Opinion – Can Arsenal blame VAR for losing us points against Palace?

Did the VAR kill the game against Palace? by Lagos Gooner

Good day gooners around the world. It has been two days since we lost to Crystal Palace but I still can’t help thinking about the game and what went wrong. This written piece is a reflection of my thoughts on the game and I will like to talk about the video assistant referee, VAR. If the VAR had not intervened, we probably would have won the game, right?

Arsenal were not with the ball, Aubumeyang was close to Meyer who was with the ball, he went for the tackle, he mistimed his tackle and before anybody knew it, Auba’s leg caught Meyer on the ankle and Meyer was on the ground. The referee rushed to the scene, flashed a yellow card and was about to allow play to resume until he was asked by the VAR team to hold one, while they checked if the tackle deserved more than a yellow card. After minutes of consultations between the center referee and the VAR team, Auba was called by the referee and then a red card was flashed towards him. All of a sudden, Arsenal, who had just conceded a goal; were a man down too. In a period where we needed all our best players on the pitch, Auba, our top scorer was given the marching order! I have this feeling that if we still had Auba on the pitch, we probably could have won that game. Was VAR against us in the game?

In all fairness, the VAR and the center referee did the right thing by sending Auba off; the tackle was horrifying and could have ended the career of the player. Giving him the red card was good but then is the VAR not spoiling the fun of the game? Is the VAR not killing the human nature of the game? Several seasons ago, the referee would have given Auba the yellow card and allowed play to resume.

Several seasons ago, we would have ended the game with our eleven players and probably won the game. The VAR has turned many fans from celebrants to mourners! Last season’s Champions league game between Man City and Tottenham is a typical example of the VAR killing the passion of the game. We have seen many instances where a team will score a goal but the fans will refuse to celebrate until the VAR has had its say. This is not the football I grew up enjoying. I would have preferred the old way of officiating whereby Auba would have been allowed to play on. He may be punished after the game no doubt but he would have ended the game for us.

If not for the VAR, I strongly believe we would have found a way of winning that game. What do you think family?

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I don’t know why we are talking about VAR after what happened.
    Even Arteta said it was a correct call even though PEA’s not a dirty player.
    What’s the article really about?
    VAR isn’t responsible for us dropping two points please

  2. The officials made a correct decision on Aubameyang’s tackle based on VAR. Had it happened to one of our players, I believe most of us would complain

    When VAR didn’t exist, several big teams like Juventus, AC Milan and Man United used their influence to intimidate the officials. VAR kill some excitement in the games, but the officials can make more fair decisions for all teams because of that technology

  3. The problem is the inconsistency of the referees yes I agree the red card for that tackle was the right decision but the referee in the same game missed numerous fouls committed by Palace and to be frank I have seen worse during this season go unpunished take a look at the Liverpool vs Spuds game the evening the Robinson tackle nothing given why did Var not intervene clearly it was a obvious mistake by the referee in the same game look at the tackle of Van Dyk on Allie in the box he doesn’t get the ball yet no eye brow is raised and that is where the problems lies no consistency plain and simple

    1. 👍👍 Liverpool have the least yellow cards (22)… and a few weeks back I read they’re 7 points better off, because of var 😳 (probably more by now!) Makes me sick!!
      No consistency – you’re spot on, Mike!

  4. With or Without VAR intervention, the game had been played and Arsenal drew… Had it been one of Arsenal player the tackle went to, the story would have been more than just a topic for us..

    VAR sucks or not, At-times their decision is attainable..
    No matter how many criticisms thrown, it ain’t going nowhere..

  5. VAR gets the offsides correct, theres no problem there.
    For me the problem is with the words,”clear and obvious”,lack clarity

    And about killing the passion of the game,there is nothing we can do about it.We all need the correct decisions but its need to be faster.
    And EPL referees never use the monitor and i dont know why.

    Maybe in the future FIFA will introduce robots with AI

    1. I think it might work better with a time limit on decisions because if it takes more than 30seconds to decide it can’t be clear and obvious

  6. I do not think VAR is being used wisely, fairly or objectively. In the first game against palace Arsenal did lose two points due to a VAR assistant ruling out a perfectly good goal from Sokratis.

    Also, some would argue, I think it was Arnold against Totts yesterday, who did a tackle similar to Aubemeyang’s? without even receiving a yellow.

    Also,if I remember rightly, an Arsenal player earlier in the season was caught in a similar way without that player being given a card.

  7. If we’re talking about the reverse fixture, that stupid draw, then yes! Screw VAR he/they overturned a legitimate goal that could’ve won the match. This bunch of inconsistent frauds should not be allowed anywhere near a football pitch, they’ve been making very very shocking decisions, awarding Pool a goal vs Wolves when the build up clearly violated their own rules on handball, it was a ridiculous game, then there was robbing Norwich a well deserved win against the scum, Ali’s goal vs Watford, there’s so many examples out there. This thing is making a mockery of the league with so many biased calls. Kavanagh must be one of the worst referees/VARs ever he’s not even ashamed of his fraudulent calls.

    End of rant….

  8. Exactly Eddie. No sense nor point at all. VAR has nothing to do with our results. We simply do not have a team to compete.

    We have no fullbacks option on each flank and obviously missing a top CB. Not to mention a DM.

    If Bellerin is out, we waist Niles, Kolas out, we now waist Saka; Tierny came and still injured all season long, therefore not an option!

    We sold Jerkinson and our LB with no replacement to start season, seems unreal with Bellerin injured and too often past 2 years or so…

    Til this very day, we are not linked to any fullbacks! There’s few good ones available accross Europe, such as Kurzawa, just as dream center back Koulibaly, a DM as serri would be helpful…

    If we do not have money nor smart strategy to cut deals when need right away, we simply can’t expect more from team and manager.

    We simply can’t compete for title without any money for a decade strong in a market that evolved with a lot of cash flowing…

    Other teams put money to built a team capable to compete for title, Top4 for CL, some have EL on target, finish in middle table or to fight to stay in EPL.

    Everyone has a target, can see it in team and transfer, the clear ambition of Man City adding Rodri or Reds to add Keita is to strengthen a team already “Title” material.

    When Man U fights to keep Pogba, adds that poison talented James, Maguire and Bissaka; it is clear Title target ambition.

    When Spurs adds few players from where they left it at last season; it is also clear that they want to win titles; aiming after CL they missed. To sign a top coach who wins titles also shows the ambition, goal!

    Unfortunately, we have an owner who doesn’t care about football, Arsenal nor anyone but making profits. A staff from another dimension!

    Therefore, we are 10th, 7 points from relegation and 11 points from CL! Ambition is indeed to fight for EL spots, hope to win it to get CL football.

    Kroenke only ambition is to keep us filling up stadium, make all profits, keep it all. If we can get EL, then he can get few more millions; he is making way more and fine with it!

  9. VAR was right in sending off Auba. Although it was unintended the tackle was dangerous. Arsenal could have won the game with the possession we had in the first half and made full use of it. Ozil should start shooting more regularly and Laca has to be more clinical.

  10. Espn have produced a table reversing all the bad decisions given against teams this season.Arsenal were the most sinned against club losing a potential 9 pts.According to Espn Arsenal would be in 5th level on points with Chelsea in 4th and 7points clear of the Spuds.

  11. When sending off a player, you must clearly look at the intention.
    Subscribe clearly went for the ball, unfortunately the player was a bit faster and was cut at the ankle.
    All of you that are saying the red card was justified should go and see the challenges on Ozil and Torres in the same match. Maybe VAL has technical fault and could not see horrible tackles with clear intention to hurt the player.
    For me the injustice against Arsenal is shameful.

  12. When sending off a player, you must clearly look at the intention.
    Aubameyang clearly went for the ball, unfortunately the player was a bit faster and was cut at the ankle.
    All of you that are saying the red card was justified should go and see the challenges on Ozil and Torres in the same match. Maybe VAL has technical fault and could not see those horrible tackles with clear intention to hurt the player.
    For me the injustice against Arsenal is shameful.

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