Opinion: Aubameyang’s deal is the biggest transfer coup of the summer

Arsenal has just announced that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has signed a new deal with the club.

The club captain has been in talks with the Gunners for a long time now as he entered the final year of his last deal.

Fans have been desperate for him to stay after he became their most important player who cannot stop scoring.

The striker had interest from the likes of Barcelona and Inter Milan but Arsenal was adamant that they wanted him to stay.

Aubameyang almost single-handedly helped the Gunners win the FA Cup and Community Shield, scoring five times in three games at Wembley.

He has scored 22 league goals in each of his last two full seasons for the Gunners and has started this season with a goal in Arsenal’s first league game of the season against Fulham.

Arsenal has signed Gabriel Magalhaes and Willian in this transfer window. Premier League teams have landed the likes of Nathan Ake and Timo Werner too, but getting Aubameyang on a new deal has to be the biggest transfer coup of the summer.

The striker remains one of the best in the world and he would walk into any team, but he has decided to stay with the Gunners. Now Arsenal can focus on their pursuit of glory and the top four.

All things considered, even though this is not strictly a transfer, it is, in my opinion, the biggest coup so far in this transfer window.

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  1. Great news, took far to long but hey its done now. With some sales going ahead we might get one or two midfielders in. Could be a great season ahead, I can’t wait! COYG!

  2. whoo ducking whoo.

    It took a fricking age but at long last he signed da ting.

    Do you think he knows summing about incomings that we don’t?

  3. Absolutely brilliant, i hope we get better value from him than some on monster money. I am sure we will, he is different gravy.

  4. The deal was delayed because Raul was in charge of transfer dealings ,he was about to sign but then Raul was moved on ,then the deal was put on hold until all new roles had been sorted out behind closed doors .
    This was what I read in a report 2 weeks ago on sky .

    1. Sounds reasonable Dan, wonder when the “reported” contract details will be lauded by the media?

      Let’s hope kronkie can afford it – but a brilliant signing nevertheless.

      He just seems so very happy at our club and just the same kind of infectious personality as Ian Wright.

      1. I read from Charles Watts of goal that it’s around 250k per week. IMO, for a player like Auba, that is a steal. Any top club would offer him alot more but he decided to stay. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be worth it, Auba is a hard worker, rarely gets injured and is shattering even Henry’s records at Arsenal. He might have a temporary dip in form but I can guarantee it won’t last, he’s a player in the mould of lewandoski and Ronaldo, These players push themselves regardless of their ages. That is pure class.

  5. Glad he wanted to stay, and glad the club offered him an improved contract. Auba is on par with any scorer in the world, no doubt about it. He is a great fit for Arsenal and Arteta’s way of playing football. I think he makes a great captain, and by all appearances makes a great teammate as well. Here’s to 3 more years!

  6. Seeing that clip of Auba with his Dad at the Emirates, explains the pictures I saw of Wrighty with his Dad at the Emirates!! Agent Wright… it was all down to him after saying he was going to see Papa Aubameyang and get it sorted 😉🤣

  7. Please let’s be kind to Aubameyang when or if he stops performing to acceptable level because his new wages is on par with Ozil,and since he is African he is going to have it really deadly

  8. Not according to that numpty Adrian Durham what a complete twat that bloke is never seen a broadcaster so anti Arsenal must be a spuds fan the poor sod!!

  9. He is our best player by far. So please don’t mis understand what I am saying. It was absolutely the highest priority to keep him. But to say it’s the biggest coup of the season is not true. Regardless of if he signed a new deal or not, he would have played this season. Very rarely do you get a massive transfer fee for a 32 year old player, especially one who relays on pace. So if they didn’t sign him and worse case scenario, we miss two years of his current deal he signed, we would have his wages freed up to buy and sign a decent replacement striker. Again I am so pro the contract, pay him anything he wants. But it would not have been the end of the world had we not done a deal and he left. Not signing new upgrades at certain positions will be much worse this window.

  10. Biggest resigning in a long time. I heard 2 big offers were in for him. I dont think there was any doubt in himself he was gona sign. Captain of Arsenal, leagues top scorer season on season and a new manager winning trophies.

    Club salary increase but Jan and next summer there will be more sales.

  11. Great interview on Arsenal YouTube Wrighty asking Auba why/what made him stay, says he knew in February/March he was staying after a chat to Arteta, also he’s captain just like his Dad was so he’s proud to lead a team moving upwards with young talent to nurture, he knows Arteta has improved things and wants to be a big part of the revolution at the club, that will be the legacy he talks about, top player top man top scorer top legend deserves the wages

  12. I think this confirms that we have a top notch “Gaffer”.

    Belief, Commitment, Camaraderie, responsibility and a plan have all been articulated by Arteta. For the first time in many years our Club Captain is staying………he believes.

    I don’t think, (but it would be awesome) that we will win the
    League this season. As football fans and supporters of this Famous Club I think we should all be optimistic, get behind the Club and enjoy how the journey unfolds.

  13. Fantastic news and a great reason for all Gunners round the world to cheer and celebrate. Auba will be leading the Arsenal revolution under Arteta. I feel he never had any doubts about extending his contract and it was only a question of time before he had signed it. He is convinced about the project of MA and will surely lead Arsenal to glory. A fantastic footballer, a genuinely good person at heart and a true Gunner, Auba deserves his new Contract and we all wish and pray Arsenal will reach great heights under his captaincy. Onwards and Upwards Gunners!

  14. Great news, and we must cross our fingers for it proves to be a success for 3 years.
    It is also a great boost for Arteta, as he probably never would have signed, if he didn’t believe in what Arteta is doing.

  15. What a spring in my step I have this morning!! 3 more years with captain fantastic 🙂
    The best striker in the league and he’s ours!!! How good does that feel?

    1. Totally agree Sue – what a great boost for Gooners everywhere 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

      The “feelgood factor” is upon us all right now – GOYG !!!

      A couple more strong signings where needed, plus Mikel at the helm, we will be a real force once again.

      Watching Wrighty interview Auba on the hallowed turf , the guys love of our great club and his achievements on the park I came over all sentimental…………

      STATUE FOR WRIGHTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (there is an online petition folks).

      1. Nice one, A J 👍👍👍
        Aww me too, so much love for Wrighty! He’ll always have a place in my heart 😊
        Thanks for that – signed ✔

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