Opinion: Did positive Coronavirus test hamper David Luiz and Mesut Ozil?

David Ornstein revealed that a positive Coronavirus test in the run-up to the restart against Manchester City forced three players to miss training for a three-day period just before we made the trip to the Etihad, but those players remain unnamed.

One player was tested as positive for having Coronavirus, and the club moved to follow-up with their own tests due to the players showing no symptoms, all of which came up negative.

The following Monday the players were tested once again, all negative, and they were back in training on Tuesday, the day before the loss at the Etihad.

Ornstein told The Athletic that the players were able to return to training without quarantining for the full seven days thanks to a negative antigen test.

Mesut Ozil was left out of the Manchester City fixture last Wednesday, with the midfielder not even making the 20-man squad, while David Luiz was also left out of the starting line-up.

This was a shock considering the fact that both of those players had been key for the first-team prior to the break, with both starting every league match that they had been available for, and his exclusion from the starting line-up was backed-up entirely by his appalling performance.

The question remains though, were these decisions based on the lack of training in the build-up because of the false-positive Covid-19 test? Or were the pair simply overlooked because they are not convincing their manager that they should have been in the starting line-up?



    1. According to a report, it was a false positive, a test conducted afterwards showed that, and the players were allowed back into training four days prior to the City match

      1. Let’s keep up with this bûllshît called finishing the season till it becomes a real positive.
        People were against resuming the season, and we know some of the very vocal ones on here who spoke about the risks, but got blown back.
        It’s fake until it becomes real and someone’s family is put at risk

        1. Well, I for one wasn’t for resuming the season. In fact, I wanted it cancelled just so Liverpool won’t win it (call me petty or whatever, I don’t care). Besides, I’m not sure most arsenal fans were entirely positive about resuming the season anyways, and going by our first two results, I bet most would agree it’s not too late to cancel it. 😀

        2. I doubt it very much, just Ozil is a weak character!
          And as for Luiz hes always been calamitous but my conspiracy theory is that Chelsea sold him to infiltrate us and sabotage our games.
          Its the only reason I can come up with for how poor hes been.
          I was reflecting after the Brighton game and thinking about players of the past, players that used to get a hard time.
          I think now how in this current crop a Flamini or Coquelin would be well recieved
          Arsenal the midfield possession team, yes right then! What ever happened we can’t even string a few passes together now.

  1. News about arsenal have been uninspiring of late, and transfer rumours aren’t doing any better. Joe Hart and a Luiz extension, I mean WTH?!!…. Even a toddler knows that’s not right. I’ll be pissed if any or even worse, both of those deals happen. But well, as long as we’re stuck with the same people in charge, we can expect more of these heartbreaking decisions. I really feel sorry for us. I mean look at Chelsea for God’s sake.

    1. So frustrated after Saturday… always takes me a day or 3 to calm down after a result like that… but then you see reports like that – Hart and Luiz – and the frustration comes flooding back!
      I don’t want to sound negative all the time, I love AFC with a passion, but it’s really hard sometimes, more so than ever before and I’m really struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
      Just give us something to smile about!!

  2. Sue, if you are fortunate enough like me to have grandchildren, it puts life into perspective and soon makes you realize the things that are really important at a time of Global crisis .Whenever I’m feeling particularly down, I think of my seven grandchildren and it immediately brings a smile to my face.Chin up Sue.

    1. 😊 Thanks Grandad… yes I have 2 small grandchildren… along with my children they never fail to put a smile on my face!
      I’ve always been told don’t let it get to you, don’t take it so seriously blah blah blah…. 😄 easier said than done! Haha….

      1. Yeah, and then your grandchildren grow up to support Spuds and Liverpool!! 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 . Now that would be perspective enough, Sue to drive you over the edge again!! ROFL

        1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Wouldn’t it just!!! 😝 Alexa, where’s the nearest bridge? 😂
          Looking very likely my grandson will be United, just like his dad… urgh that’s bad enough!!

  3. Luiz is a poor defender but with some amazing distribution skills.
    Why he got an extension is my main problem now but MA would have a reason and i believe in him and will back him

    Ozil didnt play in the last 2 games specially due to some fitness problems so maybe he is one of the 3 players and i am quite happy how MA reacted to the situations.

  4. If you don’t laugh when you see Joe Hart, mam, you have no sense of humor. And clown Luiz is the new star of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey. It’s all a BIG ha, ha, haaa… And then you burst into tears.
    The only thing that can save Asn’l now is a second wave of corona. That is: The season will end before round 38 because so many players have the virus that no teams can’t get a starting XI. Nothing to hope for, eh?

    1. Correction: …that no teams can get a starting XI. Sorry. My English is horrible.

  5. Can you imagine hart in goal and Luiz in front of him be like something out of the keystone cops were already a laughing stock but this goes to a completely different level!!

    1. Brings me out in a cold sweat just thinking about it!
      Keystone Cops 🤣🤣 Brilliant!! 👍

    2. I bet even Luiz would tell the club to stick it where the sun don’t shine if Hart taken on!

      Hart would love the job because he could blame every goal on Luiz..

      OMG, please Noooooooooooooooo!!

  6. They supposedly tested positive, when they were negative, not a surprise, the tests aren’t reliable and players in the future will test negative when they are positive. The test are not that accurate or reliable and there will be problems in the future. From what i have seen so far from Arsenal and football in general, it wasn’t/isn’t a risk that was worth taking. I hope that nobody dies from footballs selfishness, i really do. Russian roulette comes to mind as far as testing and playing.

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