Opinion – Goodbye Emery, it is now time for Arsenal to move on

A new era dawns at Arsenal and its time to look forward with confidence.

This is the start of a new dawn and what other better way can we start that than to purge ourselves of past grievances and move forward, especially now that Emery has been sacked.

Emery’s sacking was a matter of when and not if! Finally, the man has been sacked and everybody can breathe a sigh of relief and move forward. It has not been an encouraging season so far but now, we can move on.

Unai Emery came to Arsenal with many expectations after doing well at Sevilla and PSG. The expectation was for him to transform Arsenal into genuine football heavyweights. He tried his best but it was obvious that his best was not enough to transform the team. I still think Emery is not a bad coach, he just lost his way at one point and it was very hard for him to get it back.

Let us face the fact that Arsenal was not able to sign a top-quality central defender during the last transfer window, that was not Emery’s fault. Emery was not in charge of signing and selling players, that was the duty of the board and they let him down in this regard. He was appointed to just train whatever player that was signed. I may even be tempted to say Emery never really fancied the players at his disposal.

His first season was above average, we went on a long unbeaten run, we got to the final of the Europa League and we were able to sign some good players. His second season, however, was poor. Do I totally blame him for a bad season? No, I don’t.

Emery is gone now, we are expected to name a new coach soon but I would like us to thank Emery for coming to Arsenal and serving us. Let us wish him well in the future and then, we can truly move forward.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    This season (Emery second season) is meant to be better because he bought some players but unfortunately he didn’t play to their strength..

    He did pretty OK in featuring some of our young players. I thought this season would be better than last. We were excited during the transfer window as we got some exciting players

    Ceballos (loan)
    Sillibe (loaned back)

    Thanks Emery for the 18months but it was time to bounce. All the best

    Good Ebening

  2. Durand says:

    His conservative approach never suited us in the first place. Arsenal attack and set up for action, Emery is based on REACTION hence his trouble from day 1.

    Rather than fix the defense, he chose to reinvent the wheel, and begged fans to support it. He spent 18 months trying to reshape a club that needed it’s defense fixed.

    He seems like a decent fellow, and I wish him the best elsewhere. Needs to figure out his style and identity; his chameleon nonsense will continue getting him fired.

    It’s not a coincidence all the top managers have a style of play, it’s clear, understandable, and it works.

  3. Daulat says:

    I had hopes with Emery when he joined, and when he showed some quick decision making and a pragmatic approach when it came to subbing players. I was hoping he would at least address our leaky defense and sort it out as it was the elephant in the room really, but it seems he couldn’t see the elephant and wasted his time catching rodents.

    Reports are surfacing now about how Emery placed very little emphasis and didn’t gave enough time on defensive drills in the training grounds, to the surprise of many coaching staff, knowing we are leaking more goals than ever. Maybe instead of hiring Pepe, we could have hired a good CB or a DM, but maybe due to Emery’s lack of concern with defense made the decision to go for attacking player instead, who knows? I’m not saying we didn’t require a winger, but even without wingers, our attack was way better than our defense.

    So with all due respect for him, and he did bring some good players like Torreira, Guendouzi, Pepe, and I think he did a good job with getting Saliba. He brought Martinez to the fore from the dust and he is turning out great. Emery did take us to the Europa league final, but just couldn’t address the glaring problems that have been plaguing us for years his way of handling our defensive frailties was anything but pragmatic.

    So yeah, all the best to him. May we get to see him soon as a coach for a big team.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Daulat, I agree with most of what you say. The players now need to stand up as they now have nowhere to hide.
      My concern is which we’ll credentialled coach will be prepared to come to the Arsenal, given the current squad inadequacies, without high personal terms and a high transfer budget.
      I just hope for some stability and Arsenal now don’t enter the coach/manager roundabout.

  4. towny254 says:

    Yes thanks to EMERY he tried his best with the tools he had and some of the tools are not good enough for Arsenal football club in the summer we need a good clear-out

  5. Truth says:

    The next manager is crucial. Brendan Rodgers for me. Poch sounds unlikely and has a cloud over him but is undeniably talented. Allegri would be trouble IMO. Arteta a gamble but an exciting gamble. Ancelotti a big no.

  6. Innit says:

    I’m thankful for Emery for Torreira, Pepe, Guendouzi and Martinelli and last season was a slight improvement over Wenger’s last season. 5th and Europa League finals

    I supported him for a long time. Really until Southampton. But enough was enough sadly

  7. jon fox says:

    I can’t believe how soft some Gooners on here are with their wish Emery well comments. This disastrous man with his silly and ridiculous desire to change everything around, often several times in the same game, has done little but confuse the whole squad. His whole philosophy was to adapt to combat the mighty strengths of such “giants” as PALACE, WATFORD, SHEFF UTD. He failed utterly to recognise and unleash our own attacking strengths and he also failed to coach, admittedly hopeless”defenders” to even try doing the basics. IN SHORT HE WAS AN UNMITIGATED DISASTER WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN SACKED MUCH SOONER. I, for one, am not going to wish this, enemy(in practice) of our club well. No way. I rejoice this idiot has gone and care only about Arsenal FC, not him! I will not be a hypocrite by wishing him well, when I LOATHE HIS STUPIDITY AND HIS DAMAGE TO OUR TEAM AND OUR CLUB. I detest the constant self virtue signalling done, esp by the younger generation. Tell the damned truth, for Gods sake!

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