Opinion: Is it too early to call Dani Ceballos a flop?

Dani Ceballos was one of Arsenal’s better players in the last campaign even though he played under two managers.

He was as important under Mikel Arteta in the second half of the season as he was under Unai Emery in the first half of the season.

The Spaniard’s fine form also contributed to Arsenal winning the FA Cup.

His return to Arsenal was almost certain if Real Madrid and the player wanted it, and so it happened.

We all expected him to pick up from where he left off at the end of Project Restart, but the Spaniard has hardly been noticed for his performances this season.

Arsenal is looking to build on winning the FA Cup in the last campaign, and they even did some good business in the last transfer window.

Bringing Ceballos back was because he showed what he could offer, but we have to admit that the Spaniard has been poor recently.

As Arsenal fans, how much longer should we wait before considering him a flop?

There is no denying the fact that Ceballos is a top talent and we can almost see what he can do when he plays, but he does appear to be one of those players that is just too inconsistent.

If he returns from the international break and remains ineffective, then it will probably be best to sideline him and let his contract run out or if possible, terminate it in January.

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  1. I dont think its fair to call ceballos a flop. He has had good games especially when he came in against liverpool in the 3-1 defeat. Remember this guy plays deep but still tries his magic. I think the person who is letting him down is Xhaka, very inconsistent and immobile. He will improve with Partey and Elneny now combining with him

  2. Nope, it ain’t too late to call him a flop. 1st of all, he’s not a threat to play in a poor Real Madrid team. We as gooners project greatness on him but he hugs the ball & is a poor one touch player.
    Let him go back to La Liga at season’s end.

  3. A player who needs a RUN of games in the side to show his true worth – I would place Pepe in the same category.

    A more balanced assessment could then be made.

    There is nothing more frustrating than to be in and out of a side, being given 20 minutes here and there.

    A flop ?

    Not for me, I think Dani has shown pretty well when used this season and actually one of our better performers.

    Dare I say, worth a look in the dreaded 10 shirt !

    1. At least Pepe has some athletic ability. Ceballos does not. Pepe has been a huge disappointment but may still be able to grow into a serviceable player. I don’t think Ceballos will ever be any good. Especially with his arrogant attitude.

  4. Sorry, have never rated him as a top player. He doesn’t have the physique or pace required to succeed in the EPL. 31 games, 3 assists and zero goals says it all. If we can somehow get a dynamic player like Szoboszlai in January our midfield will be complete.

    1. Andrew, have to agree with you.
      Probably played four good games for us and the rest we’re just run of the mill performances at the best.
      I will be surprised if we actually buy him on a permanent basis.

      1. Learnt from the magician who used to perform vanishing acts on the field and now has vanished from the match day team sheet. 4 games in 31 can qualify for the new midfield maestro and carry forward the vanishing acts legacy. Then we cry that we are a mid table club.BOOT him out in Jan. And he can take with him Xhaka, Laca, Kolasinac and Willian.

  5. Someone needs to make way for martinelli when the Europa League squad is revised in january. I cannot see ozil or sokratis returning and I am sure saliba will go on loan. So someone from
    Ceballos, Mustafi, kolasinac needs to be moved on. I cannot see Arsenal paying the fee that Real Madrid would like so unless it is around 15m this will be ceballos last at Arsenal.

    Ideally all of the above 5 (ozil sokratis, mustafi, ceballos, kolasinac) would be sold or returned along with Macey, Soares, mavropanos, xhaka and lacazette. Then we keep Saliba, buy szosbial bring back torreira and guendozi and buy Édouard.

  6. I don’t like labeling players flops or reject but I was against bring back Cebellos on loan (just like I was against giving Auba a new contract on 300k plus/minus because he was 32 year.) because his last year loan with us leave much to be desired. He didn’t do much for us in the attack and in defense either. And his contributions and performances so far are the sort we can get from our academy graduates. He and Willian should not have been brought period.

    1. I agree with every word Mobella. Ceballos looks like Bambi on ice, he is ungainly and I think he’s being played in the wrong position. I think we need to swallow the fact that a lot of decisions were made out of expediency because we didn’t have funds and players weren’t available at the right time. Hopefully in a couple of years Arteta will have sorted everything out. After all, it took a few seasons for Pep to shift Yaya Toure on from Man City.

  7. He is a total flop. He should not be in the Premier league. He does not do anything well except turn the ball over. How many players make as many back passes as him and still turn the ball over? He is terrible and has an arrogant attitude. He needs to go. David Luiz was right to hit him.

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