Opinion: Beating Chelsea was nice but it should be all about consistency 

Arsenal won when they had to win yet again, and some of us are already getting carried away.

For me, the win over Chelsea was similar to the 1-0 win at Manchester United last month.

Even though it was our first win there in more than a decade, it still didn’t count after our next few games.

The high of that win went through the door as our players failed to capitalise on it in their next few games.

This is the reason why I am not overly excited that we beat Chelsea. Our immediate problem was not winning games, but a much bigger problem is our inability to put together a run of wins.

We face Brighton next and to me, winning that next game deserves more attention than beating Chelsea.

If Brighton earns another win against us tomorrow, then what was the point in being happy because you beat Chelsea?

Winning after 8 games isn’t the way to go if we want to finish the season inside the top four.

Luckily for us, this season hasn’t been the best for any of the other teams, so we are just a few wins away from entering the top-four race again.

The key thing is to be consistent. If we can go on a five-game winning run, even if we lose the sixth game and go on another winning spree, then we can say that we’re serious about our goals for the season.

I am happy we won our last game, but I think winning the next few are more important.

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  1. Nothing has changed at Arsenal, we were bound to win a game. You can not go all season with out winning a game. Unless we get rid of Arteta, will be back to same old Arsenal lossing game after game. As soon as the others are fit and available they will be back in team because there is no merit to his team. Current performers will be benched. We will never learn as we are Arsenal, we support avg manager and we have no ambition even though every year we slip down the world top 10 club ranking. We have excuse for everything just not the guys to own our mistakes and make changes.

  2. Don’t we know it.. I’m sure it’ll be on the minds of everyone’ at the club, and obviously define what else Arteta can take out of this season. This is probably why we are all primed for the Brighton game. Can we take the positives from the Chelsea game and move forward from there?

  3. Whilst I agree that must of us have over-hyped the win I think its understable. For me at least the next few results are not my top priority:
    1. The attitude, enthusiasm, freedom and attacking drive shown
    2. The teams chosen by MA
    3. The results
    I think if 1 and 2 are successful then 3 will follow, and for longer than just a few games

    1. i agree too but am not sure martinelli and ESR are fit enough to play in 3days, we need to consider their health too considering both have been injured for long.
      my special shout out to Saka, who i dont remember his age anymore due to his maturity and consistency, playing almost all our games and still standling out despite pressure and fans negative remarks of the team

      1. Remember that most of Brightons players and they have a smaller squad than ours – played only TWO days ago. We played THREE days ago. A crucial difference in rest!

  4. Our CBs always have difficulties when playing against strong CFs like Olivier Giroud, Ollie Watkins, Che Adams and Christian Benteke. Despite our win at the Chelsea game, Tammy Abraham won six out of eight aerial duels against Pablo Mari

    Luckily Smith-Rowe helped the defense a lot by recovering the ball six times and Elneny did that seven times. If some of our players don’t want to retrieve the ball, we would likely not win against brute and provoking oppositions

  5. It’s not about the players, it’s more on MA and his selections, if the last match has changed anything with the fans then it was a moment of happiness, now it’s his choice if he is looking to win the fans again or lose everything.

    First of all, he should drop Willian and Ceballos, start with the same players, and give the advantage to Martinilli, Rowe, Saka – consider AMN/Nelson/Willock before bringing Willian in as he didn’t show any potential for making any difference while all the aforementioned players they fought hard every time they played. Secondly, Ceballos is not interested in playing for us anymore, his last matches were less than average for his regular performance, so think of the future and leave him. Bring Guandouzi and try to manage him as he did with Xhaka.

    1. The first step with Guedozi is genuine acceptance of mistake. He need to first accept he was wrong and apologize. But refusal will make him been on exile

  6. I certainly don’t mind if Arteta makes some changes, but only if it’s replacing Laca with Auba, Mari with Gabriel and even Bellerin for AMN…we need another high energy performance that employs the same high-press techniques we displayed against Chelsea…if he returns to a lineup that includes Willian, Ceballos and a deeper-lying Xhaka, we could find ourselves struggling for scoring chances again…I can only hope MA is more concerned about securing a decisive victory than finding a way to eke out a result by playing scared/negative football

      1. He has tested positive for Covid. And more importantly, very soon now manyother Prem players will also have the virus , so the remainder of the season is in real danger of – at the very least – a long postponement, while the vaccine is rolled out to younger people too, as all players are of course.

  7. Agree that Martinelli and ESR would require rest as they have just come back from injury and we dont want another Partey situation anymore. MA could play AMN and Nelson in their place. But the point is we should play with youth as they have more enthusiasm, desire and the drive to succeed.

    1. Really it will be ok to play the winning team. He can replace ESR and Martinelli with AMN and Nelson. Both ESR and Martinelli should be managed properly.

    2. MA should start Martinelli and ESR. There’s no need to rest them. It’s the same thing we said about Saka and he’s still playing. Should we destabilize a winning team? I say no.

      Let’s build the confidence we need before thinking about resting our best players.

  8. I was not expecting a match of Arsenal vs Chelsea, but after confirmed lineup including ESR, GM and Saka in the same lineup, I run heading at home to watch the match. I didn’t care if we are going to win or not. I was sure we are going to see an exciting match.

  9. This game at Brighton will really tell if we are turning things around Brighton are so underrated they actually play very good football and can cause us a lot of problems we need to compete and show the same desire as we did against Chelsea failure to do that and we will be back to square 1!!

  10. Have to win next two games … otherwise it will be a sure sign we are in relegation fight … so need to play best team … that said martinelli should not be overplayed so phaps on bench tonight and brought on in second half if needed … and saka rested in second half if we are in control … ceballos can start over Rowe smith and asked to play further forward … AMN should be brought in to middle for xhaka

      1. According to Ime , “we are only a few wins from entering the top four race”. This sort of comment is why I never take his articles seriously! That “few wins” would need to be at least 17 from our last 23 matches, thus giving us 68 points plus mostly draws from the other 6 games, thus giving us 72-74 points. That would put us in the hunt for fourth but still make it less than 50% likely this year
        No more defeats at all, when we have already lost eight is well into fantasy land I’d suggest. But then a fan of fantasy has written this article. Probably enjoyable to read, if you also like fantasy.
        Not for me though, as a realist.

  11. BTW Is this talk of Arsenal going in for Diego Costa in January true or just another rumour? Got the news from goal.com

    1. Hopefully it’s a load of rubbish def don’t want another Chelsea reject on our books would have thought we have learned our lesson by now!!

  12. Predicting the future is what we all try to do based on past events, which is the obvious method to use. However, there are many unknown factors, such as sudden state of the mind, that could tremendously affect a game like football, which makes accurate prediction difficult to achieve.

    I desire that we win the Brighton game, but just as no one would have predicted an eight game losing streak, so we cannot say what will happen today, however, one thing is for sure, the team clearly needs that energy, a fighting spirit, focus, and total commitment for 95mins, which are crucial, beyond talent, to secure victory today.

    In my opinion, I see Brighton, unlike Chelsea, reverting to a low block against us, with an intention to catch us on the break. They wouldn’t open up like Chelsea did, else they may be caught. Consequently, it is only essential that Martinelli, ESR and Saka be used again in today’s game. Anything different may spell a difficult game.

    Lastly, let us all watch and enjoy a good game and remain positive! Our team needs all the positivity they can get from us. More importantly to life, find someone to encourage today! Our world needs so much of such encouragers!

    Do have a great day ahead! And stay safe!


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