Opinion – Bundesliga has proven the doom merchants wrong and so will the Premier League

The massive success of the return to football in the Bundesliga should be welcomed by all but the chances of that happening are unlikely, even if the doom merchants have been proven very wrong.

The cost of the Coronavirus pandemic will last for years, an economic Tsunami is set to hit the nation unlike anything that we have experienced before and before we get to the point of no return society must take decisive action.

It is dreadful the amount of suffering that this virus has caused but if we are not careful the economic impact will be far worse.

But as with every crisis, there are those that grab the opportunity to stand on their virtual soapboxes and preach to the rest of us about how wrong it all is, especially pundits, who shall go unnamed.

These people know better than everyone else, they know better than the Government, they know better than the experts and generally speaking, they are far more interested in their own self-image than they are about the truth and their fellow man.

Football must return and society has no choice but to adapt to the new “norm” the alternative is to go back to the stone age.

Only recently the World Health Organisation said that the virus may never go away.

Now, it is up to the individual if they want to listen to the WHO or pundits and self-proclaimed experts salivating every time they have the opportunity to spout their opinions at how morally defunct people are for wanting some sort of resumption of life.

I know who I will listen to.

If you listen to certain pundits they want life to stop until a vaccine is found, now think about that for a minute.

No more social life, ever. Nothing at all, no sport, little work, no haircuts, no swimming, no trips to the Lake District, nothing because, to some of these people, until a vaccine is found we must all stay locked down.

To them, humanity is incapable of adapting and any attempt to do so is disgraceful.

Football has to be brought back as soon as possible, peoples livelihoods depend on it, society has to come back and adapt, it is the only way forward.

The Bundesliga and numerous other leagues across the world have proven that football can return safely and that is good news, something we should all welcome and appreciate in these dark times.

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  1. Steve says:

    So it “has” to be brought back…irrespective of life’s? so you would risk the death of your daughter, mum or son to watch football v waiting a while longer? not doom fella is safeguarding people as opposed to £’s..

    1. Darthballz says:

      What would change in a while longer do you think

    2. Reggie says:

      Yes well said Steve, lets put peoples lives at risk for sport and all the Oligarchs that own our clubs for the good of humanity and not finance, NOT! Using Germany as an example to us is so irresponsible and out of proportion. Germany for one have handled all this better than us and haven’t one of the highest death rates in the world. They are at least in a better place than us to try their experiment.

      1. Admin Martin says:

        Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark, the list is quite extensive now and so it is not just Germany but that’s ok Reggie, I expect you will still be against it when the season is completed. Very hard to accept I know.

        1. Reggie says:

          Whatever opinions yours or mine are and i might add you are a little ahead of yourself, or probably miles, by saying the season completed. I dont see how any football competition can be finished to a fair and satisfactory conclusion. When if track and trace is enforced as it should, you could get whole teams being isolating, or teams decimated by large numbers isolating, possibly playing a team of fully fit first teamers. How is that Sport?

          1. Admin Martin says:

            Working just fine in other leagues.

          2. Dan kit says:

            Reggie @
            There is still 3 weeks until the proposed kick off ,the way the government and football authority’s have gone about this is the correct way ,tests done twice a week ,I believe ,what more can they do ?
            We were told 4 weeks ago that they planned to have the season up and running on the 12 th of June which wasn’t far out .
            Me personally I would have said finish the season and restart agin as normal in August but teams would not let that happen because of the threat of relegation and the loss of money .
            So now we have to except that this is the way forward ,I’m all for it if all precautions are satisfied to the government’s proposed restrictions.
            Like Admart as said Germany are showing that it can work and like it or not unless there is a second spike we have to get on with life .
            I’m pretty sure that the government wouldn’t risk people’s lives for the sake of a sport ,I suggest we leave the sicence to them and see where it leads us .

          3. Reggie says:

            Im sorry Dan, i dont think the government should be trusted with anything, with their record so far, being one of the worst countriesin the world as far as death rates. I still haven’t seen an answer to my question about credibility of a league where, if test and trace is applied, how the possibility of two teams playing and one could have half or more out because of one person testing positive and one could have a full strength team. Or are premier league players exempt from track and trace, i dont see it working.

    3. Admin Martin says:

      With zero football deaths out of 370000 deaths worldwide you make a very good point. I refer you to the title, it says it all.

    4. ClifordKenya says:

      You are mad has anyone told you to go and watch any game with your family, stay at home, watching football on tv wont infect you with corona virus

  2. Sue says:

    Well, June 17 it is…. we’re off to the Etihad…

  3. Sue says:

    Chips Keswick has retired…

  4. jon fox says:

    A very thinly veiled dig at me Martin as you must surely realise I am well aware. More double standards in this site, as I banned from correctly calling your views on restarting so soon anti human, yet you are allowed to concoct this silly and unfair dig at me. You must think I was born yesterday not to easily read between your ARTFULLY concealed phrases and lines in this article. I know your style every bit as much as you know mine. I T MAY GO OVER OTHER FANS HEADS BUT NOT OVER MINE. SO BE IT THEN.

  5. S.J says:

    Lol.. I honestly knew it was for you Jon Fox but you have no proof legally. Lol..

    I for one want the premier league started immediately. This pandemic is being over hyped by the real people that control this earth using the media.

    They have done a good job and I think they want a restart of economic life soon.

    1. VA Gunner says:

      @SJ Amen sir. Bought time somebody said that. Get tired of hearing the sky is falling. Lockdowns were meant to be a temporary measure until the media got its hands on the story. The economic outcome of staying in a shell vs opening things back up is far worse than the health outcome.

  6. Rory johnson says:

    You had me until…

    “It is dreadful the amount of suffering that this virus has caused but if we are not careful the economic impact will be far worse.”

    You honestly think ANY size of negative economical impact can be “far worse” than people dying!? And I don’t even oppose your views of football coming back that’s fine I think they will manage it safely but to say we need to get things going again because an economical collapse is worse than people dying I fully disagree with.

  7. S.J says:

    I repeat all the people who do not want football to restart should not watch any live football match on TV. Lol

    Imagine telling an audience porn is not good and then go and watch porn at night. Lol..

    This planet is just full of Hypocrisy. Hypocrites we all humans are.. Lol

    1. jon fox says:

      S.J Why the unnecessary “Lol” after your final comment? No need, because what you said, though it seems only in jest , is actually true. All humans, myself very much included, ARE indeed hypocrites. Hypocrisy is a normal , natural and in a FEW respects, even a desirable part of being human.

      Hypocrisy is merely a noticeable form of inconsistency and double standards and every human I have ever known well enough to accurately judge, is a hypocrite. Some folk wrongly seem to equate this natural hypocrisy with murder or criminal activity. It is simply being human and perfectly normal. Think about it and you will see I am right! I AT LEAST AM AN HONEST HYPOCRITE. Lol!!!!

      1. Reggie says:

        SJ, why should i watch something that is sterile, not representative and not really football. Its like fishing but without anglers.

    2. Dan says:

      Did you watch the last World Cup?
      Will you be watching the one in Qatar ?
      If yes by your logic are you a hypocrite ?

  8. S.J says:

    Rory, an economic collapse can result to a lot of deaths bro.

    I think you have never been hungry for days before, then you will realize hunger is a major crisis of this earth more alarming than the over rated Corona.

    Corona was called to much notice because it affected every social class but hunger does not.

    This planet is in a collapse and it will take a completely total revolution to change for the good of humanity

    1. RSH says:

      will no football result in a collapse though? Is France going to fall apart because Ligue 1 got cancelled? Obviously rhetorical questions and just as much of a hyperbole as many of the things stated in this article. Obvious digs at Jon too, who is just trying to place human lives above sport entertainment. I’m glad football can resume in what we hope will be relatively safe, but it’s disingenuous to act like it was a mainstream opinion that life should completely stop and there should be no more social life. “ever”. C’mon, we’re jumping into the realm of the very same fear tactics that the author was opposing paragraphs ago.

      1. Rory johnson says:


    2. Rory johnson says:

      First off you know nothing about my life so dont assume I’ve never went hungry… I’ve had far from a rich up bringing, Do you honestly think that in britain we are going to collapse to the point where 37,000+ people are going to die of starvation!? That’s just not going to happen, were something like the 5th richest country in the world. People will definitely feel the economical impact but not to the point were people are dying in the thousands of starvation.

      1. SueP says:

        We are not going to die of starvation but as a nation we are going to be up sh*t creek if the country doesn’t start moving again. There are so many factors to an economic collapse that really could have a very significant consequences for us all. You only have to look at a particular South American country that has its citizens trying to escape the crippling inflation and lack of food and hygiene to know that a healthy economy is vital to us all.

        Many extra people are dying because they are not getting cancer treatment, or passing away from strokes, heart attacks etc by not going to hospital. There really isn’t a win, win situation but a gradual return to the ‘new normal’ otherwise is vital as before long there would be anarchy. Forget the hairdressers, I would dearly love to visit my dentist.

        Regarding the return of football, I see this as a beginning of the regaining of some of our freedoms. Let me state here and now, when the virus was escalating alarmingly, I wanted the leagues to be cancelled and wish they had for lots of reasons, mainly because there was an enormous level of fear surrounding the virus. Since then, the situation has improved and clearly the football authorities in conjunction with the government feel that in 3 weeks time the risks will have been minimised. Life is not risk free.

        It is pretty clear that we have to live with the situation until further medications or a vaccine can be found. We are learning to self distance, and businesses will be finding new ways to re open. Football is no different.

        1. Rory johnson says:

          I didnt say anything about us not being up sh$t creek I know that to be the case in a lot of aspects BUT you simply cannot compare us to a south american country it’s just not a valid argument in my opinion, and I for one cannot see britain collapsing to the point of a starved populous
          resulting in thousands of deaths. I know this is all conjecture, I’m neither right or wrong but for me under all circumstances the economy is not even slightly comparable to human life, that was my point with regards to the part of the article I quoted. But again its my opinion and each to their own.

          1. SueP says:

            There does have to be a sense of perspective here. Due to horrific leadership in Venezuela, the country is virtually on its knees and not that many years ago it was a rich country. This is how easily what we have always taken for granted can disappear.
            Regarding human life, I fully take your point, but the grim reality is that the elderly are the ones who are mostly dying. Look at the statistics. I am in my 60s so know that I am on the fringes of it affecting me badly, however, according to the statistics anyone over the age of 80 would be likely to die within the next 12 months. It could be Covid, or just as easily the flu, dementia and any number of other illnesses. I am not trying to make light of this, as I consider it a very important subject and with a husband who is shielding know how difficult it is. I also know that my sons in their 30s and my grandchildren and most people will be ok

            Please do not think that I do not value human life because I do and I certainly value it over football. I do, however, have faith in the scientists who advise the government with their daily updates to do what is right.

          2. Rory johnson says:

            So because its “mostly” the elderly it’s fine… And I’m sorry but Venezuela cannot be comparable to britain at any point so that point is irrelevant. And potential life reduction due to poverty via economical collapse is unquantifiable so we have no way of knowing which would be worse. Anyway you have your views I have mine nothing is going to change so this is moot. ✌

        2. Rory johnson says:

          Also I said in my comment above I don’t oppose football coming back on, I just dont agree that our economy collapsing could be “far worse” 37,000+ people dying.

          1. Admin Martin says:

            Rory, the way the economy is right now it could take a decade at least to recover, possibly longer, in that time the poor will suffer the most and poverty leads to death. If the lockdown was to go on for much longer then the economic downturn could take 20-30 years and that, in my opinion, will have much worse effects on society than what we have experienced at this time. Just an opinion and that is why the word opinion was in the title.

          2. Rory johnson says:

            Poverty leads to death? You cant say that factually with regards to britain, and you say if it goes on much longer it could take 20-30 years… it could also take less than 10….

          3. Admin Martin says:

            Thus my explanation it is my opinion as quite clearly stated in the headline.

          4. Rory johnson says:

            Thus my explanation that clearly states you shouldn’t say poverty leads to death as fact when its not.

          5. SueP says:

            Poverty leads to a much reduced life expectancy. This is a fact. You don’t starve but there are many reasons why the poor die sooner than the wealthy. A poor country equals low life expectancy.

  9. Grandad says:

    What “massive success” ?Football at any level, without fans is like fish without chips.It does not appeal to me at all. I applaud your comments Rory, well said.

    1. Rory johnson says:

      Thanks Grandad!! 👌👍

      1. Dan kit says:

        So you won’t watch football until crowds are aloud back into the stadiums?
        You could be waiting a very long time until that happens .
        I’m afraid the world cannot come to a stand still,life must move on and the way the government are responding to this crisis must be applauded ,we can sit here all day arguing what’s right or wrong but I trust in our country to do what is right and I will follow their guidance regarding this virus . So if restarting football is safe and the government give the go ahead who am I to argue.

        1. Rory johnson says:

          Applaud the government? Seriously? Its their fault we are in this mess in the first place!! Take a look at how south Koreas government handled the situation, granted they are a little smaller in population (51 mill) and they do have more experience handling these situations but they didnt even have to lockdown, businesses never had to close etc and to date have around 300 covid deaths compared to our 37,000 because they were rolling out testing and tracing from the get go at the same time that boris was boasting about shaking all the doctors and nurses hands on his hospital visit at the time of the outbreak, then two weeks later hes telling us we are going to lose loved ones, absolutely shambolic how they have handled this!!

          1. Dan kit says:

            The only fault should lie at the country of origin not ours nor anywhere else ,have you seen what their wet markets are like ,I’m a owner of 2 ex racing greyhounds ,(which are my pride and joy )10000 a year are sent to China for food from around the world and watching videos of them being blow torched alive makes me sick to the stomach and everyone wonders why diseases and viruses keep coming from that country ,if you want to lay the blame on anyone blame that scabby country and their way of life ,just because we didn’t respond quick enough does not justify what that country as done harm wise to the rest of the world

          2. Sue says:

            Oh Dan, don’t get me started on what twisted, vile ******** they are over there!

          3. RSH says:

            @Dan kit. That’s a poor excuse. This virus was predicted to come to the West for months, and many governments did nothing and reacted far too late. You had the U.S. president calling it a hoax and refusing to take any real action before it was too late. Also, can we stop with the dog nonsense. Watch videos of how cattle get treated in slaughterhouses and it is no better and just as disgusting and cruel. There have been many warnings about possible pandemics, and govs have either not taken it seriously, or in some cases slashed budgets on prevention.

        2. SueP says:

          Dan kit
          I agree with your posts tonight and I am appalled by your revelations regarding the greyhounds. I hope there will be a reckoning regarding the explosion of this virus around the world. China have a dreadful record on their use of wild & domestic animals and also what they use in the so called ‘traditional medicines’ Rhinos are being hunted to extinction.

        3. jon fox says:

          Dan kit, Your greyhound comments(below) touch my heart too,as with almost all others, I would hope and expect. China is a deeply corrupt and rogue state, not the ordinary peole, just the regime in charge. But that is true throughout world history, as most humans everywhere since time began just want peace and to get on with their lives peacefully. Rulers are either benign and caring or tyrants and warlike evil monsters. China is the latter as we all know. I URGE ALL TO BOYCOTT BUYING anything from that rogue state.

    2. Reggie says:

      👏👏👏👏👏 Grandad

  10. Rory johnson says:

    I did not state anywhere that the country of origin is blameless but for you to say you applaud our governmental efforts left me scratching my head. Your logic is unbelievable, because it didnt originate here our government can take zero blame for there lazy approach? We have over 120 times the amount of deaths as South Korea its inexcusable regardless of where it came from. The world health organisation said right from the start do testing testing and more testing, our government ignored it and and here we are paying the price.

    1. SueP says:

      It is well known that we did not have enough testing facilities. This is because the UK under normal circumstances use testing labs in Germany for much of this type of work. When the virus hit Germany they used their facilities for their citizens so Britain then had to develop their own labs, hence we are behind.

      Also, we were not expecting this, whereas in S Korea and other countries in Asia, had already had to deal with SARS and were geared up to cope

      1. Rory johnson says:

        We were not expecting this? Really? Thousands fly back from Chinese new year around the time of the outbreak and we weren’t expecting it? Unbelievable.

  11. SueP says:

    In reply to RSH
    Fortunately I don’t believe a word the POTUS utters, but I do accept that the world was not fully prepared for this virus. I have read that scientists believed the next pandemic would be like flu and Covid isn’t.

    Where I take issue with you is that China took too long to divulge the extent of the contagion and in fact, took strenuous efforts to cover up what was happening until it had spread outside of their borders

    1. RSH says:

      I’m not out to defend China either, but it’s disingenuous to say the only fault is in the country of origin. Especially when our mega corps. and governments have been pumping money into China for years for access to cheap labor and letting them off for just about everything in return

      1. SueP says:

        To you and Rory
        I’m not going to argue any further
        It’s futile for the 3 of us

      2. Dan kit says:

        RSH @
        “Also can we stop by other the dog nonsense “
        I’m sorry mate but being a dog owner and being part of Birminghamgreyhound rescue ,I will most certainly not stop with the dog nonsense ,this is something which is very close to me and my family regardless of covid or not ,this as been going on for years before all this bullsh1t happened and I’ve been a strong supporter of animal welfare and what that country get upto ,let’s remember also sars and swine flu magically appeared from their wet markets also so please don’t tell me to stop what I believe in ,right or wrong what our government did regarding this virus does not take away their animal welfare ,anyway I feel the subject as gone off football and my personal feelings about other subjects so I won’t post any more about it .

        1. Rory johnson says:

          So by that logic, right or wrong chinese animal welfare does not take away what our government did regarding this virus… which is f*#k all. but you said earlier that our government is not at all to blame. Cant have your cake and eat it too.

        2. jon fox says:

          Dan kit, Bravo ! And stick to your guns by defending dogs. I know we are not supposed to deviate from things Arsenal on here and by and large I try – and often fail- to stick to that but in this time of crisis, I have noted, as will most others that the Admins on here have much relaxed those rules and even break them themselves. Which is right, in the times we are in.
          I think REAL MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION IS FAR HEALTHIER AND FAR MORE USEFUL RIGHT NOW. So let us either REALLY talk about what matters or keep silent.

  12. jon fox says:

    To both Admins. I know you will have noted better than most others , how MANY proper and passionate comments have appeared on this EXCELLENT thread(even though I did not like the articles stance, personally),which is about something of vital human interest. Equally you will have noted how very few, mostly, often none at all, bother posting on the constant fake rumour articles that plaque this site and spoil it.

    Just want you to take note of feedback and the numbers of posts don’t lie. MANY, BESIDES YOU AND I, WILL BE WELL AWARE OF THIS TOO. Give fans something that MATTERS to write about and they will . Give them nonsense and they will continue to ignore it. Your choice !

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Jon, we will continue to post articles on every bit of Arsenal news on the planet, which is what JustArsenal has always been about it. I agree that you may think that not all of them are worthy of your esteemed reactions, but this will not stop us continuing to provide these articles for other people’s pleasure…

      1. jon fox says:

        PAT so that you don’t misunderstand my carefully chosen(as always) words, perhaps you can give me you honest opinion of approx how frequently actual NEWS happens! I’ll give you my opinion- less than once a week on average, when games are not being played. Rumours on the other hand, which are not news at all, but simply rumors(hence their name) are on this site perhaps 6 -8 times every day.
        As a prime truth lover perhaps you can now see why I object to these thinly disguised lies, masquerading as rumours and trotted out almost two hourly to make money in adverts for your site. I’d have far more respect if you were to at least admit to all, the real reason for them. I already know!

        1. Admin Pat says:

          I have not misunderstood and we have had this argument many many times before, but my answer is the same as always and my decision is final. Can we stop repeating our arguments please.?.

  13. taustin5 says:

    It is all about money, if he premier and other leagues do not restart and end they stand to lose amazing numbers on tv contracts. The moment everything closed down re-opens there maybe be again deaths. It is all a balance between things continuing and sacrifices.

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