Opinion – Frustrating that certain Arsenal players perform better for their country

What is stopping Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira from playing well for Arsenal as they do for their country?

Arsenal’s biggest problem this season has been the number of underperforming players they have had to field in their matches.

The Gunners have left their fans frustrated after putting in below-par performances all season, but most of these players still do very well for their countries.

Granit Xhaka and Lucas Torreira have not stood up to be counted for the Gunners this season, but they showed in the last international games that they are one of the best in their positions.

Granit Xhaka did so well in the recent International games that it was hard to think that he has been frozen out at Arsenal. Lucas Torreira also did very well for Uruguay in their game against Argentina as he helped them record a 2-2 draw.

Xhaka has been found guilty of making very avoidable mistakes for Arsenal this season and his attitude has also been a major problem, however, he doesn’t seem to give such concerns to the fans of the Swiss National team and his goal against Gibraltar in their last qualifying game is the kind that Arsenal fans would enjoy watching him score.

There is every possibility that the tactics of Unai Emery make it hard for Arsenal players to be at their best. The toxic environment created by the fans hasn’t also helped.

I have my own view why they play better for their respective countries and it is not just because Emery plays them out of position on occasions, I feel it is a combination of factors and one of them is fear of failure.

You see, in my opinion, one of the major factors is they are scared stiff to make a mistake with Arsenal, that inhibits their game. They do not suffer that with their national teams and us fans have a lot to do with that.


  1. AY75 says:

    Torreira is being played out of position by our ‘genius’ coach, add that to his confusing tactics, how’s he supposed to perform well… as for Xhaka, I have no idea why it’s his standard to have one good game in ten for us, he’ll probably want to leave latest by summer anyway, so no point worrying about him.
    What we really need is an actual coach to fix up this team. The potential is there for everyone to see, our squad is way better than it is performing, the major hinderance is the coach. I’ve given up hope of us coming anywhere near our potential with Emery in charge.

    1. jon fox says:

      Spot on !

  2. Sunny says:

    Well I am baffled by the decision to not play Troirra at defensive midfield position.
    His best position is that and considering how we are defending. I am really surprised.
    Spurs sacked their manager. I am really again very surprised by our board decision to stick with Emery.
    Its a board problem not emery is the the problem

  3. Reggie says:

    Not ever seen Torreira for his country so cant really have an opinion on that. As far as xhaka is concerned, i have only ever seen the xhaka that plays for arsenal. I watched him before he came to us in the euros,i think, anyway that summer and i was totally underwhelmed by his football and that was what i have thought about him ever since. He is just an average player who plays for a second rate country and that sums him up.

  4. ken1945 says:

    AY75, while you make very good points, you have omitted others.

    What our players are missing as well, is leadership, coaching and man-management.

    On top of that, they have no idea if they are actually going to play – or even be part of the squad, as these change every game.

    Finally and, probably most importantly, the players have no idea if UE will be their coach next game, so ALL these points must surely explain why we are in such a mess.

  5. gotanidea says:

    I saw Xhaka/ Torreira play in World Cup and they weren’t impressive there

    Torreira could still improve because he is still young, but Xhaka has played for different managers and the results are similar

    Xhaka’s playing style is not suited to Arsenal, so he must be transfer-listed

    1. Namo says:

      @Gotanidea, are u sure you really watched Torreira at the last world cup, cos the guy was good. His interceptions and blocks were great.
      He was part of the reason Uruguay knocked Portugal out of the world cup, cos he kept blocking CR7s shots at goal. He is clearly being misused by Emery at Arsenal.

    2. Sylva Olabanji says:

      You don’t seem to be realistic with your analysis of this two players at last world cup. I agree Xaka is not suited for Arsenal but they both played well at the last world cup. Please check the statistics of the games they played. Even under
      A.Wenger Xaka dow not excellent,still played better than now.
      Their national team coach knows how to use and motivate them than Emery does.

  6. Torreira is a good player and he plays his heart out, but he should play in his usual DM position. Xhaka is not interested in playing for Arsenal and so we should not bother about him. Anyway Emery must go. There is so much negativity with Emery around.

  7. Declan says:

    Of course both players are more effective for their countries because they are both being played in their correct positions for Uruguay and Switzerland. Emery is clueless thinking Xhaka is a DM and Torriera is a CAM.

  8. Le Coq Monster says:

    Surprised someone of your intellect has to ask such a question AdMart, when everyone one is or has been saying the same thing for months…………….wrong positions, wrong tactics and crap manager, plus you answer your own question !…………..are you expecting some more enlighting answer ?……..I`ll go get Yoda ! hahaha

  9. Grandad says:

    With respect to Georgia and particularly Gibraltar,it’s easy to look good against poor opposition.The prospect of swapping Zakaria for Xhaka appeals to me.He is the tall, athletic DM we need to start the reshaping of our midfield.Never seen Torreria on the International scheme but he is being mid-sized by Emery, that’s for sure.

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