Opinion – Even though he is struggling for goals, Aubameyang earned his new deal

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang seems to have lost his goalscoring touch in the Premier League since he signed his current deal at the Emirates.

It is not a coincidence that Arsenal fans will enjoy thinking about as the club deals with the drop in form from Mesut Ozil after he signed his mega contract.

Darren Bent is one of the first to find some fault in his performance since he signed his new contract and he talked about that in a Talksport podcast.

I know this isn’t what Arsenal’s fans want to debate right now, especially after all the issues we have had to talk about with regards to Ozil.

But the truth of the matter is, some fans and pundits are concerned about the sudden lack of goals from our captain.

Aubameyang is a proven goalscorer and he will remain one no matter how bad his form is.

Can we still rely on him for goals? Yes. It is very early days since he signed his new deal and there is no need to read too much into his current form.

Auba will only perform at the top level for so long but I reckon he still has a good two-three years left in him at the elite level.

One thing that cannot be taken away from him and that is the fact that he has earned his new contract and he will come good again and soon, that I am absolutely convinced about.

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  1. Won’t be the first player to have a dip in form after signing a new contract and won’t be the first player to rediscover his form after a dip in form

    1. What’s the point of playing 4 at the back, when defending xhaka and Cebballos play as left back and right back resp. and have no impact on the game cause they are busy protecting bellerin and tierny. Also we need a new proper right back and a back up left back in January, Bellerin will never be good enough.

  2. Even Ronaldo had a dip in form for juventus for about 3 months, the whole world thought he was finished as a footballer only to find his scoring boots at the beginning of a new year and still ended up finishing that season as the highest goal scorer in series a. Auba is worth that contract, his consistency since he joined over 3 years ago iis more than enough to get him the contract. He didn’t just have one fluke season. He has been breaking records too, left right and center and is even the highest goal scorer in the league since he joined arsenal. Despite our poor form in the past 3 years and playing with below par players like xhaka and kolasinac, he has always stood out and I’m sure he’ll find his scoring boots again. My mind tells me, this Sunday. He may not have alot of footwork like saka but he’s our ultimate goal poacher.

    1. Your last sentence. Folks think it’s not enough for Leno to be a great shot stopper. They judge him based on other aspects of goalkeeping. Now, for Auba, we seem to be uninterested in other aspects of a great forward but we seem perfectly ok with his goal poaching ability.

      1. I guess it’s because of their roles. Like how Leno’s mistakes cost us goals directly while Aubameyang’s cost us indirectly. Also, we are not helped by sayings that goals win matches while defences (goalkeepers included) win titles. This has created a perception that a missed chance is somehow less than a missed catch. But people adore him because of his great performances and in my opinion that kind of makes him deserving of being cut some slack. For me, it is also the same with Leno, who has had great performances for us.

      2. Leno is more likely to cost us a game than Aubameyang IMO. Not to criticise him, just saying, a goal keeper can easily be the difference between winning and losing. Because mistakes from a goalkeeper result in goals conceded. When a striker makes mistakes and doesn’t score, with all things being equal, the worst thing that can happen is a draw, and that’s even if other players don’t score as well. That’s why it’s so much easier for people to criticise goal keeping or defensive errors than a striker’s errors. And Auba not being good with his feet still got more goals last season than a Mane who’s better with his feet. If the results make up for it, then there’s absolutely nothing to criticise. We only start criticising just like fans have been doing recently when the goals dry up and we’re not getting the results we want. If Auba scored in his last 5 games, I’m pretty sure this article wouldn’t even exist. But Leno has made errors leading to goal at least once or twice in the last 5 games, while he’s an excellent shot stopper, he has to up the remaining aspects of his game because like I explained above, it’s easier for a goalkeeper to cost the team games than a striker.

  3. I keep saying it, auba is like Ibrahimovic and the Ronaldo, he might not be in the same level with them in terms of ability but his positioning is almost the same as them, he will continue to score goals, we just need to start creating chances again and not park the bus. Even Ronaldo didn’t score for like 6 or 7 matches last season because he didn’t really understand Sarri tactics. Aubamayang not scoring is the least of my worry.

  4. I think he need chances to convert,simple.
    An intelligent player whose main strengtg is pace and those line breaking runs along with his clinical finishing ability struggling for goals is unacceptable.

    Arsenal needs to step up their game.Enjoy football,attack rather than counter attack because we have a good spine now and i think MA will get there and i hope its soon.

    And i think he should not be our captain because i feel that gets him a lot of unnecessary pressure.He is not leadership material, he likes to be that cheerful guy enjoying his game, having fun….let him be freeeee🙄
    Just my opinion

  5. I’ve really missed that front flip celebration and huge grin.. even though it’s only been 5 without a goal, it does seem like longer – as from day one he has spoiled us rotten with goals!
    What better way to end his ‘drought’… than to do it at Old Trafford on Sunday!! COYG

  6. I am predicting a goal for Aubameyang on Sunday!
    I don’t doubt his abilities and I know he will start scoring soon.
    If he has the right players around him he will have a lot of opportunities to score.

    I would love to see this selection on Sunday.


    Willian, Saka, Pepe,

    Ceballos, Partey,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Mustafi, Bellerin,



  7. This article is so typical of so many articles about all sorts of matters which is just far too hasty in judgement Auba has had a slow START, with emphasis on START. And START is all he or anyone else has done as yet.

    I find this rush to judge so unthinking, hasty, unfair and only explained as this site needs and demands clicks but cares liitle for context or truth.

    If Auba has scored just ONE Prem goal by Christmas while staying fit and having played, then I would concede that this article had substance But only THEN!

                1. A lot of outs happen at our club Sue 😉 finished watching the wolves game that’s my football night over, now watching The Exorcist 😆

                  1. No definitely was not Sue and Milo sent off 😶 the guy has like 15 goals for palace, all penalties against us 😂 Wilf wants Arsenal 😉 haha Reagan with her green vomit 🤮😂 well it’s Halloween Sue 🤪🎃

                  2. Well Sue are we having a Halloween special tomorrow, West Ham to finally break the Anfield unbeaten run ? 😛 They have a good chance, I’m sure your nephew is confident?

                  3. Bloody typical isn’t it Sue 😶 benrahma will have to step up, well he’ll have to step in first, as I don’t think he’s even played a game yet ? I hear Arteta might use Auba centrally tomorrow, please let it be true 🙏 enough of this wide left, wide right nonsense! Throw Nelson into the deep end 😄

                  4. Apparently Benrahma is being eased in!!! Just bloody unleash him 😂
                    Right now, I’m actually looking forward to our game, Kev. Reckon the team will have some pizza ready, just in case?! 😂

          1. Oh. Maybe a change is needed then. I don’t think Bould is coach material tbh. He was a silent spectator when wenger was in charge. Even when wenger was banned for a game or two, he seemed out of place and wasn’t he our defence coach too in a period we could not just stop conceding goals. I would give Dennis Bergkamp a trial run there.

  8. I find this article very philosophical. Earning a new deal is largely based on past performances which do nothing for the club going forward.

    We should ask at the end of the season if Auba earned is salary. For me, if he scores 20 goals he will have done so.

    Ozil supposedly earned a new contract but most of us will agree he is not earning his salary.

    Wages are quoted in weekly numbers, in my old fashion view if you are paid 250k per week you should go out on the pitch and try to earn it every week.

  9. Instead of PEA’ s form, it would be better to ask why it took us so long to finalize his contract.
    I still believe if he had “signed da ting” much earlier in the transfer period, we would have had more time to strengthen other positions and even avoided the last minute rush to get Partey. What lessons did the club learn?

  10. But we have no idea how the salaries quoted are made up.
    For all we know, Aubameyang’s contract might have a clause in it, that includes the number of goals scored in a game – performances based on goals scored – how many times he is selected – we just have no idea whatsoever, but continually use them as if they are the gospel truth!!!

    Now, if goals scored IS part of his contract, then he hasn’t been earning the reported £300,000 a week – either in performance money or goals scored.

    For the reasons I have suggested, it seems pointless to judge him on what he, supposedly, earns, but rather on his performances on the pitch…and, in my opinion, they are not up to the level he was on before signing his new contract.

    A coincidence? MA playing him out of position? Not getting the service he needs to perform to pre-contract levels? Taking it easy now he has such an absurd salary?

    One thing is for sure, he deserved a new contract, but whether the reported salary and for three years is a wise one, only time will tell.

    Hussy? Yet another of ivan’s costly “three musketeers” bites the dust!!!

    1. I don’t know what criteria the Arsenal bean counters set to determine players contracts & wages Ken, but somewhere in the small print it must include the word Value and keeping in mind that he’s received something in the area of a 75% pay increase then I would suggest that they would hope for at the very least 25 PL goals per season for the next three seasons.
      He’s being paid elite footballers money and you might expect elite outings against top six teams. Let’s see some £350K per week performances or he won’t even have sell on Value.

  11. As much as I admire his goals I am probably one of the few fans who wouldn’t have been too worried had Auba moved on. I think he probably came to Arsenal a season or two too late and so doesn’t have more than one or two good seasons left in him and also the fact that our playing style doesn’t suit him. With so few chances available he needs to be extra sharp in every game in order to poach an ugly win. Aubameyangs game would be more suited to a team which played swashbuckling football with chances aplenty where he could afford to miss a few sitters but still be able to get the goals that count. As to his salary,of course he deserves it
    So much of the team’s hopes are burdened on his shoulders.

  12. Our defense line looks solid than what it used to be, come Sunday at OT with the right formation and tactics we can get the maximum 3 points. The arsenal I fell in love with played beautiful football with Monsieur Wenger, the boys can play Arteta iS being too cautious for me I’ll go with a 4231.. That boy saliba is strong and can play I wonder why he isn’t as he and Gabriel at the back would form an incredible wall. The full backs can continue with the form while Partey should partner el neny with Saka willian and pepe right in front and Pea as top 9, no calamity mustafi and kolasinac biko. The attack needs a lot of work to combine well those one two touch,square play, as well as the transition from midfield to attack those defense splitting passes. All in all Arteta is doing a great job give him time say two seasons to get the team he wants. Hi Sue, Eddie 😁 am a big fan of ur analysis always spot on, COYG!!

  13. I would think it’s more about the service he is getting rather than his form. It is not as if he is being put through on goal 3-4 times a match.

  14. Auba earned his new deal in the same way as Theo Walcott earned his deals, and it looks as though form is going the same way.

  15. Kev, this was on the transfer exchange:
    Real Madrid forward Eden Hazard wants out of Madrid and wants to come back to the Premier League, the rumours of links to Arsenal are true. They’ve spoken to his representatives and it’s a move they are very interested in doing the summer. #AFC 😂
    It’s Halloween, everyone has gone a little wacko methinks!!!

  16. Just goes to show how fickle and emotional football fans are. Literally 95% of us know little to nothing about the game and sit on the other side of a screen giving instructions on how the game should have been played and then decisions that were “so obvious”. I have been a culprit myself. Now I am trying to be a supporter rather than a critic. It is not easy sometimes but once you remove the emotion (almost impossible!!!) it becomes easier.

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