Opinion: How many wins does Arteta need in his first 10 games to save his job?

Mikel Arteta has been given another season to prove that he can become a top manager at Arsenal.

The Spaniard was given the role of the club’s boss when he didn’t have any experience and he will no doubt be grateful for the faith they have shown in him for the last 18 months.

There is a perfect way to start a managerial career, winning all your games, however, Arteta did not really enter a settled situation, but Arsenal clearly expected progress when they replaced the experienced Unai Emery with him.

Emery has won trophies around Europe and he even helped the Gunners to reach the final of the Europa League in 2019.

Arteta went one further by winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield, which bought him more time at the helm.

The former midfielder has just presided over Arsenal’s worse season in more than two decades, but there are more calls for him to be given time than for him to be sacked.

I have never believed in him as the manager that will take us back to the top, because a manager’s experience is key to what they can deliver at any club.

Europe is filled with managers whom most people thought would be championship-winning coaches at the start of their career, but haven’t won many after starting as Arteta did.

It’s a good show of faith that Arsenal will give Arteta another season, although I don’t think he will enjoy a better campaign.

I also don’t think we have to wait until the end of the season to deliver a verdict on him.

In the first ten games, we should know if his team is now ready for a title challenge or not.

If he cannot win six of his first ten league games next season, he should be sacked. What is the winning number for you?

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  1. I would say 6 wins and 2 draws.

    If we can get 20 points from our first 10 games and be no more than 5 points behind the leaders we’d be off to a half decent start.

    If we can’t get 20 points we should fire MA, regardless of who the first 10 games are against.

    The issue is who do we replace him with that would be available and beca good replacement, very difficult now that we’ve let a few good options pass us by already.

    1. Conte is apparently available. Won’t be for long with Real Madrid, Spurs and PSG being possible options.

      I’m not 100% convinced he’s what we need but I’d gladly give it a go.

      1. Conte would likely suffer at Arsenal, if he doesn’t get a strong and skillful CF in the mold of Costa or Lukaku

        Lacazette might still fit into Conte’s system, but Lacazette isn’t good aerially. Aubameyang’s aerial and hold-up abilities aren’t similar to Costa’s and Lukaku’s at all

        1. Would you rather have Conte or MA? Lets be honest. A good coach actually coaches players to their systems. We cannot try sign a coach based on who we have in the team now, thats backwards.

          Also Conte could attract better players than MA in my opinion.

          1. I’d prefer Arteta for now, because he has plenty of interesting ideas. Conte is too similar to Mourinho, who’s usually great in his first season before crashing afterwards

            Their severance money are too big for what they gave to the clubs. Chelsea paid Conte around 26 M to leave, I heard Inter paid around 7 M and Spurs paid Mourinho around 30 M

            I wonder whether those managers intentionally made problems to get the huge sacking money. I prefer the ones with long-term projects and visions like Guardiola and Klopp, also hopefully Arteta

          2. Goi, you keep saying Arteta has interesting ideas, what are these? Why are we not seeing them? I dont see any “interesting ideas”

          3. 👍 “Interesting ideas?” “System of play?” “Best team?” “Tactic?”

          4. @Reggie : His tactics are interesting and have made us:

            – The second-best team in England, behind Manchester City for 2021 results alone. We have played 24 matches this year and won 13 of them to amass 44 points, with only Manchester City have earned more

            – Defeat all London teams in EPL at least once and do a double against Chelsea, which is an achievement since 2005

            We also won four EPL games in a row, so you’re wrong if you want to replace him now. We shouldn’t break the good momentum and Arteta must be supported in player transfers

          5. GAI – the evidence against your point is some of the worst football we’ve ever seen under Arteta, but you haven’t answered the question – “he has plenty of interesting ideas” – what are these exactly? you keep repeating it and I don’t think anybody has the foggiest

          6. @ArseNul : Arteta’s ideas are interesting to me, because they’re highly effective against some big EPL teams, the other London clubs and the “United” teams. The undeniable proof is our form in this year

            Maybe they’re not interesting to other people, because art and assessment are subjective. However, I suggest you guys stop slagging him, because we shouldn’t break the good momentum and we can’t gamble on a new manager now

          7. GAI, you still haven’t answered the question, WHAT INTERESTING TACTICS? You are waffling all sorts of rubbish but not answering the simple question.

          8. This guy is like a tape put on replay
            What interesting ideas as I am eager to listen to them too

    2. 20 is higher than Utd’s rate, they mafe 19+. If we got 20 we are only 2nd to City, 22+ (of course given we are consistent).
      I can not see us foing this unless we do not have a fair portion of difficult games.

      1. Yes 20 is high I agree but there is logic to my madness. We almost always have a November/December mid-season wobble.

        If we aren’t in and around the top 4 by that stage we’ll like drop to mid table again. Remember fans are back in the stadium and things can go badly, very quickly. So we need a really strong start.

        1. Fair point, of course we were not consistent before we but I think with lack of Europe, we should have less fatigue (and hopefully injuries), so I hope we are consistent.

  2. “the first ten games, we should know if his team is now ready for a title challenge or not.”

    Very delusional statement.
    How close are we to Liverpool or City that we’ll be challenging for the tilte alongside them?
    It’s not too four he has deliver next season but he has to challenge for the title? Cooool cool

    1. I hope you are not starting making excuse for him already? And you can reply politely if its not too much to ask.

      1. I won’t judge MA until fund is made available for him to turn things around,till then I will begin to evaluate him.

      2. Im not making excuses.. I already made it clear I won’t treat him as a novice next season. So don’t try to whip up stuff.
        I’m definitely expecting him to start delivering frm gameweek 1 but to say we should be challenging for the title with this team and City’s/Liverpool’s team is simply delusional.
        Without heavy and smart investment, this team will only remain a top 4 team. Quality is needed allover the pitch

  3. I calculated the ratio of 4th to yhe total points in 38 games and multiplied that to the 30 points of the 1st 10 games, it was equal 17-18 points.
    That is my okay mark, 17, anything less is out of top 6 at the end (Westham). That is 5 wins, two draws, 3 losses, or 4 wins, 5 draws , 1 loss.
    I hope that is logical and fair😁😅.

    1. Preferrably 18. Make the math.
      I am being realistic, or I try. For me, I would have fired MA earlier but he made a good run in the end (2nd part of PL) and had decent results against top sides (utd snd chelsea for example) in PL, so it was fair to support him. Not because he is great but because he is improving.

        1. I wish Man United cancel Cavani’s contract, because he’s still good to play in EPL next season

  4. For me, we need at least 21 to 24 points minimum, if we are going to challenge we need to fly out of the traps. I also think more important than points, we must be safely in top four contention. If we are languishing in 7th or 8th, the chop should come out straight away, dont wait, act. My problem with all this is, there would be no planning again and we would end up with another less than satisfactory manager. Its obvious now our owner has no ambition because Arteta is still here, if he sticks with him, as it looks like, then it should be virtually zero tolerance and act quickly if he doesn’t kick on.

  5. I also expect six games, but it won’t be possible without a strong and skillful CF:

    – Inter were inconsitent before Lukaku came
    – Real Madrid have Benzema who’s powerful and excellent in linking up
    – Barcelona missed Suarez badly and he was one of the main factors of Atletico’s La Liga achievement
    – Man United were dull before Ighalo/ Cavani led their front line
    – Spurs were horrible before Kane became their main CF
    – Chelsea were very strong when Costa was in his prime and now they have Havertz to do hold-up play
    – Wolves were awful without Jimenez’s link-up and aerial abilities

    Lacazette is excellent in tight spaces, but we need to find someone taller with his link-up ability

    1. I agree to your call GAI, it is one essential point that Arsenal’s starting 11 is short in.
      We were much better with Giroud imo, but some fans wanted a fast striker that we never needed as we usually have lossession and other teams is having a low defense.

      1. I thought Aubameyang was like Cavani, who’s good in the air, quick and good in linking-up. I bet most Gooners thought the same about Aubameyang

        He turns out to be more similar to Vardy, Son, Mane and Salah. He’ll be perfect for counter-attacking systems like Mourinho’s, Benitez’s, Rodgers and Allegri’s

  6. It depend on the fixtures and how other teams are doing. He may win less than six games and be in good table position if other teams are not doing well.

    I am not eager to see how the window will go because we can spend 500 million but if the coach is not good enough it won’t change anything.

    I don’t have faith in him but I will be supporting him from gameweek 1 because I don’t have a choice anyway.

    I will be treating him and the next season like a Christmas present. Excited of the possibilities but not sure what is inside the box. A nice watch or socks?

    I don’t support him getting fired mid season unless we are in relegation zone better to wait until the end of the season so that the new manager will not have a mess to clean.

    And to answer the question of the article, I will not count wins but he has to be inside the top 4 (preferably leading the table) and not too far from the leader if not leading.

  7. As the new season’s fixture list hasn’t yet been announced then how can anybody make an informed point?

    Could be playing this year’s top6 in the first few weeks and what exactly would that show? We have to win home and away to be satisfied?

    1. To answer your question, if that were to happen, it would likely show that we are still very much behind our perceived competitors I would imagine. We’ve actually done pretty well against the bigger teams so why should we use that as an excuse for next season?

      We could equally be playing the lower ranked teams, regardless of who it is we need a good start. Once you are playing catch up to whoever the top 4 teams are it becomes very difficult.

    2. Well said SueP.
      The truth lies in the details, and there’s no quick fix for Arsenal. In addition the competition in the league have probably never been better. In spite of our difficult first part of the season we were only six points short of CL qualification, in 2020 the gap was 10 points….

  8. Save his job? Win 9 games out of 10. I would say 10/10 but I would give MA a one slip chance. Here’s why.

    No Europe means less fatigue and more pre-match preparation

    Full pre-season drills. Improved tactical preparations.

    More new players for Arteta

    PEPE and PARTEY have adjusted into EPL. Younger players should start showing improvements.

    Potential return of fans.

    9 out of 10. Otherwise, MA should leave.

  9. For me, let his Arsenal team make it ten over ten wins in the Arsenal first ten PL games next season. And continue to win up to as long as the club can continue to win before the team will drop 2 points after playing to a draw game.

    And afterwards continue to win, win and win before dropping another 2 points. And continue in their winning vein form to the end of season unbeaten.

    But can Arteta deliver a record breaking 106 points Premier League win for Arsenal next season? Dropping only 8 points (4 draws) during the campaign. Or Am I asking him to reach for optical illusion PL title win unbeaten next season?

    If Arteta would build an Arsenal team in the summer for next season’s campaign that can win the PL title, why wouldn’t the Gunners win it If he does? More so, given that he already has a strong team on ground that finish 8th last season, but if he fine tune the team properly to revamp with reinforcements correctly in all the 4 departments of it that needed reinforcements. But with top quality players signing this summer window who can influence winning matches to deliver wins consistently overtime. Arsenal will win the Premier League title next season and finish unbeaten in it I so allude.

    Meanwhile, Antonio Conte is available according to media reports. But I think the managerless Tottenham Hotspur could snap him up to manage them next season. But I am not sure if they will do that.

  10. Well, he can win a high percentage of the first 10 games and go on to lose the next 5 or lose more matches from the beginning and win the next five. With what we have seen this reason, the team is not consistent. Personally I don’t really have much hope on Arteta but I’ll always support whoever is in charge. My take is if we are not within the first 6 by Christmas and our points tally is not close to the teams above us, then he should be sacked.

      1. Hahaha he couldn’t save a pen if it was hit straight at him 😂😂 made my night Sue, we take a lot of stick off united fans 😂 no I didn’t even know, it’ll be interesting to see who replaces him maybe Arteta ? 😆

        1. We certainly do, Kev, not for the next few days though – silence!! Bliss!
          Be even worse for them if City win 🙏
          Haha, you wish!

          1. Oh united fans will go back to hiding under their rock, they only pop out when they’re winning! Haha a premier league, champions league double won’t go down well in the red half of Manchester 😂 well Sue I can always hope 😆

          2. Surely he’ll get some minutes – his final appearance for them. How fitting it’d be for him to lift that trophy, although he’d struggle as it’s taller than him 😂

          3. I think will pep will use him if they are behind but for the service he’s giving to man city he should get some minutes as he’s still quality 👌 haha yeah Sue he is so short he will need help lifting that trophy 😂😂

    1. Sue,

      Emery got into 5 EL finals, he won 4 and lost the only at guess where?

      “but but we have world class players that should be competing for……”

      Many of our players lack quality, consistency and the worse of all; FIGHT! which is Villareal has shown tonight.

      1. Goonerboy… it breaks my heart thinking about that!!
        Fight is non-existent in our team – unless of course there’s nothing riding on it!!
        So jealous watching them celebrating… Europe will always elude us 🥺

        1. I was already jealous when I got to know there is EL final today and my dear Arsenal is not involved.

          United not winning is a massive consolation and relief!

          That said, the rotten mentality at Arsenal needs serious surgery else, the future is bleak.

          1. 👍👍 Very bleak, Goonerboy, seasons like this one will become the norm. Not a nice thought

      2. Gooner boy and Sue, little Villarreal (7th in La Liga) have beaten the mighty “super league” Manchester United. Just goes to show what a united Club and committed team with never say die mentality can achieve, even under a “useless” manager like Unai Emery. The pundits agreed that Emery got his game management and substitutions right in comparison to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer under the replacement rules.
        Five finals, four wins to Emery as a manager in the Europa League and in this campaign, Villarreal didn’t lose a game. His treatment after the game showed the respect and admiration his players had for him. Unfortunately his one final loss was with Arsenal, when in comparison to Villarreal, the players decided not to turn up for him or themselves.

      3. Good point Goonerboy. it really shows how great Unai was. We missed top 4 by one point and got to a European final with an average squad.

        I agree completely that we should never have fired him if he can do that with an average squad, imagine after a few good transfer windows.

    2. Sue, I like you was rooting for Unai Emery.
      11-10. Crazy but incredible penalties.

      1. Love penalties and that certainly didn’t disappoint (yes, you De Gea 😄)
        I’m really pleased for Unai… what a night!!
        Looks like OGS should stick to PE 😂

      1. SueP, as I stated above, Villarreal under Unai Emery showed what committed dedicated players playing as a team for each other and their manager can achieve. Arsenal in Baku downed tools, disrespected the coach and didn’t turn up to follow his instructions, thus deserving the result achieved.

          1. Dan, I don’t own a Villarreal shirt, only Arsenal shirts.. The first one was a long sleeve Umbro, sent to me by my second cousin (a Spurs fan) from Hornchurch in 1977. My second one my son bought me in Thailand (a knock off), which I wear now.
            The win by Villarreal against Manchester United just accentuated my total disgust with Arsenal’s effort against Chelsea in Baku. The effort and application of the Villarreal players to playing in a final was in stark contrast to Arsenal. Similarly their interaction with their manager at the end of the game.

      1. Unai won’t want to be in the champions league though because he knows he has no chance of winning that competition, maybe exit the CL and have another crack at the europa league? Haha

          1. Haha it won’t be West Ham or Leicester that’s for sure Sue so I’m going for Unai again once they get knocked out of champions league 😆

        1. Kev82, Villarreal won’t be losing to Arsenal at least, because they won’t be in either competition.
          What will it be like not being in any European competition, regatdless of how far the Club progresses?
          Only two clubs can win the two competitions, Champions League and Europa League; every one else is there to compete, make up the numbers, give their supporters ups and downs and make money.

    1. Conte is free, I said this earlier.

      Passion and experience, the 2 things MA has none of. I wish but we’ll take to long and someone might snatch him up.

      Imagine Spurs get him.

        1. Apparently he was asked to trim his squad but he argued becaue he won’t the league title so should actually be backed in transfer window. Conte has proved him self in both Italian and EPL, now this behaviour of his proves he is not a yes man. That is what we won’t but news flash we will never go for him because he won’t come cheap and he is not yes man. Zizu is another one as well I made a suggestion in another post and I was called mad because no one thinks he can be tempted to join us while I think he can be if he leaves Madrid. Arsenal will represent a challenge and opportunity to prove him self further that he can do it any league so he might take the bait. Again not happening because we have Mr Ken with his tape on mouth policy if you stand up gainst the owner or his own ideas your out of the club.

          1. Mr Ken – i always called him that in his playing days 😄
            You’re right, no chance of ZZ or AC coming to NL, unless it’s down the road. They wouldn’t, would they??

  11. Only player to miss his attempt during the penalty shootouts, David de Gea
    He has not made any save in this final (in 120 minutes + penalty shootouts) he made 0 saves the whole match

    1. Craig Burnley’s comments on ESPN concerning Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United manager could be easily made regarding Mikel Arteta.

  12. You are right Jon. We are yet to know which teams we would play in the first 10 matches. At some point Man city were 8th on the table. and they turned things around. what we lacked has been consistency. We have to improve on our mentality as a club. The players should show Consistency. Maybe without any european competeition next season, we may be able to compete with the likes of Man city and Liverpool.
    I am looking forward to Pepe next season. we should make Odegaard signing a permanent one. If Real Madrid is not interested in selling, then we can go for Fekir or Buendia

  13. My view is how we play. If our style is more urgent, forward looking, and clearly more creative, I would give Arteta time. For me it was not just results that turned me against Arteta, it was the dreadful style of football, fearful football, and poor tactics in general. Can a leopard change it’s spots….I doubt it, but if Arteta does get a pair, I will back him. I would rather we made a move for Brendan Rogers now that Leicester are not in the Champions League.

  14. I am having the feeling in me telling that If Arteta and Edu will do the most correct signings for Arsenal this summer window that they ought to sign for the team to progress next season.

    But after taking due diligent to take all things into accounts and due considerations before doing the signings to avoid doing wrong signings but do the right signings.

    I foresee Arsenal going places in all the 3 domestic competitions they will only compete in them to win honours. But not only win the PL title, but will win the treble as well.

    1. Samuel, let us know when you wake up from your dream or it turns into a nightmare.

  15. We have the third best defence in the league which is remarkable… Problem is that we not creating too many chances and we don’t score a lot of goals, that should change next season.

    Arsenal will finish in the top4 next season

  16. My thoughts to Jon. Proposterous article asking how many wins in the first 10 matches, when fixtures haven’t been released.

    1. 100% will be Spurs or PSG with a small chance of Real Madrid.

      I’d take him in a heartbeat! Looks like we’ll let another available coach fly by…

  17. It shouldn’t matter who we play. Should we be holding ourselves to a different standard depending on who we play? No

    Jon, using your abundant intellect, can you not remember us doing well against better opposition this season? So should we expect to regress next season if we do draw against some of the top teams in the first 10 games?

    Or are you in the habit of willingly accepting losses because we played better teams? I thought you out of all people would have faith in Arteta and at least have a minimum number of points you’d expect from the first 10 games regardless of opposition.

  18. Don’t let Man Utd losing the final distract you from the fact that Juan Foyth & Etienne Capoue have become the 88th and 89th players to win a trophy since departing Spurs, since they’ve last won one.

    1. 👍 We really should raise ourselves above, being happy at the misfortune of others. 😁

        1. I’m so sorry you feel so sad; if it wasn’t for Covid I would hop on a plane to come and cheer you up. 🤗✈️

  19. I have a “radical theory”. Unai won the Europa League with a club of less resources than us and a poorer squad of players( on paper at least). I have been super critical of MA but, is it possible, that lack of success is purely down to this squad of players? Essentially the same players lost in EL semi-final for Arsene, they bottled it completely when Unai got them to the final against Chelski. We were “rank rotten” against Villareal in the semi-final. Choking here on “humble-pie” but maybe we should give Arteta the players he wants and then judge him on the first 10 games? I’m still annoyed about the Kronke “love-in” but I really want to see some serious improvement and a truly competitive team. Congratulations to Unai and Villareal.

    1. I guess you are just waking up to the fact that our players are psychologically weak. It may be the duty of a manager to motivate his teams but a player with ambition should have sense of responsibility. When a competition reaches semi coach influences might not count but the players zeal and willingness. You can blame Arteta but these players with their loser mentality will not go far, it happens since wenger time, winning games and performing well when there is nothing to lose, in Baku, in semi against Villarreal

    2. Not possible to compare our final against Chelsea with the game last night. Emery didn’t got it right in Arsenal, in Villarreal he has backing from club and players. He’s probably more comfortable working in a Spanish club.

      I doubt Emery’s Villarreal from yesterday would have won against the Chelsea team from 2019.

      1. I wouldn’t be so sure, Didrik, that Chelsea 2018 would have beaten Villarreal 2021.
        I would be interested to hear how Emery “didn’t get it right in Arsenal” in the final at Baku, other than the players didn’t turn up to play for him, themselves or the Club.

    3. Gg, just like Arsenal gave Emery the players he wanted?
      Craig Burnley made a very pertinent point on ESPN, about the leniency paid to Solskjaer and Emery, because they are ex players.

      1. No point taken. Zaha or Pepe! I don’t get how Emery was portrayed as a clueless idiot who couldn’t speak English but Arteta is a cultured and talented coach who inherited “someone else’s mess”. Their Arsenal first season stats aren’t that different? I think we need to at least give him a chance, a full pre-season and own signings therefore no excuses if it doesn’t improve. More humble-pie forced down the gullet!!!!

        1. Not many players remain from that horror show aka Baku. And not a great deal appears to have changed –
          I was told once Ozil left (along with his mates) everything would be hunky dory.
          Still going awol in our most important games – unforgivable! Why does their mindset change once they join us??

        2. Gg, the differences are shown up in comparing Emery and Arteta’s first 50 games at Arsenal. Emery never lost 13 games in a season at Arsenal.
          Sue, Mezut Ozil’s figures for Fenerbahce don’t make good reading, 0 goals, 1 assist and 1 yellow card in 10 games.

          1. You’ve got to admit with him gone things aren’t any better on or off the pitch? Or even the bank balance, as we’re still paying most of his wages!
            I know about his figures, as I like to keep an eye on most scores… and by mentioning him, I didn’t mean he’d have made a difference on the pitch had he stayed, but because everyone saw him as the problem… are things any better now he’s gone? No….

  20. The truth lies in the details. Last season we were 10 points behind top four. This season we were only 6 points behind top four, in spite of our difficult first part of the season.

    We are competing against clubs with much more resources than us, which means we have to outsmart them, and I’m sure we will do it. Our league results next season depends on ourselves and our opponents and we can only influence on ourselves.

    Do we get a success guarantee with a new manager?

    1. Dude you are looking the league table in a wrong way, it’s all relative instead of absolute. Look at where we finish last season and this season instead of looking at how many points we got last season and this season. These points are meaningless if don’t get us anywhere. You are rewarded for finishing on certain position on league table not for achieving certain points. Also we got knocked out of all cup competitions by so called small teams. When you look at the season you don’t pick up chunks and frames where you perform good to use it as an evidence for next year success. You look at the whole season as your success or fail criteria. In your annual reviews done by your employer they always look at what you have done in while year not what you have done in last 1-2 months or what you did last year.

    2. I’m pretty sure we would have won this yr if emery were still our coach, on paper the team that we have rn is 100 times better than the team that we had back then in 2018-2019.

      emery would’ve played auba and laca in a 442 in some matches with auba and laca and both of them would’ve been scoring for fun. Meanwhile arteta decides to play Smith rowe as a false 9

      1 – Emery didn’t have Saliba ( he wouldn’t have loaned him)
      2 – Had kolasinac , sokratis and Leichsteiner
      3 – didn’t have PARTEY
      4 – Actually Emery gave Saka Martinelli and Nelson chances…HOW MANY YOUNGSTERS GOT OPPORTUNITY UNDER ARTETA.?
      Instead WILLIAN WAS GIVEN MORE CHANCES ..even Martinelli has regressed under him…and AUBA as well
      But under Emery AUBA was phenomenal ….the real fact is he wasn’t backed and…we are stuck with a coneman..who tries to copy pep

  21. Well well done Unai Emery. You had a clear plan and it worked very smoothly. Really lacking in creativity though and really boring. This fearful football, paricularly Arteta’s…painfully fearful football needs to change. I ended up a Wenger out, but to his credit he never played scared, fearful football. We always had talented forward creative thinking players like Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla. If Arteta can be courageous and grow a pair, football wise, I will back him. I doubt it will happen, but he may realise that he is so busy defending himself, that the team mirrors him.

    1. Morning Sean
      Hope all well
      Well this is the pre season to see if MA hits puberty and they hopefully drop
      At least we are top off the league again
      Until the season kicks off
      Keep well

    2. That’s how I feel now Sean. I can moan about the Kronkes all I like but it’s not going to change a damn thing. Back him and if he’s crap sack him.

      1. If he is crap? He is crap. What more evidence do you require? Arsenal playing in championship?

  22. UE does it again and if any one of them Arteta and UE deserved more time along with patience from the club & fans it was Emery not Arteta we got it wrong way around. If anyone who should have been backed in the transfer market it should have been Emery not Arteta. We have some good managers available this season as well but guess what Arsenal will stick with cheap choice called Arteta and as usual board & his fan club will always find an excuse to blame anyone bar him. I completely do not agree with our strategy to back a failed manager in transfer window who just failed to prove his worth. I won’t even listen to Arteta to get rid of players from club because what he deems as surplus might be regulars for good manager. We should have said thank you to Arteta for his services, brought a new manager and backed him up in this transfer window.

    1. Dont agree logic
      They both had 18 months here and they both were or are out of their depth ,we are talking about the EL not the CL this is like comparing the carling cup to the FA cup ,what should matter to Arsenal fans is the time Emery spent here and how much we are in this mess now because of him ,Arteta as now gone down the same route so should also be relieved of his duty’s .
      Arsenal biggest mistake was getting rid of Arsene with no real plan of action and now we see what 3 years of dull management as bought to the club .
      Emery as taken a top 5 la liga club from last season and finished 7th in one of the weakest league seasons in that country’s history but that will be forgotten because he won the EL .

      1. Dan Kit, my point was not to keep UE and I agree with you both should have been sacked. My point is the faith and support this club is showing for Arteta if it was a must then should have been shown to UE because he was a far more proven and experienced manager then Arteta.

      2. So if they did not give this support to him then why to Arteta? You need to keep the merit for everyone. We are not testing ground for new managers. If new or experienced anyone can not achieve the season goals then they need to be out of the club. I don’t agree with Arsenal fans saying we are not Chelsea and have certain values. What values we have were well displayed in recent months and during COVID. We need to keep high standards and achieve them even if that means cycling through managers.

        1. Why am I thinking MA will be better next season? The thought keeps coming to my head! Let’s wait for what he has to offer in his 2nd full season maybe just maybe this incoming season might be out breakeven season!

          1. Klopps situation was pretty much same as arteta.. when he came he had bad records on first full season.. but then did the incredible

  23. Maybe we haven’t replaced Arteta, because nobody else wants to come to the Emirates and be hung out to dry by the Kroenkes’. Just a thought.
    I think Arteta should be judged at the end of the next season, not after just 10 games. “IF” we get some new players they will have to fit into Arteta’s scheme, and that might take time, possibly thru those first 10 games.

    Even if Arsenal get some new players, I suspect every other team in the top 10 will also get new players too, players that are probably of a higher caliber than the ones Arsenal bring in.

    If Arteta can get us back into the Europa League next season, and have a reasonable cup run, I think I would judge that as a success.

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