Opinion: Aubameyang’s form gives other players a chance to step up

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has gone from one of the Premier League’s highest goal scorers to being an attacker that simply cannot buy a goal at the moment.

He scored 22 goals each in his last two league seasons for the Gunners, but in 15 league games this season, he has scored just 3 goals.

His poor form doesn’t seem like it will end soon after he struggled to score against West Brom yet again, despite Arsenal scoring 4 goals.

In the early days of his struggles, Arsenal suffered so much because we had relied on him for our goals. Who wouldn’t? after handing him a new big-money deal at the start of this season.

But we have won our last three games without him scoring and it’s a good thing because we have now learnt to achieve things without his goals.

It was important that we suffered the consequences when we couldn’t score if he doesn’t score.

I now expect Mikel Arteta to build his team in a way that it doesn’t have to rely on goals from only one player, this way we would become even more unpredictable.

Then when Aubameyang scores, his goals would simply be complementary to the ones we have gotten from other players already.

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  1. chris says:

    Which strikers are there to step up ? Lacazette is at last playing better but when his confidence goes then he goes, Mertinelli is injured again. You don’t mean Nketiah ?

  2. gotanidea says:

    We should’ve never assigned him to the CF position, since his hold-up play sucks and he’s not a good header as well. At least he can defend on the left wing, if he can’t cut inside and shoot from there

  3. Sean says:

    You nailed it on the head. We relied far too much on Aubas goals that we didnt see what would happen when they eventually dried up & they did, which left us screwed as he was the only goal outlet because nobody else stepped up.

    Fast forward to xmas and we are in trouble with performances and Auba looking very jaded and uninterested with no goals because he was relied on until some of the young guns came in to show what was missing and really save Mikels job.

    Now Laca has a new fire which will earn him a new deal, Xhaka is playing brilliant with the youngsters with Partey to return, Aubas face of relief, as of his teammates too, when he scored yesterday. It gave chances for others to step up as Auba couldn’t keep carrying us, now we have outlets all over the pitch. Things happen for a reason and we needed Auba to go off the boil to see where we sort this mess.

    Step up;
    Gabriel (also was great through out the bad patch)
    Teirney (Player of the season)
    SmithRowe (Breakout star)
    Saka (Young Player of the season)
    Martinelli (his energy has rubbed off)

    Now Auba has scored with all these others getting in on the act now we might have a decent team heading into the last few months.

    What we do know is Willian, Pepe, Nketiah, Willock & Elneny are not up to the task at Arsenal. Mustafi, Papa, Kola, Luiz & Torreira are all ready gone come the summer and we need to sort out;
    Boluguns New Contract?
    Guendouzi Returns permantly?
    Dino & Saliba Returns permantly?
    Winger to replace Willian & Pepe?
    Creative Midfileder?

    My opinion all 3 return to 1st team with the additions of a few players when the others go in;
    Aouer (Can play CM & AM)
    Back up Keeper for Leno & Teirney

    1. siamois says:

      You’re wrong many of us on this site were aware of our over reliance on Auba’s goals and feared what would happened not if but when he’d stop scoring,there was no way he could keep it going without going through a dry spell his goal conversion ratio was very high he was nearly scoring with every chance it was not substainable long term.

      1. Sean says:

        Exactly what I stated above mate. Dont really see where I’m wrong but each to their own I guess.

        Over reliant on Auba, now he had a dry spell a few youngsters have stepped up so I’m terms of this was supose to happen to Auba to let others step up.now we have a few outlets. Again dont know where I’m wrong, maybe in my players I want to come to the club.

  4. Roachie says:

    Bolugun didn’t even make the bench yesterday so I suspect that ship has sailed.

    1. siamois says:

      Looks like it !

  5. Declan says:

    I take the article writer didn’t see yesterday’s game or indeed know the score.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Correct, the article got delayed due to pre-match stuff…

  6. Akonteh Andrew says:

    Our midfielders believe that their work is only to provide ASSISTS. Not at all !!!!
    They should train to shoot when the opponents are expecting assists and frustrating Auba, Lacs, Pepe and Nketiah not to receive assists and make goals. Let midfielders score more goals and not keep blaming Auba/Lacs/Pepe. Chaka used to score!!!What happened to him. Why can Ceballos and co not score surprise goals?

  7. Akonteh Andrew says:

    Xhaka , Elneny, Ceballos,. Partey train to shoot and score instead of all passes for 90minutes. Midfielders cannot make goals from corner kicks. It’s shameful. They keep blaming Auba /Laca and Pepe. Let’s be serious from the midfield please, midfielders

  8. Joe. S says:

    With Balugan all but gone who are you guys expecting to step up. We’ve all seen what Eddie N. can’t do so there really is no alternative but to go hard in the Summer window to find a back up striker. Even if Auba comes good in the next few months with a bag full of goals, he doesn’t seem to have the energy level to kick on beyond another season or two at best. We all want Martinellii to be the next Kaka, at least in his AC Milan peak but at the momentum he is being cursed with the injury jinx that too often destroys the careers of Arsenal’s best and brightest.

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