Opinion: I am not a pessimist, but there is no way that Ozil can do a Xhaka

Mikel Arteta has recently pointed out Granit Xhaka’s turnaround at the Emirates as one that Mesut Ozil and Matteo Guendouzi can look at and possibly replicate (Goal).

I have enjoyed how Xhaka has turned his career around and I am happy that we didn’t sell him in the last transfer window.

One day, I believe that Xhaka might become our captain again, but I cannot say that Ozil will enjoy such a turnaround in fortune at the Emirates.

I do understand why Arteta would leave the door open for Ozil to get to play for us again, however, I do not think that the German has anything else to offer us.

The way that Arsenal plays right now is at odds with the kind of football that the German is effective at.

Make no mistake, Ozil was one of the most talented players of his generation and he may even have something to offer to another team.

However, he will not be able to make himself a high-pressing player at this stage of his career.

The German has never shown the willingness to run around on the pitch, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

The best option for both parties would be for him to be offloaded as soon as possible.

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    1. £18m+ a year for watching on the sidelines isn’t a good incentive… I’m inclined to agree

    2. The real Ozil disappeared after German World Cup woes. I think his mind is not on the pitch anymore. Let him collect his paycheck it’s his right and all hypocrites who says otherwise would have done the same in his place. I know I would.

      Ozil problem was to refuse the paycut. That is the real reason he is left out of the team nothing else.

  1. Arteta doesn’t seem to want to use no 10 formation again. He prefers to use 3-4-3 and 4-3-3 currently, with Lacazette as a false nine

    This is similar to Klopp’s 4-3-3 and Arteta uses Aubameyang/ Pepe as inverted wingers or inside forwards. I don’t think a traditional no 10 like Ozil could play in such system, unless he’s able to play as a half-winger like Coutinho

    Coutinho thrives as a half-winger/ mezzala/ right CM in Klopp’s 4-3-3, but he failed as a true winger at Barcelona and Bayern. We have never tried Ozil as a half-winger or mezzala, but I think he’s more interested in politics now

    1. I’ve had a while trying to figure out how we would use Coutinho if we got him. Using him and Pepe in the same system would cause heavy imbalance in the team . They both require ways to operate that allow them to make almost unlimited mistakes . Couple that with Aubameyang , you’d need a pretty specific formation to make use of both Pepe and Coutinho. I don’t think it’s the kind of thing you’d use for every game.

  2. Such a shame…he once would have deserved a statue but now he has turned into an avaricious “player” who has no love or concern for the club. Shame

  3. Agree. he doesnt have the will, knows he wont get another contract, and will simply collect his paychecks and leave. And its been that way for a few years now. He’s here for the money, and the club made a very obvious mistake re-signing him to such a ludicrous deal. No team can afford him either and China obviously will never allow him to play for any club team over there.

  4. I’m a pessimist, and I don’t know what “do-a-xhaka” means. Granit Xhaka have so much to prove before he can be said have improved enough to be an Asn’l starting XI. He was great against City, surprisingly, very good indeed. He looked little like Thomas Partey vs Liverpool at Anfield on the 11th of March in CL. But he must be much more consistent, play like this match after match, to convince a pessimist. If he do, we all be happy. We need both a Granit Xhaka at the top of his performance – and Thomas Partey. Then Gunners could be dangerous to all teams. That is: Beat Liverpool and Man City again, and again.

    1. He’s actully been playing like that since we came back from lockdown. People only noticed at Man City and Liverpool because they expected him to screw up. Go watch the game against spurs . He was absolutely fantastic and actually created more than one goal scoring opportunity.

  5. The situation with Ozil is really quite appalling. How any player can sit on a bench (unwilling to play…. or move) making the money he does is quite loathsome.
    The guy is poison now to any club and he should be ashamed of the way he is behaving, his career and legacy is forever tarnished. I’m amazed the media isn’t on his back for being such a selfish Gold digging loser.
    I wish all the fans would shout this high and loud (I don’t care what he was… he’s a far cry from his prime) and I’m sure Emery felt huge pressure to play him on those wages, ultimately being his downfall too. The meh attitude because he thinks he’s so good rubbed off on the whole squad and see where that got them.

    I hope I don’t see him on an Arsenal squad ever again. Cheers to that!

  6. The reason that we are No.10 on the log is to trust guys like Xhaka. How can a master of back passes be trusted this much to help Arsenal to reach greater hights? Stick with Xhaka and tell me our position at the end next season

    1. If Granit Xhaka not all of a sudden turn green and become The Hulk: Somewhere on the lower half, position 12-14.

    2. Please don’t argue like blind man,have you not noticed that when xhaka is not in the field we are beaten?we in the tenth position because of the games we played without him,remember the games after the crystal palace incindent,it also made Emery to be fired,so to he is important

  7. I think we need to rotate, if he is the best available, I would play him. Fans are harsh on him in my opinion due tobhigh wage and racism and because like most Arsenal players, they were disappointing until very few matches.
    With that said, I would still offload him when I can.

  8. If Xhaka is the best, why dont we counter attack at electrifying speed? Why is the mid-field that comprises Xhaka cannot protect the defence? Why is Arsenal midfield failing to dictate the tempo of the game? Those who support Xhaka, please name 1 attribute (passing, dribbling, interceptions, ball control etc) that he has made an improvement in

    1. Hi, Top. He’s a good long range shooter, and that’s almost all positive you can say about the man. And he wouldn’t have been the guy he is if it wasn’t for the fact that he almost never shoot. Shoot, man, shoot!

    2. Top G, in recent games, passing excellent , interceptions excellent, covering the defence excellent, leadership excellent.

  9. Ozil has talent in spades but his drive and desire is probably the worst i have ever seen from an Arsenal player in all my time of supporting them.

  10. If Arsenal selll Gouendouzi, he’ll be bought by either Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, or Inter Milan. That’ll be a very big loss to Arsenal. Arteta should wake up and smell the coffee. Gouendouzi is a gem that only needs to be polished

    1. Agree TG and i have to say, that is a worry. If we don’t replace xhaka next season, we should only expect the mid table position that we are moving towards. Gouendouzi would be great with Ceballos (if we keep him) and so would Partey but i think that is a non starter, i dont see Partey and Ceballos happening at all. A midfield four to choose from of Ceballos, Partey, Gouendouzi and torreira would give energy and bite but we are a ling way off that happening.

    2. And so because he is a gem we should all bow and let him take a walk over us?, I dont know how you guys think talent is everything. Been humble is part of training else he is heading towards becoming players with potential that never materialise.
      MA want him and Ozil to turn their career around by been humble and learn from Xhaka, who almost left too but changed and become more important in our new system. You and i want our players to be better, same goes to the coach, he wants them doing great

  11. This more compact and workmanlike arsenal we have seen lately is a nice improvement and should be the way foward in big games. However against smaller teams who park the bus and play on the counter more creativity will be needed. Ozil isn’t going to win us big games but he can help us consistently beat the smaller ones. I think there is still a role for him in this team.

    1. Wrong! Even against lesser teams , unless you “work”- a word Ozil fears and hates and has a phobia about – you will not beat them.

  12. Sell the brat and get money to buy Thomas Partey. We want grown men in our team, not immature kids who don’t know how to behave on the pitch. It’s obvious that MG like to play the bad boy. Hippy Crack kiddo. Let him do it somewhere else. If he can get a career in Spain or Italy – good luck.

  13. Robert, who in their right mind is going to buy Ozil given his monstrous salary? We cannot give him away.

    1. Again. Grandad, I wrote MG, that ment Matteo Guendouzi. By the way, the Turks said to be interested in MO ( = Mesut Ozil).

    2. Agree Grandad, we will have to pay someone a lot of money to take him off our hands and that says it all as far as where ozil stands on the star man stakes.

  14. I wouldn’t call Mesut Ozil a “brat” or “kiddo”. And I wrote something about the behavior on the pitch, that is excluding MO. Can anyone remember when he played last time?

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