Opinion – Five persistent Arsenal transfer rumours that will not happen

Arsenal is one of the most speculated teams in world football, however, there is always a hardcore of rumours, four or five players that are consistently linked with a move to the Emirates.

I have had a look at what I consider the most often mentioned players, though I could be wrong with my estimations, and have come to the following conclusion, Arsenal will not be signing any of them.

Dayot Upamecano
Would love to see him in an Arsenal shirt but he would just be too costly for Arsenal this summer and I am not sure that Mikel Arteta is as keen on buying more defenders as some people may think.

Chris Smalling
No idea where this one came from but can you really see Mikel Arteta signing a 30-year-old Man Utd reject? I cannot.

Samuel Umtiti
Far too injury prone, he is another player that would be costly and as is the situation with Upamecano, I am not convinced that Arteta wants another defender, he has William Saliba coming in as well.

Odsonne Edouard
Why would we sign him when we already have our own youngsters that actually have Premier League experience that, in my opinion, are better than the Celtic man.

James Rodriguez
Just not going to happen, his wage demands would most likely be extreme and he just does not look like a Mikel Arteta type of player.

There are many more, Phillipe Coutinho, Ryan Fraser, Matty Longstaff and so on, but the five above seem to me to be the players mentioned the most over the last month or so and I just cannot see any of them happening.

An article by Jacob B


  1. Sell:
    Auba only if he wants to go – $50m
    Laca hopefully we can get $45m
    Sokratis – $10m
    Xhaka – $30m
    Miki – $10m
    Elneny – $5m
    Ozil to anyone to get wages off
    AMN/Kola – $20m
    Torreira only if he wants and we find a suitable replacement – $30m

    CB: Maghalles/N’Dicka – $30m
    CM: Szobsozlai – $20m
    CM: Cellabos – $25m
    DM: Zakaria – $30m
    CAM: Korku – $20m

    Young Talent:
    CB: Bruno Fuchs – $10m
    DM: Pape Gueye – $10m
    ST: Emil Roback – $10m

    Bellerin Maghalles Salilba Tierney
    Zakaria Cellabos Szobsozlai
    Pepe Martinelli Saka

    2nd Team:
    Soares Mustafi Mari AMN/Kola
    Guendozi Willock
    Nelson Kokcu ESR

    A midfield of Zakaria, Szobsozlai and Cellabos would be very dynamic.

    1. I rate Xhaka especially under Arteta and AMN very highly. And they should do all they can to keep the great Pierre.

  2. A rather pointless article and comment so far, as if anyone truly believes we will be selling or buying any players this year. Even when this terrible virus hopefully runs it’s course, I believe the transfer system will change beyond recognition. With clubs disappearing (perhaps not from the Premier League), falling revenues, sponsors cancelling contracts, lower attendances and other financial restraints, any buying or selling of players will be greatly reduced. Player swaps could flourish though, along with the use of younger home grown players with much lower wages being paid.

    1. GB, I could not agree more and it is all the more disappointing then to see some unthinking comments such, as the sell/ buy list post above on this thread, which assumes nothing has or will change. I realise some are brighter than others but there are a few, who persist in thinking and writing as if nothing has now changed. How naive can you be.
      It is clear that a great deal has changed and this will accelerate in all top team sport , not merely football and that is certain. Attitudes have changed from necessity and last nights British outbreak of clapping across our nation in support of our fabulous NHS workers AMPLY SHOWED THAT TRUTH.

      In future, any clubs , players and agents who attempt to act as if all remains as it was and who continue to try fleecing decent, hard working ordinary folk, will find a degree of hostility that will shock and scare them . And so it should.
      When we , finally -since it will not be anytime soon- restart football, I confidently predict their will be a marked increase in the morality of greedy finance throughout the top level, forced on some and gladly embraced by others.

      The facts are that money is going to be very tight for the vast majority of ordinary folk for a considerable time to come, as we try desperately to rebuild our stricken economy that, ultimately, pays all bills and folk will not lightly accept being fleeced by greedy players and agents,but will turn their ire on them too. It is what Ken memorably described as the “silver lining.” I say hurray for that too!

  3. Your right GB.The economic recession will be global and will affect all countries and businesses, including Association Football.

  4. I know players (even average ones), look great on youtube highlights, but of all young players linked to Arsenal, Odsonne Edouard is the one I really see something different about. He is a real gem (perhaps will be better than Auba).
    When I watch him, I see something we already have or had, but is more polished, strong and clinical. What I see is an IWOBI that know where the post is.

  5. 20 days since our last game…… I miss going to the Emirates…. Invincible documentary tonight… and at 10pm season 6 of Friday Night Dinner 👍👍👍

    1. 20 days only! It feels like a decade time to try herd immunity it seems we’re not getting a cure anytime soon for this virus otherwise we’re staring at the collapse of the global economy.

      1. I hear a gulp of water from time to time can push the virus yet to reach the lung down into the stomach where the gases there deal a fatal blow to it.
        The virus does not survive beyond the lungs.
        But them a lot of lungs are strong enough to deal with the virus.

        1. You should NOT be spreading stuff like this that has been totally debunked by medical experts. Next, some will assume that as soap and water washes it off hands you should drink Fairy Liquid🤪

  6. Boris Johnson tests positive for carnivorous haha..He’s been underestimating this pandemic, not leading by example you could say.

    1. Totally disagree with you Counsel – I believe Boris has, at last, shown real leadership after, I agree, a rather slow and sedate beginning.

      It is idiots, such as those who continue to disregard the guidelines that are “not leading by example” as you put it.
      How one can possibly legislate for such selfish and moronic behaviour is anyone’s guess.

      Good old Roshan is still spending kronkie’s money, as if nothing in the world has changed – we all know kronkie will not spend that amount of money, so (to quote Martin) it’s a pipedream!!!

      Sue, hope all is well with you and yours…have you been issued with the full protection gear yet? My g/s seems not to have caught it from the otherday, but is now being told he is neede to work 12 hour shifts (due to his respiratory training in pysiotherapy at uni) from Monday, when they expect this enormous spike to occur due to the morons mentioned above.
      When I last spoke, there were still no masks available, but the news is that they are on their way.

      Looking forward to the Invincibles tonight, but sadly reflecting on what once was at the same time.

      I had to laugh at counsel’s “carnivorous” virus though – whether it was intended or not!!!!
      One can certainly say the corona virus is eating away at our society.

      1. @ken 1945 the ‘carnivorous virus’ in reference was well intended,thanks you didn’t insult me like a certain ‘Messiah’ on here

      2. Hi Ken.. yes all good, thank you. Glad.to hear your grandson is ok! Phew!
        We’ve got masks (as well as the usual ppe)… not sure what’s happening yet.. have had 3 suspected cases.. talk of the bigger hospitals sending elderly patients (eol) with the virus to us.. may/may not happen, we shall see.
        Hope you and all your family stay safe, Ken. And your grandson 👍

        Just been to Tesco for the weekly shop.. wow, queuing to get in, one way round the shop, barriers and tape everywhere! I did get some tissue though 😱
        I too am looking forward to the Invincibles. 👍 Those were the days Ken……..

    2. “HA HA”?!!!! What sort of human are you? THAT SORT OF COMMENT IS SICK, AS ARE YOUR MORALS! Shame on you!

      1. I’m sure he will recovery that’s why I’m not worried even himself did not fear the virus before like you do.!Follow his comments and you will understand.

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