Opinion: Can we trust Edu and Arteta to spend our summer budget well?

Mikel Arteta and Edu have their plans for the summer and that involves signing new players for Arsenal.

Their combination is one that the Kroenke’s have trusted to take the club to the next level.

Edu hasn’t achieved much success on the football side of things recently and has spent much of the last year dismantling the scouting system that served the Gunners for years.

Arteta is still struggling in his first managerial job after the Gunners trusted him to become their replacement for Unai Emery.

They have overseen the signing of the likes of Pablo Mari, Thomas Partey, Willian and Gabriel Magalhaes since they have been working together.

These players have cost the Gunners almost £100m, but can we say they have been helpful or they have been money well spent?

Arsenal isn’t the richest club in England and that means that we have to get our transfers right, especially when we spend good money on the players.

The transfer window will reopen soon and I expect the Kroenkes to splash the cash after fans protested their lack of investment.

Considering how they have performed so far, are you confident that Arteta and Edu will spend the money on the right players that will take this club forward?

I am not.

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  1. Based on the short history which is all you can really do to make a logical conclusion, definitely not!

    On the other hand many fans have been stating that since Jan we’ve been the second best team in the EPL and that MA has shown real improvement. By that logic we should end no less than 2nd place next season even without signings and that’s with a misfiring Auba.

    I ask these MA fans if we’ve proven to be so good, do we really need any signings? If yes, why?

      1. City won the league and Chelsea won the UCL, even with good signings they won’t get much better than they are now.

        But we were so fantastic in those 24 games, we played so well. We shouldn’t sign anyone because it will upset the beautiful football we played last season and the balance MA has brought

        1. You must be watching a totally different game to me. Beautiful football. We had maybe two or three decent games. The rest were dire.

            1. So an Arteta critic is an intelligent fan?

              What sort of fan is an Arteta supporter?

              I don’t know what your reaction would be, but I’m keen to understand your point of view?

          1. Okay, I will try to answer my thoughts behind this:
            for your first question, no i think its the other way around. Not all arteta critics are intelligent but I think that all intelligent fans are arteta critics. 2. arteta supporters aren’t stupid, a lot of them are intelligent for example SueP is an intelligent fan and he could be classified as an arteta supporter but I think most of the time its more a case of that they think that we wont get anybody better. Also I think that it’s possible to be a critic and support a manager as long as he is here. IMO a lot of intelligent arteta supporters are arteta critics too but that they just want to maintain the optimism. with the time arteta has been here
            and the results i think any intelligent fan will be an arteta critic its just that the level of support each one gives, varies strongly, the arteta critic vs arteta supporter it not that extreme like AKB vs AOB, its much more nuanced.. in my point of view the stupid fans are the ones who support arteta blindly and dont make him responsible for anything or the ones who make him responsible for everything and hate him blindly

        2. PJ-SA
          You are being sarcastic aren’t you? Man City and Chelsea laugh at our setup. Arteta is Pep’s puppet and cone-boy, and is trying to import a style of fooball that Arsenal players can’t play. It would be great if we had a style, but we play under micro-managed control, and could bore the pants off anybody. Creatively totally redundant.

  2. He’s made both decent and bad signings, so I he’ll probably do the same this time

  3. No.

    Before Garlick was appointed, absolutely
    no-one at Arsenal leading transfer strategy and execution had any prior experience. CEO (Vinai), Director of Football (Edu), Arteta (Manager) are all new to their roles and their lack of experience really shows. Also as far as I’m aware, there’s no-one at Arsenal will a solid strategic skillset. Given what’s happening at the club – that isn’t a shock.
    (as an aside, Man City have spent the past 7 years building their internal strategic and advanced analytics capabilities).

    Garlick may or may not add competence to transfer execution but to be honest if the strategy is poor, the execution will be too.

  4. More Brazilian player I suspect or old players in our retirement home somethings never change lately

  5. Do we have any budget?
    We can’t even compete with Aston Villa for Buenda. The Kroenke family are but a “joke”. Too many unrealistic rumors on their I tent to spend. That’s why Asenal can’t attract top coaches and players to the club

  6. We better look for an experienced manager to manage the players we have (Present and in- coming). Even if we recruit the best players, without a competent coach, we’ll achieve nothing.

  7. We missed out on Buendia and their is a turmoil already. There are still better and cheaper options we can acquire. Matthias Pereira is one of such players. Please I will now advice everyone including myself to support Arsenal. There is light at the end of the tunnel is you look at our performance from Christmas.

  8. Edu is a waste of time. Incompetent yet arrogant. Poor negotiation skills and unconvincing. He should have been sacked since the last summer transfer window, after falling to get the then number one target, Aouar. I don’t see Arsenal having a good transfer window, unless, some unforseen changes are made in the way, they conduct business now.

  9. Those players are all excellent addition on paper and only Willian failed to live up to expectations, Cedric signed too, and Ode on loan, Edu influence help brought in Martinelli so I hear.
    So for me, it’s been a success so far and I don’t think they don’t know why We can’t trust them

    1. Adajim
      You see Cedric being part of a top four side. Wow how our standards have fallen. Sad to see what some ‘supporters’ will put up with. No wonder we are struggling….some see the mediocre as special.

  10. Please give me Pereira from west brom, I would have him to play for arsenal. This guy scored more goals than Madison (11/8) and one assist less than Madison (7/8). Bring him on to come and play with ESR.

  11. Problem with Arsenal is arsenal fans and their so called legends.Them bring nothing but confusions to themselves with bad energy.U judge wenger,emery now arteta.all this men still have value after they left.Arsenal as a team has a lot off field jobless legends with bad energy.Who said arteta can’t improve arsenal with little funds…let them protest.So that he will get sacked.But we all call for emery head but today he had been vindicated against almighty man United

  12. Let judge after transfer….cux I don’t believe in panic buy…Buendia choose Aston villa.He made his choice,may be he is not ready for arsenal fans booing.When loose and more is coming….Liverpool suffered with Jurgen klopp but we doesnt want to rebuild.We want already made with peanut.Disgusting

  13. The big problem for arsenal is the jobless legends ….specifically Henrry….gallase….petit….wright ….bla bla…those legends feed themselves by bleeding arsenal….that is their way of maintaining there name…for God sake..
    Henrry is an arrogant character he wants the,,,,,,,,

    THIS IS ONE OF THE WEIRDEST COOMENTS I have ever read! Seriously can you contact me and you can do ironic surreal stuff regularly on ja, I love it!

    But seriously, others readers need to be warned…

  14. I think we r luck to hv a coach like arteta who loves this club to the death.but i want him to let aub leave…im getting irritated by his meaningless laugh .he is letting down z team…n i want martinelli..playing more…he is young n brings some energy….even is he is not capable of starting everygame..

  15. When we sacked Emery I was happy, I would of done it and the end of the previous season. He did the minimum….. kept and 5th place club 5th. He did not seem to have full backing of players and his English was poor….. at times it felt very confusing. It was a ruthless decision……. he was a good manager but not good enough.

    For me Arteta/Edu have been given enough time, we should again be ruthless. Many teams go through cycles where they go through a number managers before finding the right fit. This is normal.

    I wonder if the Kroenke’s feel they have to keep them because of the fan support they have.

    I would rather arteta make good with what he already has. Save funds for the inevitable change of direction.

    1. Agreed,, we have good players Artetta has an over inflated ego and lacks man management skills

  16. Do we have a budget and how much is in it if there is any? There is no target for Arteta and Edu because with targets and expectations, you spend to make sure it is achieved. Let’s be honest, spending is Kryptonite to the Kroenkes so what do you expect? I don’t care what situation we are in; I expect AFC to challenge for all trophies. “Be excited” 2.0. I’ll bet most of you have bought the new kits. Haven’t you. 🤣😆🤭. Kronke wins again. Let’s enjoy the mediocrity. I blame fans too.

  17. After missing Buendia Arsenal should move fast for Matheus Pereira.

    Give WBA Maitland Niles in a swap deal for Pereira. Simple

  18. To me it is quite shocking we missed out on Buendia. If indeed he was one of our main targets, to lose out to Villa appears to question Edu’s experience.

    To me, Odegaard is a long shot and too expensive and Buendia made a lot of sense. We clearly need more creative spark in our team and after losing out on Aour last season and Buendia this season and players only becoming more expensive during the Euro’s if they play well, we seem to have dropped a major ball.

    Unless of course we never wanted Buendia but then why would we have made an offer?

    Chances are we paid for the lack of experience Edu has.

    1. Arsenal matched the salary being offered to Buendia, but Villa’s package to Norwich was more enticing.
      Told that Arsenal ‘matched it, or went even more, but on a different structure of deal.’ 🔴 #AFC (Chris Wheatley)

      A 30 year instalmemt plan no doubt 😄

  19. With the budget they have, they can treat themselves to a nice portion of fish and chips each. So I’m sure they’ll spend it well.

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