Opinion – Edu must be sacked as Arsenal never get any of their main transfer targets

Why Edu must be sacked. by Vivek

Edu Gaspar has to be sacked. He has continuously failed in getting big signings over the line in the transfer windows. As much as some of the blame for Arsenal’s collapse last season does rest on Arteta, he has done well with that squad. However, a major trophy is a must next season, if not he has to be sacked too.

Despite this, Edu is failing Arteta by not getting the players he wants which has been shown over the last year. He has messed up deals which has led us to not getting the player. There have been many examples of this.

In January 2022, Edu failed to get Dusan Vlahovic which meant he went to Juventus instead. We were all in for him apparently, but our bids were rejected. Maybe if we got him, we would have won the league cup as we were in the semi-final and also got into the top four.

Then a year later, in January 2023, Edu doesn’t manage to botch just one major deal, but he ruins two instead. First Moises Caicedo, he was our number one target. So, Edu has a bid rejected but then doesn’t go for it again as he wants to ‘keep good relations with Brighton.’ What a load of crap. Why aren’t we trying to sign him now then? Where are those ‘good relations’ coming into play then? Surely Brighton will be more willing to do the deal now as they are letting Caicedo go now. Instead, he gave Arteta Jorginho for £12 million who had 6 months left on his contract. Good one Edu. If Edu offered the right money in January, we would have won the title.

Instead of getting Caicedo who was our ‘number one target’ now, Edu is more interested in getting a Premier League flop in Kai Havertz for over £60 million which in turn is allowing Chelsea to fund a deal for Caicedo. Don Edu masterclass.

Another January deal he failed in was signing Mykhalio Mudryk. However, I am happy this didn’t happen as I never wanted him in the first place, especially for £100 million. Instead, we signed Trossard who is a quality player I wanted for a long time. So, Edu’s negotiation skills actually benefited us here. However, the principle is still the same, he did not get a big money signing that Arteta clearly wanted.

And now the most recent potential mistake Edu could make, Declan Rice. Another big deal which Edu is in the process of messing up. The bid we put in for him has been labelled as ‘embarrassing.’ This is not a surprise as Edu has a track record of this. If you want the player that badly just pay the money. West Ham have said many times £100 million is the price so Edu the genius offers £80 million. Go in with at least £90 million. Declan Rice will make our team better and if we are not careful, Man City will swoop in with the £100 million and get Rice instantly.

Let’s not even get into the new contracts being given to average players such as Elneny, Holding, Nketiah and Nelson.

You are probably saying ‘what about the deals he did get done’? He got these deals done as nobody else was in for them. Deals for players such as Ramsdale, White, Zinchenko and Jesus were easy to do as we were the only team that wanted them.

If we are an elite club, a rookie like Edu Gasper would be nowhere near the club let alone our sporting director.

He has to be sacked.

Vivek Julka

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  1. You should be sacked for writing such rubbish!
    Apparently when you go after top players, you should get them everytime!
    Shows how much you know as he made 2 offers for Caceido & Brighton told him, he will not be sold in Jan.
    People like you are so unrealistic!

    1. I’m sure if we offered £100 million we would have got him. That’s not unrealistic mate

        1. DP the sarky naive goo.f .its about being a serious club,probably not getting caicedo and a cover for saka cost us the pl title

          1. Edu Gasper should Sacked Because he is Doing nothing Good for Arsenal mostly interns of Transfer, He really make things harder for the Teams, so I really Support the Sacking?

    2. who is allowing these posts? joke of an article!
      Which “Big Signing” has gone on to do great things that Edu missed, and their cheaper option that came to Arsenal failed?
      Seems everyone is hurt when price of ticket or shirt goes up by 10 bucks, but want to pay 100mil for every target and get things done.

      1. What the young man said is absolutely correct, Edu need to go he doesn’t know his job.

          1. No he doesn’t and note do u

            How often do u go into a shop and pay over the odds

            U live in cloud cuckoo land

  2. What moron wrote this crap?. We’ve cleared out so much deadwood and built a competitive team under edu. Got so many of our targets too. We’re not reckless with money like others because we can’t be. So grow up and act your age

      1. Why are you putting that Boy Nketiah as a deedwood don’t forget he kept our Title hope alive until he got exhausted and injured, then the manager refused to use him because Jesus G was now back. Let us try and be realistic in our assessment even when we are not happy with the situation.

      2. Please stop embarrassing yourself now.
        The article is moronic, and your ego is ridiculously off the scale, to the point where you practically applaud Edu for once agreeing with you.
        Maybe (/kinda hoping) this is satire 🙁

          1. No, the article is just as an immature rant, from someone who has little to no clue about who or what The Arsenal are.
            My money is on you having never actually been to a game. I’ll give 20.00 to a charity of your choosing if you can prove me wrong.

    1. Name calling isn’t necessary. Difference of opinion is fine. High criticism is fine but name calling should be beneath you

  3. Major, major overreaction…

    Vlahovic was never going anywhere other than Juventus. It wasn’t about money – he only wanted to go there, nowhere else. I know that you want to believe that he’d have happily come to us, if we’d just offered enough money, but that’s just not the case – reports were that we had already offered more than Juve did, but that he only had eyes for the Turin Barcodes. Blaming Edu for that is just ignoring the facts.

    Caicedo was never our “number one target”, unless you believe the gutter press (after the fact) – many of whom delight in Arsenal’s failures. Mudryk clearly was the higher priority but Edu wisely chose to not be conned into paying far more than the current value (at that time) of either player. Don’t you recall the folks at Shakhtar dragging things out trying to start a bidding war, inviting other teams to come in and bid? How about the fact that every time Arsenal talked to Brighton about Caicedo, the price kept going up because they didn’t want to sell yet and took an attitude of “you’re going to have to blow us away with an offer to get him now”?

    Do you remember how shocked neutrals were when Mudryk went for as much as he did? Or how everyone thought Arsenal were crazy to offer as much as they did for Caicedo at the time?

    In the meantime, Vlahovic has scored 14 goals – not bad, but not exactly the return Juve expected – Mudryk has disappointed so far, and only Caicedo has lived up to the price demanded for him.

    If they fail to get Rice and other actual targets this summer, then we can talk about it again – until then, take a step back, take a deep breath, remember that the players that Edu has landed are a major component of why we’re where we are, and wait to see how this transfer window turns out.

    1. We are where we are?!. We back in the UCl what Wenger did every year with much less money. You fans are tapped.

      1. Vivek, you’ve completely lost your mind bro. Wenger did it in an era where United, arsenal and the chavs were the guaranteed top three clubs every season, then city Liverpool and Tottenham came along and it’s never been the same!

      2. I have very much respect for Merci Wenger, but how many times did he finish second in the league after 2005?

                1. What are you on about? He finished second like once in 15/16. What does that matter. Arteta finished 8th twice and 5th. So what then

      3. Again, step back from the ledge…

        If you can’t take some civil disagreement here, then you really need to stop posting publicly.

        You’re not really comparing the economics of the game a decade ago with that of today, are you? State-owned teams have completely changed the landscape and (sadly) the money that Wenger was able to spend would make us a mid-table team these days.

        If you can’t see that, then there’s no point in continuing to discuss this with you.

      4. So it’s a no.

        Admin comment … its time to stop the playground insults. Now.

        1. I would imagine it would be quite hard for a 20 year old from Mumbai to afford to come to London…

      5. Err, Wenger never qualified for the CL every year. His 1st year he finished 4th and qualified for the UEFA Cup and his last 2 years he finished 5th and 6th and qualified for the EL. You say you want to be a journalist, best you get your facts right.

    2. Wow what a rubbish article. You should seriously consider writing and your comments are not helping the case. So much negativity.

      As someone commented which you didn’t reply. Tell us more about the budget you “think” Arsenal has, and which players will you buy and confident they’ll come to Arsenal?

    3. I think edu and arteta are making a huge mistake with the tragectory they are both embarking on with no clear strategy in place. They both should look at what will make this good team even better on a technical level. Caicedo will make arsenal better rather than rice and paying 100million for rice is ( in my opinion) ridiculous when caicedo could be bought for less than that. Will buying rice for 100mil give room to get a proper finisher than the derisory mention of Kai hervartz? What on Earth will arsenal do with a lightweight like hervartz.?. he hardly frightens defenders. I said in my previous posts that arsenal should not be held ransom to pay ridiculous fees for average players. Rice is decent but not extraordinary. Westham will still love to keep him hence the price tag shooting up. Edu should priotise getting a complete goalscorer and not attempting to copy mancity’s false9 route. We already have players that can play the false 9. We need Ivan toney!! I would even prefer to spend the 100million rice money on onana( Everton) and Ivan toney(Brentford). Even more nauseating is the fact we still have holding, nketia, Cedric, Pepe, elneny, tarvares ,balogun , jorginho all on ridiculous wages which will prevent offloading them and stagnating our recruitment process. Edu and arteta cannot think of matching mancity in style and steel unless they become ruthless and shrewd in getting the right players. Look at mancity already getting kovacic to make thier already purring midfield more sublime.

      1. I have been thinking this for a while and it continues. They let anybody post a blurb on this site. Can we stop calling some of this rubbish “articles”?? Just because someone pukes out their opinion, it does not make it journalism. That’s why in the golder era of newspapers you had to get it passed by the Editor.

  4. I cannot believe that I actually read that article – absolute tripe and so unbelievably wrong. Let’s go through a list – Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, Aaron Ramsdale, Ben White, Gabriel Magalhaes, William Saliba, Thomas Partey – shall I go on…..?? All first choice signings made while Edu has been in his position, and all first team starters. I hope I have made my point, you retract the rubbish that you just wrote, and appreciate the amazing job that Edu along with the Club are doing in the face of fierce competition in the Premier League and around Europe to recruit the best players….

    1. The article (and his responses to comments) are just beyond stupid. I actually hope that he’s trolling us.

  5. I wonder if we need to sort out the mess among our supporters before the next season?

    1. Yeah we do we need get people like you out the club who lower the standards and get excited over everything this club does.

        1. Didrik, He is only twenty in physical years please remember and obviously far younger in mental years, so no reason to be surprised, I’d say .

          After all, young children do lash out and generalise.

          This writer would be a child psychologists dream to study.

  6. What is this article? I assume you are more than capable of doing whathever you want for no matter the price. Probably you buy every summer seven jets, ten cars, an island, several countries. Otherwise I think you should be sacked and also put in jail.

  7. Shocking take man, so reductive. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, we can definitely critique his failure to get our top targets over the line, but has always managed to get adequate second targets done and those players haven’t let us down.

    Year on year we’ve progressed under him and Arteta, have to look at the whole picture and considering some of what us fans have experienced for the past 15 years, this is a squad and an Arsenal we can all get behind and are excited about. Largely because of Edu and Teta.

  8. A lot of factors contribute to deals not going through, blaming Edu alone is unfair.

    I must commend Edu and Arteta for showing great ambition this transfer window and for showing intent. I mean we’ve bid for Rice, Timber, Harvets and going for Lavia. There seems to be a clear plan and hopefully everything comes together and finish our oncomings before pre-season.

    I hope we don’t take too long especially with Timber and Lavia

  9. The writer appears sooo angry. The signings of Ramsdale and White and Zinchenko and Jesus have turned out very well imo. What does it really matter if all four were not in demand? They came to us and made a difference.

    As for our negotiations with West Ham, isn’t it a case of little by little? Such has been the division between going for Rice on one side and a big no! on the other, then if we get trumped then there are other and better options according to a sizeable number.

    Getting drawn into a campaign potentially calling for Edu to go when the window is newly open is a waste of time. Brighton were adamant if I recall correctly that Caicedo was staying put. Wisely for them considering their final league position

    1. Yes those players have helped. But Edu can’t get players when competing against other teams. Zinchenko and Jesus were binned by Pep for a reason.

      1. Chelsea and Spuds were actively pursuing Jesus till the morning he signed his contract, Chelsea pulled all the nasty tricks but GJ couldn’t budge.

  10. While I agree that we need someone capable instead of Edu the inability to get our targets is not entirely down to him.
    We need to remember that a player will only forget about CL football if the salary is crazy. We have not been able to offer either for 7 years.
    Our biggest issue for over a decade is that we have not got our signings in early enough to gel with the rest of the squad.
    The other issue is that we sit around and wait for our main target to decide before initiating talks with our second and third choice.
    We need 4 to 5 good signings so hopefully they will get it done ASAP

  11. What’s this man smoking?
    Vhlaovic didn’t want to come to us; neither did Locatelli who you forgot to mention. Brighton refused all entreaties because they didn’t want to sell. I’m happy that you are happy about what happened with Murdryk.
    We have to admit a few things about our club
    – before now, we’ve not been an attractive option for top players because of lack of CL football
    – our club doesn’t have the kind of external financial backing that some others have
    – Arsenal is run on a self-sustainable model, which, imo, is the enduring model
    The guys who are running the club are doing great within the available resources. They have managed to tie down our top young players to new contracts
    Please let’s let them do their work and stop playing the know-all when we know nothing

    1. This players wanting to come because of UCl is a myth. Auba Laca Pepe all joined us without CL. Casemiro joined United in Europa same with Macalister with Liverpool. Kante joined Chelsea with no Europe coming from a UCL team. You are the one smoking something.

    2. Utter drivel. You should be ashamed of such an ‘article’ (said loosely), given the turnaround in the club’s fortune since Arteta has gradually put his stamp on the club, which has of course been assisted by Edu, one of our INVINCIBLES. I’m surprised this was even passed as an article by admin to be honest.

  12. Author is an absolute npc. Get in someone who actually knows what’s up instead of this mug who lives in his own little world.

  13. Don’t talk such a load of rubbish. It’s called getting the best possible deal to maximise the use of our funds.
    If you haven’t got any sensible comments I suggest you keep quiet

    1. Yeah I’m going to keep quiet cuz you said so bro. Why are you trying to save the club money, you an accountant?

      1. Vivek, the same queation to you – are you an accountant? And also are you accountant working for Arsenal? You claim there are budget to be spent but how much is it? Can you pleass provide one document that you received by Josh with the amount that the club can spend this transfer window. Also please provide your plan how you are going after the players and how much you will spend on bringing them in. This is not grocery and supermarket where you can buy what you want just by picking it. Stop this nonsense answers you are providing.

  14. What I don’t understand is us ping-ponging Westham while actively trying to pay 60 mil for Havertz, 30 mil for Timber, and 40 mil for lavia as if Sullivan & co cant see what we are trying to do! These deals are huge own goals with regard to the Rice deal. Should go for one deal at a time, now all the other selling clubs will stick to their valuations knowing that a deal could be had ’cause we are sitting on a pile of cash. This scattergun approach just puts us in a very weak position.

  15. How can an £80m bid be “embarrassing”?
    His job isn’t just to get whoever at any cost – he’s got to balance it with other priorities. If he just gave clubs exactly what they wanted for whichever player, he’d be rightly criticised for that as well.

        1. It was embarrassing as the price was clearly stated by West Ham. Why lowball them by £20 million. when you know the price. You people are thick

          1. And Stephanie was rightly worried about people calling you names!🙄
            What was that outburst for? It reminded me of the Suarez bid

          2. Because you can negotiate for a better price. Anyone can say “the price is 100m” when really they’ll accept a lot less. Isn’t it more thick to pay 10m or 20m extra when you don’t have to?
            I don’t know why I’m responding – maybe I *am* think

    1. People need to face the truth 😂 they clearly can’t accept it. They think everything is perfect with the club

        1. That we have failed as a club. We have spent 500 million and won 0 trophies in 3 full seasons under Arteta

          1. What have the other clubs spent before and after Arteta got appointed? How was the state of the club when Emery got sacked? Definitely not a title contender, but I guess you are not interested in statistics and boring facts.

            1. The state of Emery squad. Arteta won his only trophy with that squad. He also got us to a europa league final. Arteta only this season has managed to better Emery’s only full season point tally. But I guess you not interested in statistics and boring facts.

              1. Well, you know the truth and do probably also remember why we sacked Emery in November 2019. Not sorting out the mess was probably the biggest mistake he did during his tenure.

                1. He wasn’t really backed he spent about 60 million in the first window. He was mocked too since then he’s won the europa got to a cl semi with Villerial and job he’s doing at Villa

          2. Following football clubs isn’t just about trophies, it is much more, something you fail to grasp, I imagine you came along during the height of the Wenger era, following Arsenal isn’t just about trophies, it is about why you follow Arsenal, the football from Arsenal in the ’70s wasn’t much to write home about, GG gave us a good time with the title win at Anfield, the European success, the league, and FA Cup in one season. If it’s trophies you want, go and support City as they have an abundance of them at the moment. To say we have failed as a club shows you know nothing about support, half-empty glass fans, we seem to have quite a few

            1. I didn’t come along during our trophies. I am 20 I started supporting in 2007 I’ve seen the banter era of Arsenal. I am not a glory hunter. So don’t tell me support a different club

              1. Please tell us more about your background and history with Arsenal, ie where you grew up, fave games watched at either stadium etc etc

  16. I don’t agree at all. I’m sure Edu does his best. It’s mostly about money and we need to be conscious about our budget.

  17. Quite the worst article ever to have appeared on this site and I hope the admins never allow this idiot to voice his absolutely ignorant opinions on here ever again. The writer has also been completely disrespectful of commenters not agreeing with his views by calling them thick. Now I’ll be disrespectful Vivek, you’re a moron and if you don’t understand the word, just look it up!

  18. Wow, Vivek your critical thinking is a little off, but I like the debate it provokes.

    In the normal world, things just don’t work like that, but I want to encourage you to continue posting admin do allow for a few rantings to go through, it breaks no bones.

    But don’t you think Edu have a trick or two up his sleeve?

  19. This guy is a complete idiot, and needs to say sorry. Look at our squad compared to what it was when Edu arrived!

  20. You certainly got the baying mob to angrily tap their sausage fingers on their screens VIVek 😂.
    Stand your ground buddy ,I feel it’s going to get even worse 🫡

    Uncalled for from some regulars on here grouping up on him ,but not surprising really .

  21. From all the BS articles I’ve read on here, this one should be right at the top.. I’m not even gonna elaborate further

  22. The thing is West Ham have said they won’t accept any less than 100m. We must be talking to them behind the scenes, and if we are not prepared to meet that number we should stop wasting everyone’s time, and annoying West Ham. Our agents could be much better employed looking elsewhere.

  23. I am not sure if it is Edu or our procedures. Perhaps Edu has to go back to the board or owner for every increased offer he wants to make, and then they take their sweet time to contemplate. But it does seem like we haggle and insult teams with our offers until they prefer to sell to anyone but us. Now it seems that we have once again made a second offer to West Ham that was far off the mark. More often than not, we take a long, long time to get our targets and often have to go last minute for alternatives.

    It also seems we backed into Trossard and were lucky that happened. No Chelsea and we would have over paid for Mudryck. Jesus was a good signing, but is he good enough to win you the CL? His pressing and energy is fantastic, but his finishing leaves to be desired. Vieira was an expensive mistake in my book and Zinchenko was an inspired piece of business.

    For me, the jury is out on our efficiency in the market. I am not sure if we are super smart or super lucky. But definitely looks to me like we have one modus operandi, and it is to low ball teams to death and to wear them down until they finally either cave or walk.

    Leave Rice out there too long, and he might start to be more open to other teams. If he is our number one target, act quickly and by the third offer make it your best offer.

    1. 👏 you are correct. Only thing I disagree is Zinchencko he did well at the start but his defending is awful.

      1. I agree that his defending is not top drawer but against most teams we are better with him than with Thierny so he was an upgrade on the left back position because of his versatility IMO. Of course, that does not mean that I don’t understand why Pep was comfortable to let him go. Same goes for Jesus. City can afford to let these players go. For us, they strengthened our squad. But now it is time for us to upgrade our squad and in the future Jesus and others won’t be good enough anymore for or aspirations. But we are far away from where City is.

      2. BTW Vivek I am sorry so many on here have to go on the personal attack rather than respond or disagree with the arguments you make. For me, you make a reasoned article whether I agree with you or not will not make me doubt you as a fan or individual

        When I post, I tend to ignore the responses, which ignore my arguments or have no counterarguments of their own.

        1. Thanks bro. Yeh it’s an opinion but people want get personal. But I have thick skin I need it cuz I’m studying journalism

  24. An absolute shocker of an article. Is Vivek an Arsenal supporter, or a troll having a successful attempt at being disruptive?

  25. This fella Vivek hasn’t got a Scooby about Edu. He calls Edu a novice when in fact Edu was doing this job for many years in his home country of Brazil ! Vivek also obviously never read about Edu pulling out of deals when players he was talking to about joining were only interested in how much they would earn each week. As for no clubs were after White, well Leeds United were after the way he played for them while on loan from Brighton, but they failed in their bid.

    A few people on here have said that the club should just pay the money that clubs want. I take it they have never bought a house…

  26. Someone’s been drinking the Dan kool aid way too much nowadays. The amount of Bs in that article is hilarious.

    Vlahovic only had eyes for Juventus so despite trying our best he didn’t want to join us. We gave more money than Juve but it didn’t matter. You can’t force a player to join genius.

    Brighton refused to sell Caicedo in January as they were pushing for a potential place in CL at that time. 70m was enough, Caicedo himself pushed for the move but Brighton stood firm. Again you can’t force a Club to sell genius.

    Pulling out of the Mudryk deal was the best thing to do.

    For Rice West ham are desperately trying to force us to pay a ridiculous price and deliberately stalling waiting for other club. Pretty sure those rumors of Man city and other entering the race are pathetic attempts to drive up the price. They know Rice won’t publicly push for the move as he respect the club and fans too much.

    1. With fan like you no wonder we are a joke among other club fans. Hell i’ll be ashamed of having such an immature fellow fan.

    2. Vlahovic – your point is true but wasn’t it clear from the beginning that Vlahovic was a no hoper? So why waste our time? Had we signed a decent striker in that window we might have secured CL football a year earlier.

      Caicedo same thing. They said from the beginning they would not sell him, yet we kept on irritating them and wasted precious time.

      Did we pull out of Mudryck deal or did Chelsea steal him from under our noses?

      I am not ready to say Edu is at fault or a genius, for me the jury is out.

      1. That’s what been bothering me about the Vlahovic deal. Maybe there was no good alternative available at the time and it was better to not waste big funds on them. January window is a notoriously difficult market.

        That said we did improve in the following year when we were able to pivot to a good secondary target when deals for Mudryk and Caicedo broke down.

        Mudryk deal has always felt a bit shady for me with the whole part of the transfer going to war thing. Shaktar were grasping for a big fee as usual but Mudryk head was turned fairly quickly by Chelsea offer i believe. Was it for wage money or something else like a bigger deposit upfront for the transfer payment.

        1. Isak was available at the time and was a decent striker. I wonder how long we will go with Jesus as our nr 1 guy. IMO, there will be a time we have to take the next step and get a killer striker who can press and score. For now, he has been great, but as the team grows, it will outgrow certain players.
          It will be interesting to see when Arteta thinks that is the case with Jesus.

          Personally, I would love to see what Belagun can do in the PL since I don’t rate Nketia as a top 4 striker. But I guess if Belagun wants guaranteed playing time, that will be difficult because he has not proven anything yet and no player should get guaranteed playing time IMO.

  27. Vivek
    I admire your chutzpah in dealing with the fallout from your article but what will you take away from the comments made?

    1. You were never going to get an adult response, but at least you’ve allowed him to out himself for having zero introspection.
      Accidental or intentional…that was just priceless

  28. Apparently its West Ham being dicks. They had led Arsenal to believe between 80 and 90 mil would be required. But since the ECL win, West ham have upped Rices value to 100 mil. Arsenal are preparing bids around what Wet spam asked for initially. I think they are waiting for Utd and City to come in but A, Rice prefers Arsenal and B, they both have other priorities.

    1. No player of Rice’s calibre is worth £100mil. We’ve to move on to Lavia and another MF player with that £100 million.

      1. What’s wrong with you people? Are you not the same group that has been criticizing KSE for lack of spending? Truth is if the past five years are anything to go by, Kroenke won’t stop spending until his team wins the title just like he’s done with his other teams that have won championships.

  29. What I love about this sort of article (which you get from fans from many clubs) is they always seem to assume that the club has unlimited funds. If you are City that’s actually true but most clubs can only spend what they earn. But of course its hard to criticise someone for not doing deals if you don’t know what his budget was. Much easier to pretend the club has a magic money chest and there is always more money. Then its always bad negotiation never being priced out of a deal.

  30. I agree, Edu’s efforts seem to be focused only on getting young Brazilians, and making Arsenal a breeder team for Brazil.
    That’s a sickening mission and the board is blinded to this.
    Why are we collecting untested, toddlers and gambling every single year instead of building a team.

    1. You are so conflicted bro! We either go big on expensive, established PL talent or do it the “Edu way”! Cant die on both hills! Gotta pick one!

  31. 111 posts 32 from Vivek,mostly replying to criticism. That says it all to me!

    If a so called writer, one with out any noticeable intellect, needs to challenge so MANY posts, then it is plain the writer is considered as a*****?:)(@… . And he is!

    Free speech is a precious gift, but an intellect is even more precious. And in this case, its ENTIRELY MISSING!

    1. Let me know when you find your own intellect rather than following the masses on this board as an indication of the quality of the person behind the opinion. You fail to address anything about this writer’s content, and instead assassinate his intellect without any supporting reason other than perhaps the fact that this gentleman didn’t run away and hide but instead bothered to actually reply to many, which to you seems to make him an a*****.

      To me, your comment signals an arrogance only found in simple-minded people. I guess all part of the cancel culture. Let’s cancel anyone who has a different opinion, and preferably with insults. But let’s not address the disagreement with substance.

      Free speech is indeed a gift that’s fading fast, but knowing how to use it constructively seems a not bestowed on you.

      1. “Free speech is indeed a gift that’s fading fast, but knowing how to use it constructively seems a not bestowed on you.”
        Free speech is the right to say what you want – there is not, nor should there be any requirement for that speech to be constructive, kind, interesting, or anything else – otherwise it isn’t free.
        That goes for you, Jon, vivek and anyone else.

        1. DAVI , yes it IS as you describe, which is why I never argued differently.

          However, on an entirely separate point , I pointed out that intellect is a gift even more precious than free speech.
          So I wonder why you chose to include me in those you chastise?

          If you care to re-read my post fully and properly and see how I chose my words, as ever, carefully,you will see I said nothing about free spech being anything other than as you say.

        2. I fully agree with your obvious statement, Davi. It is merely my personal preference that appreciates constructive communication over bullying. Equally, it is also my personal opinion that name-calling rarely goes hand in hand with a great thinker.

          I was responding to a poster who engaged in pseudo communication, which is his right, as it is mine to reply to that post, simply because I don’t like bullies who engage in that “sport”. More often than not, I ignore them.

        1. 33 replies now and still going up, sonny. Keep digging though, as your reputation as a new dic..ead on JA is NOW approaching legendary status.

          What a massive own goal this ludicrous piece was!
          You have already destroyed for ever any credibility you ever hoped to attain.

          1. I don’t need to attain any credibility from the likes of you. I will not be bullied for my opinion I will continue portraying my views if you don’t like don’t read it. Simple. That’s the 34th reply to save you counting again.

            1. That is a half baked remark if you stop to think about it
              If you’re are studying to be a journalist then you want people to read it and have a view. It’s no good getting shirty if you don’t like their responses

  32. Edu is a waste and I don’t know the role of Arteta in all these. Edu is too dull and dullness is affecting the progress of the club.

  33. Whoever wrote this is spot on everything round of applause to you sir , especially on havertz caicedo saga we were after caicedo in jan ,now we not instead were about to gift chelsea 70m for havertz so chelsea can get him with our now which in my personal opinion its a sham, a shamble handling of this saga ,however thinks otherwise its simply deluded and naive ,havettz its c ra p simple,70m????
    On the other issues on getting our main targets i got no words to describe it it will be classed as super vuglar and rude so i wont say what i think ,STOP messing about either pay up what they want or dont go in at all, dont just throw bait hoping you get a bite you silly idiot ,ill respect you more if you say we got no money we wont buy anyone .im talking about EDU .you making us a loughing stock …..going by this mindset ill we will be back in to 6 or 7th next season and out of cl in group stage

  34. Jon you have saved me the burden of responding to this fellow. Why should anyone make a horse of himself? It is simply puzzling!

  35. Oh Vivek… you could have mentioned Edu’s transfers out history as well or is there a sequel to this post.

    I look forward to it if there is one as this thread has been hilarious.

    Keep up the good work👍🏻

  36. Arsenal must stop kidding during this transfer window. If a price is set and you know the value of a player, why not pay. Arsenal may end up the Mudryk way with Rice. Thus a new suitor will come in and run away with the bride.

    Why is Arsenal always NOT Serious????

  37. It was a mistake putting out such an immature and ill- thought out blog on this site .Edu has made mistakes but he is working in a very difficult area , to a defined strategy and he appears to have significant emotional intelligence which enables him to relate to players which is a huge advantage .
    A stupid and poorly argued post

  38. Yes Frank and I admit to being one who refers to “articles” when that word is far too flattering for much of the rubbish that is written.

    I may now change my descriptive word for much of the dross that masquerades as “articles”.
    An ARTICLE implies it is wriiten by a journalist or proper writer, but that is hardly ever the case on JA.

    1. Hes spot on about everything ,and hes got an opinion if you agree tough ….. this article its not for naive flickered cosying up fans that think EDU or for that matter arteta do no wrong,sometimes we got to questions things ,its plain to see hes a terrible negociater ,terrible at closing deals ,i for one looking forward to being dumped out of CL on group stages and back to 6th or even 7th next season ,who will you blame then ????

      1. But he’s not spot on about everything. Vlahovic only wanted Juventus, so it wouldn’t have mattered how much we bid, he was only interested in going to Turin.

        Then he goes on about Caicedo. Brighton refused point blank to sell him in January, that’s not Edus fault.

        On to a player that we did sign in January, Jorginho. Arteta wanted him, so Edu got him.

        On to this summer window, he rants on about the Rice deal. With fees of that amount being asked for, the vast majority of club’s will haggle. Much like when a person buys a house.

        Then he moves on to new contracts being given to Elneny, Holding, Nketiah and Nelson. Seems like he’s blaming Edu. The fact of the matter is, none of those players would have got a new contract if the manager didn’t want those players.

        Then he says no other clubs wanted White or Jesus. Wrong yet again. Leeds wanted White and Chelsea wanted Jesus.

        Lastly he calls Edu a rookie. Wrong again. Edu had the same role for one of the biggest clubs in Brazil, Corinthians.

      2. Despite you sharing my name, you must be on the wrong site. This is for Arsenal fans! And you’re clearly about something else.

      3. You look “forward to being dumped out of CL”, so that it justfies your opinions of Edu & Arteta? How about going the whole mile and getting relegated to The Championship? Or having Sam Allardyce installed to save us?

  39. Contract negotiations are actually carried out by Richard Garlick and a legal team.

    As supporters we are buying into the media transfer window hype, with little knowledge of what actually goes on behind the scenes.

    Can you imagine the frenzy if we were trying to sign Charlie Nicholas or Dennis Bergkamp in this day and age.

    I really like Ornsteins comment of a few years ago when talking about transfer rumours…. “Those that know, don’t say. Those that say, don’t know”!

    Good luck to our transfer team, stay calm Gooners.

  40. Clearly you are not aware of the fact that West Ham originally put Rice’ valuation at 80 mil. They just sprung out with the 100 + mil only recently, which leads me to believe that the Arsenal already had a package worked put basing on the 80mil.
    However I agree with you on the Caicedo – Havertz situation; it is utterly ludicrous.
    But the same time you seem to be suggesting that Arsenal should be throwing money around at whatever amount the selling club demands. Am sure if West Ham demanded 200 mil for the overrated Rice who should be worth no more than 50m you would still be shouting your voice hoarse that the club should pay up!

  41. @Vivek: Maybe if we got him, we would have won the league cup as we were in the semi-final and also got into the top four.>>>>

    I didn’t bother to read the rest of your article after seeing what you typed above. Truly. After sending this response, I will move on from this thread to another one. What an amazing fortune teller you are! Fire who? Maybe my azz.

  42. You lay a lot of blame on Edu, but there are teams that will pay more money and others that are more desirable from a player’s perspective. Dusan stated he only wanted Juve. Chelsea overpaid for Mudryk. And this is just my perspective, but in Edu’s role you have to apply some smoke and mirrors to your operation in order to disguise and distract.

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