Opinion: Do you think that Lucas Torreira is really that bad?

Arsenal is about to sell Lucas Torreira to Fiorentina, according to the latest report from Labaro Viola.

The Uruguayan becomes another victim of the changing times at the Emirates as Mikel Arteta looks to rebuild the club.

It is really an amazing fall from grace for the midfielder considering that he was one of the crowd favourites in his first season at the Emirates.

After starring at the World Cup with Uruguay, Arsenal splashed the cash to land him from Sampdoria.

His second season has been an underwhelming one, but we cannot deny that he was one of our best players in the 2018/19 season.

As he gets set to leave, I have been asking myself, “is he such a bad player now?”

I have been surprised at how he has fallen from one of the first names on the team sheet to being a player that is unwanted by the club.

I have to admit that when a new manager arrives things change and not all the players will be liked by him.

Sometimes, when new players arrive, the old ones will also struggle to keep their place, but I am not sure exactly what happened with Torreira.

Arteta seems to have decided that he isn’t good enough for his team even before he became Arsenal’s manager.

I am not sure Torreira ever really had a chance and for me, he remains a class player that will most likely show his true talent elsewhere.

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  1. He just wasn’t a good fit, and another player that had a first good impression but then fizzled out pretty fast. Not a bad player by any stretch of the imagination though. He’ll have a good career.

    1. He wants to move since last year. Its good for a club n a team to let go unwanted players. Pls off load few others too.

  2. Well, Lucas Torreria may not be as bad as a badder at Arsenal. But he is neither as good as a goodder now at the club. Excuse my English please but try to understand it.

    Lucas Torreria was signed by Arsenal as a holding midfielder 2 summers ago by Unai Emery coached Arsenal. And initially he showed a good defensive attacking threats quality promise in his first season in games for Arsenal which yielded some dividends for the club that made him looked he could become a solid DM for Arsenal for some years to come.

    But all of a sudden into his 2nd season at the club, he loss his form and showed disrespect to the manager, Emery that took the better control of him to pull him down in the pecking order of the starting XI Gunners team weeks after weeks and months after months that saw him a times on the bench warming it for Arsenal. Hmmm.

    Then in come Mikel Arteta who gave him chances to recover his lost form and shine for Arsenal again as he did when he first join the club.

    But alas, Lucas Torreria under Arteta’s coaching watch, miserably failed to rediscovered his lost form and regain it back. Then, the head coach took the decision to send him out on loan this summer to try and get his lost form back.

  3. Good player technically, as he was a converted forward, but just not big enough for the EPL to play DM. He unfortunately suffered injury which curtailed his appearances.
    Torreira, never settled in London and instead of concentrating on his football (admittedly disrupted by injury) and the improved wages he was receiving, was openly complaining about weather, language etc.
    Obviously a better fit in Italy, given the number of clubs showing interest. Sell him and reinvest the money in Diawara or Soumare.

    1. So a little like Ceballos wouldn’t you say!?
      He’s always talking about RM and how he’s wanting to become a Galactico.
      Yet we’re falling over backwards to accomodate him.
      It was Unai Emery who, in my opinion, made Torreria want to leave. WHO in his right mind, would try and change a proven and effective DM into something else and not even realise his mistake?

      The reason he had such a great start at The Arsenal, was because he was played in the position he was renowned for… such a simple conclusion. Its rubbish to say he hasn’t got the attributes for the PL, just as it’s nonsense to say we have to have players who need to be able to run around like headless chickens, just to show they are giving 100%.

      Goid luck Lucas, sorry it didn’t work out.

      1. Totally agree , every player regressed (not just Torreira)under Emery why he was here .
        We can now see the benefit of having a coach who knows what he is doing , he’s got players who many doubted player out of their skin ,unfortunately for Torreira it’s come to late .

      2. So then Ken, you would overlook the fact that he is constantly bowled over when confronting biggger opponents and has often got hurt while doing so? I do not remotely think him a poor player, BUT he is just too small for our intensely physical Prem.
        I DO agree with you how Emery misused him though. But for my money, he must still be sold.

        1. Tell me Jon, how many times have you seen him “bowled over?”
          It’s another false claim I’m afraid.
          In his first season, he was tackling and being robust, to the extent the media were saying that, at last, we had a proper defensive player.

          Torreria did a very good job for us, the fiddling around that UE, plus his injury, was the reason he became disillusioned with our club, nothing to do with his physical attributes.

          1. So please name the “many times” Jon and AlexLaca9, where he was “bowled over.”

            To keep making these unsubstantiated claims as if they are facts, is why people are misled.

            You want us to believe that a player who was “bowled over many times” was selected week after week and was recognised as having a great season?

            I think some fans must live in cloud cuckoo land – he was a terrior in his DM role and why fans have to invent things about a player I don’t understand.
            I watched every one of his home games at the Emirates and to say he was “bowled over many times” is just not true.

  4. The EPL is a very physical league where size and indeed in football as well.Notice the no of times he has been out possessed by bigger sized guy. I know there are guys of his size around but they are in a minority. Yes Kante is a good example
    For the md,we need a Veira clone . He was awesome. Liverpool s team have big sized fellas.
    Maybe Arteta know this and is revamping his squad to get the big guys.
    Btw,I have nothing against our South American. His type is more suited to the La liga.

    1. No James, Arsenal need a Gilberto Silva clone, such as Diawara from AC Roma as DM.
      Thomas Partey is the strong physical commanding box to box midfielder clone of Patrick Viera.

  5. Alexis Sanchez on his live IG video said that after signing for United, after the first week he went home and told his family and agent, “Can I break this contract and move back to Arsenal?” He admits he wasn’t aware of his decision at the time and regrets it.

    Loool… No doubt I love his time with us,he was very effective, but this man laughed at us while we were losing, gave up on the team he should be leading.. Broke Monsieur Wenger’s heart who wanted to keep him badly, rejected a new deal, betrayed us fans and left..
    He got the money but he was never happy over there.
    This life remains a mystery..
    I watched the video, I felt a bit pity for him, yet so mad at him for what he did.
    Call it ambition, but he left in a very bad state. Chose to turn off in his last season..
    The cycle continues, for every half that left Arsenal and went ahead to win trophies, the other half that left all had nothing but regrets, and all eventually do end up coming out publicly that they regret leaving

    1. Its called Karma for the way he behaved. Super player for us but got too big for his boots and paid the price for messing up his career when if he had stayed and kept on playing the way he was he would be been a legend at us and loved by the fans for years to come.

      Always liked Alexis Sanchez as a player and boy was he a player when he arrived at us.

      1. Alexis Sanchez is another case of Mark 8:36.
        Yes it’s karma, however at least he has admitted his mistake and taken an opportunity to resurrect his football career.

    2. That’s bizarre, Eddie. As wasn’t he a manc growing up?
      He was my fave, I loved the guy… and when news broke of him going to OT and that leaked photo of him on the pitch… it broke my heart!! I shed a few tears!!!
      I do sometimes wonder how things would’ve turned out if he’d stayed with us… but one thing’s for sure – the grass isn’t always greener!

    3. Eddie, its not always green at the other side right? Well, Sanchez didn’t act like he does not know what he was doing back then. You have said it all…he made a mess of the move then. He was always throwing tantrums and shouting at his team mates unprofessionally. Well, from the video i see someone that regrets the move to manu. Like that thought of how I wish but to say he didn’t know what he was doing decision wise is false for me as he plotted everything and wanted to leave for manu so that’s decision but a regrettable one

      1. And to be fair, I was gutted he left but I don’t blame him one bit, let’s not deceive ourselves, we weren’t showing him we were ambitious enough as a club under wenger. We have all heard tales of how Arsenal would lose a game and the players in the bus back home would be having a laugh and taking selfies like we’d just won. I honestly believe he didn’t just go for the money, he went because he thought utd had a better chance of winning the league and UCL than us. We replaced Van persie with sanogo and giroud for Christ’s sake, had coquelin play DM for us a far cry from Gilberto and viera, had very poor defence that needed fixing for years but was never fixed. He was actually a one man player for us. Carried Arsenal on his back like Auba is doing now (little wonder why Auba is asking the club to show ambition before signing his contract extension?) Sanchez is doing way better in Inter Milan now, mourinho had no clue how to utilise him at man utd, that was the mistake he made. If he had gone to City instead, he would have been a beast for them. Glad he had passion for football over money in the end otherwise he wouldn’t be at Milan now with a pay cut.

  6. Rubbish; Like a lot of players in the squad not good enough for this team. We paid way over the right price and gave them too much money in wages, now they either don’t want to leave or no other clubs are willing to be as stupid as we were to take these overrated prima donna’s

  7. The clear-out was always going to happen. If we want Partey/Diawara/Aouar then someone has to leave. My guess Torreira, Guendouzi and El Neny. Likewise, we have too many defenders now. Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac, and either of Chambers or Holding will have to go. Bellerin might also go if it is decided AMN is a RB who can cover Soares. Then Saka can cover Tierney. We will have 2 defenders for every position which I think is enough.

    1. 👍 Valid points QD; the clear out was always going to be painful, due to the past mistakes of the Arsenal Board and senior executive.

    2. You still want Saka playing left back? That’s outrageous, why not let the guy concentrate on his current role while we promote someone from the academy or rather let kola be

      1. RSH, the player I wanted originally was Marc Roca of Espanyol; however it looks like he is going to Atletico Madrid. I disagree with you on Diawara; however it is just a matter of opinion. Soumare is inexperienced and way overpriced, so who have you identified as a prospective DM to partner Partey as box to box midfielder?

  8. Lucas Torreira is actually quite a good player. The truth is, we were at fault in the first place, recruiting him and expecting him to perform like Patrick Viera in our midfield. Yet another blatant example of poor recruitment under the previous regime – trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. I still expect LT to enjoy more success in the Italian league and at the international level with his home team.

  9. Torreira was a nice guy in the first season but suddenly lost his focus in the second season. He was always talking of Italy, the life and football there. So if he has Italy in his heart better for him to go there and thrive in the Serie A. As for Arsenal we can use the money to buy Partey/Diawara/Aouar. Also Guendouzi, Socrates, Kola and Mustafi/Holding/Chambers should move on. Although I would like Chambers to stay because like AMN he can play in a number of positions.

  10. He is a good defensive midfielder … he didn’t get a run on the side also struggling with language and now style of play

  11. When he first arrived I liked his work rate, the way he kept looking around to track the opposition, and the way he broke up play.He was then asked to play further up the field and it just did not suit him. To get the best out of Torriera he needs just to be given a purely defensive break up play midfield role. Unfortunately due to the paucity of midfield creative talent at Arsenal, he wasn’t allowed to do that and his form suffered.

  12. To me, himself and UE were both at fault for the turn of events
    He is a good buy and showed why we spent millions to buy him but he refused to adapt, always complaining about one thing or the other, and UE trying to convert him to box-to-box, giving him advance role, different from the partnership he formed with xhaka/Guedozi in his first season, changing tactics and destroying the whole defensive unit.
    By the time MA arrived, he was injured and cebalos pick up momentum keeping him and Ozil out of the squad, but am not sure Elnely is better than him Currently

  13. It’s not a question of how bad, but is he good enough to be effective in the physically demanding EPL.?The answer is unfortunately for us, no.

  14. Torreira is OK enough. We are exceptionally uncreative though. Maybe Willian will add some creativity but we need someone like Houssem Aouar who has creativity, movement and tenacity. Our midfield is poor and needs some magic. He’s on transfer Mkt at £44.5 mill.
    Also Said Benrahma is much, much better than Felipe Anderson. Benrahma is the new Mahrez. Cheap as Chips

      1. Sean, Arsenal need to beef up the midfield as the Club has been bullied by even lesser teams. The players you have mentioned are too lightweight to compete without the ball at the top level of the EPL.

  15. He aint a bad player mate just that does not click with the coach tactics and a again the coach needs a boss in midfield which I think Torreira doesn’t not bring to the table

  16. No Torreira is NOT “really that bad,” BUT he IS ” really that tiny! Which amounts be being not good enough. Simple physical fact Our PREM, among all Euopean leagues at least,demands pace, strength AND physicality.

    Pure REALISM. Sorry Lucas, but you are a mere shrimp in a pool of big strong man eating sharks.


    1. Tierney is small too tho Jon, he just isn’t afraid to grapple with his marker, unlike Bellerin who is afraid of any contact.

    2. Jon, the average height of a player in the PL, taking into account ALL positions, reported 5ft – 9 inches.
      Torreira’s height is reported at 168 CM / 5FT 5 INS.

      City have the shortest team in the PL. at 178.9 cm.
      Palace have the tallest team in the PL. at 184.2 cm.

      The Arsenal have the tenth tallest squad in the PL (181.6 cm), pool the fourteenth (180.7 cm) and city the smallest (178.9 cm) as sourced from Squawka Football.

      As it hasn’t seemed to have affected either the champions or the runners up, your “realism” doesn’t seem to realistic does it?

      the seven smallest players?
      Michael Obafemi at 1.69 m.
      NGolo Kante at 1.68 m.
      Lucas Torreira at 1.68 m.
      Nampalys Mendy at 1.67 m.
      Aaron Lennon at 1.65 m.
      Christian Atsu at 1.65 m.
      Ryan Fraser at 1.63 m.

      NOT A SIGN OF SCRAWNY TINY DEFENDER BELLERIN (at 1.78 m) THERE THEN JON…and Kante and Torreira are both the same height – I wonder if the chelsea fans are as quick to deem hi not good enough because of his height???

      Once again, we are so quick to put our players down, I really do wonder why we do it?!?!

      As a final nail in the coffin, here are some other famous “short” players:
      Iniesta at 5ft 7ins
      Hernandez at 5ft 7ins
      Messi at 5ft 7ins
      Scholes at 5ft 7 ins
      Silva at 5ft 7 ins
      Lahm at 5ft 7 ins
      Sanchez at 5ft 7 ins
      Tevez at 5ft 8 ins
      HAZARD at 5ft 7 ins

      Wouldn’t mind any of those at The Arsenal!!!!

  17. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Lucas is all THAT bad, but it’s just that he’s not really all that great either. He’s been an OK player who’s a bit on the small side for UK football and the inconstancies of PL referees. His position demands plenty of direct one on one challenges and although the brave little guy does not shirk his responsibility in this regard he often comes out being at the very least knocked completely off the ball by players almost twice his size. I think he made a bad choice coming to Arsenal and he looks to want to return to Italy (and we might even get most of our money back) and I will wish him all the best if he leaves. A decent if unmemorable squad player.

  18. No. He did his best and wasn’t playing enough or getting enough chances and most of the time he was on the bench!

    I think his injury didn’t give MA enough time to give him a better chance and his agent wants him to play often. Good luck Torreira

  19. Our midfield has been in shambles, until , arteta got some balance there in the last games. That being said Torreira is not a bad player but he needed a run of games. It also seemed like he was constantly targeted with fauls by opposing teams

  20. Very good player. His confidence was dented by a very poor manager who utilized him in a stupid way on the pitch.

    He will succeed if he goes back to Italy and 20m (combined loan fee and sale price next season) is bad business for us. Unfortunately, we are not in a strong negotiating position with any of our sellable players due to the apparent desperate need for cash.

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