Opinion – Can Arsenal stop buying injured players please?

Next season should see us go for players who get injured less by Lagos Gooner

Happy new day Gooners all over the planet. In last summer transfer window, we signed some good players. We signed Luiz, Martinelli, Ceballos and even Tierney. Of all the players we signed last summer, it is Luiz and to an extent, Martinelli that has been fit enough to play a lot of games this season for us. As for Tierney, he has not really shown us the stuff he is made of, partly due to constant injuries. In actuality, we signed Tierney with an injury; we probably ignored his injury concerns because we were desperately in need of a left back. However this summer, I believe we should avoid signing players with injuries or bad injury records.

Let us face it, no team wants its players to suffer injuries; an injured player may not be available for selection and this may affect the manager’s plans. Every team would want a situation where all of its players will be available for selection and be available to help the coach in achieving the club’s dreams and aspiration. Based on this, I believe Arsenal will not want to make the mistake of signing players with serious injury records.

Without trying to sound heartless and inconsiderate, I believe Tierney has not really justified his price tag and time seems not to be on his side. He has spent more time on the treatment table than on the football pitch. In as much as I wish him good health and an injury free next season, I won’t mind the club going for a player who will remain fit and ready to play as many games as possible, next season. Tierney and Bellerin and other injury prone players we have at the club are really slowing us down. With them being constantly injured, the coach will keep on tinkering with his team formation and this will stop us from building a team. To have a first eleven, you must first of all have fit players. Arsenal has been trying to build a team for some seasons now but as soon as a player recovers from injury, another player gets injured and will be out for weeks or even months. We should seek to change our fortunes once and for all in the summer transfer window.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Yeah. It has been too much of Florence Nightingale lately. But a gunner have a big heart. We feel sorry for the losers. And now we all got corona…

    1. Your comments concerning Tierney being injury prone are erroneous and misleading.As for him not justifying his price tag,at 25m he will prove to be a steal, mark my words.Your use of the phrase “partly due to constant injuries” implies that you do not rate the guy in any event?This is peculiar because the vast majority of fans who contribute to this site have been delighted with him in the few games he has started.I am beginning to think there is some kind of witch hunt against Tierney who has been the subject of a number of articles on this site.I have seen him in action dozens of times for Celtic and Scotland and believe you me you will be hard pressed to find anyone,including Rangers supporters, who do not rate him highly.Get off his back please .

      1. I completely agree I saw his talent in the few games he played this season he’s the best crosser of the ball we have

      2. Agree completely, the article seems to insinuate a bias against the player referring to constant injuries. Tierney hasn’t had a run of games yet, but he is regaining fitness and I believe we will see the best of him.
        He has shown his form at Celtic and for Scotland, so I am optimistic it will continue for Arsenal.
        A bit misleading to classify Bellerin and Tierney in the same category of “injury prone.” Bellerin has proven that over his time at Arsenal, while Tierney has missed very little time over his career.

        1. Agree Grandad. The shoulder dislocation was a complete unlucky incident. Other that I feel he would have locked the position down and was delivering consistent performances with signed of improvement. He was at that point delivering very good crossed from the left. From his time at Celtic and playing for Scotland the boy will come good.

  2. Yet another juvenile and plain erroneous Sylvester statement that Tierney is “injury prone and constantly injured”! I for just one of, I suspect, very many Gooners am getting cheesed off with you plain lack of intellect Sylvester. You have an obsession to write, which would be fine were your writing ability as great as your writing urge. But it is NOT. Just give the constant nonsense so called articles a rest, Sylvester, and do us all a favour. In future when I see your na me attached to an article which will.probably happen withing thr next hour, I will ignore it. I expect many others will do the same,until and unless you grow up!

  3. Why is it that our fans believe we are the only club who have players injured, be it a minor or major injury?

    Tierney has had one injury since signing for us and it happened to be a serious one.
    With four very good left sided players in the squad, MA will be able to concentrate on the right side of the team and, for goodness sake, stop this endless negativity about our players… Tierney will prove to be the best buy for a long long time.

  4. Although Sylvester may have been hard on Tierney there is some truth in what he says. Cedric has not featured yet due to injury so one wonders why get a loan player who cannot play. Many of us still have nightmares about the time when, playing beautifully at Xmas and needing one quality purchase to go for the title we bought, Kim Kjallstrom. Once a fine athlete and player who played only when we had lost the league.

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