Opinion – David Luiz can still be an asset to Arsenal despite his poor season

Few players in the Premier League era have divided opinion as much as David Luiz.

The Brazilian can be the most delightful player to watch in a game yet become the most frustrating footballer in the world in his very next game.

He has had a stellar career playing for the likes of Chelsea and PSG even becoming the world’s most expensive defender at some point.

However, let’s be honest, Luiz has been terrible for Arsenal since he moved across town from Chelsea this summer.

He has failed to live up to his reputation at the Emirates Stadium, and I think this is because he has been played in the wrong position.

Luiz is a centre back like we all know, but I reckon that he has played some of his best football as a defensive midfielder and that is the position he should be playing at Arsenal.

When Rafa Benitez arrived for his temporary stint at Chelsea, the Spaniard had so many defenders that he decided to deploy Luiz in midfield.

Luiz starred in that position and helped Chelsea win the Europa League. Arsenal is in need of a midfielder like Luiz and they have to take him into their midfield sooner than later.

The reasons why I am so convinced that Luiz would be a midfield star at Arsenal is because, firstly, he has an amazing passing range.

Secondly, It can be difficult for anyone to dribble past him, thirdly, Luiz has a good shot in him.

These attributes can make anyone thrive in the centre of the park. Arsenal may have to move one of Granit Xhaka or Lucas Torreira on before playing David Luiz in the midfield, I think they should do whatever they can to get Luiz playing in a position he is probably better suited to.


  1. Luiz as CDM was discussed 3 years ago in this reddit thread while he was still a Chelsea player


  2. The suggestion that Luis would perform more effectively as a DM rather than a CB is wishful thinking in my opinion.He may be able to hit 50 yard passes but he lacks,pace ,energy and the ability to keep possession in tight areas which is an essential part of a DM’s job.I’m afraid he has had his day, and along with Mustafi, Sokratis and Xhaka he will join the list of “bad buys”.

    1. Grandad, How I love your observant regular common sense and lack of self fooling , as so many other younger and naive fans indulge in. We older ones can recognise the wood from the tress and never use biased pure hope,when we write. Luiz is a write off and you and I know it full well.

  3. Yes, stick him where he cant do any damage, so that`s either DM or in the Armoury store as a Guendouzi mannequine!

  4. He is a good bench squad. Not good for first 11 again but presently, l still prefer him to Socrates and mustafi

  5. The forward planning for the retirement of Mertz and Kos
    seemed sound with the purchase of Mustafi 43m + Gabriel 16m
    and cheap back up options of Holding 2m and Mavropanos 3m.
    Unfortunately Gabriel failed Mustafi has been underwhelming.
    Koz also got injured Bielik was not considered good enough. Mavro struggling.
    The purchase of Saliba had to be postponed because of the lack of funds.
    Socritis is the best of an average bunch,
    So Luiz at 7m, being London based and PL experienced was a logical stop gap.

  6. Socratis is most certainly not the best of a bad bunch.That “honour” goes to Holding and Chambers if only they get the chance to play together on a regular basis.

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