Opinion: Does it make sense to pay Aubameyang more than we pay Ozil

The good news circulating around Arsenal today is that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has agreed to sign a new contract with the Gunners and it will be announced imminently, reports the Sun.

The new deal is reportedly set to make him the club’s top earner, higher than the £350,000-a-week that Mesut Ozil currently earns.

The first word that comes to my mind when I heard that was: “incredible”.

So we asked our players to take pay cuts and laid off some staff who earn so much less money and within two months we have signed Willian and pay him £220,000-a-week and now we will upgrade Aubameyang’s wage to be above that of Mesut Ozil.

Aubameyang is one of the most lethal strikers in the world and we will probably be in big trouble without his goals, but he is already in his 30s and something we as a team fail to understand is that last season might be the last time his scores up to 20 goals for us.

We have been put in the same position as it were with Ozil in 2018 and we have made the same decision – give him a big-money deal and keep him.

To be honest with you, I think that paying this much to keep Aubameyang shows that we have more money than the club wants us to believe and those who make these decisions are simply not ready to learn.

I hope he repays the faith, but let us keep in mind that all other players will be making similar demands now when its time to renew their deals.

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    1. I said it before and I’m saying it now that as long as Arsenal do not ship Ozil out, there will be always be complications in contact renewals. The fact is, payment should be based on performance period

  1. Dont get involved in money, when you dont know the facts. His contract is worded that he will be the highest earner at the club, not is. It will be too complicated for the likes of you or i to understand. Whatever he is on anyway, he does earn his money where as Ozil just takes his with glee and not much productivity.

  2. To be a big club you have to act like one ,if that is what it takes for him to sign then so be it .
    You won’t see me moan about what he earns at the end of the day it’s stans money and let’s be honest he’s earned every penny so far .

    1. I would add that he is never injured (touch wood )and even seems to play in games where most players are Rested .

      1. Spot on Dan. I don’t see the point of the article really. He has been carrying the club on his back. We would be in championship if his goals were removed. He deserves every penny and doesn’t strike me as someone who will lose form. He’s a natural goal poacher, his hardwork may reduce due to age but one thing I can count on are his goals. He and lewandoski are similar in that regard and have been in competition since time immemorial, if lewandoski can still do it, Auba will. I trust him that much. Doesn’t mean he can’t have goal droughts, he can but he will always deliver, he’s very ambitious with the way he always chases the golden boot and looking to smash records.

        1. 3 years sounds alot, best if we want to ship him off we must have some money back, but this notion did not work with playmaker ozil

      1. WHEREAS THE REST OF US DON’T, BEING YOUR IMPLICATION EH? It is a given, to bright fans, that we ALL crave the Prem title, so an odd and unnecessary remark, I’d suggest!

        1. It is possible Jon. Anything can happen. 4 seasons ago, Liverpool weren’t close to winning the EPL. Leicester won this league some years ago.

          1. You clearly misunderstood my post. I was saying that you saying that you want to win the title is normal as we all want that too and it is taken as read that ALL Gooners want that. So you saying it, was unnecessary, as it told no one anything they did not already know. A pointless post therefore. I was not commmenting on whether or not we will win it but only on your needless comment.

  3. He earned that salary, the whole world knows that. He absolutely deserves it.

    It is was a joke to have Ozil as our highest earner, now the Captain has earned the most salary.

    Aubameyang has scored in all of our last matches in the fa cup, shield and pre season except the Aston Villa match.

    Any player that wants top salary should deliver top performances like Aubameyang and we will not complain.

  4. We aren’t paying him above ozil. “Which will enable him to become the highest paid player” would mean that he would be the highest paid player once ozil leaves the club.

    I cant see us paying anyone more than 350k. Not after seeing what it did to our buying power with ozil on that much. Plus, I can’t see us having too salaries that high on the books. We are arsenal after all 😉

  5. Some fans really baffle me
    Go and tell bercelona that Messi doesn’t deserve the almost a million contract he earns at bercelona.

    I bet you without that kind of salary Messi would have left a long time ago

    Big, important and match winning players earn big
    On the hand arsenal keep handing out outrageous contracts to……

    If we want auba that’s a small price to pay

      1. Our Mr Arsenal deserves every penny of that contract. He has been the flickering light that gave us hope in our darkest hour, now in the break of dawn it is only right for him to reap the rewards.

        But, there is no way he is going to be on fire for the duration of his contract. He has at most two seasons of top of his game. When the time comes that he is no longer our most prized asset the leeches will come for him from every corner. Just as it was for the great Arsene, now Mesut Ozil and then Unay (maybe it is justifiable for Unay but personally the players share equal blame for his misfortune)

        The great Arsene wasn’t the problem for the leeches, Mesut and his salary isn’t the problem for them either. They have this need to always crucify someone. It’s like hunger it has to be satisfied from time to time and whoever is in the menu God help him.

        1. Gee! You have a problem. Telling the truth is not going to make you friends. Oba reminds me of Gerd” Müller. Quick, smart and always at the right place at the right time. However, players like him rarely create their own chances. If you look at Henry, he is capable to take the ball the length of the field, dribble 10 times and score. Oba is not that type of player. Like you I predict he will slow down in a year or two and his production will suffer.

  6. He is worth even more than 350k,he is a proven prolific striker with years of consistency.He brought smiles to the face of millions of we Arsenal fans by sinking both City and Chelsea to give arsenal the FA cup.He is an experienced world class striker,if Chelsea can agree to more than 350k for one of their new prem league untested strikers Auba is worth it.He is in hot form just like when we sold RVP to MU and he went to help them to win d league.

  7. Paying Ozil 350 @ 31 +
    Paying Willian 220 @31+
    Now Paying Auba 350+ @31+
    What a managerial decisions !!!

      1. I see. That probably still comes down to the £30-35m outlay over 3 years as being mentioned in most media sources. I’ve also read about the £220k figure in quite a number of sources.

        1. If you add the signing on fee then yes it would be close to that figure but we are talking about weekly wage which what I’ve read form reliably people is around the 100k mark .
          It is what it is ,if he performs which I really do Believe he will I couldn’t careless what he earns TBH .
          He’s always one player I’ve always admired from an opposite fan perspective and he’s always played pretty decent when he’s played against us .

    1. Is there a clause this time which states when we want you off our books you don’t hold back. We give you what you want to get us what need. If you fail we let you go, but if you want to stat you get instant 50% less so if someone wants him we can sell on

  8. If we are being perfectly honest and lets face facts ther have been plentyof times when we have not been , it is far from certain that Aubas new deal means that right now he will be getting more than Ozil.
    I personally believe he will be the highest paid player once OZIL leaves, next summer. Auba well knows, every bit as any Gooner, that Ozil is now sidelined and intent on shafting us for every penny that his legal but obscene contract legally entitles him to shaft us for. In common with most Gooners, leaving aside his weird fan club on here, Auba knows that Ozil is personna non grata with us fans and is just marking time til he leaves next summer as the most hated ex-player we have ever had.

    1. How did you enter Auba head to know what he knows? You have taken this to the whole new level. Even by your standards.

      1. JF loves talking about Ozil, HH, any chance he gets! One could say he’s part of that ‘weird fan club’ on here!
        Oh and btw, he knows everything unlike the rest of us dullards…
        3 words I feel like saying daily – change the record! 😁

        1. Sue, the first four games are so important to us and I’m more than looking forward to seeing MA’s squad selection.
          Such a pity Luiz is injured, because that would have made it even more intriguing.

          If the article had said “is Aubameyang worth the reported salary offered?” we might have had a decent discussion, but instead we get the usual professional soothsayer, whose record to date is quite dismal by the way, predicting yet another situation that he has no knowledge of whatsoever, namely Auba’s thought processes!!!

          If we are a “big club” ( how I remember that quote from a while back), we must pay the going rate, as I’m sure Auba could have got this from any of the clubs who were, once again reportedly interested in him.

          Kronkie must have sanctioned whatever the salary is, let’s just hope Auba does actually sign it!!!
          I can’t see his salary affecting other signings though, as it certainly hasn’t stopped players signing for us since the first time we acted like a big club.

        2. IF YOU AREUNDER THE HILARIOUS AND WRONG IMPRESSION THAT I AM PART OF HIS WEIRD FAN CLUB, LIKE YOU ARE SUE, THEN YOU HAVE ACTAULLY NOT READ A SINGLE ONE OF MY OZIL POSTS. I am his most implacable foe because I love our club and hate to see it further harmed by a lazy leech who is bleeding us financially . If you cannot see that then you are not very bright!

          1. You talk about him more than I do!! Did you not sense a hint of sarcasm?! How could I not have read one of your posts?!! They’re everywhere, saying the same thing over and over and over again!!! After the 5000th time I think we get the point!!


      1. Val, I’m concerned that not only no one on this site knows what is going on inside this Club, but nobody inside the Club supposedly responsible, knows what’s going on inside this Club. 🤔

  9. I’m looking at this article from the point of view…. where does it stop?

    This is not a crack at Özil AT ALL.

    This is a view that an agreement by the board to smash the pay structure at Arsenal to secure his services has in effect given the agents carte blanche to ride rough shod over the club’s finances going forward during negotiations. Without Ozil’s contract would Auba expect to be paid even more from an outrageous contract ? At his age in the past there was an expectation that performance would diminish, therefore, a shorter contract and less money would follow. Now it’s the opposite

    Sorry if I am being a fly in the ointment. Auba has been amazing and I’m sure he’ll continue to be so but upping remuneration like this in the future may cause huge issues within the club
    I still love him but I am concerned

    1. Sid, what a short sighted and self centred attitude. If you are not concerned about whether Arsenal can continue to afford top players then you are not behaving as a normal concerned fan does.


      1. Sorry if I worded it wrong. What I meant to say was, I don’t really believe we will touch the infamous 350k per week figure. I think it is lower than that, so following that line of thinking Auba’s supposed wage is not too worrisome. Also, he is someone too important for the club at this moment, so his signing is really a blessing for us.
        I didn’t think it will portray me as a fairweather fan. I am really sorry about that.

        1. Sid, why should you worry about someone calling you a fair weather fan?
          What defines a fair weather fan?
          I have no idea myself, suffice it to say that you make perfectly valid points, don’t denigrate another fans views or loathe any of our players.

          All in all Sid, you sound like a supporter for all weathers and I wonder if you are in the position to go to the Emirates?

  10. It’s a ripple effect situation

    If we want to be a big club, challenge for and win big titles, then we have to be ready to make big investments.
    Buy big players, pay huge salaries and the rest.

    If the above is not suitable or favourable for the club.
    Then we could settle for less, maybe average players with small salaries, mid table or relegation battle seasons, reduced fan base and lastly no one should even dream of champions league football……

    It’s our choice as a club

  11. If Ozil charged us 18 million for one goal last season, how much more do we need to pay Auba.
    Simple arithmetic. Auba was, is and never will be an Ozil. He was banging goals in France, Germany and now for us. The FA cup semis and finals, the goals were priceless. Let him be the highest paid AFC player, he deserves it. AFC should set up a commission of inquiry into Ozil’s performances or non performances and sue him accordingly. More respect to Ashley Cole or Adebayor or RVP than to Ozil. At least those men performed wearing an AFC jersey.

  12. Any contract is a risk, especially one of this size, but it’s about determining the risk factor.

    Despite the huge finances of the deal, it’s actually a low risk contract. Aubameyang has not only more than proved his worth to Arsenal, he is the best striker in the EPL, and has been since his arrival. Add to that, he’s very rarely injured, still super fit at 31, and definitely has many years left him at the top. Super quick as well, which suits our new counter-attacking style. Delivers in the big games.

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