Opinion: Aubameyang has replied those thinking he would be our next Ozil

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has silenced those who were beginning to class him with Mesut Ozil because of his lack of goals since he signed his new deal.

The Gabonese striker finally extended his contract with the Gunners this summer after he entered the final year of his previous deal.

Before he signed the extension, he was the club’s most important player, scoring the goals that won the FA Cup as well as the Community Shield.

It was unthinkable that his goals would dry up and it wouldn’t have been the best coincidence for that to happen after he signed the new deal.

Darren Bent criticized the striker on Talksport for dropping his level of performance including scoring goals after he was handed the new deal.

And some fans had also subscribed to that line of thought in the last few days.

It is understandable particularly after what we experienced with Ozil, but Aubameyang has proven us right for handing him the deal and probably shut the mouths of those critics, for now.

The striker came off the bench to score in our game against Rapid Vienna in the Europa League last night.

It wasn’t just his goal that showed he was top class, but the threat he brought to our attack too.

This will serve as a reminder that he is one of the best in the business.

I hope that his goals will keep coming and that he can fire us to our goals this season.

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  1. If this 4-4-2 isn’t working then we need Auba as our main striker
    Lacazette couldn’t make a single pass forward yesterday, think about that!

    1. How can he score if the manager decides to exclude a world cup winning, highest paid, most creative, player with game changing ability from the squad?

      This whole issue started since Ozil started voicing out his opinions, particularly the Chinese Ogur, and the pay cut.

      Arteta and the Arsenal board can’t pull wool over the fans eyes.

      Bad vibes lead to poor decisions.
      This now affects the rest of the squad.
      I’m writing off Arsenal for any success this season.. Again..

      Extremely disappointing.

  2. Aubamayang will always score goals, the only problem is the supply. And can someone explain to me why Lacazette always looses his composure when in front of goal.

    1. Confidence and probably dip in form which happens to every footballer

      Lacazette is a very good finisher

      he needs to regain his confidence, momentum and form

  3. Bent will go down in Arsenal history like Stuart Pearce, who bagged one Dennis Bergkamp as an expensive flop.

  4. I agree accusing Auba of being less involved since he signed his new deal made no sense. His scoring rate might be slightly lower for now, but nothing critical.
    On the other hand, we can’t consider yesterday’s goal is the sign his golden boots are back: this is just one easy goal (Elneny and Bellerin did all the work…) against a pretty average team.

    1. It’s those type of goals though that kick start your goal scoring again… just to get it into the net is a huge confidence boost then from there you know what to do! He will get a couple of those then hes back in business, he won us those cups and was probably abit fatigued from carrying us last season.

      Abit harsh from everyone and you will eat your words very very soon. Only thing I have always said is that Martinez should never have been sold.

  5. The stakes are different for both. Ozil is judged mostly by assists while for Auba goals. Auba will continue to score but his all round play has always been lacking which is why it is very annoying to see him on the wings because his goals cover up for his poor all round play. Laughable when I see Saka as a LB or midfielder when he will rather create for Auba to score. I wish Ozil would be in and out of the team just like any other player. If he does well play him if he doesnt bench him but there’s always no balance.

    1. Kev I also don’t understand why Arteta keep using Saka as Lb when we all know the boy is very good on the wings. And I don’t even want to start talking about Lacazette.

  6. If I remember correctly Aubamayang didn’t score any goal in his first 5 games last season also , so I don’t see what all panic is all about.

  7. Auba will never be an ozil

    Cause auba deserves every penny he’s getting right now

    Think about what did we ever win dat ozil was a key figure in

    The fa cups we won pre arteta
    The key players that come to mind
    Cazorla, Ramsey, giroud
    Arteta era Auba

    So all this ozil talk is sickening
    He’s contributed nothing significant
    Next year he’ll be gone we better start accepting that fact and move on

    1. Don’t also forget Sanchez. He was a kay figure in the Wenger FA CUP.
      Even Mertesacker was joint MOTM with Sanchez against Chelsea in the last wenger FA CUP.

  8. The class, quality and commitment of Auba is unquestionable. The form might be slightly down but that is just temporary. Also I dont know what Laca was thinking yesterday, he was hardly in the game. Agreee Saka should be on the wings. My line up for Premier League and important FA Cup and EUL games:
    Bellarin Gabriel Louis Tierney
    Ceballos Partey Elneny
    Pepe Auba Saka
    Subs: AMN, Runarrson, Mustafi, Soares, Willian, Nelson, Nketiah

  9. Auba has his strengths and weaknesses.
    He is an intelligent player whose main strength is those line breaking runs.He is clinical but he has missed big chances as well.He is not gonna help you hold the ball,not the best linking player,not a great header but what he can do he will do his best.

    So if the service sucks,he will too(so was the case with Mesut😉)and that is why ceballos or willian has to play.

    But he is a quality player and vital for the system that MA uses.

    1. Ozil was just a flatter to deceive character.
      The guy has so much hype but the numbers are so average..
      His best so called asset is assisting, but for now coming to 8 seasons he has only one season where he got about 10 assists (2015/16).
      They guy has struggled to get more than 9 assists per season.

      I just keep failing to see the hype. Sorry.

      But as I have been saying since 2014/15 season, i would never choose Ozil above a fit Rosicky, Nasri, Cazorla and even Wilshere.

      May be I rate players differently to most.

  10. Laca is a goat.. I mean a proper goat.
    No positional sense, seems heavy to move with the ball.
    Bellerin gave him a very sweet lofted pass through on goal and he was mile ahead the defenders, but he somehow lost the chance to even pass to Auba.

    Check out Auba’s goal yesterday.. Where was Laca? Even Elneny was above him. Smh..

    I know Arteta would drop El neny on Sunday..
    But this setup can work..

    Saka Auba Willian
    Xhaka Partey Ceballos
    Tierney Gab Luiz Bellerin
    Gabriel is a tough defender to play against. Elneny keeps things very tidy.
    Words can’t describe Partey right now.
    Leno is at the top for errors leading to goal (8) only behind De Gea (9) and Pickford (11)
    Not even the much maligned Kepa is on that list.. It says a lot about Leno’s concentration in games.
    Hopefully Runarsson will play against Dundalk on Thursday.
    Laca needs to be replaced as he offers much. People keep saying he’s our highest goal scorer at 3goals.. How many has he missed?
    Calvert Lewin is on 6 already and around 10 in all competitions.. I won’t even mention Son or Kane.
    Buy back Donyell Malen or Eduoard.
    I believe Balogun will offer more than Nketiah.
    Kolasinac … Wow. This guys appears too scared to even receive a pass, reason why he is never composed on the ball.
    Sunday will be tough, if only these players can attack with purpose and be more progressive with the ball.
    Partey made more passes into the the opposition half than any other player on the pitch (54) and the likes of Pepe and Laca were on the pitch.
    PS. Pepe isn’t a team player. Does too much on the ball that is usually unnecessary.
    This is why Arteta somehow favours willian.

    1. When we talk about the errors Leno has made, one must also understand the very poor defensive team in front of him. Put these defenders in front of Allison and even he will soon feature in this list.

      There are people who say Emi was better. Well, he took 9 years (or whatever that big number is) to reach this form. He has mainted that form for 16 games (12 for us, 4 for Villa). Villa’s also been a bit lucky – they’ve faced two teams without top layers (Allison, Mane, Thiago for Liverpool and Vardy for LEI). I’d be keen to see Emi’s performance for an entire season, especially full strength teams and see if the stats hold up then.

      Btw, I complete agree with your assessment on Pepe. He’s trying to do too much and looks for that hero shot to score. If he returns to his normal self, he’ll be incredible – his pace is frightening. Somehow feel that this year, Pepe will shine 🙂

  11. In a game when poor Leno wasn’t at his best it is sad that both he and Auba have been put under the spotlight. It only becomes an issue for any player if the goal drought or greasy gloves become a habit for too long. Patience is required for now, at least IMO

  12. Well, he IS on elite player wages, so we should have every expectation of a successful goal scoring season from our captain, and not just in cup competitions or against lowly PL sides.

  13. If I recall, when Arteta played Willian down the middle in the Mancity game, all hell was let loose on him saying how could he have kept Laca and Eddie on the bench… Now, he listens to our impatient cries, and then plays both of them against a “Rapid Vienna” (no disrespect), a team miles away from the class of Mancity, and then both strikers failed to perform! Now, I see we no longer say its Arteta’s fault, instead, we plunge our fingers at the poor strikers… When will we ever learn to see things a little bit deeper, that Arteta and the entire team are still building and getting to understand the workings of the new philosophy…. An individual error from Leno does not make him all of sudden the worst that can be. He will learn moving forward… Most importantly, the team fought hard, Arteta was spot on with his substitutions, and the team grinded out a tough win… Isn’t that a rare sight to observe.. We said that Arteta needed to solve our defensive woes and leaky back end, and surely its evident to see that he has done that, if not, that same match would have ended in a draw… If you observe, every other player except Partey and Gabriel were Unai’s handover; and these two were the best performers of the night!

    Now, Partey was acquired in a move that left us all in admiration of Arteta and Edu’s master-class… Partey has shown us that there is a solid future… And even if he doesn’t perform in one game, shouldn’t we be patient and put things in perspective, particularly noting that most players often require time to adapt to the EPL…

    I do not claim that we shouldn’t express our feelings, which may be inflamed as to certain performances, however friends, we are definitely on an incline, and in time, we should converge to analyse the underlying processes and always note that if the process is right, surely the outcomes will sooner than later take shape…. Arsenal fans, we should focus less on the outcomes, always paying more attention to the process… We should ask, “is the process right?” And if it is, then surely, the outcomes will follow in due time… These are the principles of life!

      1. Jax…
        It might be too early, but honestly, I cannot think otherwise! The quality he oozes is absolute world class! His discipline, cohesion, and surprisingly, he was already passing out instructions! These are “captainship” qualities! I can’t wait for such consistency from him.

    1. Fire I am much impressed with all the posts I have read by you. I want to ask you to write articles, as we badly need really deep thinkers to contribute new ideas on JA.

      Most of the current articles are simply rehashed old stories and give no true insight at all. Most writers actually say nothing of interest . One or two exceptions are DAN SMITH and FONSHU.

      However, YOUR intellect and ability to make certain others think will be a great boon to this site, so I ask you in all seriousness, to please submit an article and regular ones would be wonderful.

      1. Jon…
        Thanks a lot for your compliments! They are deeply and humbly appreciated! I guess I am only following in the footsteps of many great fellows like you, ken1945, Dan Smith, Sue, and many others who post their responses with a great deal of thoughts and respect!

        In all honesty and humility, I wouldn’t pride myself as being deeply knowledgeable to create articles, nevertheless, I will give it a try in the near future and hope to get better at it.

        Thank you once again!!

  14. Hope Ceballos recovers in time for the Leicester game. He had an ankle injury. He is a must in out team for creativity. He along with Partey will go miles this season.

    1. Elneny, partey and ceballos. The midfield trio that would win us games. With saka and auba above. We will have that attacking football again

        1. I just wish Arteta can give it a test run this weekend against Leicester. I’m certain he won’t have to shuffle the team as often again. Because he’ll see his winning team.

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