Opinion – Harry Redknapp is wrong about Arsenal not making Top Four

Good day everybody. Hope we are doing well today? I am sure we all can’t wait for this international break to be over, so that we can return to watching beautiful and suspense-filled club football games. This weekend was so boring to me, but next weekend is going to be better, hopefully.

I woke up this morning and I decided to browse through the internet searching for news stories and along the way, I came across a story from the Sun online page, reporting on how Harry Redknapp predicted the teams that will end in the top four at the end of this season; unfortunately, the former Tottenham coach does not fancy Arsenal finishing in the top four. Well, he is entitled to his opinion, isn’t he?

“Tottenham have it all on now to get in the top four this year,” Redknapp told The Sun. “The only thing now in their favour is that Arsenal look so poor. Chelsea are doing great; they’re going to be challenging. Leicester are going to be bang in there. But you’re looking at Arsenal — and Manchester United — and wondering if they are going to make it this year. I can see both of those two not making the top four unless there is a big improvement”

Well, I am not the type that succumbs to defeat before the game is even finished! I strongly believe that it is not over, until it is actually over. I don’t give in to negative vibes and on this particular one, I will not be afraid to totally disagree with Redknapp. Yes, we are qualifying for the Champions league and people will be shocked to see how well we will end the season.

Take a break from constantly wishing Arsenal will suffer the fate as your old club, Redknapp. Arsenal has better players than your former team and when they realize how dormant their potentials have been, they will buckle up, go on a long run of unbeaten game,s and before you can blink, we are sitting comfortably in the top four. Come on, who gave people the right to predict negativity concerning Arsenal? I am a proud supporter of the biggest club in London and in as much as I want Emery to be sacked now; I won’t stop wishing the team well, even if he is still in charge.

The problem most people have in life is focusing on the present situation and thinking that is how the future will be. Well folks, I have got good news for you; are you ready to play in the Champions league next year? If not, change your mindset and believe Arsenal will redeem its time.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. You lost me in the opening line where you said you can’t wait for the international break to finish “so that we can return to watching beautiful and suspense filled club football games”. All I can say is you obviously haven’t been watching Arsenal games this season then! As for your comments about Rednapp, where did he wish anything bad on our club, he was asked his opinion and gave an honest answer. Jesus, some people!🤦‍♂️

  2. It is still possible to finish at top four mathematically. But it is also highly improbable to achieve, because of the rises of the mid-table clubs like Leicester/ Wolves and our awful away forms

    Unless Emery magically wins all the remaining 26 games, home and away. It could be done, but not with the lazy players

    1. we win all 26 remaining games and we would be in with a shout of winning the league, get a grip and lets not over exaggerate how far back we are

  3. I didn’t really understand Harry’s comments when I read them. Even without Arsenal and Man Utd, Spurs still have to overcome a points deficit to Chelsea, Leicester or Man City – all of which are playing better than Spurs. I also don’t know why he backs Spurs to turn things around but not Arsenal. I agree that on recent results it’s difficult to see where the Gunners will get back to winning ways but it’s not out of the question.

  4. Arsenal possibly still getting top 4 !………………….I`d find Prince Andrew showing remorse more convincing !

  5. Yes, spuds will definitely get in the top four this year, it makes sense. After their brilliant performance against Bayern, they’ve constantly won matches. Lloris even made an excellent save and has been fit ever since. Son Heung Min is in positive mood after his superb MOTM performance against Everton. In addition, every player is in a long term contract, wow the future looks bright!

  6. Harry didn’t even know his beloved dog had opened up an offshore account using his funds so i doubt he has a scooby about what goes on in the PL these days.

    I can’t see us making top 4. And even if we did i reckon we’d get KO’d before the KO’s
    10/10 for optimism, but realism is whats required here

    1. @Ben, he did know about his dogs account. It was a secret offshore account to fund his “Roly Polys” business!!

      Harry himself set it up because he’s “Barking” mad!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. If we can start getting three points from our next run of games, then yes, one of those teams will maybe draw a game then if they drop anymore before we do then we’re back in it. What worries me is that city is the one we’re closest to, but I expect one of those sides to hit a bad patch esp coming up to festive period, it depends on us though are we going to be able to claw our way back in. We F’d up in our home games, it should of been us up there with them and waiting to see who drops the ball. We have our work cut out but out of us, Tott or utd, I feel we have the best chance to get back into it. We have some terrific firepower and the expectation levels are low right now, the players should lose the shackles and play better for it because no-one expects it from them anymore. Teams are dangerous when they have a point to prove and when nobody expects them to make that point. If Leic had expectations like we do each season they would not pack a punch like they do, also, high expectation levels separates the cream from the also-rans.

    1. We still have a chance but when you look back on are last 19 League games (Which equates to half a season), We’ve only won a pitiful six.

      SIX WINS from our last 19. let that sink in

  8. Put it this way, If we can’t beat Southampton this weekend we might as well give up all together!

    Now is the time for everyone on the starting eleven to prove they are worthy. Nothing but 100% is good enough and if they can’t play for the manager, they need to play for the fans!!

  9. Harry Redknapp is not wrong, we’re already in a very difficult spot mathematically.

    The last 3 seasons an average of 73 points has been needed to get top 4. We are currently on 17 points with 26 games remaining which means we need 2.15 points per game. This works out at 18 wins , can anyone else realistically see us getting this.

    If we also look at how City are scoring points so far this season who are in 4th. If 4th place amasses points at their current rate 79 points will be needed for top 4 this season meaning we are further away.

    I don’t know about anyone else on here but I do not see us winning 10 games in the next 26 never mind 18/19.

  10. Just an inscecured Spurs, he speaks about them first, if Chelsea and Leceister are gone, City and Reds of course make it 4 teams! No Spurs indeed, as Man U and Arsenal all in trouble! I forgot about that Harry! :),

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