Opinion – Freddie and Per need time but can only improve Arsenal

Freddie Ljungberg and Per Mertesacker need time to rebuild this Arsenal team by Lagos Gooner

Freddie has come to town, and with him is Per Mertesacker, our BFG. Both ex players of Arsenal; the two have been hired to carry out an emergency operation on an already dead Arsenal team. They started their campaign with a draw against Norwich, but trust me; they will do better with time. They can only do better.

What did I notice against Norwich? I noticed a coaching crew wanting to be as close as possible to the players. I was impressed with how Per seemed to be talking to the players on the bench, like they were discussing how to win the game. Ljungberg to me looks like a lovable fellow and I am very sure his charm will rub off fine on the players. Being coached by legends is something every player will cherish.

We all know how influential Mertesacker and Ljungberg were as football players; now is the time for us to find out if they can easily be influential as coaches.

Freddie being an effective attacking player during his time can work closely with both the midfield and attack of the team. Players like Saka, Pepe, Willock and Nelson, will surely learn a lot from him on the training ground. He should be able to teach them when to run, when to shoot and when to dribble or pass the ball to your nearest man. Scoring of goals seems to be our latest problem at the club; Freddie should be able to sort that out. He should be able to share a meal or two with the players, share in their celebrations and tribulations. His knowledge of how Arsenal works should help out when negotiating for a better package for his players and his team. Being a legend, he should be able to make the players understand what playing for Arsenal means.

Mertesacker has also been a leader on the pitch, right from his playing days. He and our recently departed French defender Laurent Koscielny, formed a good understanding off and on the pitch, and this helped us in keeping 13 clean sheets some seasons ago. Per is a good motivator; I have heard stories of how he has been a peacemaker in the past at Arsenal. Per should be able to work with the defenders in the team, see how he can be of help in bringing defensive improvement and stability to the team. As a former Arsenal defender, his experience will eventually rub off on the defenders in the team, if they are willing to learn.

In essence, what I am trying to do is to explain to Arsenal fans why I feel we should give the coaches ample time to turn things around in the team, even if it may lead to us missing out on the top four. Can I have a second in the house please?

Sylvester (Lagos Gooner)


  1. We have the same problem as united. We like our ex players and they are doing their best and we HOPE they can do brilliantly. Realistically they have never managed let alone manage a top club. We need a top quality manager who has years of experience simple, otherwise it’s only going one way. That’s the truth just watch it unfold.

    O yeah by the way these two will be in charge until the end of the season and that’s fact unless they really mess up. Freddie will be given time in pre-season to do his badges as he doesn’t have them. This is fact it’s happening my opinion is that it’s a mistake!

    1. Source regarding badges please as I’ve read many times recently that he has in fact got the necessary badges to manage/coach?

  2. Confidence, and tactics I agree will take time, but not team selection, and substitutions. Ironically, Ljungberg has already improved us tactically, in just one game…although I guess that wasn’t difficult.

    What worries me, was his team selection, and subs against Norwich. He has been working closely with these players for some time, yet he made so many baffling decisions. I thought Emery was still in charge for minute there! Tactically, Emery was killing the team, but you can only go so far with this squad. Unless Ljungberg starts dropping some of our under performers, not a lot will change. Luiz is apparently undroppable? Ozil is back to create…what exactly? Xhaka returns to do…I don’t know? And so on…

    1. It is only reasonable that they be given time; it is irrational to expect miracles in one game. Unfortunately there are only so many ways you can shuffle the players in this squad.

  3. I feel sorry for Freddie. He is criticised for playing our three clown CBs. Shame he neglected to pick those far better ones VVD, Kompany, Adams, Bould, Keown Terry Campbell and all the other top CBs he has NOT GOT! Blame the owner and Gazidis, NOT innocent Freddie. Tierney was benched as he had a training knock. I do not think for a moment that Freddie is the answer but neither is he the problem. Be fair!

  4. I don’t see any future in those two being at the helm too long. We don’t need inexperienced people doing this job. Get a new manager in and quickly.

  5. You are talking rubish Freddy knows that he has to give every body a chance to prove themselves even if he saw before that they were not up for it because certern players can perform better if they think the coach is right and they believe in him so he has to give everyone a fair chance plus we don’t no what goes on behind the scenes he needs to give everyone a chance to prove them selfs

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