Opinion: is the Euros a great place for Arsenal to find players to sign?

One advantage of international competitions is that it gives chances to some players to become massive stars.

The last World Cup brought out some top talents who would otherwise have remained relative unknowns.

The Euros will assemble the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane, but because there is always room for shocking results, some lesser-known players can become stars based on their performances and earn moves to top teams.

Arsenal has signed none of their summer targets yet and if any targets are taking part in the Euros, the Gunners might want to watch them in the competition first.

Their performance might further increase the club’s willingness to do a deal over their signature.

But is a player’s performance in a one month’s competition enough to judge him?

We have to consider that some countries will not go beyond the group stages. Does that mean all their players are bad?

I agree that some players can reach a new high in their career by performing well in these international games, but I’m not convinced of its relevance in judging a player’s performance at club level.

Admittedly, I have a bias against buying players because they have done well in competitions like Euro 2020, but do you think we should make signings based on their showing in the competition?

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  1. Only if Arsenal are looking for expensive national team players. We should’ve watched Pepe’s performance in AFCON and Torreira’s in World Cup, so hopefully we’ve learned our lesson when assessing high profile players

  2. Buying after euro doesn’t necessarily mean we are accessing player based on the 3weeks cup performance, doing such would mean the people involved are clueless but it’s good to wait and access the players on international stage, there is nothing wrong with that

    OT: we all agree this team needs a massive clear out and since we are not in any European competition, the numbers should be brought down. Having said that, how will you guys feel if we sell Xhaka, AMN, and all the wantaway guys to get Bissoum, Onana , Aouar but come January lose Pepe, Elneny, Bissoum, Onana , Partey to AFCON while we have fixtures pile up

    1. Not all of them will go far in the competition.
      So we can afford to lose for 1 or 2 wks.

  3. Arsenal losing Partey, Elneny, Bissouma, Pepe and maybe Onana too to Afcon for a month could actually pose a problem to Arsenal to solve it. So as to avoid not to suffer bad results in their campaign before their Afcon players return to the club..

    But however, I think there have been some occasions in Afcon competitions when some PL players left their camps temporarily when they don’t have a game to play for their countries. Then travel back to Europe to play for their club sides. But I admit this is difficult.

    I think it will be wise if Arsenal watch out for a revealed talented player to signing to sign him during the Euro 2020 competition.

    But I think the club should not over delay to sign the new players who they have identified and want to sign them this summer. So that they will avoid their intended to sign targets get hijacked from them by some hijacking clubs like Aston Villa did to Arsenal just of recent.

  4. Salah and mane left for AFCON but it didn’t affect Liverpool. They won Trophy.

    Players who play Afcon miss only 4 weeks or maybe 4 games which they could miss through injury or Red card suspension anyway.

    This shouldn’t prevent Arsenal from signing bissuoma.

    Don’t go to Euros,go to West Bromwich Albion and sign Matheus Pereira.
    Cheap and better.Buendia alternative.

    1. Pereira and Raphinha were excellent wingers last season. Sometimes they played CAM. Wouldn’t mind either one of them.

      IMO we lack one more winger. We got Pepe who finished strongly and Saka who is our gem. It’s quite obvious they can’t play all the games as they will be injured or blow hot/cold. Then we have Martinelli as well.

      I wouldn’t count Aubameyang as winger anymore. Nor Willian for that matter. He’s got to go.

      Our main problem last season was CREATIVITY. In terms of big chances created, we finished 12th on that table. Our best creator was Willian with mere 5 big chances created, while the likes of De Bruyne were on about 20.

      We are also the LEAST tackling team on the PL. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. Oddly enough, Man City was the second least tackling team so is Arteta just trying to copy Pep?

  5. The trick is to identify talented young players before they become well known globally as a result of playing well in tournaments like the Euros.

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