earn their money and don’t constantly fake injured backs or split nails or a cold.

        Poor darling, life is tough when you have to get out of bed every day while picking up a measly £350k pw for all that effort in getting up, washing yourself, eating breakfast and then having to pick up that heavy phone and phone in sick. But he bravely does it anyway. WHAT A HERO!

        1. What arsenal really need is headstrong individuals who give a damn. Like Guendouzi. He might cross the line occasionally but rather someone up for the fight. Agree or not?

  2. Ozil should of been sold when Sanchez left for Man United. This is a player who literally disappeared when Arsenal played a top 4 team. Watched every game he ever played in and he is one of the laziest players I’ve ever seen. For God sake someone grow some balls and get rid of him. There is a saying your first loss is your best loss, that should of been years ago. What is wrong with this organization ??

  3. Another baseless and hate inspired write up,before lockdown ozil was easily one of our best performers in the league, the only league match we lost since arteta have bn here prior to covid was against Chelsea after ozil was substituted and we struggled after wards, I think area only succumbed to higher authorities to omit ozil and it has nothing to do with abilities,sure ozil have passed his prime buh he’s still our best creative hub!!

    1. As an older fan I learned decades ago not to listen to what people SAY but to what they DO. The FACT is that Ozil has been dropped from the entire matchday squad and that is what Arteta has, oh so correctly and mercifully, DONE. Naive and younger fans listen to mere words which are often spoken with a political agenda born of expedience behind them, My advice to IME is to stop taking undue notice of mere words and start listening to ACTIONS, and that way you arrive at the REAL TRUTH. All realists know that Arteta has had it with lazy Ozil and has now ostrasized him. Hurray!!!!

    2. Uchman if you actually believe what you incredibly and bizarrely wrote, that”Ozil was easily one of our best performer in the league” then you inhabit a different planet from me. RARELY HAVE I EVER READ A MORE LAUGHABLY WRONG SENTENCE.

      1. Exactly Jon ozil is a disgrace he should be done for fraud, collecting 350 grand a week and most of the time he’s even not fit…not interested.. or just crap…

    3. Uchman do you know what the word hate even mean, have you experience hate in your life before, please be careful of how you use that word, what the writer did was to write his opinion about the player, if you don’t agree with him, you can write yours. Opinion can be different at least common sense should tell you that.

    4. No one hates the player, we hate the attitude of the player as it is not contributing to the welfare of the club. After all, we all want our club to succeed and for that every player has to give more than his best. An occasional bad game can be acceptable but for this player that is the norm. And finding excuses not to play is the new norm.
      Before the lock-down is one goal and one assist the best ever? No wonder we were 10th then.Or are you referring to the 2015 season of 19 assists? Wake up Ucman, times have changed, bind faith on past performances hold no value today. What a disgrace that our coach has to turn to Willock and Smith while KDB pulls the strings for MC and Pep for just 280K/week and you feel proud to defend him?

      1. “Quality” is one attribute, as useless as an ashtray on a motor bike, if not combined with application and commitment.

        1. Ozzie, Now I know why all that ash used to stream behind me all down the road! But bravo for a marvellous description which I’LL ADMIT RIGHT NOW I AM GOING TO PINCH FROM YOU AND USE CONSTANTLY. It ranks alongside that legendary chocolate fireguard as a great phrase. !

  4. Unless Özil wants to move elsewhere he will be an Arsenal player until the end of his contract
    On that basis he needs to be fit and motivated and ready to play. It is up Arteta to decide who he picks. He knows what is going on at training and I don’t buy into some conspiracy theory that he is deliberately not picked.

    1. “On that basis he needs to be fit and motivated and ready to play.”

      How do you know for sure that he is not? What I know is that he featured on all the MA games before the shutdown; then he allegedly refused a pay cut, and has not featured since the restart. Nobody knows what is happening behind the scenes, and we can speculate all we want but the fact is that we don’t know for sure. But we want to believe that there is a place for players like Luiz who alone has cost the team goals and points, and yet there is no place for Ozil when we are starting a player like Willock as no. 10.

      1. Hang on a minute
        I didn’t mention Luiz or Willock
        I wrote a perfectly reasonable response.
        You are definitely jumping the gun on my remarks as I made it clear that it is the manager who picks the team. All Özil has to be is fit (he has an injury) and motivated.

        1. You’re in living a cloud cockoo land I Guess .Ozil is motivated what can I say!

    2. Totally agree Sue, who actually knows what Mikel and the rest of the management team are actually doing behind the scenes.
      Mikel needs to say the right things to the press, unless of course you are Jose M who critisizes his players openly and we don’t want that type of management
      Ozil was a very good player for us before but now not what we need so should sell or let out on loan so that the team can rebuild without his influence in any form clouding the scene

  5. Admin please tell me why my comments are being deleted. Am sure I didn’t use any foul language.

  6. If anyone thinks this “policy” of dealing with the “Ozil situation” lies solely with M A they are very naive.

    Said months ago, this would play out exactly as it is.

    1. Give Ozil a new contract increase his salary to 400,000 a week worth every penny!!🤣🤣

  7. Another meaningless, hateful and senseless write up. What qualifies you to say the coach of the team is wrong in his opinion about his player? Have you ever been on the training pitch with the team? How dare you think your opinion about Ozil is right and the coach who works with them everyday is wrong.
    Ozil was good enough and one of our performers before the Covid break.

      1. NOR FOR THE LAST FIVE IDLE, NON CARING, “PICK UP MY MONEY AND CALL THE FANS” MUGS YEARS! There are incredibly, even now, STILL some on here who actually think Ozil is a worthwhile and key player. Words rarely fail me, of all people, but on this fiasco of laziness,they do!

    1. And post Covid ???????

      Three wins on the bounce, a new formation and hopefully (albeit a huge task ahead) moving forward.

      Take off the Ozil tinted glasses and see the bigger picture.

      Auba has placed his demands to re-sign on the table.

      We have a diminishing return representing a massive drain on our financial resources “hanging around the place”.

      I wonder what the delay in getting the thing done with Auba might, just might, possibly be ?

  8. Are you seriously saying that Arteta is the best manager around? What has he done better? Truly speaking, I can’t see what you talking about. Dont just write articles for the sake of it. Could you please justify your facts about Arteta being the best manager

  9. We cannot continue to argue and debating about mercurial Ozil in Arsenal jersey for long. Yes we know he has only one year in his contract and some castigating him to have passed his prime. But it is laughable to say Ozil doesn’t deserve a starting shirt in this team when you see Wilock and these young stars. His only pros is his refusal to accept pay cut simple which shocked MA and the Board

    1. At this point I’m proud to say that currently, Joe Wilock is better than Ozil. Ozil wants to milk his contract dry b4 leaving. His career at arsenal has come to an end and he knows why he’s having back spasms or series of other funny injuries even when unai emery was the coach. He’s not useful to Arsenal as he going is a bonus to the team. With his weekly wages, we can pay better working players.. He gets lost in crucial games and to show how bad he was, and if he was in the wolves game that we won, the highest result would be a draw as his work rate is low. Adidas terminated their contract with him and he’s forcefully signed with Nike, there’re more cons to this guy than pros. We need him gone as he has no use to us again. M. Ozil is dead weight I think Rowe Smith will do better than him

  10. All this ozil fans are becoming a joke, ozil is the most overated player have ever seen in all my year of watching football and he’s also the most divisive player have seen, I will choose wilcok and ceballos ahead of him all day long, at least with those two you know they will work hard for the team, ceballos intercept, tackle , shoot (something ozil doesn’t know how to do anymore) and he can pass the ball. Ozil is always out sick, if hes not sick he will have some kind of strange injury, Ronaldo is 34, Messi is 33, Ibrahimovic is 37, and they still deliver for there teams every week, but when it comes to ozil, all we hear is how the team is not playing to his strength lol. Sanchez is cutting his wages by more than half to stay at inter, why, because he wants to play football and enjoy it, Mykitahyan wants us to terminate his contract and am sure Roma can’t pay him 200 a week that he’s earning at arsenal, but he doesn’t seem to care all he wants is to play football and enjoy it, but with our own ozil, he claim he loves arsenal, that’s why he’s still here even when it’s obvious that both the board and majority of the fans no longer want him, all he cares about is the 350k. One more season of this fraud and pathetic player.

    1. Jst a year with us and he’s already signed a new contract..
      Shows how good he is..
      Or knowing our sometimes senseless executives, they may have given him just a 3yrs contract initially and just realized it

      1. I wonder if he’ll be on the same amount as Saka?! He was on 10k after initially signing… anyhow that’s not important… what is, is that we’ll be seeing this fella play for us for a very long time!! 🙂 The future is looking goooooood!! 😎

  11. Yep, must admit the Gabby news has cheered me up no end.

    I was getting worried about the vultures sniffing around this lad.

    Will turn out to be a big player for us.

  12. Ooh martinelli my martinelli a player that comes from the Brazilian league and won all arsenal fans heart almost immediately, I love martinelli oooh my martinelli, finally our board are doing something good with this new contract signings. Even if we are to sell him in 2 years time, we won’t sell anything less than 50million am very sure of it. Oooh my martinelli ooh my martinelli ooh ooh oooh my martinelli all arsenal fans love you.😁

  13. Thank you goal.com, they just did a compilation of martinelli goals and oooh boy I love watching the way he made kante lose control.

  14. I was done with Ozil at Baku and was praying out loudly for kolscieny or any other to grow balls and drag Ozil by the neck out of the pitch during his substitution. Total disgrace of a player and I pray Mikel Arteta maintains his stance on the lazy mercenary.

  15. Ozil= 350K already
    Aubamayang= 250k about to be.

    Hmmmmm, it is crystal clear why the club is in contracts issues with her players.

  16. Some Arsenal fans are indoctrinated with the name Ozil. We are already becoming a joke. How can these fans support Ozil who is completely one of worst players at Arsenal

    1. Those who want ozil to stay aren’t Arsenal fans or they’re just Ozil fans or they are just fans that don’t know Arsenal. Ozil is dead weight, I’m happy Ceballos is gradually taking his place as MA is shaping Ceballos to be more creative in the midfield. I don’t know why Arsenal would give such a player a Contract in ozil, but it is well

  17. My take on Ozil not being in the team recently is 1. Hes not fit enough hence the recurrent back injury and didn’t keep himself fit over the break 2. Hes just become a dad and by the sounds of it from what i heard is still sceptical about coming back and playing. Considering he got held to knife point by gang members he may feel apprehensive about leaving them.

    Before the break he was sure starter under Arteta and was playing well and started to regain some form. Arteta has clearly said theres always space for a player of Ozil’s talent. Why would he lie about that considering he picked him so much. Im hoping he can come back fit and healthy as he can still have a part to play in the remaining games we have. He still has one year left on his contract so i still think he will be he next season. Yes hes on a big contract but its not his fault blame the club for offereing him that!! Anyone here on this thread would take that contract and would be lying if they told you different.

    Long term i don’t think Ozil is the answer, but replacing him will be tricky. I havent seen anything from Ceballos that suggests he take the creative burden role on. ESR could be that guy as hes doing well at huddersfield on loan by the sound of it. Shame we didnt keep Ramsey now!! But short term i still think Ozil is one of the best CM at the club he might not be putting up the numbers but chances he created is still the highest in the sqaud.

    1. Zach You have much to,learn about life, my young friend! Artetas statement was a typical cautious statement keeping all options open and not a lie at all. When you grow up you will understand how human nature works much better than you clearly do right now. Ozil has no intentionof working as all players need to and NOW MA is fully aware of that . But unlike fans, he cannot come out, in his position as manager, and say so. CAN HE!


  19. Hold on if I’m sick I get 70 odd quid a week ssp..it he’s sick ..then surly he should get a small percentage of normal wage….for me this huge amount he got was Wenger’s dying moment of trying to survive in his job..that deal at the time …made me think of the last days of ww2, and Hitler sending kids and oap’s to fight as a desperate act .but ultimately a losing battle. Now we paying for that mistake whichbi said at the time how can he possable be worth 300000 a week…..he cold business like is ozil….he’s dropped by Adidas and is making his own line of clothes to compete with them…if he thinks that will sell well, he is as deluded as Hitler was in that bunker in the last days of the war.

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