Opinion – Emery needs to stop tinkering with the Arsenal starting XI

We need a regular starting XI now!

Hello once again gooners. Happy weekend, and I hope we are looking forward to seeing Arsenal play again next week? Or have we lost the motivation to keep supporting our team? As for me, I am looking forward to watching Arsenal play again and probably to start winning games too.

Every football fan around the world knows that the success of every football team starts with having a constant first eleven. “Don’t change a winning team”, is a popular sport cliché that we are all familiar with; but at Arsenal, we don’t even have a starting XI, let alone a winning team. How sad and heart breaking this can be.

I have a brother who is a staunch Liverpool fan and whenever Liverpool play a football match, he will confidently whisper to me “I am so sure this and that player will be on the team list” and to give him credit, he was always right! In some cases, players may be dropped due to injury or for tactical reasons but in a lot of cases, a winning team has a regular starting XI. Am I making sense?

Unai Emery is a master of tactics; or so we were told by Arsenal but while being a tactician is good, comtinual tinkering with the starting XI of a team, can be counter-productive. Tell me, have we seen any synergy between our defenders or midfielders? Can any Arsenal fan guess our first team players? Apart from Leno and Xhaka (is he still a sure first team player?), who can you boastfully say is a sure starter at Arsenal? None, I sadly admit. All this changing of players and tactics always is doing more harm than good to the Arsenal set up and Emery needs to be told to stop, before we are totally blown away.

If Emery was to still be the Arsenal coach by next week, then the decision makers at Arsenal need to call him to order and ask him to make up his mind on who he wants in his first team and who would remain there for a long time, except in times of injuries.

If you were to be Emery, who would you have as your constant starting XI players and why?

Sylvester Kwentua


    1. You do not have to read them you know, we do other sorts of articles that I am sure you will enjoy. We cater to everyone and accept that not everyone will like everything we put out. Some hate gossip, some love it. You can please some of the people some of the time etc

      1. Martin, I only wish Emery could also do what you, correctly, say in your last sentence. But he cannot and must go. I may be technically incorrect though, as I FEEL SURE HIS BANK MANAGER WOULD BE PLEASED HE IS HERE! But no one else!

  1. I think we have slumped so far you could play the boot cleaners and the result will be the same!!
    Now where did you say the dressing room was?
    Well don’t ask Emery😂

  2. For EPL


    Bellerin – chambers – holding – Tierney.

    Guendozie – Luiz -Cebalous

    Pepe – Lacazette -Aubameyang

    Sub for EPL

    Others like AMN, ESR, Mustafi and co for cup games

  3. I agree

    And he rarely plays our best 11 in one team which is frustrating:

    Kolsanic, Martinez, Ozil, Saka, Smith Rowe, Chambers or Luiz, Sokratis, Niles, Martinelli or Lacazette, Nelson

    Should be Permanently benched until sold:

    The team I want to see is:









  4. I think we need to stop second guessing every damned decision the coach makes and let him do his job. Should underperforming players keep their spot simply because of “not tinkering?” I was irked by Wenger’s stubborn insistence on fielding the same tired underperformers/favourites game after game. Ramsey, his son, I remember that nickname. Ramsey was sh*t for the majority of his time at this club but Wenger had no problem screwing the team to fit him in it. In fact, Wenger built Ramsey’s career majorly at the expense of team performance. If Emery’s tinkering is the alternative to Wenger’s stubbornness, well and good! I love it! In fact I hope he can tinker some more!

    1. Well good luck with persuading Gooners with THAT ODD COMMENT! You will need a great deal more than luck, however, to get much agreement on here!

      1. Don’t forget Jon, Quantic Dream keeps telling us he wakes up every morning and pats himself on the back, believing that his actions account for forcing AW out – so he must be living a nightmare during the day, watching what his actions have brought to the club.

        Just like the board, he just can’t bring himself to admit the mistake he made, so he wants UE to keep on tinkering and bring the success that only UE can.

        Now that’s what I call being stubborn and don’t forget that while UE is on a reported £6,000,000 a year, his “successful tinkering” to date has resulted in a humiliating euro final defeat, getting knocked out at home in both domestic cups by manure and spuds, completely ba**sing up last years run in for top four placing, buying dross players and loan players who were unfit, overseeing a complete breakdown in the dressing room, playing football the likes of which would not be out of place on Hackney Marshes – and he wants him to “tinker some more” and “loves” the situation UE has put us in.

        With a few more fans like QD, what on earth is the problem Jon?

        1. “Ramsey was s**t for the majority of his time at the club” – Wenger built Ramsey’s career majorly at the expense of the teams performance”.

          QD, love your explanation of Wenger’s “son” and how you explain the situation with such clarity, resulting in Ramsey playing for the Italian champions and alongside players such as Ronaldo, while our performances during the majority of his time resulted in three fa cup wins, with AW’s son scoring in all three triumphs, CL participation and top four places as regular as clockwork.

          I guess that is what UE is trying to do with socratis and xhaka…the tinkering makes sense now and in the meantime, we are able to watch his “Hackney Marshes Marvels” conquer the world.

    1. That’s the lineup you want, at least to start. After his early antics Luiz has been OK, and Socratis hasn’t. Ultimately Holding might push out Luiz, but I think he needs to get a little Europa league action first to shake off more of the rust.

      The other potential change would be Willock for Torreira if playing him in the right position doesn’t yield a turnaround.

      But this is exactly the lineup I’d use this coming saturday.

  5. People have short memories of wenger sticking to the same team, same failing players, same failing tactics and same boring subs. I don’t think Emery is tinkering, he is changing teams to try and suit the opposition, the fact we have inured players out and returning and all the different comps we are in. Whether we like it or not, the core of the team isn’t tinkered with, goalkeeper, centre defence, center mid and strikers are mainly consistently the same. Football is about changing and altering, the bottom line to it is, it has got to reap rewards and your players have got to be able to adjust. When the changes work, it is called tactics, when it doesn’t it gets called tinkering.

  6. More often Wenger’s favored lineup would do the business than not do it. Away from home he would go with same attacking team when evidence should have made him tweek it a little, and when facing the bigger teams he needed to come up with something they might not have predicted. Wengers way is good for getting playing chemistry throughout the team, with players knowing each other so well. Problem was so could other teams eventually, but the teams lower down we used to be called bullies as we generally played them off the pitch, even with some players like Walcott who is not a terrific player with the ball. Wenger and Emery are like polar opposites with this stuff, fans might have sounded like they wanted the opposite but am sure they didn’t actually mean it that way because you wouldn’t be able to stretch your imagination like that, they just wanted a good footballing team, which had a surprise formation from time or an odd couple tweeks, and for players to be dropped/sold if not earning the first team jersey …that would be my guess. Every fan is slightly different though, I think you could find every answer to every question no matter how contradictory they sound, going fan by fan until you find your answer.

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