Opinion – Brilliant news that Man City are reported to be furious with Arsenal

Man City said to be exasperated with lack of communication from Arsenal.

All clubs should act in a professional manner and be respectful and courteous to other clubs when it comes to transfers etc.

However, if there is one club in football that does not deserve that sort of respect it is Man City.

The serial trophy buyers are said to be furious, according to a report in the Mirror and I don’t care one tiny bit.

They have distorted football more than any other club in the history of the game, more than Chelsea, PSG or any of the so-called elite clubs.

The way they have conducted their business has been a disgrace, they even threatened to destroy UEFA if they got banned for their illegal dealings.

A club that spends £50 million per full-back then cheats the figures to stay within financial fair play. A club that plays by a completely different set of rules to any of its competitors.

A club that has bullied so many other clubs by snatching up their players, I mean, how many Arsenal players have they tapped up? Oops, I should say offered a very attractive package, my bad.

I despise all that Man City represent and if they are furious with how Arsenal have handled the Mikel Arteta situation then good. I am over the moon to know they are unhappy and proud of Arsenal for not treating them with any form of courtesy.

You reap what you sow. It really is as simple as that.


  1. David Ornstein




    Mikel Arteta gave an emotional speech to Man City players/staff at Etihad Campus this morning before leaving to complete formalities of appointment as Arsenal head coach. #MCFC training taking place now without him. Arteta to be presented by #AFC on Friday

      1. Lol Bruv I was never gonna leave. Don’t believe reports that Arteta won’t be backed in the transfer window. Each manager during the interview were assured they’ll be backed during the window to get in a big money defender.
        Arteta wouldn’t even have been dumb enough to take the job if he was never gonna get funds for transfer.
        The only issue might be his decision alongside the board. If they had the agreement to go for defenders this Jan or next summer.
        The way I see it it’s a wise decision to not bring in a defender now so instead for this Jan they wanna clear out deadwoods. Plus which team will agree to sell a WC defender this Jan anyways

  2. Admin Martin, Perfectly understandable human longing for tit for tat against the corrupt Man City – and I despise this corruptly owned and corruptly run club(excluding team matters amd real football folk, who I absolve totally) above ALL others. But the way to be called classy is not to behave how they have done so very often but to behave honourably.

    And THERE we have a huge problem , because our own club is deeply dishonourable itself, (again absolving the actual football folk). Kroenke is a piece of filth , let us be honest and when Wenger left, our historically well earned reputation for class vanished with him. Though I desperately wanted his exit as manager, I grieve that his legendary human class, which is way beyond criticism, left our club with him. If I were a young kid today and looking for a noble and honestly run club, that I could be proud of and its values, to support, I would give us a wide berth.

    I do not say that ALL huge corporations are necessarily bad, though most certainly are, but our club that so disses and ignores its fans world wide is only a tad better than corrupt City.

    So MARTIN, what we should have done is approach City for Arteta in the proper way and made prior contact. And NOT behave as City do to all and sundry. But we did not. And THAT my friends says it all about the damning truth, that some of us may choose to avoid about Kroenke and Son. And I say Son , advisedly, as if you choose to work with and under and condone corruption , you are ALSO corrupt.

    In life, always do the moral thing and never cheat and con people. Say what you mean and mean what you say and you will at least retain the honour that rightly followed us all those years but which we have now, lost. Weep!

    I repeat what we all know, but which only some admit, even to themselves, that until Mr Filth and his Son are forced out we will continue to MORALLY fester.

    1. Well said, jon fox, agree completely. Let’s not join the pigs in the gutter. You do not choose how to act depending on who you are dealing with, if you want to uphold any honour whatsoever.

  3. It’s all b******s and posturing. City want to get some money, so it’s just drama. If Arteta comes with no mandate to buy in the January transfer window then we will be in a dogfight that Arteta has never experienced. Ancelotti and Potchettino both wanted big funds and the Krankies said no. Shite owners.

  4. A non story made up by journos at the Sun.
    It’s reported that Ancelotti will get 40 million over 3 and half years.
    If he is sacked he will be paid out while the club pays the next manager as well.
    Potentially a plus 50m Manager payment over 3 and 1/2 years.
    Arsenal look set to pay Arteta 14 mill over the same period
    a potential 36 mill saving cf to Everton.
    Arteta’s appointment is a savy business decision by Team Kroenke.
    Reducing the price and the power of the Head Coach immediately.
    No more Ozil type salary packages, no more Sanchez/ Ramsey free transfers.
    Goodbye Torreira + Mustafi. Performance related bonuses.
    Well played Josh Kroenke the new Arsenal CEO, Manager, Head of player recruitment.
    And who knows Josh Kroenke could be the the next Arsenal Soccer Head Coach.
    After all his father owns the Colorado Rapids and Josh watches them twice a year
    which under the new zero coaching experience qualification at Arsenal makes
    Josh Kroenke eminently qualified to become the next head soccer coach at Arsenal.

  5. Not for the same reasons, but I also didn’t give a hoot that they are angry. If anything it’s just a show. If it’s anything more, then good.

  6. Dont give them a penny, tell them they can stuff it if they are going to play silly beggers, we will go elsewhere.

  7. No need to stoop to their level, it’s called class, doing things the right way, it’s what Arsenal stands for.

  8. Sounds like you have not got a lot of time for Manchester City, AdMart. hahaha

    I agree with your resentment of them, mine being jealousy, but hand on heart I wish they were our owners and had bought us so many trophies and future trophies which they will undoubtably do…………………………where as our owners, look forward to an empty trophy cabinet gathering cobwebs!

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