Opinion: Arteta sounds like he fears Aubameyang exit

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has so far failed to extend his contract in North London, and a new deal is looking less-and-less likely at present, especially with our manager Mikel Arteta skipping around the question marks.

With his current deal set to enter into the final 12 months over the coming weeks, our power in negotiations is slimming, and we may end up selling our star man in the coming window in fear of losing him for free in 12 months time.

The striker has finally revealed that he has a ‘very difficult decision to make’, opening up for the first time about his future.

‘Recently I have not received an offer to extend,’ Aubameyang told Telefoot.

‘But, of course, we have had exchanges with the club for a fair few months now.

‘They know very well why so far nothing has happened. They have the keys. It is up to them to do their work and, after that, we will see how things go.

‘It is a turning point in my career, and I will be very frank with everyone. It will certainly be a very difficult decision to make. I still haven’t decided and we will see. It will maybe be the most important decision of my career.’

Mikel Arteta however seems to to be avoiding answering the question on Aubameyang directly, replying to the question when asked by Premier League Productions: ‘We have a very clear plan of what we want to do from now on.

‘The players know where the club is standing and we are moving in the right direction.’

The new coach was then asked if finishing in the Champions League places could be crucial in keeping the Gabonese international.

‘Financially for the club the fact that in the last three years we haven’t had any Champions League it puts the club in a very difficult position,’ Arteta replied.

‘We have a structure that is designed to be in the Champions League so when we don’t have that financially it creates a lot of issues and instability. But that’s the situation we are facing. We have ten games to go, we have to go full gas and get as high as possible in the table.’

For me, Arteta is avoiding the question, which tells me he either has no idea on what our star striker is thinking, or that he is losing hope on keeping him.

Our team does definitely look to be improving under the new coach, but losing Aubz will be one hell of a setback as we go into a summer window with limited funds following the Coronavirus.

Am I alone in thinking Arteta has lost hope in securing a new deal for Aubameyang?


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  1. As a fan I have lost hope in keeping Auba as well…He’s a top striker, entering the final years of his career, wants to win something/s before retiring, or get a bumper final contract. Arsenal has to show her ambition to convince the top players

  2. I think we may be able to keep him or in other words give him a good contract if we are able to qualify for the champions league

  3. Higher percentage that he will leave, if he leaves we replace him either from within with Martinelli, Nketiah, Lacazette or we go out and sign a striker which is a more difficult task for Kroenke

  4. hes 31yo…..it will be good if he see out his contract and stay for another season….

    Martinelli and Nketiah would definitely be ready by then

  5. I will be so pissed off if we allow him to rundown his contract. Get what we can for him if he doesn’t want to sign on reasonable way.

    1. Arsenal has become a shambles. Raul Sanheili promised that players would not be allowed to enter the second last year of their contract without resigning or being sold.
      Not only has Aubameyang been allowed to be entering the last year of its contract, but 6 other players are in similar situations, including Saka (a real prospect), Socrates, Mustafi, Luiz and Ozil. Aubameyang has stated (not denied by Arteta) that he has not been offered a contract renewal, and Saka is sitting on a wage of £3k per week.
      Incompetent management in the transfer market from Law and Gazidis on (Wenger did have some successes) has steadily brought this Club down.
      If Kroenke had any ambition for Arsenal to succeed other than financially, he would sack the lot from the Board down and rebuild the Club management.

      1. Not even a year after Ramsey has left too. Sanlehi is quickly being shown as a fraud who is very very arrogant. Luiz was such a dumb purchase and I cannot believe arsenal wasted the whole summer not getting a real CB for the squad this season. Absolute shambles as usual with this club.

      2. I would sack Sanheili he too slow in tying down deals seems all the Arsenal board members are permanently slow

  6. Arteta has probably spoken to Auba and told him that he wants him to stay but I very much doubt he is involved in any of the negotiations so I think it’s a perfectly fine response to the question asked of him. What else could he say.

  7. Auba and Ozil can go as Gloria Gaynor said GO walk out the door we don’t need you anymore .We will survive and Survive we will we are ARSENAL

  8. If Auba is not ready to sign a contract extension, he should be sold with immediate alacrity, Gone are the era of allowing to go free. It is degrading the market value of the club. We need to sign only committed players, Aubamayang is not committed_, we should toll the line of Ozil with him by giving him outrageous contract. 250k for 3years is mouth watering, if he is not ready, he should be shown the exit door by selling to the highest bidder.

  9. The exits of Fabregas and Van Persie were very painful for me to take, mainly because I was so emotionally invested in it. with Auba, I have taken a different approach. I am resigned to losing him. I cannot go through this whirlwind of emotions every transfer window. I have seen enough to understand that this will keep on happening.

    Arsenal has already developed a reputation as a selling club that is unwilling to fight for top honors both within the pitch and in the transfer window. So until that changes, we should expect our top players to want bigger clubs from time to time. I am done yelling at Stan Kroenke to spend money. I just watch games when I can these days and cheer for the club from a distance. Arsenal will never change. Ambitious clubs search for top players all year round, with or without champions’s league qualification. Sports clubs are vanity investments. They make little or no money and keep draining you. The fun of it is the bragging rights you get when you are with your billionaire buddies smoking cigars and trading conquest stories.

    So sports clubs are like trophy wives. They don’t make you money. They cost you money. The sooner Arsenal realizes this, the sooner they will start competing ruthlessly for the best players. If Madrid or Barca come calling, why would Auba say no? I wouldn’t say no and I love Arsenal.

  10. Uche, it is difficult to detach emotionally, but one must know what we can’t change. Until Arsenal faces relegation and the threat of losing EPL revenue, nothing will change.

  11. Unless we somehow get a UCL spot, he’s off, and we are getting a younger striker as his replacement. We’ve been linked with the Canadian kid for a while. I’m pretty at peace with the fact he’s going so lets enjoy this last period with him. Arsenal and Stan specifically, refuses to care enough to create a solid squad. Always a crappy defense. How can you expect to win titles with a garbage defense every single season? Get Arteta real players so he can make stuff happen.

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