Opinion – Can you feel the new positivity at Arsenal?

Another weekend of football is here; are you ready for the hungry Arsenal?

Hello Gooners. Good times seem to be returning back to the club. Just some few days ago, we got Pablo Mari to play for us for the next six months at least! And just before his transfer, we played and beat Bournemouth in an FA cup knock-out game. With so much positivity in and around the club, we can only hope for more.

Well, our next game is against Burnley away on Sunday. With our woeful away form, it won’t be out of place to fear we may lose or draw against Burnley on Sunday. If I am to be honest with you, I also fear watching that game because I am not sure what Arsenal team will turn up for the game. Are we going to see the Arsenal that limited Bournemouth to no shots on/off target for 30 minutes or more of the game that we played against them and won on Monday night? Are we going to see the Arsenal team that plays as if they have lost all the motivation to play for the club? I am not quite sure of the Arsenal team that will turn up on Sunday, but my gut tells me Arsenal will surprise a lot of people and end that game on Sunday on a winning note.

As if the joy of beating Bournemouth was not enough, the club surprised the fans some more by bringing in a defensive replacement! Some days ago, it was rumored that the club was bidding to bring in a defender from PSG; but then the story faded away just as soon as it began, without Arsenal getting the player. However, just when fans were about giving up on ever seeing a defensive re-enforcement, the club signed Mari on a loan. Mari coming to Arsenal has in a lot of ways lifted the mood amongst fans and players. Hopefully, the mood will start reflecting on the field of play and the team will start playing well and keep on winning. Right now, I am so proud to be an Arsenal supporter.

After serving his ban, our top scorer Aubameyang will be back in the team and hopefully, he will be fit enough to be considered for selection against Burnley. I don’t know if I would be sounding harsh by saying the team never really missed Aubameyang while he was away! We have players who did their best in every game they played in, while Auba was on suspension. We scored goals in his absence; only losing goals due to our poor defensive organization. Nevertheless, Auba is a proven striker and Arsenal can never get enough of him, despite having players who can cover up well for him if he is absent. Welcome back Aubameyang. We expect you to hit the ground running on Sunday and show the fans that right now, you are still the king of goals at Arsenal.

Seriously, I don’t know if I am the only one feeling the excitement in the air or a lot of us are also as positively excited as I am right now. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. gotanidea says:

    Yes, Aubameyang will come back. I bet Pepe would be sacrificed for him, since Pepe still doesn’t show any improvement in EPL matches

    1. SAGooner says:

      Rather leave Lacazette out, Laca has not contributed anything in the past few games he’s played. Pepe needs game time to assert himself.

  2. Innocent says:

    Pepe plays purposeless football, Lacca may not be scoring but his tracking back, tackles, link up play is still tops.

  3. Drew says:

    If a goal scorer is not scoring goals his CV needs to be updated.

  4. Shortboygooner says:

    If auba can still score on the right play him on the right.

    If lacca doesnt score in next 1 or 2 games. Play nketia

    Arteta needs to be ruthless and strategic

    Still work to do for arsenal but I hope this is a turning point. I’m not fully convinced yet

  5. georgie b says:

    Just looking at the first team. I may be wrong, but there appears to be no one in the iconic #7 shirt.

  6. Shakir says:

    Auba was missed in my opinion.He has good chemistry with laca,ozil and pepe unlike martinelli.And he is more experienced and in some games the way i see it,auba could have done better than martinelli.

    Martinelli on the other hand has done great.But hes got much to learn.
    And it will be ineteresting to see who our front 3 would be now as aubas back.

    And for me laca should not be dropped,he has the ability,strength to cope with the physical burnley side.And for me him and ozil are the players in our attacking 4 who can play the holdup game,linkups,one twos quite superbly and also ceballos.

  7. Reggie says:

    There is no reason at all, why this season can not be turned around. To what level will all be revealed.

  8. Marshall says:

    for me l dont know why arteta is not starting Ceballos

  9. kondwani Tyson says:

    only if we field right players then we can celebrate come on sanday, but we keep on trusting these useless kids in the name of kentiah, Nelson and willock………….mmmmmm I don’t know

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