Opinion – How much worse does it have to get before Arsenal act?

The sooner Emery goes, the better. And the board can follow him out too! by Konstantin Mitov

Welcome, lovely Arsenal people, to the reality in 2019! Do not feel bad though, we knew this would happen. It is no surprise that a team full of low-confidence players led by a clueless manager can’t win a football game. Do we have a better squad than Southampton? Sure we do, but do we have the fight and desire? No way in hell we don’t, and where does this come from?

The manager or head coach or head clown or whatever Unai Emery is. He actually did the more difficult thing of making us look worse than we were under Wenger. How much worse does it have to get, before we abandon the last-ditch plan of ‘we will try to win the Europa league to get CL?’

Emery failed to do it last season. It was him who put us in this mess, when top 4 was served on a plate for us and it’s him who has to pay the price. I have a few theories here, one is that Raul is a pal of Emery and doesn’t want to sack him. Another one is Raul fearing to go and tell the Kroenke’s that he’s messed up and we need a new manager, which is essentially his job security.

Third is we’re sticking to the “principle” of not sacking managers, because they are more important than the club. Arsenal is too big for Emery and there are good managers available. I am sorry, this excuse of there’s nobody that can improve us reeks of Wenger, and I don’t buy this nonsense anymore!

I would use much stronger words in my opinion of how this football club is ran if it weren’t for the fair readers of this site. We have become an abomination. We’re a zombie version of what Arsenal was before, with skin and bones falling off us, but the shirt logo remain the same. That’s literally the only thing left of Arsenal that is the same – the badge.

We are Arsenal football club, although I’m not sure what this means anymore. Almost any manager in the world would take the opportunity to manage us. Are you seriously thinking we can’t offer some of the most exciting attacking players to managers and we can’t lure them?

We can go and get Ten Hag if we want to, we can ask Allegri who is out of work. We can take Mikel Arteta as City have stated multiple times, he’d be allowed to leave if Arsenal offer him the job. We can promote Per Mertesacker who’s been a massive influence inside the club. We can try Ferry Ljungberg even.

I mean whether any of those options are good or bad is debatable, but the point I am trying to make is we lack leadership and it’s not just on the pitch, it’s off it too. Nobody is willing to make a tough decision and stick to it. Our average board members age is 72 with Josh Kroenke aside who is 39 and is the only person below 60!

If sir Chip Keswick wants to resign I’d be happy, cause I’m not sure what the hell are those people doing there? Some of them are “behind” Emery? For what reason? Tierney and Bellerin are back and what’s the difference?

Why is every new player we bring in a disaster? Is it because they are that bad, or there’s a manager who doesn’t have a slightest idea of how to make the best out of this squad? I praised the board for getting the likes of Pepe in, but this is not enough. We changed probably over a 100 players during Wenger’s times and we still never challenged for a top honor (league or CL) since 2006!

Not that this should let the players off the hook. What on earth is Sokratis doing? Where was captain Aubameyang? Why did we not play Ozil from the start of the season, only to let him go back in out of the blue, and then ban Xhaka who was the pillar in the squad?

I mean I think both players are not even remotely close to being good enough for Arsenal, but the point here is Emery pretends to be a big man, because he lost the dressing room at PSG where Neymar was king. How is that working out?

But there is no hiding now. Everyone is to blame, and while we can’t change all the players, Emery simply MUST go now. But he won’t, because we don’t like mid-season manager changes. I didn’t like breaking up with some of my former girlfriends, but I had to, because things became toxic, and this is the only proper word to describe what the atmosphere at the Emirates is.

The reality is we need Champions league money, or next season we’ll sell 60 goals from our squad to make the wage bills. The banners are slowly coming back and they should point to the board as well. Those people sold out Arsenal and now gather in a fancy room over an expensive bottle of wine to celebrate the goodwill of Unai Emery.

The players have more than obviously put the tools down. The formation changes every week. How are they suppose to know what to do? Why is Pepe on the bench? Do you know why he missed his chances? Because he’s low on confidence, because he doesn’t play and there’s no clear vision for the system.

I’ve worked at places where the Architect doesn’t tell you what the vision is, and as a worker you are confused, demotivated and you don’t do your job right, because you don’t know what the idea is and you lack belief in the unknown. I see exactly the same thing at Arsenal and as much as people like to call me negative, I’d like to say, it’s not me.

Look at the results. Look at the performances. We should’ve lost to Southampton and our league position flatters us. We’re as dead as Norwich and everyone knows this – the players, the manager, the Norwich squad and fans. They are licking their lips for us. This is how low things have gotten. Why waste another 3 points? Sack Emery now and I bet you every person we offer, would walk through Europe on foot to get to the Arsenal managerial seat.

The problem is the controlling people lack balls. Simple as!



  1. Here we go,Wenger again ,when will you leave the man alone he has moved on why don’t you do the same?I stopped reading after Wenger you sad man!!

    1. Thats sentimental. Wenger is part of our history, same as Unairy, so references are made to historocal person/event, whats so bad in that?. So if by tomorow, i write about 49unbeaten records and Wenger golden era you would scold me?

      1. @Adajim
        The thing is, you can’t say Wenger was bad and at the same time reference times the club were on top, while playing fantastic ball, the winning silverware etc, which was under Wenger. Why not then reference times under Graham or Rioch.

  2. The answer to your question “How much worse does it have to get before Arsenal act?” is probably when it becomes clear that Arsenal can no longer finish in the top 4

  3. I say bring out the banners.

    Firing Unai may not solve all our problems but it may be one step forward definitely. I thought Josh being more involved plus bringing in Edu would improve things but boy was I wrong. Its like there too scared to make any decision of note. The Emirates atmosphere is getting worse and the football nothing less than a bore feast to put it lightly.

    What is going on with our club? Simple answer – NOTHING and that’s what’s worrying most. Enough is enough!!!

  4. How low must we sink before anything is done if we don’t move now it will be too late to rectify things this season ACT NOW PLEASE

  5. All said. With all of his own stars selection, Emery is clueless. Dead of ideas.
    Not even reach mid season, and Arsenal is dying already.
    Even if we can reach the CL spot at the end of this season, I really don’t think Emery should get another contracts at Arsenal.

  6. Someone remember Xhaka today? I thought its a general concesor that he is useless and cause imbalance in the team. I guess we all have now seen the true picture, with Toreira playing as attacking MF, Guidezon touching the ball almost 5-6 times before deciding on what to do, willock not fit enough, i guess Xhaka only has the physical presence to always be in the team

    1. I noticed that as well, I believe Torreira and Willock are quicker than Guenduozi. No Xhaka please, he is finished at Arsenal.

    2. Mate, just because Torreira and Guendouzi are rubbish doesn’t mean Xhaka is suddenly a proper footballer. ALL of them are sub standard footballers forming a deep bank of mediocre footballers we have been accumulating at this club for years. It started with the defence, it became acceptable to have garbage defenders and goalkeepers. The mediocrity was soon accepted in midfield and very soon it will spread to our attack and finally this club will be where we have all feared we are heading ever since the later Wenger years.

    3. Luiz would be our perfect defensive midfielder, he has the vision, tenacity and mobility. I love Guendouzi but I do think he is rather slow, inexperienced and holds on to the ball for too long, we can’t even tag him a defensive midfielder, he is moulded for a box to box role.

      Auba must remain central, he is so great there, he is more potent there, and the best way to have both Lacazette and Auba together on the pitch is if we play Lacazette in the midfield just behind Auba, and use him as our 10, he tackles and has the skill set to drive the attack.

      Martinelli Lacazette Pepe
      Luiz Torriera
      Tierney Holding Chambers Bellarin

      We better start playing Martinelli, kid is a genius already. We must simply go back to our one touch football and pressing from the attack and midfield.

  7. Its a shambles,and he will lose the dressing room if he has not already done so,he must be on borrowed time now,when the players won’t play for you the board have to react ruthlessly because if they don’t they will drag the whole shabang down with them wether they are hanging out so as not to pay compo or not their hand will be forced because it will become too uncomfortable for them,in my opinion he has to go now,there is no sign of an improvement and players look unhappy and some probably are wanting to move on as Emery’s way does not suit them,they are confused and bereft of confidence,come on board do the right thing now.

  8. “Almost any manager in the world would take the opportunity to manage us”, seriously ? First of all any manager happy in his current job is going to think long and hard about taking over at Arsenal. Some (Klopp, Guardiola etc) are in better jobs already. Second any manager worth his salt is going to look for guarantees from the owners that I’m not sure they want to give. Some of it is about timing, would Spurs have fired Pochettino if Mourinho hadn’t been available ? Its actually a lot easier firing a manager than recruiting a better one. But fans seem to think firing the current manager actually solves the problem.

    1. Good point, but I disagree on some details. I think every manager want to manage us given our reputation and good compensation package. However there is a risk we will regress even further if we choose haphazardly. A string of good performances will likely follow after the appointment (the rebound effect), but it tend to dissipate over time (look at Ola). Good managers are simply not available right now, we need one who is PL proven and boast an impressive CV.

  9. Venkateshambles and Sanllehi do not have Arsenal in their hearts. It’s a job. Edu understands somewhat…he’s worn the t-shirt. Sadly we need action and both ‘Venkateshambles and Sanhelli’ need to get courage, otherwise like the Tin Man they will, through fear of action, dilute us more and more. Emery must leave….right now.

  10. Did u guys see Emery when we went 2-1 down? He was literally shaking. After that goal he lost the points not even after the final whistle. I wish Laca’s equalizer didn’t come. Even the players look like they want him gone. The man should just admit he isn’t up for it and quit.

  11. Sigh I keep on repeating myself, he will be around until the end of this season unless we suddenly fight a relegation battle. The way Arsenal managed is different compared to say spuds. Our neighbour adopt a vertical structure and at the very top is one man, Daniel Levy. He could decide to sack a manager on a whim and the manager would be gone tomorrow morning. We, on the other hand, prefer multiple professionals and a highly structured management. It starts with determining a target at the beginning of the season supervised by Josh Kroenke. Then Josh went back to his country and Raul run day to day management in the club. At the end of this season, everything will be evaluated and Emery’s future hinges on that. Almost no chance the owner step in before the season finished, unless there is an emergency situation I’ve mentioned before and then they would arrange a contingency meeting.

  12. But Bellerin has always been suspect! He went out injured, had a one year lay off and suddenly everyone forgot how bad he was. The expectations went through the roof and now that he’s back and the sad reality about his quality is slowly creeping back in, hopes are crashing. Bellerin was never going to fix that defence.

    1. OT. QD, remember a few posts back you told me I had selective memory when Reggie said AW selected players even the day before they leftthe club?
      I said the only one I could remember was Keown, who played for the last five minutes in order to qualify for a title winning medal.
      Youe came back with RVP, Ox and Nasri…and I was annoyed with myself for not knowing this, so I did some investigating on wickipedia and guess what?

      Nasri: left Arsenal 24/8/2011 did not play in Cl game on 22/8/2011 due to injury

      Ox: left Arsenal 31/8/2017 last game played 19/8/2017 against Stoke City

      RVP: left Arsenal 17/8/2012 last game played 4/7/2012

      So, according to wickipedia, yet another claim regarding Wenger’s history has been proved false, unless of course, you have other named examples?

      1. @Ken1945
        What are you talking about mate? Those players you have listed all played in the last 3 games before the season ended and they left.

        Matchday 38. Nasri: 22/05/2011 V Fulham
        Matchday 38. V.Persie:13/05/2012 V WstBrm Matchday 36. Chamberlain. 07/05/2017 V Man U

        1. QD, you obviously didn’t read Reggie’s claim properly – he said quite clearly that AW selected players for matches the day before they left and that is why I quoted Martin Keown, which you didn’t argue against.

          He said nothing about season ending games, you have put that in to cover your claim and it just doesn’t stand scrutiny.

          Nasri left on the 24th August 2011..Arsenal played Udinese in the CL on the 22nd August 2011 and Nasri didn’t play in that game, he was injured.
          RVP left on the 17th August 2012…no game the day before that.
          Ox left 31st August 2017 and last played on the 19th August 2017 against Stoke.

          All there in black and white for you to check…but are you know saying that he was wrong to play those players who went for a combined fee of nearly £100,000,000 in the last three games of the seasons they represented the club then?

          Because if we take your NEW slant on Reggie’s post, you are criticising these selections for what reason?

          What leave out our top goalscorer, our top playmaker and one of our brightest youngsters at that time – come on Quantic Dream, surely you can do better than that to try and make your case against Wenger and this absurd allegation.

          1. @Ken1945
            When Reggie said Wenger played players upto the last day he meant they were involved till the very end. You have purposefully decided to misinterpret him and and take it literally..to the last day to suit yourself. Was there a game on 16th August 2012 for Van Persie to play before joining Man U? If we are going to take it literally, which player has ever played till the last day and joined another club on the second day?

          2. QD, that is what he said and you then said I had a selective memory by quoting Keown as the only example I could think of.

            Why on earth would I “purposely misinterprete” and want to “suit myself” over his quote? Until I read it, I would never have thought someone would believe such a thing and that is why I asked him to clarify with examples and you replied, while he has not

            So I guess then, QD, you and I have no problem with Wenger playing any of the players you mentioned in any of the last three games he selected them for and we can both applued his selections?

            Please tell me then, what EXACTLY was the point of Reggie’s statement and why did you rush to endorse it quite clearly, no matter which way you read it?

  13. The problem is konstantine, you cannot admit that it was you and your views that started the decline in our club and your still doing it now.

    Remember how you said you had got your Arsenal back the day AW left?
    Remember how you said top four wasn’t a trophy?
    Remember how you said winning the fa cup was not good enough?

    You got your wish, you were over the moon because you had got your “Arsenal back” and the future was so rosy, the question asked was “Arsene who?”

    The new regime has bought in the following players since UE was announced:
    Mavropanos, Mykhitaryan, Leno, Sokratis, guendouzi, Torreira, Lichtsteiner, Aubameyang, Martiinelli, Ceballos, Pepe, Tierney, Luiz, Suarez and Saliba.

    They were also responsible for the signings of Lacazette and Kolasinac when gazidis announced his three musketeers were taking over the involvement of players contracts, players salaries and players signings and departures. You were over the moon about this development and foresaw massive improvement in the results.

    So seventeen new players in under the new regime (and twenty one players of the Wenger era out at the last count) at a combined cost of well over £300,000,000.
    They also let Ramsey, valued at anything between £35,000,000 and £60,000,000 go for nothing.

    The backroom staff has completely changed, except for Bould, and the cost of doing this exercise must be in the millions, if you take into account redundancies, new staff and the ever increasing amount of people behind the scenes.
    On top of that you have UE’s salary of a reported £6,000,000 a year…so to all those saying kronkie hasn’t been putting money into our club – THINK AGAIN!!!

    So konstantine, these were the changes you were calling for, the club has changed out of all recognition since Wenger announced he was leaving two years ago and that was EXACTLY what you were calling for.

    Today we have a club in absolute turmoil from top to bottom.
    We have board members not knowing what their roles are, we have players openly questioning their futures and refusing to sign new contracts, we have a coach who has no clue what to do next and a Emirates stadium with more empty seats than ever, because of the “style” of football we are dishing up, with our captain stating The Arsenal were scared of Watford!!!

    Of course we are missing CL football, anyone with a brain cell would realise that, but way back when we were an organised, top four club, that wasn’t deemed good enough, so konstantine…you reap what you sow.

  14. There is an article in the Independent about Arsenal from the the supporters group WE CARE DO YOU. It interesting and if its taken notice of ,like its last statement was earlier in the year,then perhaps things might change.

  15. I applaud you Konstantin for telling the plain and clear truth and not making excuses for folk who, in fan speak, are rubbish at what they do. This is far wider than just the hapless and hopeless Emery. The whole club is shambolic, devoid of any real direction and various factions are clearly not singing from the same hymn sheet. The way we are going , we are a good bet for relegation; maybe not this season but in the next two years UNLESS we come to our senses. Right now I am certain that the only ones who care , passionately care, for the club itself, rather than their job or protecting their back, are we fans. The owner cares nothing for football at all, except for its financial worth to him personally. The new regime are not Arsenal people, even Edu is not dyed in the wool Arsenal , he merely played for us and them moved on. The old board are dinosaurs and remote from us fans. There is a most unhealthy culture of decay and “I’m alright Jack” throughout the club. In medical terms we are cancerous and gradually dying. It is THAT serious. The players are frozen in fear of playing to their natural level. We have had not a proper TOP class outfield defender since Sol Campbell – Kos was merely decent and way overhyped , mostly by kids who have never seen a real TOP class CB in our colours, likewise the likes of Sagna, who was decent but no more than that – and the whole philosophy of needing a strong defence is ignored by Arsenal and has been for a decade plus already.

    What our club needs most of all is to be owned by a fan who is a real fan and who has money he will gladly invest. IF that happens all the other pieces would, in time, fall into place. Unless you love and care with your heart for anything , you are not going to treat it lovingly, tenderly and with passion. That is the law of human life and applies as much to Kroenke as to any family relationship. We all know Kroenke cares nothing for glory, honours AND honour(two separate entities ), for us fans who love the club and are its moral guardians and he is a shallow, ruthless billionaire who is a nasty piece of work, loathed by most of his many sports franchises. He is the main tumour itself and his acolytes, Raul and Co are the secondary tumours that spread around the Arsenal body, destroying it!

    I see no way to a cure, UNLESS we all commit to wage war on Kroenke and ultimately force him out. By comparison the present clown manager is only passing through and will clearly be sacked between now( today is ideal) and seasons end. Either way , this season is already written off. Personally, I worry far more about our long term future than I do about next weeks result. The best thing that can happen to us now is to be badly beaten in each game until the fans declare necessary war on Kroenke, and not merely the soon to be gone Emery. Always look at the wider picture if you really want truth. Guys, we need to wise up and see what the REAL problem is. It is KROENKES OWNERSHIP!

    1. So Jon, what are YOU PERSONALLY going to stop doing now, that you haven’t already been doing, in order to get kronkie out?

      I didn’t go on Saturday in protest, my choice.

      The actions you propose to take now will be interesting.

      1. Jon, Ialso notice that you say Sagna was “just decent”…who purchased him from The Arsenal?

        The one and only Pep Guardiola…despite the unlimited money he had to buy ANY player he desired.

        Funny how our own fans, or some of them, always want to diss our players.

        I’m at the Emirates this Thursday evening Jon, so if you can let me know exactly what it is you want me to do that you are going to, I will support you in any way possible.

  16. Haha, I am a fan of you mate. I really admire people with so much optimism in their thoughts. Remember 8-2 at OT? 6-0 at the bridge? This was Wengers Arsenal. The fact that he was bad and had to be replaced were there for years. The fact that Emery is also a joke and should be replaced are here now. Last season we were primed for a top 4 return before we dropped our pants against Palace. Just because we hired another bad manager, didn’t mean we shouldn’t have sacked the previous one. That said, I’d rather look to the future, rather than the past. We should learn from mistakes, not stick with one so we avoid another.

    1. Konstantin, Wengers Arsenal was: twenty consecutive CL appearances, seven fa cup wins, three PL titles, The Invincibles, while paying for the stadium and having to sell our best players. Winning trophies (yep top four is now a trophy it seems) right up and until his last season.
      Give me that record against your 8-2 and 6-0 or even the two 5-1’s against Bayern.

      The biggest joke is that you said we desperately need CL football – you had it for twenty years and didn’t appreciate it then, so why worry and pine for it now?
      That’s the mistake that you never saw coming and is totally explained by your narrow vision of AW when quoting 8-0 blah blah blah and not mentioning any of the successes you are now crying like a baby for.

      I’m not arguing that he should have left, as his time had come, but you don’t get that do you? Anyone who appreciates what he did for the club is seen as looking to the past – only when the past is misinterpreted and used as an excuse for the shambles we see today.

      You asked for what the club did, cleared out 21 of his players, got rid of all his backroom staff and appointed a new coach, spent over £300,000,000 on 17 new players..for what?
      You got your Arsenal back and, at some time or another, you have to knuckle down and support the club, instead of knocking it at every opportunity. It’s not our inherent right to win something every year…although I understand AW probably gave you that idea.

      So here you go yet again, telling all and sundry how the club should be run, the solutions and the reasons why we are struggling…jump on in konstantin the club is looking for a new manager/coach and you fit the bill it seems.
      As a thought, when spuds sacked poch, did they give him the send off we gave AW?
      Of course they didn’t, because they actually did sack him and that’s what happens when you are sacked…here one day gone the next!!!
      When you resign and give the club six months to plan ahead and leave as the most successful manager ever at that club, witness a sell out crowd of gooners, 56,000 strong, with thousands more outside singing your name, presented with a unique gold trophy representing The Invincibles and followed the world over for your footballing brain, that’s called recognition and appreciation,, not the sack.

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