Opinion – Aubameyang is not the only Arsenal player that is indispensable

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is arguably Arsenal’s most important player at the moment and it is obvious why the club will do whatever it takes to keep him.

However, a team is not made up of just one player and below are some other players that I think Arsenal cannot afford to lose right now.

Bernd Leno
Leno is doing as good a job as Aubameyang is doing in our attack and he gets too little credit for it.

The German is one of the best shot-stoppers in the Premier League and one of my biggest fears is that should he get injured or suspended, we might be in big trouble. He is indispensable.

David Luiz
Luiz started his Arsenal stint poorly and I was one of the fans who thought Chelsea has sold another bad player to us.

However, the Brazilian has accepted the challenge under Mikel Arteta and his performance for the team this year has been superb.

I think what makes Luiz indispensable is the fact that he is the most experienced defender in the club and whoever is signed would need his help to settle in.

Bukayo Saka
Saka has still not signed a new Arsenal contract and it is not the best of news especially because Liverpool and Manchester United are monitoring him.

Saka is indispensable because he has grown to become one of the club’s most reliable players and losing him in the summer could undo lots of our gains under Arteta.

Granit Xhaka
Xhaka remains one of the most divisive figures in the Arsenal team, but we cannot take it from him that he is one of the most experienced players at the club.

He has bounced back very well from his falling out with the fans and I think that he has the kind of mindset that we need, he has to stay.

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  1. I agree with Leno, Saka and Martinelli. Luiz while not a definitive starter i think should be kept for his leadership.

    Xhaka though is definately not in the above group, maybe for leadership but if he is a starter we will never rise up the table. His game does not suit the PL.

  2. Xhaka?!!!! Hell no.. I quite agree with Luiz but not Xhaka. The day Xhaka and Ozil leaves Arsenal that will be the beginning of our success

  3. I couldn’t say indispensable!! Gabo has been in and out of the team though most of us believe he should start more games. Saka has been reliable but I hope he signs that contract or he ends up regretting if he moves from arsenal at these stage, that am certain he’s no top player yet ….my advice to him be humble, continue working hard and do it consistently.

  4. I respect the authors right to his opinion, but to call Xhaka and Luiz “indispensable”…it’s just pure insanity!

  5. OH DEAR ! POOR BEFUDDLED IME! He actually rates Xhaka! No more words necessary and anyway we should not be unkind to the afflicted.

  6. Their is only a few players if they were sold it would hurt the club… Leno.. Luiz… Tierney… Saka… Martinelle.. Auba..

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