Opinion: Arteta shouldn’t be pressured into signing players

Arsenal has had a topsy-turvy season in this campaign but they have the chance to make things better by signing some players in this transfer window.

The Gunners have just returned to form and they will feel that they still need to strengthen their squad.

Some players were not involved in the first half of the campaign and this month offers them the chance to offload them.

But even more importantly, the Gunners will look to fix their problem spots by bringing in new players into their squad.

The January transfer window isn’t the best time to sign players, especially if you want quality signings.

Arsenal is lacking a creative midfielder this season, and that is a position that we would expect them to sign a player for, however, is it the best time to sign one?

If Mikel Arteta fails to land a creative midfielder and the club begins to struggle down the line, he would be criticised for not taking advantage of this transfer window.

But we have to know that signing players shouldn’t be because we need to or because we can. We should only sign a player that will come and deliver, and I doubt if any quality player will be available this month.

If Arsenal can get the right player, that would transform our season, but if we sign the wrong one, we would also risk having a bad second half of the season for a multitude of reasons.

Arteta should not be pressurised into bringing in new acquisitions for the sake of it.

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  1. No thats right dont let another hapless performance against a bottom 6 team get in the way of bringing a bit of style and quality back to arsenal FC

  2. Yes we need a creative midfielder we can’t rely on ESR as he’s still very young and there’s a lot of games to still play.

        1. Haha an eagle with fangs you gotta love it 😂😂 not only caught up but finished season 3 in 2 days haha. Yeah Dan I’m gonna start that tomorrow now I’ve finished Supernatural, Yellowstone and cobra Kai… I’ll let you know what I think 👊

    1. ESR is young but he will get better with games…..

      the same goes to heaps of talented young players such as Fab, RVP, etc….they play whent hey are young

      If we need to sign a player then it has to be a good one and not some random to make up numbers

    2. We’ve got Ceballos, Willian, Nelson, Lacazette, Willock and Cottrell who can play as CAM. Willian looked ordinary in that position last night, but it was his first time starting as CAM under Arteta’s 4-2-3-1 and Aubameyang’s hold-up play sucked again as a CF

      I prefer Arsenal look for a target man who’d be willing to be a sub

  3. You think our present midfield is good enough? Hopefully when Partey returns it will improve. At the moment it is definitely one of the poorest in the EPL. It’s pretty obvious that Arteta will be searching for a midfield player….. and nobody will need to force him to sign a player. Arteta clearly wants to sign a midfield player and who would argue against that????

      But wanting and getting are not the same thing; the latter needs money , real money too and THAT is where KROENKE will be the true obstacle. REALITY Sean!

  4. If Arteta feels pressured to bring players in during this window he only has himself to blame…when our form was dreadful he clearly stated that there was a definitive plan in the works regarding this window and inferred that help would be coming…as the window got closer and we managed to get some results, he said that regardless of our present uptick in form the plan remained unchanged, even though ESR had provided some much-needed creativity from the midfield…I was pleasantly surprised, as I’m so used to the usual overpromise and underdeliver Arsenal approach to transfer windows, especially in January…then I started to hear the rumours that we couldn’t bring anyone in until more were shipped out…not too worried, as we clearly still had a lot of deadwood on the payroll…then we experienced phase 3 of the Saliba mishandling, the usual Ozil gibberish, the signing of some crapshoot from Hertha and plenty of chatter regarding a variety of midfielders, none of which were our supposed 1st choice target…this is when I started to worry that this was turning into a classic Wenger Winter Window strategic nightmare…this fear was quickly reinforced by articles like this that suggest maybe this really isn’t the best time of year to go after a player of real quality…well no shit Sherlock, everyone knows this can be a difficult window…problem is we were simply taking our lead from those from within the clubhouse…so, like I said, if there’s any pressure when it comes to transfers this month they’re largely self-inflicted…who knows, maybe Kim Kallstrom will come out of retirement for one last hurrah

  5. Let him take time to monitor the player who can fit to his playing style and instead him to hurry to bring aplayer whom he ill be blamed the way willian is doing rigth now

  6. As long as Edu is chief, you can bet your last penny that nothing will be achieved. Edu is incompetent and lacks the negotiation skills to get deals done swiftly, so, Arsenal fans should not expect any addition of a much needed creative midfielder to the squad. As usual, there will be a lot of players of interest names circulated, but, none of them will be acquired. Asenal definitely needs a creative midfielder, and could have gotten Houssem Aouar last summer transfer window, but, for Edu’s incompetence and failure to complete the deal. There have been talk of playing Willian as a CAM, but, that would be disastrous, as, we would see Arsenal lose it’s way back to the bottom of the table sooner rather than later. Willian is disoriented, unmotivated and out of form badly and his best position now at Arsenal should be out of the door. He should be sold asap for anything. Having him in the squad stifles the opportunities to the young talents, which, hinders their growth and development. What a waste of funds, yet, Arsenal cannot find a way to keep a bright talent like Bolagun. Bringing in a player like Emiliano Buendia (creative midfielder) will surely improve the team. He has premier league experience and provided the third most assists last season despite playing for Norwich city. ESR is playing well so far, but, Arsenal needs more depth any quality in midfield.

  7. By even accepting the incorrect premise made in this articles headline, a non wise fan might easily conclude that our fan opinions will make a difference whether or not new players arrive.

    Sorry to disillusion anyone in that camp , but our views will not be influential in any way. KROENKE ALONE WILL DECIDE ANY MONEY AVAILABLE, NOT US LOT. Even if it is a free transfer , that decision wil be made, quite properly too, by the manager, not us.

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