Opinion: Did too much football ruin Jack Wilshere? Saka has to be carefully managed

Bukayo Saka has recently revealed that he is having the time of his life, and he isn’t worried about being overworked, but should he be?

The teenager has become a key player for his club and country despite his tender age.

I know that they are both different players, but there is a similarity between him and Jack Wilshere who also bust onto the scene as a teenager.

The Englishman was heavily relied on by Arsenal as he continued to outperform those that are more experienced than he was that time. Today, Wilshere is just 28, but injury has ravaged his career, and the Englishman cannot even get a team to take a chance on him.

Without trying to be pessimistic, I do believe that there is something about playing too much football too soon.

Players bank on their bodies to keep them playing the game and the body can only be physically active for so long when it is constantly being tasked with serious physical exercise.

Saka is exciting to watch, and I dare not say that I want him to be rested, at least not now, but he has to slow things down a little.

There would be much more football to play for us, but at the rate that he is going, whether he knows about it or not, he might not last in the game.

Should the club be worried about overworking the youngster?


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  1. I dont remember Wilshire playing any more football than, rooney, sterling or fabrigas. He was brittle, not over played.

  2. OT -sorry
    That last 10 mins at old Trafford really goes to show that some teams really do get decisions go their way above others ,Thought I had seen it all until tonight .

        1. Wow!! Lost count of how many penalties they’ve had also, Kev, although it must be up there with Slab head’s shots πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

          1. Haha Sue they still get looked after don’t they ? No Partey tomorrow and Luiz knocked Ceballos out πŸ₯ŠπŸ˜‚ can we still win ? πŸ˜„ City beaten again, your daughter can’t be happy after that 😳

            1. I’m nervous about tomorrow, Kev!! I really don’t know what to expect..
              No, she’s not happy… we play them soon, that is one game if we ever lose, tears and a major meltdown ensue haha!!

              1. I know Sue I couldn’t even predict tomorrow’s game, I honestly have no idea how it will pan out, we either win 1-0 or get beat 3-0 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ oh I am dreading it Sue, they are playing well and son is on fire 😳 supernatural has finished after 15 years and 15 seasons I’m gutted I didn’t like the ending tbh πŸ˜‚

                1. Son has scored the same amount of goals as us as a team!! 😳 Poor!!
                  Oh no, what happened in it?

                  We’d better start scoring today, Kev. I really can’t handle another drab, shotless performance! We’ve waited what seems like ages for today, it’d better not disappoint!

  3. It wasn’t too much football, it was trying to play that Vieira role that Arsenal just plugged. From Diarby to La Coq to Frimpong to Jack. All failed and injured trying to fill a role they were never built for. Saka will be fine on the wings where he shines. It was also Jack’s desperation to get on the pitch. If he had seen Ozil sooner he would have looked after himself more. (Say what you want, Ozil has money and his health, Ozil too had to play for Arsenal with no boss in midfield.)Jack tried to help Arsenal but pride, blood , sweat and tears are not enough. He is a true Gunner but like Frimpong and la Coq they never achieved much but put there careers on the line for Arsenal. Bad management or recruitment caused it. Patching up the holes at the expense of Wengers reputation and the players being played out of position.

    1. Why not admit it it Arsene Wenger destroyed Wiltshire’s career by refusing to add to his squad and squeezing every last minute out of Jack. A shame.

  4. It was only the style of play that Jack had, that contributed to his injuries, along with the inadequate referreing during his time at our club, in my opinion.

    It would be interesting to find out just how many of his injuries were directly due to tackles, rather than his body letting him down, or playing time being a (major) factor.

    The one asset that Saka has over Wilshere is speed and I can only hope that this will be some kind of protection, along with the fact that he doesn’t depend on the close control that Jack was renowned for.

    Good article Martin.

  5. Saka is a more sensible player than Wilshere ever was and does not jump into every tackle like he did all the time often as I saw it more to show off and of course got hurt very often. I always thought Wilshere was an overrated player I am sorry to say.

  6. A prescient article MARTIN AND MORE SUCH AS THIS PLEASE! Overplaying young and still developing young footballers bodies is a widely known danger and applause to you for bringing this oft forgotten fact (by fans but not by those involved in the game) to the fore. Saka HAS played more football this season , with no real pre-season preparation either for all players, than almost any other player in the country. More England minutes too this last week or so than ANY other player.

    MA will be well aware of this danger as – unlike the know it all fans on here who are eager to “teach” him how to manage our club – HE is a professional, while most of them are silly juvenile keyboard warriors with more ego than sense!
    I am content to leave this potential genious manager, a fact I see so easily, to manage our beloved club without my useless”advice”.

    I urge all true fans to do likewise and all FAKE Gooners to shut their silly egos up and give the mature fans on here a well deserved rest from your nonsense. You are harming our club, so desist!

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