Opinion – Arteta needs to review what has changed since his early success

We all like normality and we all like a routine day in day out to know our place in life, so why should it be any different for footballers?

Looking from the outside in, it seems as though our boys are struggling from too much chopping and changing, and not having enough clear and set instructions week in week out. Sometimes the injuries and suspension make his starting XI look like he has just chosen his numbers from a roulette wheel and hope they just play well together. I know he can’t be blamed for our ever-growing injury list, but it is fair to say that our boys are having a rather dismal season so far!

An FA Cup final win and a Community Shield win just before the beginning of the new season filled a lot of Arsenal fans with a lot of hope and positive vibes that things would finally be looking up for our team, but forward on three or four months and we sit in 14th place, having lost five games out of ten in the league, with our last three wins coming in the Europa League.

We all know Arteta has the mind of a manager. He speaks well and has the passion for the game, that is clear to see. But something from between the Community Shield win and now, has changed. Whether it is down to the team spirit and togetherness taking a blow because of the treatment of one of their teammates – Mesut Ozil – that they don’t agree with, or whether it is down to the players not agreeing with certain things the club/Arteta is putting across, be it tactics, issues or his personal decisions. Or perhaps Arteta peaked too soon and the true reality of his management skills is coming out now. Only the club, Arteta, and the players know.

But what is clear is that if things don’t change, Arteta will be out the door quicker than 60,000 fans can come back to the Emirates. And maybe we can kiss goodbye to Aubameyang who does not look happy for whatever reason that may be. A man who not long ago signed a contract extension because he could see the direction the club was going and agreed it was the best place for him to be.

The tactics and analysis is clearly lacking something, because it has not been working for the past three League games.

If Arteta is to turn things around and get the players and fans back on side, he should review who he plays where and when, and he should go back to the first few months of his tenure to remember what he achieved and changed in order to bring some form of success back to the club.

His stewardship was definitely working back then, and perhaps he should review the differences to return to that positive time. The fans need to see that Arteta is still taking us in the right direction as we deserve so much more than what we are seeing right now! Gooners?


  1. towny254 says:

    The manager of Herta Berlin said thank you for loaning us Guendouzi he his a very good player he is calm and runs his heart out and always ready to accept the ball we are very pleased with him he will turn out to be a great player thank you Arsenal

  2. RFrancis says:

    1. We stopped playing long balls over the fop and into the channels for our speedy front line. Luiz was very effective here.

    2. We slowed down the movement of the ball through our midfield giving our opponents time to get back into their low blow.

    3. Dead ball use is now very ineffective: most corners are poor, throw-ins are slow and without purpose and free-kicks have no impact on our game.

    4. We must be prepared to use 1. above, to discourage the opponent from playing a high defensive line and thereby create more operating space for our midfielders.

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