Opinion: Chelsea will be laughing at us over Willian now

Some Arsenal fans may have thought we got one over Chelsea when we succeeded in signing Willian for free in the last transfer window.

The Brazilian had spent the last seven years at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea, and the club wanted to keep him.

The Blues offered him a two-year deal, but he wanted three years and joined us instead.

At the time, some fans and pundits were excited about the signing, I never was because I didn’t understand why we would want to sign a player that was edging towards the end of his footballing career on a three-year deal.

Willian must have wanted to prove me wrong when he provided three assists in his first league game.

But that was as good as we could get from him and he didn’t deliver in the league again until our last game against Wolves when he provided another assist for Gabriel Magalhaes’ goal.

In a nutshell, Willian hasn’t been who we thought we signed, if anything, he has been a shadow of the player that shone for Chelsea during Project Restart.

The Blues must have seen that he would only be effective for so long, and that is why they didn’t offer him a long term deal, they will be happy about that decision and laughing at us now. We thought we were smarter.

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  1. And a big stop for buying aging player’s. It worked in Luis, not in Willians.
    From last season, everyone knows Arsenal midfield is not good.
    The Midfield cannot give accurate passes, cannot retain possession, cannot defend, cannot create, cannot score. Same goals to our flank backs, cannot defend, it’s time Bellerin sit down for Cedric if there is any player like that in Arsenal.

    1. Worked in Luiz…you must be kidding right. The guy has cost us more goals bec of direct error then anyone else. Check the stats bro since he joined us and you will know what a blessing Luiz has been lol!.

  2. 😂🤣😂😂….it’s not now but from the very first day. I pointed out that Willian in his prime was not even a player I would have liked Arsenal to sign. He was a little bit above avg at best. Our fans celebrated old poor Willin like we signed Hazard. Some or shall I say most of the fans here actually where poking Chelsea and laughing at them after the first game. The fans who were against his signing n called him Chelsea discard were told they know nothing about football. So I ask the same football experts how’s the betting bit going for u guys, I hope u didn’t place ur property on bet for Willian.

  3. Here is the funny fact Ramsey had more goals and more assists in EPL then Willian. One was not considered Arsenal quality by fans n kind of hated while other one was hailed as some sort of saviour 😉

    1. I don’t hate Willian, but I can’t understand the insisting on keeping him playing even when he isn’t doing anything, don’t get me wrong I know he has 4 assists till now but that’s not what we are expecting.

      As I asked in another article, do you think that Ozil can’t play better than Willian? and why they kicked Ozil and keeps playing this guy while we know he travelled and did crazy things!

  4. Arsenal are the masters at not learning from their mistakes. Drinkwater our next Chelsea signing? Haha!

    1. Why would he want to leave when he is earning 200k per week.Arsenal used to have a policy for any player of 30 and over would only be offered a one year contract which would be repeated each year if they performed.The trouble is we now give these players 3 year contacts and if they don’t perform we can’t get rid of them.Have you not noticed how poor PEA has been since he was given his new £400k 3 year contract.These players are only here for one thing MONEY and Arsenal are stupid enough to keep giving out these contracts.You think they would have learnt after the Ozil saga

  5. To be fair, if Willian was still at Chelsea he’s probably be playing half decent at least. Arsenal is the problem…..

  6. That’s why transfer targets are a pipe dream for us.
    We only get scraps that have done their time at other clubs ie played their best football there. We let them sit on fat contracts. We have no direction, no cohesion, no statement of intent. We’re just a club for old men, both on the pitch and upstairs.
    Look at why so many turn us down. Some outright ridicule us for approaching their players. They KNOW we injure our signings until they can’t play anymore. Or somehow make them worse than before even without injury.
    When it happens with more than one player on our books, “it’s not them, it’s us”.

  7. Before we start blaming players for our woe( some like Cebellos, Xhakaneed to be blamed actually) can we look at the role/responsibilities given to them by the coach. Durand pointed out both Cebellos and Xhaka played more like a fullbacks in our last game and when I rewatched the match I found this to be true. I also found out that our two cb become our central midfielders while the fullbacks play in the attacking position which make that spot crowded. This is why when the opponent counterattack we see our cbs and the cms in fullbacks position running back to cover the space they left behind instead of trying to win the ball back. This is so complicated every one forget their main role as a player. Arteta should let the defenders defend, central midfielders to protect the defense and link the defense to the attack and allow the attackers to play to get some goals first before they think about helping out in defense until he has the players to implement his kind of football. He needs players who has strength, energy and pace for that kind of football.

  8. Willian was surely playing at Chelsea at a much higher level, scoring more and assisting more than at Arsenal. So who is to be blamed, Arteta’s tactics, formation, or Willian. The spuds game is the real motivator for Arsenal to get things back on track, if the Spuds game cant motivate than I dont know what will. Also I feel MA should revert back to 343 system, because from the last 2-3 games when we are playing 433 system in the PL, the players look lost and demoralised, I think they are more used to the 343 system. And to contain Kane and Son on their home ground, a 343 system is a must, or else we will be run over.

  9. I remember a few Chelsea fans posting on here when we were about to sign him and the consensus among them was that he was becoming inconsistent. One mentioned that he was playing one good game in four at the moment and would only get worse with age. At 32 how true that prediction was. As third man said we never learn our lesson as at 34 he will be on 200 g a week with no one else willing to take him on.Another Ozil situation beckoning.

  10. One good game in four? Even that is so far off the mark! 🙂

    Another waste of money, time and energy. Useless does NOT come close for me. Even Sunday league would be too much of a challenge for him!!

  11. I can see the future of Arsenal now. The banner outside will simply read.. “Footballers Retirement Home” 🤣🤣🤣

  12. One of the reasons given for buying him was to help the young players, but he’s not being played alongside them but instead of them. He’s said he doesn’t understand Arteta’s system and MA says he’s carrying injuries. Why is he a consistent starter? Is this debacle the Edu effect? Sell him in January for a couple of used fivers, get him off the wage bill and promote ESR and Nelson.

  13. Funny just a few years ago the team didn’t have natural wingers and had to play midfielders such as Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshere, Miki, etc in wide positions. Fans were literally begging the club to buy wingers, but now that we’ve got a decent one fans are still not satisfied…

    Willian is a good signing as he’s free and PL proven. He provides competition to Pepe and offers plenty of tactical alternatives to the manager. If we look at the squad, in the front we have Saka, Auba, Laca, Nketiah, Pepe, Willian, and Martinelli. That’s really solid and full of potential. In my opinion, the problem is in midfield and Arteta needs to sort it out before we face spuds next week.

  14. True Liuz is a big big liability to the team. His experience at the bridge was. He is past his useful years and will only help to ship in more goes. By getting old players on the cheap we clearly see the consequences

  15. My friend told me he plays for contracts. Amateur mistake from a club of Arsenal’s size. The fact Barca was after him a year ago was warning enough to stay away from him. Awful contract we offered him. At least we know he wont get any of the bonuses in his contract.

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