Opinion: Has double-winning breakthrough star done enough to earn first-team role at Arsenal?

Eddie Nketiah has won a rare double in his breakthrough season, helping Leeds to win the Championship, before returning to Arsenal to play his part in winning the FA Cup, but has he done enough to warrant his place in the first-team squad?

The club will have some tough decisions to make this summer, with Mikel Arteta likely to want some fresh additions to the squad in order to build a team to challenge higher up the table next season, and some squad members will inevitably fall down the pecking order.

Nketiah initially impressed on his return from his loan in the beginning of 2020, but has failed to find form since the return to action, while Alexandre Lacazette has forced his way into Arteta’s first-team plans with some serious displays.

I would imagine that we could expect to see signings in most areas of the team, although we already have a number of options in our attacking roles, while there is the possibility that Jordi Osei-Tutu could get a chance to fight for minutes at the club following his successful loan spell in Germany.

With the likelihood that we will have more options available in the new campaign, you have to ask who will be the one most likely to lose out, and on current form, my finger would point towards the young forward.

Nketiah has only recently turned 21, and has enjoyed plenty of minutes this season, but for me, he just hasn’t done enough to convince that he is deserving of a first-team role at Arsenal.

Has the young forward done enough to be confident of his place in the first-team squad?


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  1. He has talent and shows promise to be a good striker. Personally from his performance since his return he hasn’t done enough to guarantee starting. He would benefit more if he go on loan again. He is good but he is no Martinelli.

  2. What I really like about him is his relentless pressing and movement. I don’t think he should go out on loan we will be having a lot of games and 9 on the bench. He will get more game time due to the nature of fixtures this season.

    1. πŸ‘ Folarin Balogun is also a hot prospect, with an excellent goal to game ratio, at 19.

  3. I think he has.He will probably start next season as a standby for Lacazette but one area where he most certainly has an edge over the Frenchman is in heading.He is adept at making space in the box and is a natural header of the ball, unlike Laca and for that matter Auba.He has a lot to learn from Laca in terms of holding the ball and linking play but no doubt he will be working on this aspect in training.

  4. We need competition and rotation. Nketia will get enough game time for sure and will provide a good enough challenge for Lacazette.

  5. I myself are in two minds regarding Eddie.
    on one hand i dont think he has the quality or potential to force himself into a starting 11 on a regular basis.
    On the other hand what he lacks in quality he makes up for in workrate, presses very well etc.
    Personally i think we are heavy on players in certain positions and i would like to see Auba play more up top next season and see Laca leave as he has been very inconsistent in terms of goals since he arrived back in 17

    1. I dont know why people keep asking for Auba to play up top.. He’s actually better playing from the wings as he has more space to run into..

  6. Did nketiah really help Leeds get promoted? Take his goals out of the Leeds results & I believe Leeds would still have won the championship

  7. Please what happens to both Tottenham and Chelsea if wolves can meticulously win the Europa league

    1. Chelsea will still play in the champions league no matter what Wolves achieved in Europa league. Tottenham will play in Europa qualifying round and not the group stage no matter what wolves has done

  8. I honestly feel Eddie aswell as Willock need one more chance next season to prove themselves, I honestly dont think they ate any good, but everyone deserves a chance.

    After next season and if still no real improvement, we need to be ruthless and sell them.

    There’s better prospects at their age, Martinelli, Greenwood, Mount, Brooks, Cantwell, Barnes, Maddison etc look waaaaay better than Eddie and Willock.

  9. Eddie wasnt part of the plans for arsenal this season, so anything he has done is a bonus.

    With a plan in place for him next season with this squad I think he will get vital goals that when push becomes shove, he will get it.

    He has to model himself on how sterling does it at city. Think like a wide man.

  10. Sell or loan … Preferably the former … he’s been given a chance since returning from Leeds and done absolutely nothing … Bielsa is no mug and worked him out very quickly … Not premiership level

  11. It’s all left in Eddie Nketiah’s hands to vastly improved on his football playing weaknesses that have been identified in him if he wants to remain at Arsenal on the long term and even avert been loaned out but consistently remained at the club. Which I think will come at a price he would pay for it with: self discipline, consistent hard work, full dedication to duty at Arsenal, endurance&perseverance in his professional football career, tolerance to football training and playing sufferings at Arsenal and adhere to new playing technics&skill acquisition developments. It is when Nketiah mastered all these attributes as above successfully and becomes the master of them all very well would he then rise above the mediocre football playing class that he’s presently at the level to the level of high football playing quality to thus transcend to a top League 20 goals per season striker. Nketiah has now attained the adulthood age of 21 years that now makes him and adult footballer but no longer the youth player he used to be. This is the age which the famous Cristiano Ronaldo was at who is now playing for Jeventus when he signed for Man Utd and straight away started to set the ground running at Old Trafford. Therefore, Nketiah should now become of age to start setting the ground running next season in the Premier League for Arsenal by scoring at least 20 PL goals for Arsenal. Otherwise, Arsenal might enter into the transfer market next season during the January window to search for a new top quality striker of a top League 20 goals per season repute to replace him with. Time waits for no one. Martinelli? He’s currently injured and reports are having it that he’ll return to Arsenal from the sideline next year. Hmmm.

  12. Surely this Nketiah “in or out of the squad” discussion is academic, as MA has already and obviously made the decision to recall him and use him. And he is firmly in the squad and often plays. That is the reality.


  13. He is our own laca in the making but with much better workrate and hunger.Still has a lot to improve,incredible potential and is a natural striker.

    Some chelsea fans are still moaning about kovacic being sent off and are questioning emi martinez over a ball caught outside the box.All i can say is we could have been in champions league if not for VAR and some referees so please…..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚we deserved it

  14. 14 times Fa Cup winners πŸ† still buzzing! I was reading earlier some united fans think Ole is different level to Arteta πŸ˜‚ he got top 3 with 190 mil spent what an amazing achievement they can put the top 3 trophy in their trophy cabinet now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Oh Sue I couldn’t stand that ugly avatar it had to go πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it seems Liverpool fans are in cahoots with United supporters now jumping on us that we’ve won a Mickey mouse cup if that’s the case united didn’t win the treble and Gerrard’s match winning performance against West ham didn’t exist πŸ˜‰

        1. Yeah, mine isn’t much better πŸ˜„ Oh they can all sod right off!! As well as the chavs (boohoo!) moaning!! It’s over, you lost, deal with it!
          Do you watch ‘Arsene fan tv’ (cartoon)
          on YouTube? It’s hilarious… I’ve just watched the fa cup episode, well worth a look!!

          1. I know Sue you have some sort of antenna growing from your head πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ no I haven’t even heard of it so I will definitely go and give that a watch πŸ˜† all is left to make this season a decent one is for utd to dumped out of the Europa because they seem to think it’s already won 😯 I hear Totts have 3 games to navigate through in September one bad night and it’s over 😜

    1. Kev82, let’s just worry about Arsenal getting itself in order, building on and moving forward after this great FA Cup win.

  15. And the spuds are after Mr Cojones, apparently, Kev!!!
    Not long until the conclusion of Europe, should be good! I’m rooting for City (for obvious reasons 😁)

    1. Haha they must be desperate long gone the days mourinho signing superstars πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just as long as we don’t get him πŸ™ haha yeah your sky blue this month Sue well until end of August when we take on Liverpool πŸ’ͺ I watched some of that cartoon 😜 sounds nothing like Wenger funny though the selfie with Emery πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      1. Did you hear goldbridge ? Arsenal won’t win the fa cup not in a million years imagine what will happen if they meet us or city or Chelsea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          1. Haha Sue he’s probably in his fake studio praying Ole delivers the Europa League πŸ˜‚ would you bet against Lukaku coming back to haunt them ? 😜 You watching the championship final on Tuesday night ?

  16. I think Nketiah should stay, as a back up for Laca and Martinelli, considering the number of games we will be playing next season and I am sure he will learn and improve.

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