Opinion: finding consistency takes time and Arsenal is on the right path

Arsenal returned to form after losing their first three league matches of the season.

Those losses were quickly followed by three wins in the same competition, the most delightful of which is the 3-1 victory against Tottenham.

However, Arsenal would then drop points in consecutive draws against Brighton and Crystal Palace before beating Aston Villa in their last league match.

These inconsistent results show that Arsenal is still a long way from the club we want it to be, but there is an obvious sign of progress.

Progress hardly follows a straight line, and the key thing is to learn from your mistakes along the way.

Having been almost outplayed by Crystal Palace, the Gunners did much better against Aston Villa and it shows that we are learning and getting better with each game.

Consistently winning matches is what top clubs do, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with a few steps.

We are taking the small steps needed to make it to our final destination and there would be bumps on the road in form of losses and draws, but they will only make the journey more memorable and improve our team.

This Arsenal team is clearly going places and we the fans need to constantly support our players regardless of the outcome of a game.

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  1. Luckily, Rodgers always parks the bus when playing against Arteta. He’s also been parking the bus in his last three EPL matches, so hopefully he does it again

    If that’s the case, we won’t have to worry about Leicester’s high pressing. If they decide to fight for the ball possession, Lacazette can help us to win it

  2. We cannot predict how Leicester will play, they could still play the high press, specially since they are at home. If that is the case, Arsenal must be careful and the best tactic would be to counter attack. That said, irrespective of how Leicester is set up, if we play positive forward football, we stand a good chance of winning. I would prefer Laca to be in the team along with Auba with a 4-4-2 formation or play `just behind Auba.

  3. The most interesting thing about Arsenal is the fact that they continue producing a win even if they don’t play well. And I hope that won’t come back to haunt us as the game against Crystal palace was a perfect example. We ain’t playing as fervent as we suppose but if this recent system of play earns us a win in every match, I do not care. Well, the boys performance against Leeds deserves some appraisal as they managed to secure a win+clean sheet against an attackminded side. Leno in particular was superb! but accurate distribution of the ball still remain his weakness. Nuno Tavares as I watched yesterday needs to improve his defensive side of the game as it was obvious he lacks that maybe learning a few tricks from Tomiyasu can do him some good.

  4. At the moment it looks like we are on the right path. But it seems to me, so far Arteta has had streaks of good results and also streaks that were extremely bad.
    For me, it still remains to be seen, whether he is the right man. But 3 of the next 5 games, those against Leicester, Liverpool and Man U, will be very decisive in my opinion. If we can’t get points in those games, I find it very hard to believe, we are truly progressing.

    1. Another lame comment on the usual “in the next X amount of games, I will judge”. When will it be clear that like Solksjaer, Arteta has reached his ceiling as a novice manager and we won’t see much more? What if we win those games convincingly and lose the next five? You see why I call your comment lame?

      1. No, I honestly don’t see your point, and I find you tone a bit arrogant.
        For any manger these days, their position is almost only secure “for the time being”, and a few weeks with a bad run can put their position under pressure.
        I am mere stating my opinion, that I am not convinced by Arteta yet, but if he can show me, we can compete in those 3 games, I see progress.

        1. Anders, If I were you I would not concern yourself overmuch about the comments by fans such as dg8xt, who have already made up their mind that thay dont want Arteta as our manager.

          I think he is progessing well after a difficult start and convincing our army of far too entitled fans that he is the right man is an almost impossible ask.
          I am not a fool though and have of course seen the mistakes he has made and have harboured serious doubts , like you have, as to his long term suitability for the role.

          But as a fair and patient older fan AND A PROPER SUPPORTER, I am firmly resolved to give him and our club every chance , by supporting and not constantly criticising all the time, as some fans do, even in daily posts.

  5. Greetings progress comes with team work, which requires in soccer, 11 players, all laying and not just ball watching. MN need to be taken on a 1v2 training session to teach him not to ball watch and become more involved in defense. There is thou the building of a team which in my view is taking great strides. Forward.

  6. I disagree with the article. We are not on the right path. One week we play well, and the next week, were completely atrocious. That doesn’t seem like progress to me. Results will always catch up with performance at the end of the day. That’s why Guardiola will not fail. It’s because his team’s always perform well even if they don’t win. Emery cruelly realised this when the results caught up with the team’s performances and he lost the top four. We have to be at least playing well, and not keep giving excuses that the team is young and we should therefore expect inconsistency, despite the man in charge outspending many, bringing in HIS OWN PLAYERS, having absolute authority and being on the job for 2 years. Yes you read that correctly. TWO YEARS.

  7. I’m not Arteta’s greatest fan as you would have gathered from previous comments, but c’mon folks there are definite signs of improvement. We need to be patient and give, what is after all a young team, a chance. It’s short-sighted to say sack the manager after the results for the next 3 or 5 games. Plus he has the full backing of the owners so I would say unless we lose the next 10 games badly, he’s not going anywhere. I was calling for Arteta’s head last season, but with hindsight I let that get in the way of my support for the team. Let’s get behind the team and if Arteta is as clueless as a lot of people think, it will catch up with him.

    1. Don’t really agree.
      At the moment, we are seeing better results, but before this, it wasn’ good enough.
      In the next 5 games, we are playing 3 of the opponents, we really should be able to compete against, and after those 5 games Arteta, has had 2 years in charge. If we aren’t competitive by then, I really doubt, we are on the right track.

  8. Arteta found us at 5th and with him we have finished 8th twice. The only time I will see progress is when Arteta finishes 4th. Even then, looking at the bigger picture 4th is still failure because it was unacceptable during Wenger’s tenure and I don’t see why it would suddenly become acceptable with Arteta. True progress would be us challenging for the league like how Liverpool came out of midtable and started doing so! Can’t tell me Liverpool had more money than us, they just made the right managerial appointment and things fell into place. Unless we finish 4th this season Arteta should not be in charge 2022/23.

    1. Stop with the lies Arteta took over with us 8th thanks to Emery. Under him we finished with the 6th best record behind West ham on gd and 1 point behind Chelsea in 4th. We still finished 8th because Emery had left us so far behind in the 1st place. We also beat Chelsea in the FA cup final as opposed to getting smashed 4-1 by Chelsea in the Europa final the year before. His 1st full season was a disappointment with us finishing 8th. Like both Wenger and Emery he has been given a 2nd season to turn it around.

  9. Quntic dream
    Actually Liverpool did have more money to spend.
    Anyway i will be ok with at least 7 points from our next 4 games (Leicester Watford Liverpool Newcastle)the next 4 games after this will tell if we have made progress (Everton, westham manu & i think its Leeds they will be tough games

    1. No, you are wrongly informed.
      Since Klopps arrival in 2015, Liverpool have a nett spend on new players of around £175m, and we have spent around £425m!!
      If you then add, that Klopp started on a salary quite a bit lower than Wenger at the time, it is very clear. Liverpool have simply done much better for less money.

      1. But of course, Wenger had been at our club for about 20 years when Klopp arrived, so his salary would be reflected in his longevity.

  10. way too soon to make any definitive comments about whether or not we’re on the right path…for the vast majority of his time here the performances have been exceedingly underwhelming, so the very fact that we’ve had a few outlier outings of some consequence shouldn’t lead anyone to conclude that things are heading in the right direction…now when the script is flipped and we’re talking about the odd poor performance, then and only then, will it be time to draw any such conclusions and offer up the requisite plaudits…one can only hope that this speculative “new” narrative is on the horizon, but nothing that has happened thus far would suggest that a “new” path has already been forged

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