Opinion: If Arsenal wants to keep their youngsters then they shouldn’t expect an immediate turnaround

Arsenal has an important summer to look forward to as we attempt to sign the right players to help us make the top four next season.

We will not play European football in the next campaign because of a poor 2020/2021 season and have to avoid a repeat of that.

I said yesterday that we have to cash in on some of our young talents and use the funds to sign experienced heads that can bring instant success to this club.

Not everyone agreed with my opinion, with some showing a lack of trust in our recruitment process and others pointing out that Liverpool and Chelsea sold older players to bankroll their spending sprees.

It is non-negotiable that we get things right this summer and if we don’t want to sell to buy, then I am afraid we shouldn’t expect things to change anytime soon.

Success and progress naturally take time and if you aren’t spending money to make it come faster, you have to be prepared to wait a long time to achieve it.

We have watched other teams become better than our club over the years and I understand how frustrating that is.

But I also know that we are either going to spend our way out of mediocrity quickly, which might involve selling some of the players we love.

Or we have to be patient for this rebuild to take a few years to be completed.

The latter isn’t such a bad option, after all, it took Jurgen Klopp some time to get it right at Liverpool. But do Arsenal fans still believe patience will pay off, especially with Mikel Arteta at the helm?

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  1. Chelsea/ Man City have proven that changing managers, players, coaches and staffs like diapers can win them titles, but:

    – We don’t have that kind of oil money
    – Even if we have, that practice is unfair for smaller clubs, unfairly kills the competition and is a kind of cheat to bypass FFP
    – Business oligarchs that run giant corporations can easily and frequently pay big severance money when sacking the managers and footballers, but smaller companies and individuals that own small clubs don’t have the budget for that

    This is why we have to be patient with our hot prospects and young manager

    1. FFP is now obsolete and was never in forced properly anyway.
      Stan as more money than most owners (except Man City’s )but that’s not the real problem it’s the way this club is being run and who he Intrusts to make the big decisions.
      Imagine having a manager who’s just gone 2 years in a row and finished 8th both times and then expect the fans to go along for another 12 months and to be told to trust the process.
      It’s a comedy situation that seems to be getting worse every season .

      1. Arteta just had one and half seasons, with one trophy. This is better than Ancelotti/ Mourinho who got no trophy at all and Rodgers who got one trophy after two and half seasons

        I don’t think Kroenke will give Arteta one full season. If Arteta can’t bring us to top six in November or December, I believe he’ll be sacked

        1. I think you may well be right GAI
          It has to be gelling by November or Arteta is on a sticky wicket, sadly

        2. Like we hired Ozil, Laca and Xhaka and we won the EPL & ULC or EL? I bet, Mikel will not be sacked if he can offload Kolasinac and Xhaka, . Half of last season he had Ozil, Kolasinac, Socrates, Mustafi – training everyday along with other first teamers, so you can judge the moral of the group! Surprisingly our results improved after Jan – after the departure the above mentioned. Still with Kolas and Xhaka on the rolls, the clique core will still be there. Break this setup and we will be among the elite six. Get rid of Leno, Bellerin, Elneny,Laca, Willian and we can be top 4.

      2. Dan and GAI, unfortunately Kroenke’s inability to select and maintain a competent Board and management team to properly manage the financial and player assets of Arsenal FC has been evident fpr some time.
        The appointment of Tim Lewis and Richard Garlick to the Board appears a positive move; however I see little reason for faith in Arteta and Edu. Hopefully this transfer window can restore my faith, so I will wait until the end of the window. Next season is going to be very competitive and eighth is not a good starting point for the Club.

  2. That word again PATIENCE.
    Arsenal fans have been patient long enough there is no reason why we can’t go out and buy what we need this summer but the problem we face is the manager we have and again the rumours that have come out again today on who we are after .
    Ben white
    Matt Ryan
    Imagine seeing that list and being told to trust the process.
    Arteta came out before the end of the season and said that we had already identified our targets and this is the best him and Edu can come up with .
    This club is in a right mess and we have Intrusted these 2 clowns to get us out of it .
    While our top 6 rivals will be getting their houses in order we will go through the summer as we always do (apart from last season )trying to act like a big club .

    1. Your correct Dan, in that one of the biggest problems facing our club is that many were growing exceedingly restless long before Wenger was shown the door…as such, a call for patience is not a palatable option for some, especially for those who feel this has been an all-too-commons refrain since the emergence of the great stadium ruse some 14 plus years ago…it’s clear the lack of a viable succession plan, combined with the subsequent administrative upheaval, muddled recruitment and asset mismanagement, has just exacerbated matters

      personally I had no real issue with the “rebuild” proposition, when Arteta first arrived in North London, as it was obvious that our roster, at that time, needed a serious overhaul, but when Mikel chose the more selfish and short-sighted “retool”, with his misguided Willian purchase and his failure to fully commit to our more youthful prospects until desperation set in, my patience ran out…why should I be required to be the adult in the room, if those in charge aren’t doing likewise…as such, we needlessly wasted another year, which could ultimately cost us some of our greatest, younger assets, as this “project” just got invariably longer

    2. DAN KIT

      I am disappointed in you
      The season has only just ended
      We haven’t made a signing yet, we haven’t finished letting go unwanted players yet as they have still a few weeks on there contracted and you are already bleating on
      I have also lost patience with MA during last season but come on.. now the season has finished the glass is half full again
      UE got the tic tack because he started the season the way he ended it and that was thst losing feeling …do you remember that
      If MA starts the season the way we ended it then the signs are positive
      Let’s try and have a bit of feel good factor even for a short while
      Right now we are top of the league
      Onwards and upwards

      1. @Alanball

        No need to be disappointed in me that’s my dads job buddy.
        You say the season has just ended ,which is true but we finished 8th ,am I ment to be happy about that ,my point being is we are continually told to be patient but nothing ever changes if anything things are getting worse .
        Now your more than welcome to keep the faith ,that’s entirely your choice ,but I’ve seen this play out plenty of times before and I won’t fall for it ,no matter what comes out of the club’s mouthpiece.

    3. The key word here is “Patience”. I’m patiently waiting for my EPL title since 2004 and patiently waiting for a Euro title since 1994 and am patiently waiting for the Club world title since I was born! I patiently waited for Wenger and Emery to get sacked (one 10 years too late, the other 6 months too soon). I patiently waited for Ozil to walk out of that door for 5 years, and am patiently waiting for Leno,Bellerin, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Elneny, Willian, Laca to walk out too. If we could patiently put up with someone for 22 years (of which 14 were unproductive – without any Euro or EPL success; on some 8M a year), my humble request is to be patient with Mikel for the next one and half month to complete his signings. Always, most signings happen without much media hustle and bustle and rumors are used as smokescreens. Keep the faith in Mikel folks!

      1. How can you patiently wait for Emery to get sacked then say he got sacked 6 months to earlier

  3. I disagree with this article. I think we have plenty of older deadwood to offload.

    Again, I will say, we only need two players in this window. A top goal-scorer and a defensive midfielder.

    Sell Lacazette, Xhaka (or Elneny), AMN, Torreira, Guendouzi and Kolascinac to help finance these two buys.

    Let Willian go for free.

    Live with these two keepers:
    Leno and Gunarsson for another season
    Live with these defenders:
    Bellerin, Chambers, Soares, Tiernay; Mari, Gabriel, Holding, Saliba

    A midfield from Partey, Elneny/Xhaka, (new guy “Bissouma”?), ESR, Willock and Saka:

    Forwards from Nketiah, Balogun, Pepe, Auba, Nellie, Saka, Nelson, plus “new guy”:

    If another fullback is needed sell Soares and Reiss Nelson to help finance the purchase.

    Remember there are NO European matches next season, so squad can be a little smaller.

    Total spend $90m, Net spend say $50m.

    If we cannot afford that, then what is the point?

    1. JW, Gunarsson as #2 goal keeper no way.
      I would like to see any available money spent on a DM, preferably Bissouma and an ACM/#10 like Pereira or Fekir to take the pressure off ESR, with reliance on youth in the Academy. Esprit de coups must be re-established in this Club. .

    2. JW, you make a lot of sense. Live with the above players you mentioned and spend big on a midfielder and striker. There must be 60 or 70 million in the kitty once the deadwood is sold.

  4. It is true. Buying your way to the top is relatively quick, whereas building your way there takes longer. In reality it’s a case of doing, but clubs like Chelsea & Man City have the benefit of being able to compose things more of the “Buying” due to their deeper pockets, which makes the success come quicker and easier. I think with some some good building + some clever buying, anything is possible for Arsenal, but naturally that will take some time.

  5. really? you didnt like the complete trashing of the sell kids article yesterday so you wrap it up a little differently and throw it out there again . NO , we wont get better by selling our young worldies/worldies to be. Lets just Gnabry them all shall we?
    It was Dumb idea last night/this morning and it is still a dumb idea. Move on and try some serious journalism please

    1. AFCam, apparently Arsenal has only sold 3 to 4 players at a profit in the last 8 years.
      That’s were a major part of the problem lies.

  6. This is a very stupid idea, i dont understand why all these are coming out. If SK isn’t ready just leave our club & go.

  7. Arsenal are not operating like any other champions league club, in any league, in the world. They have average to good talent in general. Have very poor depth, zero creative midfielders and zero on pitch leaders. They have a manager whose doing an average to good job. He is not only trying to figure out his team tactically and make adjustments in real time, but is also taking on a more recruiting roll because the front office is below average to bad.
    So just to recap, average players, coaching and below average ownership and fans expect to be title contenders in 3 months if we just can sign the “missing pieces.”
    The missing pieces are literally everyone in our organization not named Saka, smith-Rowe and Tierny. Everyone else, and I mean everyone else, Is upgradable. But it will take several years/windows to fix. We should be focusing on players from the 20-24 range and hope we hit on some to pair with our young talent. If Arteta or the bigs can’t find or develop talent, they should go. But Arsenal will miss Europe for the next few seasons minimum. As soon as fans get on board with those expectations, real change can start.

  8. Sean, I could not agree more. Some, in fact a good number of these articles are dumb beyond belief. Sell our best players to make us better, sounds about as bonkers as you can get.

    This Ime is so unthinking and I constantly berate myself for even reading and replying to his daft articles. I must stop bothering, as his writing is not worth my time reading, TBH.

  9. Patience will be required for trophies, but to get a spot in the top 6 and challenge to get top 4 (not necessarily in the top 4) should be very achievable in the 21/22 season with the correct transfers. What’s required is firstly another creative option, given Smith-Rowe’s fitness can’t be trusted, Sabitzer in an ideal world could add something there with regular starts. Next another MF option, especially if rumors are true with Xhaka leaving and the African Cup of Nations this season Arsenal would be left with only Willock who can play CM, so I’d suggest Locatelli or someone similar. 2 Fullbacks are essential too, cover for the injured than fit Tierney and a better right-back than the stagnated Bellerin, the mediocre Soares and the defensive cover Chambers. In terms of centre backs i would just try integrating Saliba into the first team to cover the outgoing Luiz. Anything else would depend on outgoings. Still going to be at least 3 three seasons even with perfect transfer business to get Arsenal where they want to be, so patience is needed.

  10. Do yourself a favour people and don’t stress..

    Everything will be fine..Stan loves you all and wants to make you all happy! He reads the posts on JA frequently and will pass onto MA all your lovely your suggestions related to signings and team selection.

    Let’s sell Arsenal to dangote/Ek / Donald trump/ Darf Vader or anyone else shall we and keep the youngsters (well at least til they realise they are better off playing somewhere else if they want silverware)

  11. I beg for your pardon Sir. But why shouldn’t Arsenal not expect immediate turnaround success for themselves next season’s campaign in the PL and in the 2 domestic Cup competitions? Which they will compete in them to wn the treble titles for Arsenal for the first time ever in the club’s history.

    More so, if the club decided to keep theIr youngster players who are currently plying their football playing trades at Arsenal.

    And I think when the Arsenal first team squad has been rightly revamped this summer to have a better high performance level in the PL next season much over the level they attained last season, by signing some new top quality players to upgrade the team squad in all it’s 5 department areas. And also do some necessary offloading this summer too to sell the surpluse to requirements fringe Gunners at the club.

    The experience Gunners mix with their top talented less experience youngster colleagues will see Arsenal go to the upper reaches in the 3 campaigns that Arsenal will compete in for honours next season to win laurels for Arsenal.

    So therefore, let us wait to see how the rebuilding work by Arsenal for their first team squad embarked upon by Mikel Arteta and Edu to do this summer transfer window including those at Arsenal concerned with the team squad rebuilding exercise will pans out during this summer transfer market window. And hopefully, it will pan out for Arsenal with distinct remarkable success to the letter.

    On the Out of Topic front today. Emiliano Martinez the former Arsenal goalkepeer who transferred to Aston Villa from Arsenal last summer has finally gotten his wish accomplished for him in the Argentina vs Chile COPA America match today when he tenders the goal for his Argentina team.

    But to my somehow surprise, the much talked about Emiliano Buendia’s name is no where seen on the Argentina team sheet for the match. Us will remember that he was reported to have preferred going to Aston Villa above going to Arsenal in the recent summer transfer bidding war for his signature that happened between Arsenal and Aston Villa.

  12. Fixing arsenals squad problems is not that far fetched.

    Transfers In:
    Andre Onana- £7m
    Josh Doig- £15m
    Max Aarons- £30m
    Yves Bissouma- £40m
    Matheus Pereira- £15m
    Alexander Isak- £50m
    Total- £157m

    Transfers Out:
    Granit Xhaka- £20m
    AMN- £15m
    Joe Willock- £25m
    Hector Bellerin- £20m
    Edward Nkethia- £20m
    Alex Lacazette- £25m
    M. Guendouzi- £15m
    Total- £140m

    Net spend- £17m

    There’s 60/70% chance these deals can be done this summer if Arsenal are a serious team.
    Their teams are willing to sell if the right bid comes in, so it’s now up to Arsenal.

    Lineup next season:


    Aarons Saliba
    (Soares) (Holding)
    Gabriel Tierney
    (Mari) (Doig)

    Partey Bissouma
    (Elneny) (Azeez)

    Saka Martinelli
    (Pepe) (Willian)

    1. I like your thinking; however no way Joe Willock should be sold for £25 million. Look at your midfield, where you have 3 players (Bissouma, Partey and Elneny) affected by Afcon.

      1. True about the midfield, Afcon would be a nightmare for Arsenal.

        Other options at CM would be Neves and Locatelli
        Other options at CF would be Andre Silva and Woughorst

  13. got my first proper look at Isak today , looks a handful , good feet for a tall guy.
    shame i have also read reports he wants to stay at r soc.
    maybe if clause activated and wages doubled+ might sway him , but this is Arsenal and the reports could be rubbish too. Not sure why i am glued to the sites lol
    Agree Ozzie,we habitually buy high and sell low , unless we buy low and sell low when we should sell high , a la Guendouzi

  14. I can’t understand some so called fans yesterday and today on here. The author has just tried to point out that:

    A. We have not got the money or the owners to buy instant success alla Chelsea or City. So one way would be to sell our 2 top youngsters for massive money and buy 5-6 players to strengthen the team.

    B. We rely on our youth, but it will take more time as those players generally start to hit their peak at 23-25 years of age so patience is needed. We haven’t got Coutinoh to sell for 150m so we have to maintain patience. It took Klopp 4 seasons to start competing and winning things so we would need patience.

    Two options for a team in our situ?

    Tbh I’m in the keep our youngsters as I pointed out yesterday. There has been a disconnect between the players and our club for too long and it’s effected us in a big way. Youth players and players who are fans of the club will add to our team more than one way other than that of mercenaries.

    Can we please stop talking about Willian. If you looked at his form the season before last, for free he seemed a sound addition. Unfortunately he decided to sulk cause Chelsea didn’t love as much as he thought. Not realising that Chelsea are not a loyal club and will toss you aside as soon as they can. He used Arsenal to try and get what he wanted and it back fired and he had to go through with the transfer.

    Hes here, I didn’t agree with the signing but we got him and I supported him. Owever long he’s here I think you lot should too and show more class than those lot from chelsea.

    Arteta had a total of 14 games in his first season one 2 trophies. This was his first season with practically the same dissfuctioning squad. But he improved our defence to no end to the 3rd best defence in the league. If we didn’t have the same players making mistakes that cost is goals as they have done under 3 different managers. Who knows how good our goals conceded stats would be.

    It’s been identified we need a better midfield and potential sales of Xhaka, Torriera and Guendouzi prove that Arteta doesn’t think the fit the mould of what he wants and expects. I expect edu to go out there this summer and improve our squad with a backup LB, RB and 3 CM at least as a priority. No excuses shift the dead wood and bring in decent athletes with talent.

    This is the test this year, Edu has this summer to prove he’s upto it. If he is and gets all the right players for our squad. The attention turns to Arteta to make a squad of his players perform and should be held accountable for it. But this is a process, the manager does need to get rid of the poor and bring in the good and that’s down to Edu and his team. Is it fair to banish the manager if the boardroom staff have not done their part

  15. If White is brought into the club, this could be the staring line up: 1 Holding. 2 Chambers 3. Tierney 4 Gabriel 5 White 6 Mari 7 Saka 8 Partey 9 Saliba 10 Smith Rowe 11 Pepe. You know they might even do better than last year’s lot. Seriously though what is this obsession with defence. Arteta you are a BORE.

    1. NO point being “obsessed with mere defence” and as you have not even included a goalkeeper in your eleven, no one can accuse you of worrying about defence. Are you related to WENGER BY ANY CHANCE THEN!

    2. Joe S, is Rob Holding playing goal keeper? He must have hidden talents, the I haven’t noticed, because you have named 11 outfield players and no goal keeper.

      1. Please don’t take it seriously. Just wanted to ,make a point that Arsenal are already stacked with too many centra defenders and how do we keep them gainly enployed. Holding in goal aside the rest of that team could put up a good fight against most premier league sides.

        1. Joe.S, I have previously stated that I thought Arteta wanted to play 8-2 or 9-1 or even two banks of 5 (5-5) playing for 0-0 draws, if luck goes Arsenal’s way.

  16. The only way to build a club is to develop a core in-house and then splash the cash to finish the deal. Hard to judge Arteta, since he’s been saddled with a lot of players he doesn’t want but can’t — maybe until now — get rid of.

    Somehow he got the club performing in the second half of last season so they had a record second only to City. He and Edu deserve — and will get — another half-season to keep moving in the right direction.

    The fans were thrilled to get Ozil and thrilled to re-sign Auba, both at huge money. Once they got the money, they started to slow down. Of those two resignings, only Auba is the fault of current management.

    The only things I really blame Arteta for are selling Emi rather than Leno, and not playing the kids enough. But I only blame him for the kids a little bit, since he knew that fans and management wanted immediate wins.

    I very much believe in patience, but even I am getting pretty impatient now. However, I know that impatience usually leads to disaster — unless you can spend enough to buy yourself out of trouble.

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